Walking in 2017 like…..

Me doing this improvised piece is beyond a big deal for me. It exposes me and shows me at my most vulnerable state. I watched this video like a thousand times cringing and frowning only because I am my worst critic. Dance was once MY LIFE and I literally haven’t performed in 5 years. BUT this is my start. My start in perusing what I love and the things I’m most passionate about. I realize that me walking in the journey of my truth requires me to be vulnerable and to take risk. So even though I kind of don’t like this performance I will share it anyway. I’m extremely rusty and I got some work to do but I’m ready …. *sigh*

Peace and blessings and happy New Year loves!

📸: Linda La Sarabi
🎼: Jazmine Sullivan - Masterpiece

  • imagine if nuest’s and wanna one’s promotions coincide
  • (but are not nominated for 1st place in the same week)
  • nuest gets their first win with all the 11 boys cheering them on and being their biggest fans
  • jisung would be crying more than than nuest themselves & thats saying something
  • jonghyun makes wanna one to stay with them on stage longer even though they’re not from the same company
  • minhyun stands right at the back of WO crying his eyes out because they finally made it but regretful that wasnt there for the journey to their first award
  • production team cues wanna one to leave after a while
  • minhyun walks with off stage with the rest
  • dragged back on stage by the 4 members
  • excuse me hwang minhyun you’re part of the team too where do you think you’re going
  • big group hug with minhyun who tried to hold his tears back for his team but failed
  • nuest crying fest
  • one mismatched outfit but i dont see the difference
  • minki tries to teach minhyun the choreography
  • but minhyun already knows the dance from replaying their livestages and comeback video and dance practice nonstop since comeback
  • impromtu repositioning but this feels more complete with all 5 of the boys

  • completes the rest of the 1st place song as ot5

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What Myers-Briggs personality do you think Lena falls into? I think she'd be a INFJ.

Hey there! Sorry for the delay in my answer!

After thinking about it for a while, I would have to say that I agree with you. Lena is creative, driven, insightful, compassionate, influential, decisive and an intellectual. She can also be private, sensitive (though sometimes overly so), passionate, and gentle. She’s an idealist with a solid moral code (being morally gray doesn’t mean she lacks a compass). She has a strong desire to help others and constantly do better. However, rather than just fantasizing, she takes steps to make her ideals a reality. I wanted to break this down a bit so it got a little wordy.

I - Introverted

When placed in social situations or in front of a crowd, Lena performs well, but she can also be quite reserved. That’s especially so around those that are unfamiliar or make her somewhat uncomfortable (consider how she tends to physically recoil or fold in on herself in certain situations despite standing her ground). Stack that on top of the idea that she can also be quiet, reflective, independent – she strives me as someone that values solitude at times. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy being around people of course. When she is among people she can relate to, and people that she is familiar with and respects (ex: Kara or Jack), her comfort level and happiness are clear.

N - Intuitive

Imaginative, theoretical, conceptual – I’d say that describes Lena pretty well. Lena has a very quick, strategic mind. She’s forward-thinking and inventive. I think she is a bit balanced in terms of thinking of the current state vs. what could be. However, I think she uses that unique perception to focus on future implications and there are times where she goes with instinct. Even with her sense of logic, she admires creativity and innovation and of course, being the scientist she is, she never shies away from building her knowledge.

F - Feeling

I think the hardest part of my consideration was going back and forth between Thinking and Feeling. It isn’t uncommon for people to be balanced in at least one category and truthfully, I think she is fairly so in that regard. Though, yes, I believe she is leaning slightly more towards feeling. We do know that Lena is loyal, friendly, and diplomatic. This is, of course, the decision-making category but to say that Lena makes all of her decisions based on feelings and emotions wouldn’t be entirely correct. However, I do think her emotions partly influence her choices or at least the way she executes them at times.

I think a good comparison to really show the struggle would be her decisions on handling Lillian vs. handling Jack vs. handling Rhea. Stay with me.


When confronted about her mother’s role in Cadmus, Lena did naturally become emotional and asked Supergirl to leave. It can be assumed that despite her less than perfect relationship with Lillian, it was still a hard truth to accept. At that point Lena probably had to battle any emotional investment she had in Lillian and make a hard choice – Feeling. When it came down to it, she knew exactly what she had to do, made a plan and executed swiftly. She was objective, direct, and seemed to keep a level head under the pressure of the situation – Thinking. However, in Luthors, we did get to see how the whole experience did have an emotional impact on her – Feeling.


Confronted by Kara this time, Lena was unwilling to accept the truth until she saw evidence – Thinking. But, it is definitely arguable that she her emotional investment and feelings for Jack influenced her denial of what Kara was saying. After seeing the evidence, seemingly proving Jack’s guilt, Lena was still kind, compassionate and understanding. Furthermore, she wanted to talk to Jack herself before Kara took further action. At this point, her plan consisted of little more than confronting her ex for lying and being involved in something terrible – Feeling.


Obviously here, Lena knew something was up as soon as Rhea thanked the Gods for having met her. Rather than being rash, she came up with a plan to figure out just what Rhea was. Using her alien detection device, Lena figured out the truth and confronted Rhea on the spot – Thinking. However, in their exchange, it was clear that Lena had taken Rhea’s actions as a betrayal and her responses were not free of emotion, “You talk about betrayal, and people hurting you and then you do it in spades.” Lena took Rhea’s actions as a personal offense – Feeling. Of course, by the end, after hearing Rhea out, and attempting to seek advice from Kara, she made the decision that reflected her benevolence, her motivations and her feelings and desires as opposed to using her better, more rational judgement – Feeling.

J - Judging

I think Lena’s lifestyle is far less balanced. First of all, we also know that Lena has a strong sense of responsibility and duty. She has placed heavy weights on her own shoulders in multiple regards – running the company, improving the Luthor name, repaying the debt that is owed to National City due to her brother’s crimes, and just doing what she can to make the world better than she found it. She doesn’t take any of those things lightly. And of course, we know she’s a workaholic. Once she starts a project that she deems important, she tends to stick to her plan and doesn’t stop until she gets it. In other words, she is hardworking, determined and always works before she plays – though it’s also clear she finds pleasure in her work. Lena is very neat and organized and even though she works well under pressure, she seems to excel when things have a sense of order, even though she has been shown to improvise, she’s methodical. 

TL;DR - INFJ - The Advocate. Yes!

Promise Series

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Preview: Misha’s attempt to set his friends up, leads to Y/N drunkly confessing how she feels about Jensen. When she wakes up in the morning, while she still be as brave and does Jensen even fell the same?

A/N: This was an impromtu series. It was a one shot but when people wanted more I wrote a part two. Which turned into a part three and four so this will be that. A four part mini series.  

Status: Completed

Cover made by the sweet, amazing @mamapeterson

Promise Of Tomorrow

Promise of More Tomorrows

Promise of Forever 

Promise of New Life 

Writing about what disturbs me.

“Write about what disturbs you, particularly if it bothers no one else.”

I had to think for  about 30 seconds to think of something that we don’t normally seem to have a problem with that is disturbing me oh so much currently and just making me upset, in general.

Our education teaches us nothing.

Doing the CBSE or ISC doesn’t teach us anything about the world. Keeping sciences aside, since they’re more universal than the humanities, let’s just look at history for example.

In primary and middle school, we do Indian history. We learn about the Raj, the Mughals, the Cholas, Cheras, Pandyas and everyone else. We read about their lives, their policies, their temples, their mosques, their alternate names, their rise and their fall. And we have a few pages about the French Revolution, Nazism and World War II in 9th and 10th grade that are optional. 

In high school, for those of us who choose to continue with history, it’s not all that different. We dig deeper. But, we don’t talk about causation. We learn more names, we learn more about the Constituent Assembly, but we don’t remember it. We learn bits and pieces about South America, Medieval Europe, China, Japan and the Mongols.

I know it’s not possible to study all of world history in school. But, coming into college, we’d be students who didn’t know what The Berlin Wall was, unless we took an extra interest. We wouldn’t know where Antigua is or how the slaves had been gibbetted. Hell, we wouldn’t know what gibbetting is. We wouldn’t know about Botany Bay or the Egyptian Empire. We wouldn’t understand Rome or the 13 colonies. We’d be blank if asked about the Cold War and shocked to hear about Siraj-ud-Daula’s Black Hole of Calcutta, even though we’re supposed to know Indian history.

It disturbs me that we don’t care about everything that our education omits.

We don’t know how to write academic work. We don’t know what footnotes or citations are and how they work. We don’t understand that copy-pasting off the internet is not okay. We don’t know how to discuss our economic competition with China and we don’t know what percentage of people live below the World Bank poverty line in India. We don’t know literature, we’re not taught to read plays and we’re not allowed to read poems that might teach us about society if they have the word ‘cunt’ in them, even our teachers probably don’t know Wilmot because his work is just crude. We don’t know art, galleries are a foreign concept, India is just an exiled M F Hussain; we don’t know music, we can barely pronounce Beethoven, let alone name a sitar player. 

Those of us who do know or are learning some little bit are doing it because we want to, but our system prepares us for nothing.

We don’t know what Myers Briggs is and we don’t really understand inflation beyond just a definition.

We’re not ready to be adults, we’re not ready for the real world, we’re not at par with everyone else and this is what disturbs me. 

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Could I get the Blackwatch boys comforting their S/O who suffered emotional abuse and them trying to reassure her that she is beautiful and good enough? Sorry, I just had a problem in my family with this and so I am in a foster home until earliest Tuesday and I'm having a really hard time coping with it and I'm so scared of what is gonna happen:(

That’s rough, man. I know there’s not much I can do apart from write you these imagines, but I hope it helps even a little. Take care of yourself alright? Talk to your friends. Find something to keep your mind busy, if you can. Hang in there. <3

Gabriel Reyes

  • He’d be frank, just walk in to visit you and sit next to you on your bed and cross his arms
  • “Are you thinking about them again?” You look away. “Figures,” he adds. You immediately drop your shoulders and look down at your feet, feeling ashamed.
  • “Don’t look at me like that,” he adds, getting up suddenly and holding his hand out for you to take, “let’s get out of here.”
  • What occurs is an impromtu date where he just drives and there’s these long stretches of silence as he ends up stopping at a residential street in the middle of the night
  • And he puts the car in park and then looks at you “…Talk. Tell me what happened.”
  • He nods and listens, refraining from commenting too much apart from the occasional question. Eventually when you start crying he sits out with you in the street as you cry against his shoulder, and he just holds you there, petting your back
  • “You sure do cry a lot.” You look up at him incredulously and he just laughs, “at least I finally got a reaction out of you…”
  • He ruffles your hair and finally begins to tell you the reason why he brought you out to somewhere so far away from the base- he prides himself on being a tough as nails commander and he still is, but when he wants to care for you he wants to make sure he’s far from it, and won’t be contacted by his superiors or his fellow Blackwatch kids. He wants to devote his entire attention to you
  • “You’re worth more than what anyone tells you, including me, including your family. Good and bad.” When you look at him totally lost he explains further, “your self-worth is made by you. I can tell you that I love you, I can tell you that you mean the world to me and to not believe what they tell you, but it’s up to you to decide for yourself who you really are and what you’re really made of.”
  • “You’re right, Gabe.” you finally add, putting your head on his shoulder, “thanks. I guess I needed someone to be straight with me, you know?”
  • He puts his arm around you, “good. Now let’s drive to the nearest bar and get a drink- that nitwit convict got into some awful shit today and my head’s still aching from it.”
  • He takes you out on a relaxed night on the town, telling you funny stories about the past few missions which almost always involves Jesse fucking up and you love it. <3

Jesse McCree

  • This is young McCree. Which means things are about to get 10,000x more extra than ever needed
  • Because GURL he gonna grab a guitar and serenade you as soon as he can get there, annoying all of your neighbours, all of your peers, he doesn’t care
  • Some Suggestions: “Love in the Air”, “Need a Little Sunshine”, “Wrong Side of Love” (the last refrain of the last one especially it gets yelly and fun) (I have a weakness for Dan Layus as young McCree you’re free to put in whatever love song you want)
  • Did I mention by “as soon as he can get there” I mean after a mission?
  • Which also means it’s probably like 2AM on a weeknight your neighbours will look at you weird for a couple weeks on account of your boyfriend
  • He’s had the human decency to shower and change his clothes but odds are he still looks like an idiot (this is young McCree have you SEEN what his sense of fashion is?) and he’s STILL wearing that ridiculous belt buckle and big dumb boots thinking he’s Tough Shit
  • He’s not the best singer and he’s not exactly crooning to you from your driveway, he’s shout-singing. Which is loud and hilarious and you have to open your window frantically telling him to STOP but he can’t hear you he’s just like “What? You want me to sing louder darlin’? Hell yeah I can, I’ll sing as loud as you want me to <3” JESUS CHRIST MCCREE
  • You run down the stairs and practically burst out of your front door to drag him into the house before one of your neighbours tries to murder him for waking literally everyone in a city block’s radius lawd the boy can shout
  • The entire time you’re angrily whispering at him trying to not get shrill, like “I can’t believe you would do something so stupid! Why would you think it was a smart idea to show up at 2AM and fucking holler into my window like that?!”
  • He just gives you this dopey smile like, “But darlin’, there ain’t nobody I’d wanna sing for but you. You know I ain’t so good with the words, I can’t write you no poetry. No big novella, no nothin’. But I couldn’t just let you suffer like you did today without so much a peep could I? Sure I’m maybe a couple hours late… but it’s the thought that counts don’t it?”
  • You blink at him, then lower your head, “well…it was pretty sweet of you. Even if it did wake up my neighbour’s dog.” (there is, by the way, still a dog barking two doors down as you guys head inside)
  • He grins cheekily and gives you a big wet peck on the cheek, “Glad you appreciate it baby. But the night ain’t over yet, and I got a whole night of seranadin’ romance in me, I promise ya!” “Jesse, no.”


  • You’re quiet throughout the day, but knowing Genji (especially now, being exceptionally more distant and timid), he doesn’t act on it
  • He sees you easily tearful for no reason, avoiding contact with anyone else and being constantly distracted or nervous
  • He doesn’t want to say much at first, opting for observation- but he’s going to piece together what’s wrong with you pretty quickly and be direct once he’s sure
  • He perks up when you randomly announce you’re going out on your own “for snacks” and he asks you softly. “Wait.”
  • You stop at the door and immediately your defenses are up, you start to feel scared and nervous because now you’re being reminded of them
  • But he shakes his head when he sees you, then very gently places his human hand on your shoulder, “face me, please.” you reluctantly obey and he asks, more like urges you, “Are you upset about your family?”
  • “I’m fine, really,” you try to wave him off, “did you want anything from the store?” “Y/N, that is not the case for you is it?” “You got me.”
  • He tugs you over with his human hand and awkwardly hugs you, trying to hold you to his chest. You can clearly hear the rumbles of the machinery that keeps him alive, and that faint sound of his heart idly thumping in your ear. It’s soothing to you, knowing that underneath of so much cold steel, there is something human, and soft, that remains
  • “You do not have to speak more, if you do not wish to. I remember…what it felt like, in my own family as well.” You’re quiet when he tells you that, nodding gently, “…I know. I’m sorry. I feel like I don’t have the right to say anything…considering what’s happened to you.”
  • “That is not true. Your suffering is still your own, and it has affected you profoundly…in some ways, to have completely severed my ties is more comforting than to continue to have those that you love, capable of hurting you at any time.”
  • Even though a lot of the time you know he’s felt intense anger and abandonment, he’s calmed down considerably since meeting you. It’s just been so hard for you to notice just how much you actually mean to him, until he does something so emotionally open and expresses all that directly in front of you
  • “I want you to know…that all of the family I will ever need, is what I have found in you.”
  • He says it with such emphasis, and to know that you are so valued and loved by a man as battle-hardened and distant as Genji means the world to you. <3


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Impromtu Rey Disney bound for May 4th 🙌 *misspells fourth* #Rey #disneybound #disneybounding #reydisneybound #hollywoodstudios #starwars #theforceawakens #forceawakens #thechosenone #reystarwars #reyadropofgoldensun #spacebuns

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She’s not yours (Prologue)

IM BACK BITCHES!!! I took an impromtu hiatus because of various reasons, I wrote again and this is the shit my brain came up with so deal with it.

Part 12 of Sweetheart will be up soon so don’t worry your pretty little hearts.

Summary: Bucky falls in love with the wrong person, and people end up getting hurt. (This is the only summary my brain would allow, I was so excited to have written something that this couldn’t wait.


James Buchanan Barnes is an honorable man.

He has devoted himself to being the one ever since he escaped the rusted claws of Hydra

He helps old ladies, he would give money to the homeless whenever he saw them, and he did his best when it came to being a useful team member.

He was proud of the man he was becoming, the honorable James Buchanan Barnes, not just the ruthless killer he had  been for the past 70 years

He was good…

That is until he met you.

Damn, you came into his life the same way a hurricane walks through the door, haphazardly & sure to be gone if you didn’t tie it down. Only he didn’t know that you were going to be a nearly un-survivable storm in his life.

You were Y/N, you loved horror movies on Sundays, you loved to open the windows during thunder storms while the rain drenched your curtains. You loved the feeling of Bucky’s hands on your thighs, fingers clenching so tight that you’d have bruises imprinted deep in the muscle, branding your skin for weeks.

You loved rainbow sherbet Ice Cream at 3 am during winter while a blizzard roared on outside, your cold toes making Bucky squirm and giggle like a child. You loved to hear Bucky’s voice, low and jagged, while he fucked you into you into the mattress

You loved when a puppy pulled on its leash across the street because it found you intriguing, and you loved it when the owner let you pet the dogs’ unavoidably soft fur. You loved the diamond that was on your ring, the one that you never take off.

And you loved your husband


Bucky was so, utterly, fucked.


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Under the Stars (Saeyoung x MC Headcannon)

this wasn’t requested, I thought of it whilst trying to sleep last night and the state of me afterwards was pretty much this gif lolol

Originally posted by lilsparrow72

(silently wishing this hc could miraculously become real somehow pls and thx)

if it doesn’t seem beautiful enough, just close your eyes and take a minute to imagine it.. can you hear my sobbing yet

enough talking let’s a goooo (mario who?)

  • ‘impromtu’ trip to Germany to see the milky way and the stars
  • it was completely planned out without you knowing
  • also far too difficult to keep Yoosung quiet
  • off to airport
  • Saeyoung’s excitement could not be tamed
  • there’s a lot going on - Yoosung absolutely bouncing off the walls, Saeyoung and Saeran constantly bickering about who sits by who
  • Get Me Out Of Here™
  • too much cuddling on the plane
  • land in Germany, apologise to locals on behalf of the RFA
  • a few nights pass, but you still aren’t aware of the real reason you’re there
  • until
  • 7pm, 4th night
  • “MC, put something warm on and get in the car”
  • ooh how exciting;; something’s actually happening
  • hop in the car, everyone’s so excited for some reason??
  • arrive at destination and the emotions just whooooosh
  • bottomless amount of tears.. where did they even come from
  • there’s a few tents and a campfire set up, but a small secluded area for you and Saeyoung
  • but even better - a breathtaking view of the milky way and the stars, think my blog’s header
  • cue ‘chasing cars’ by snow patrol.. put it on now
  • you both lay there for hours in the quiet, naming all the constellations in sight
  • head on his chest, comforting silence
  • stealing tiny kisses here and there under a blanket of twinkling stars
  • three words
  • i prefer saeran
  • then
  • “MC?”
  • “Saeyoung.”
  • “In my eyes, the others who broke my heart in the past resemble northern stars, guiding me to you. I want to see your wrinkled face sitting right across my chair, reading a book and reminiscing on tonight.”
  • his voice cracks, now he’s crying
  • “Make me the cheesiest man alive and marry me?”
  • what just happened
  • “o-okay”
  • ring prettier than Elizabeth the 3rd
  • tears galore
  • both sit up, you on his lap in one of his signature bear hugs
  • mc and Saeyoung, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g
  • you aren’t actually in a tree, but you both know he wants to be
  • streams of tears join in on this kiss, you’re basically drinking each others tears at this point
  • jihyun, being the sneaky bastard he is, takes a photo of your little moment underneath the stars from behind a bush
  • the photo is quite light so you can still kinda see your ring glistening, makes the photo a million times more meaningful
  • you just feel so at peace and content that you get to spend the rest of your life with the dork you’ve grown to love
  • everyone’s crying, even Saeran and Jumin

fast forward a year exactly

  • woo wedding day
  • you decided that you were going to get married in the exact same spot that you got engaged - a closed off area at the very top of the viewing point
  • private wedding, only family and RFA members
  • wait until night for the ceremony, you both wanted to marry under the milky way and stars
  • extremely heartfelt and meaningful
  • as a gift, Jihyun gave you the photo he took and framed
  • whatdididotodeservethis
  • yep, you guessed it. MORE CRYING
  • choose ‘chasing cars’ for the first dance (sorry)
  • no one at the event had dry eyes. no one.

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Kirishima relationship headcanons, please?

Well since you asked so nicely <3


  • He’s a cuddler and a hugger. Everywhere you go, rain or shine, happy or sad, he will hug you and cuddle you if possible do not test him.
  • As stated in a earlier post, he loves pillow forts, especially if you build it around your tv so you can watch movies and nap together.
  • He likes doing things that require alot of energy for dates. Amusement park? yes. Sparring together? Hell yes. Dance parties? Acting out your favorite movies? Impromtu kungfu fights? Yes yes and yes.
  • Honestly when he looks at you, he is just??? So in love?? He honestly cannot believe he is so lucky that you are his s/o.
  • Two words: Prank Wars
  • You guys try to bake a cake together on multiple occasions but it always ends with you two having a food fight
Things that made me SQUEE about “and the eternal question”

In no particular order (since my thoughts are still too much on squee mode to make a timeline)

. Jones STILL having to explain to Jake that everything is possible (especially after everything they’ve seen and been through, how could he doubt that SHC could be a thing?)

. Finding out Eve’s middle inital is B (and her threating Jones’ question as to what that stands for in the most EVE way possible)

. Flynn whisking Eve away for a romantic getaway

. Eve not buying the romance for romance sake and KNOWING something was up (pretty sure he was about to propose)

. THE ANGEL REFERENCE! I legit died.

. The impromtu Gemology lesson by Jake. (i’m such a gem nerd and hearing Christian talk about rocks makes me soooooo happy….stop judging me)

. Ezekiel bringing ALL the weapons in his trench coat.

. GALAHAD!Jenkins. (Everytime i see him handle a sword i swoon. like legit swoon.)

. Jake and Ezekiel’s tandem vamp fight. Back to back, hooked arms, perfection.

.  Jake’s face when he saw Jenkins and his sword.

. Cassandra asking out Jenkins

. Jenkins’ story about his only love 

. Jenkins gently telling Cassie no

. Cassandra’s grief (Lindy is phenominal, for real)

. Cassandra defending Ezekiel and Stone when they were accused of Killing Sophie. They were so Gung-ho about killing vamps and they could have, but they said they didn’t and she didn’t even hesitate to come to their defense.

. Jenkins loving Cassie in every way he can without breaking a vow.

. Throw backs to Simone

. Jenkins saying Cassie is family. when you think back to episode one and how he thought they were invading his space to now calling her family makes me cry a little.

. Eve’s nearly crying at the hospital.

. Flynn’s look of despair at the hospital

. Jake bringing Ezekiel coffee in the hospital

.   Basically eveything about the waiting room scene

. The Sibling vamp fight scene and how they made sure that it almost mimiced Simone’s fighting style from the movie.

. The kiss! Bi Cassie has been such a headcannon for me since the fairytale episode. And there ws no fanfare, no freakout, no “what are you doing?”. It was just a kiss. a normal, everyday, but super meaningful kiss. with a woman, after asking out a man a few tv minutes before. it was a freaking unicorn in TV land and it was perfect.

. Cassie not just NOT losing her gift, but her gift growing to telelkinetic proportions.

There are SOOO MANY more little thing i missed here.

Literally everything about this episode was gold and so freaking well done by the cast and crew. 

Unneeded Doubts; Kim Taehyung

Taehyung thinks he needs to change but you’re there to tell him otherwise.

Word Count: 1,075

(A/N): This was a lot longer than I expected…but I wrote this in less than an hour, woo! I neglected proof reading as I’m quite tired so excuse any really silly errors :) Please leave me feedback if you have time, I’d love to know what you think! And also, I wanna give a shoutout to bts-please because you made me blush so hard, you’re too sweet bb <3 Anyway, enjoy and please look forward to more stories :D xoxo

You didn’t know what happened but you wished it didn’t. The light in his eyes faded to a point where you didn’t know if the gaze you looked at was really Taehyung’s. Each day, his signature smile seemed to become less and less genuine and, though you knew for sure you hadn’t, you asked him if you had done anything to make that be so. The typical denial would have ensued if he didn’t know you any better but a simple ‘I’m not upset, what are you talking about?’ to avoid feeling burdensome would not have sufficed to you and he knew it so coming clean was the only option. Besides, the two of you functioned best with honesty.

“Are you sure you just didn’t have a bad day?” you rubbed his aching temples as he laid his head ontop of your lap. He nodded, his hair rubbing up into the fabric of your jeans.

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Who Is He?

Hey guys!

Summary: non-youtuber!Dan and youtuber!Phil are at playlist and Dan is determined to not just stay in their hotel room this time. While out, however, a number of people catch them kissing and stuff in the backgrounds of people’s vlogs and everyone wants to know who Dan is so they do an impromtu fluffy liveshow. AU Phan.

Word count: 3083

Disclaimer: I don’t… y’know what? I’m not even gonna bother, you should know by now….

Sorry if they’re OOC, I’m still learning how to write Dan and Phil. I just really love this AU and I felt like there needed to be more fics on it, so here it is!



“Ready, Bear?” Phil asked as he poked his head through the door. Dan looked up from his bags and nodded anxiously.

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Non Youtuber Au (2) Masterlist

part one

3 Million - thornsword

Summary: Dan is a teacher at a high school and Phil calls him halfway through a lesson to tell him he has 3 million subscribers.

A Long Time Coming - pasteldanhowells

Summary: College AU where teacher!Dan brings his youtuber boyfriend to meet his students for the first time, and Phil’s nervous, to say the least.

Chill Mornings - paploislove

summary: Non-Youtuber!Phil has to get up early in the morning to go to his job. Although, a certain someone is keeping him away from his responsibilities and this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Every Day - zuzonicorn

Summary: UniStudent!Phil doesn’t really care to watch YouTube sensation danisnotonfire’s videos or live shows, and his uni class always ask why.  He always gives them the same answer: “it’s like he hears it every day.”  His classmates are about to find out why he always gives the same, dull answer in a way they never would’ve guessed.

Famous - youareiinlove

Summary: (AU where Dan is a really famous YouTuber and Phil is not) this is literally basically all fluff okay (we’re going to have a high school! AU here too, people) so Dan is like, non-YouTube celebrity famous, like movie star famous (magazines, interviews, tabloids, paparazzi, etc.) and people know he has a boyfriend but they don’t know who. Phil’s in class one day and this group of people who are constantly mean to him arrive on the subject of celebrities, and they all start talking about how much they love Dan. So Phil smiles whilst looking at them and they get all defensive and stuff.

Late Night Shifts - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan works at a late shift at McDonalds and is growing bored of how empty the place is, and then AmazingPhil walks in and suddenly the night is a little better.

Radio1 - thornsword

Summary: Phil persuades non-youtuber!Dan to go on the radio show with him and fluffiness ensues.

Who Is He? - thornsword

Summary: non-youtuber!Dan and youtuber!Phil are at playlist and Dan is determined to not just stay in their hotel room this time. While out, however, a number of people catch them kissing and stuff in the backgrounds of people’s vlogs and everyone wants to know who Dan is so they do an impromtu fluffy liveshow.