The truth is that we need relationships, but we don’t need every relationship. Surround yourself with positive people who bring you up, rather than drag you down. You don’t have to sacrifice your sanity because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. You don’t have to be controlled by your own kindness. You can be a good person without bending to the will of those who damage you with their own selfishness.

You deserve to be happy.

—  It’s Ok to Say, “I Don’t Want to See You Again”, on How to Remove Toxic People from Your Life.
We often demand of people what only God can give us — encouragement, affirmation, strength, motivation — and we end up wringing others dry.
It’s okay to expect some things from people, so long as you know they’re just human beings who thirst like you.
They need an Infinite Well as much as you do.
If you drink deeply of Him first, you’ll be less controlled (and controlling) by your expectations, and you’ll actually seek others not to squeeze from them but to encourage them by your overflow.
—  @jspark3000,  The Christianese Dating Culture
Ok so I’ve been seeing a ton of those ‘we need more representation at hogwarts’ posts and I was like hell why not more Jewish representation at Hogwarts (and like everywhere else but that’s another story). No like imagine though
  • parents calling/or I guess writing the school to make sure that their kids get a kosher meal option and that there’s a good Jewish presence
  • having Friday night and Saturday morning and Holiday services in the room of requirement
  • bar and bat mitzvahs would be fuckin epic like imagine having your bar or bat mitzvah in the Great Hall like hot damn people would talk about that for centuries like what was your bar/bat mitzvah theme? oh just REAL LIFE WIZARDING MAGIC
  • on a more depressing note learning about how Voldemort tried to wipe out anyone who wasn’t pureblood brings up too many Holocaust parallels and is actually extremely upsetting to many students/ many of the Jewish kids teach their non-muggleborn friends about the Holocaust when they ask why they’re getting so distraught
  • but on a lighter note Hannukah at Hogwarts would be fuckin awesome. like Slytherin students charming their dreidels so they can win every time, Hufflepuffs making everyone homemade gifts and shit, EVERYONE fucking making latkes bc those rule, also the kitchen elves being like wtf is a latke and the students being like prepare to have your mind fuckin blown
  • giving the Jewish students the day off on Yom Kippur bc like how the frick are you supposed to function come on (that should apply to every school not just magical ones let’s be honest here)
  • accidentally saying spells in Hebrew because if you grew up learning Hebrew and English it’s gonna slip out when speaking another foreign language (happens to me all the time in Spanish)
  • getting howlers from concerned mothers who just want you to call back or write back because they love you and they want to make sure you’re warm and well fed (but they remind you that the cooking will never be as good as their own, and your mom is probably right, you miss her brisket and kugel) and if you’re dating anyone make sure it’s a nice jewish boy/girl!
  • religious kids arguing over what kind of magic is okay to use on Shabbat and holidays
  • religious kids getting kippot that match their respective houses
  • religious kids davening in their common rooms each morning
  • having a succah in the courtyard on Succot, but it does the bigger on the inside thing like the tents at the Quidditch world cup, so on the outside it looks pretty small and humble but you get inside and it’s like decked the fuck out and there’s candy from honeydukes everywhere and it’s just amazing
  • dressing up on Halloween and Purim and giving shalach manot to their friends and professors
  • WHY CANT YOU EAT BREAD FOR THE WHOLE WEEK? This question comes up whether you’re in the wizarding world or not let’s face it.
  • HOGWARTS SEDERS. The great hall decorated for the Seder. those long ass Hogwarts tables decorated with like ten Seder plates because they are so long. Students staying up way past their bedtime because it’s the Seder and that’s just what you do. all the kids who were at the Seder just wiped out in classes the next day.
  • Jewish wizards charming matzah into actually tasting decent (what a thought)
  • Jewish wizards inviting their non Jewish friends to Seders and Friday night dinners
  • Introducing friends to the magical bread that is Challah and kids being like 'damn son I do magic all day every day but this is true magic’
  • Jewish wizard couples just because
  • Celebrating Israeli Independence Day at Hogwarts (that would be a dream come true holy moly) like cooking falafel and stuff with the kitchen elves that would be amazing
  • basically just send me to Hogwarts already

John Oliver on FIFA and the World Cup

As exited as I am about the World Cup, I think it’s important to be aware of all of this. This is a pretty long video, but John Oliver (as always) is brilliant and manages to make this not only interesting but also funny. So if you want to know more about how sketchy and corrupt FIFA can be and why John Oliver despite all this is still exited for the World Cup, watch the video above! 

Hey friends! I know a lot of you are theatre fans and we all know that going to shows is ridiculously pricey. I thought it would be nice to provide some helpful links where you can get discounted tickets for Broadway/Off Broadway shows. Feel free to pass it along!


Broadway For Broke People (Rush/Lotto Policies)



Broadway Box

Tix4Students (You need to be a registered student to sign up but membership is free)

*With the exception of Broadway For Broke People and Broadway Box, you’ll need to sign up but it’s FREE to do so.

hello! just a list of little reminders and what-to-do:

  • visit bookstores often. force yourself into reading, you’ll fall in love with it.
  • add two tablespoons of honey in your green tea. it will make your morning brighter-ish!
  • remember, bad mornings can result to bad lives
  • comb your hair at least 10 times before you go to sleep
  • sleeping regenerates your cells that’s why when you wake up after a good sleep, you’re glowing.
  • if the weather is cold at night, wear socks (and your fave pair of PJ’s of course)
  • play with babies or children. they’re the truest nicest sincerest human beings left in the world.
  • my mother told me it’s good to cry sometimes. your heart needs to exercise too.
  • dance, hard, if given a chance
  • milk is better with a little hershey’s syrup!
  • and don’t forget to keep hydrated and listen to good music. it keeps your skin moisturized and keeps you in a good mood too!

you’re amazing. i’m proud of you, you made it this far! you are strong and great and beautiful. 

I have a very very very important question for my British followers:

Did Kate’s parents know who Will was before she brought him home the first time or was she just like “hey mum and dad I’m seeing this guy named Will thought I’d bring him home to meet you next week” and then she walks through the door with the future king and her parents just 



“Kate why didn’t”



Heteronormativity in Action

My eldest daughter just started kindergarten. There was one other child starting at the same time as her, so we had a joint introduction with this child’s parents. Which are both women. And the thing is, even as someone who’s (I hope) pretty conscious about heteronormative structures and behaviours, and in spite of overwhelming evidence that the people before me were a couple (sitting close together with their baby on one of their laps, filling in forms jointly, quietly talking about pick-up times and shopping runs, displaying over-all romantic body language, showing identical proud smiles when their kid picked up a pen and drew a doodle on one of the forms, and the simple fact that they were there for freaking parent introduction) my brain still fired the questions “but what if they’re just friends?”, “maybe they’re sisters who just look very little alike?” and other similar illogical things that would never in a million years have popped up had the couple been a man and a woman.

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Do not delete artists’ comments.

That includes graphics, photomanips, drawings, paintings, audio, basically anything creative that someone has taken the time to share with the world, expecting nothing in return but for people to have the common decency to respect their hard work.

I don’t care if you like the art but not the comment. I don’t care if it doesn’t fit your blog’s ~aesthetic~. You reblog it whole, or you don’t reblog it at all. 

Fucking hell, it’s not like it’s a gigantic hardship.


This is why I love history.

Just to kind of make it more clear, yes I’ve come out as nonbinary. I want to be called they/them. I don’t feel like a male or female despite being born as a male. I’ve never been happy being called a man or boy or anything growing up and it honestly made me feel weird and confused. It’s always been an issue with me I’ve kept away for a really long time. My parents are very set in their ways which often scared me growing up to tell them I didn’t feel like a boy. They still don’t know and I don’t think they ever will at this point. 

For those who are my friends and don’t understand: You’re welcome to ask me questions if you don’t understand. You’re welcome to stop being my friend if you want. While I hope you can eventually get used to calling me “Jordan” instead of Matt and refer to me as “they/them” instead of “he/him.” It’s ok to accidentally misgender me, don’t feel stressed out talking to me or feel bad if you slip up. It’s ok. Just correct yourself and move on!

For those who have been following me for a while: You’re welcome to unfollow if it makes you uncomfortable for WHATEVER reason. It’s ok if you misgender me as well, I know all the URLs who have been following me for a long time, both mutuals and nonmutuals. Again, just correct and move on! 

For new followers/recently followed: Hey, thanks for following, I hope you enjoy my blog!

What this means for me: I’ll go about my life like I have been, my appearance might change in the coming months for me to feel more comfortable but nothing major, mainly just my hair probably. I’ll continue to dress mutually (prob a bit more fashionably tho) as I currently do. 

That’s about it really. This is a big step and it’s nice to really get it out there officially.