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oito dias, oito polaroid 
para dizer adeus a minha lisboa 


dia um 
cais das colunas 
cedo de manhã

“Vibrations” editorial for Damaged Goods Magazine

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Model: Faith Picozzi

Instagram: @faithpicozzi

Photographer: Filip Milenkovic

Instagram: @filip.milenkovic

Together @filipandfaith


Were you nervous meeting Tom Cruise that first time?

“I think the nerves came after realizing I just met him because it was so fast. I met him basically 17 hours after I had descended from my camel Barbie [while shooting a scene in Morocco for another film]. And it was more of the efficiency of meeting him. It was like the car to the flight [to London], “I have to do this, who’s taking care of my son? What am I doing?” And then boom, there he was! And we laughed and had fun and then I left the room going: What the — just happened?”


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