a brief appearance from my agent’s run through the expansion stuff, which was kind of a mixed bag for multiple reasons, the first of which being that i tend to play my agent more thoughtfully and that doesn’t make for funny comics- but also:

  • man when it took my campaign into account it was GREAT, i loved most of the scenes with Kaliyo and Scorpio
  • but it was NOT VERY LONG before they just gave up on the class distinctions and i started getting dialogue that didn’t make any sense. OH WELL.
  • also everyone was juuuust terrible to my Actual Former Crew-Members and i felt a lot more defensive this time around! come on guys, i’ve known them for longer than you have a little courtesy
  • (and lbr Vector should have been extremely easy to track down Lana come on)
  • oh yeah when Class Stuff did come up the game seemed to want me to hate Watcher X a lot more than necessary? we got along fine! i didn’t kill him and he saved my ass later so why does he get all the blame for the brainwashing shit? i guess the Nebulous Concept of a Corrupt System of Governance doesn’t make for good haunting visions.
  • this isn’t related to anything but i’m still annoyed that Koth got cut out of the story so much.
  • anyway the force-centric stuff didn’t bother me too much because i’m just delighted every time i get to defeat a Great and Mighty Space-Wizard with the power of G U N.

i feel the need to state for the record that i am apparently so bad at videogame romances that i completely missed the cue for Theron’s and had to restart the chapter. so there’s that.

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My half of the art trade with the amazing @rhomellegacy - Caspira enjoying the first pumpkin space (!) latte of the season on her way to kill a man, probably


a little drawing exercise: my SWtOR dudes+character design+favourite companions+limited linewidth/palette! 

(and minus my smuggler because it turns out the point i stop having a fun relaxing time is ‘Wookies’… sorry Bowdaar!)

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I managed to snag a commission from @projectnelm and obtained a special portrait shot of my Imperial Agent Mirri (you think I’d have a last name for her by now). My shameless, impish Imp daughter is quite pleased to have a portrait of herself–shows off her charm and good looks, she claims.

Thank you, @projectnelm, for the wonderful, mesmerizing commission! You captured Mirri to a T. :)