Valleys Burning With Color Painted By Erin Hanson In Signature Open Impressionism Style

Artist Erin Hanson struck by the force of nature, paints incredible natural landscapes inspired by adventurous hikes through the Red Rock Canyon. Hanson developed a unique painting style called “Open- Impressionism” which has been adopted by a pool of artists all over the globe.

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Van Gogh’s olive trees [x x x]

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During the 1870s, when his Impressionist paintings sold poorly, Renoir supported himself with portrait commissions. This portrait of six-year-old Adelphine Legrand, the daughter of a friend and art dealer, shows the artist’s skill in capturing the hesitant personality of a young child, full of natural vivacity but determined to behave.

Portrait of Mademoiselle Legrand,” 1875, Pierre-Auguste Renoir