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Hey Guys! 

Hannah here… 

So by all accounts Taylor’s headed Down Under (: I’m from Sydney, Australia. I thought I’d make my case while there’s not every Australian Swiftie trying to get into Loft or the like. You can see from this photograph that I’m in a wheelchair. This is because I have a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy (CP) for short. This significantly affects my movement in both my upper and lower body. It means I live with physical pain (not trying to be melodramatic) almost every day, especially in the winter. I don’t want sympathy or sorrow but those are the facts. 

As a result of CP i have often felt lonely and on the outside of things socially as I haven’t always been treated very nicely by my peers or people I thought were friends.  People throw rocks at things that shine I guess.At the moment, I’m in an OK patch friendship wise but I still have scars on my back from some knives. Anyway, my point is that having CP can feel very lonely as I also battle incredibly severe anxiety to the point where some days, it can be a superhuman effort to leave the house. But I’m too busy dancing to get completely knocked off my feet. I will live fearlessly in spite of all.

When I was 7 or 8 (I’m now 16 turning 17 in August) my singing teacher introduced me to a cowboy boot wearing sparkly guitared musician with big dreams named Taylor. Our love story began the very first time I heard her sing about Daddy telling Romeo to stay away. The rest as they say is history. A while after I bought the Fearless Album, I had my first operation. The doctors broke my femurs, lengthened surrounding tendons, rotated the bone and insterted metal plates which they subsequently removed a year later. I’ve also had metal plates inserted and removed in my knees. I’m due for another surgery to release tension in my groin later this year. 

That first surgery was hell. I suffered a lot of intense pain and dramatic side effects as a result of the pain medication, including suicidal thoughts. For those of you who know, I’ve struggled with that ever since, most recently quite severely about a month or so ago as a result of anxiety and depression. But just as she did then, Taylor saved my life. The first time, it was the Fearless Tour and the thought of seeing Taylor that kept me here. This time, it was through listening to Clean Speeches, Taylor’s music and talking with you lot, whom I’d never know if it weren’t for Taylor. In all raw honesty, Taylor has saved my life each and every day in some way since I first heard her music and is continuing to do so today. 

I have tried really hard to meet her before, writing letters, Tumblr posts, sending a request to her management for me to interview her because I work for one of Australia’s leading media platforms. All I want is the opportunity to say thankyou - you could almost say it’s my wildest dream! I’m not trying to wrangle a place in the squad (although that would be awesome) All I’m trying to do is work out how to get the girl who’s taught me that someday I’ll be big enough so they can’t hit me to notice me so I can take this chance to say, I’ve had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.

Thanks guys. Can you help a girl out? Maybe if this doesn’t work @taylorswift, I could write a song for you haha. 

Love Hannah 

omg I just had the scariest moment where I edited a note on icloud and it disappeared and it was a note where I wrote all my weird dreams over the years but I managed to grab it on my computer before it could sync and delete it there too thank god

what would I do without remembering at some point I had a dream where “Oscar the grouch joins a dance class and tries to make their dream of flying come true with an exercise elliptical and succeeds in making them a flying ship”?


Pick a passion and let it drive you! The idols of μ’s know this is the best way to seek out and achieve your dreams!! ✨



The Signs as BTS MVs

Aries: Fire

Taurus: Just One Day

Gemini: Run

Cancer: I Need U

Leo: Dope

Virgo: We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2

Libra: War of Hormone

Scorpio: No More Dream

Sagittarius: Epilogue: Young Forever

Capricorn: N.O

Aquarius: Danger

Pisces: Save Me