I seriously get so happy when this song comes on at work. :( 


Surface by Imperative Reaction.

I may have posted this before, not too sure. But once again, I’m so glad Imperative Reaction are back on the map. I missed Ted Phelps, the sexy beast!

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During the Imperative Reaction concert I attended here in NYC this past fall, the band surprised their audience at the end of the night by bringing up a fan of theirs from Canada, they’d flown into town. Why? Well, because he'd wow'd them online by posting YouTube videos of himself playing their songs, as well as other industrial band’s songs, on the drums…and playing them really well. 

You may ask, how that’s a big deal. Well, Evan Patterson is only 13 and is already at close to a pro level (if you ask me). Go here on YouTube for more of his vids. He’s absolutely amazing!

I not only love watching this kid kick some ass on the drums (on a not so easy song, if I may say so) but also, I love watching the reaction the two professional drummers in the background as they watch him play.

His parents were there to watch…which was all the cooler. They were so proud of him. :) He really rocked this out! To say he got screaming ovations from all us in the audience at the end would be putting it lightly.


Song: Only In My Mind

Here’s another link, a wider shot taken from further back, of the same performance:


“There is no point, it doesn’t matter
All we built just broke us down
What could we show, what was the value
Of pushing ourselves deeper into the ground?
Something forgotten
Something ignored
Something was missing
And we don’t care anymore…”

“Minus All” by Imperative Reaction