earlier this week, Tori heard a group of people sing somewhere in NYC and went to show her support. she not only bought their album, she even did a impromptu performance of “Oceans” by Hillsong with them. 
Tori never fails to amaze me with how humble, nice and supportive she is.

Now comes the bomb, yesterday, at her NYC show of the “Where I Belong Tour”, she brought up the three amazing singers called Infinity’s Song on stage to sing “Hillsong” again in front of hundreds and hundreds of people.

check out the video here 

i thank god every day for this angel.

support Tori Kelly and her brand new debut album
and show some love to Infinity’s Song here  ❤️

Writing about what disturbs me.

“Write about what disturbs you, particularly if it bothers no one else.”

I had to think for  about 30 seconds to think of something that we don’t normally seem to have a problem with that is disturbing me oh so much currently and just making me upset, in general.

Our education teaches us nothing.

Doing the CBSE or ISC doesn’t teach us anything about the world. Keeping sciences aside, since they’re more universal than the humanities, let’s just look at history for example.

In primary and middle school, we do Indian history. We learn about the Raj, the Mughals, the Cholas, Cheras, Pandyas and everyone else. We read about their lives, their policies, their temples, their mosques, their alternate names, their rise and their fall. And we have a few pages about the French Revolution, Nazism and World War II in 9th and 10th grade that are optional. 

In high school, for those of us who choose to continue with history, it’s not all that different. We dig deeper. But, we don’t talk about causation. We learn more names, we learn more about the Constituent Assembly, but we don’t remember it. We learn bits and pieces about South America, Medieval Europe, China, Japan and the Mongols.

I know it’s not possible to study all of world history in school. But, coming into college, we’d be students who didn’t know what The Berlin Wall was, unless we took an extra interest. We wouldn’t know where Antigua is or how the slaves had been gibbetted. Hell, we wouldn’t know what gibbetting is. We wouldn’t know about Botany Bay or the Egyptian Empire. We wouldn’t understand Rome or the 13 colonies. We’d be blank if asked about the Cold War and shocked to hear about Siraj-ud-Daula’s Black Hole of Calcutta, even though we’re supposed to know Indian history.

It disturbs me that we don’t care about everything that our education omits.

We don’t know how to write academic work. We don’t know what footnotes or citations are and how they work. We don’t understand that copy-pasting off the internet is not okay. We don’t know how to discuss our economic competition with China and we don’t know what percentage of people live below the World Bank poverty line in India. We don’t know literature, we’re not taught to read plays and we’re not allowed to read poems that might teach us about society if they have the word ‘cunt’ in them, even our teachers probably don’t know Wilmot because his work is just crude. We don’t know art, galleries are a foreign concept, India is just an exiled M F Hussain; we don’t know music, we can barely pronounce Beethoven, let alone name a sitar player. 

Those of us who do know or are learning some little bit are doing it because we want to, but our system prepares us for nothing.

We don’t know what Myers Briggs is and we don’t really understand inflation beyond just a definition.

We’re not ready to be adults, we’re not ready for the real world, we’re not at par with everyone else and this is what disturbs me. 


So I saw Lawyer Bae last night. Just a quick meet up cuddling and talking to update our drunk night out lol .. he did confirm he would definitely pay my monthly expenses. & he said me & my friend could head out to a nice restaurant on his expense as a thank you for making sure his Michigan friend had a good night.

We talked about Valentine’s Day. he completely forgot he’s taking his son skiing that weekend, so no trip to his Michigan home :( BUTTT we decided the day beforehand we’ll spend the whole day together. he wants to cook me breakfast and we’ll head to the spa and weave in lunch and dinner in between. he also said he saw a nice bracelet for me. so i told him to surprise me, i rather thoughtful gifts over anything. and he’s going to get me a Harvard sweatshirt. i’m more excited for the sweatshirt lmao

I know he’s going to make sure he keeps me around now lol he’s much too in-like with me and willing to do a lot for me. let’s see whats up.

In other news, i haven’t heard from Bland POT since i let him know i was disappointed he didn’t bring me a gift. I dodged a bullet oHDEE because he was weird af. I’m on a thin line if i should give up my search or not. Too many guys are coming in saying they’re about something but then they disappear. so whatever. I’ll stay positive for now!

Stay Sweet!


Manson and Twiggy performing an impromptu, acoustic version of “The Beautiful People” in Chicago. For some reason no visuals? Doesnt really matter though.

I cant stop laughing. Manson should do comedy =P