The 10 Commandments Of Riding The New York City Subway

1. Don’t remove the seats: Hey, buddy, those chairs belong on the train! Cutting out a seat with a hacksaw and taking it home with you is a major subway foul.

2. Never stand in front of the train: It’s tempting to hold the train for a friend by jumping onto the tracks and standing in front of the train, but that delays the whole train and makes everyone late.

3. Avoid swallowing the subway pole: You’ll get major glares if you impale yourself on the subway pole from mouth to rectum. Riders can’t hold on if you’re in the way.



Perhaps the most famous murder sequence in Friday the 13th is the impaling of Kevin Bacon from below with an arrow. “That was the biggest scene for us to do,” recalls effects assistant Taso Stavrakis. “There were four or five of us underneath that bed. And Kevin, of course - sitting in a harness with his head and neck sticking out of the mattress, and a fake body glued to his chest. "So there we are, all cramped under the bed,” he laughs. “And my knees were getting wet because the tube came off by mistake and I was pumping blood all over us. So I grabbed the tube and started blowing with all my might. And that’s why, in the finished film, what you see coming out of Kevin’s neck are two or three spurts of arterial spray. It was terrific.

"They built a fake neck and chest, and I was crouching under the bed for hours with my head sticking out through a hole. It was absolutely awful. But I did have a classic horror movie death, which is: you fuck the girl, you smoke the joint, you’re dead. So that was good.” -Kevin Bacon

Friday the 13th | 1980

tfw u get bouts of craving intimacy but also don’t bc u recall u don’t wanna have your heart eviscerated and impaled in the end again lol


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Name: Ezekiel (or anna idc)
Birthday: january 32nd lol
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pansexy 
Age: 99¢

Favorite Soda: Idk I don’t drink soda that much 
Favorite Candy: chocolate of any kind 
Favorite Pizza: Hawaiian 
Favorite Salad Dressing: rly tasty sweet poppy stuff
Favorite Meal: sushi or anything fish related

Best Memory: (i have a bout one billion with my friend anna 
Best Friend: irl- anna (no not me) non irl- everyone
Best Relative: none unless I can count anna as one
Best Pet: buttermint, sweet lil chicken
Best Celebrity: clive dove

One Random Fact About Me: I play 4 instruments???
One Random Fact About My Day: i was actually considering impaling myself but then you guys came for me thankyousomuch
One Random Fact About My School/ Job: it sucks
One Random Fact About My Fav TV show: it makes no sense
One Random Fact that You Wish was a fact: what???

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