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In the song 'Yorktown' there's a line where Alexander and Lafayette say 'Imigrants, we get the job done' is that true in your AU as well?

Lafyette is a french immagrant so yeet

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What are your opinions on the third party candidates (Jill Stein and Gary Johnson) that ran in the 2016 election?

For me the election was about policies. I believe every candidate must be elected by that alone and not if the person is cool or not. We learned that the hard way the last 8 years.

Gary Johnson:

Abortion - He wants to keep funding PP. My stance on it is that if you choose to do that actions its your choice but I don’t want to pay for your choices.

Budget - He wanted to do something for the Debt that we find ourselves in. I Agree

Civil rights - He has no Idea what Race means. Place where you are born does not define what your race is. If you don’t know what it is you can’t solve a problem.

Corporations - I agree with him that to decrease taxing businesses will create more jobs. Best advise I could give anybody is to get a good accounting friend.

Crime - He flipped flopped on this one. First he played the race card and then said that police officers is okay. So unfortunately I disagree with him this problem.

Drugs - I disagree with him on this whole issue. We must get our nation off drugs.

Education - I agree with him on this. I believe every parent has to have the choice to put their children in what ever school benefit them the best. This will help the black community so much.

Energy & Oil - I’m in the middle of this one. But I believe it that no matter what your opinion on this is it is not the governments job to regulate these things and take away jobs. I believe that always start practicing what you preach. Those Hollywood celebrities that keep telling you that its the end of the world because of climate change, guess what? They don’t care. They get money to spew that shit and fly with airplanes and big ass cars that pollute the air the same as the rest of us.

Family & Children - History say that he doesn’t believe in gay marriages. I believe they have the choice to do what they want but I believe that people that don’t support it because of religious reason mustn’t get forced to preform the ceremony.

Foreign policies - This thing changed for me this last couple of months. I don’t believe in wars. I never agreed with regime change in other countries because that country must choose their own fate but when you look at Cuba and North Korea etc that have dictators and cause their people to die is a whole other argument. My stance on this is that I want my president to think America first. He is not elected to govern other countries. He is elected to govern America.

Free trade - I disagree with the TPP & Nafta agreements. Not good for America at all.

Government Reform - I disagree with him here. I want a smaller government. This whole big government just made this country worse! The less power the government have the better. The government is so corrupt but yet people want the government to be in control of everything, how does that work?

Gun Control - He supports the 2nd amendment and that is good. The democrats scream to ban guns but lets just say like a president that they dislike completely like trump turns on them with the military at his back etc who do you think will win that civil war? They don’t have a guns.

Health care - He wants to keep the government out of it. I can agree with that. Everything the government in history put their hands on turned shit. Look at how bad health care gets when just governments are involved in it.

Homeland Security - I agree with most of the things. The biggest problem I’m starting to have at this moment is with the Intel agencies. Politics started playing a role. That is very dangerous. I’m starting to understand why Obama did everything he could to get Hillary elected because the Obama Administrations crimes are starting to pop up everywhere.

Immigration - We differ on lots of things. Criminal Illegals must be deported and I mean any crime. Yes we have criminals but there is no reason to import more. I really hope Trump will do Immigration reform. I believe that you get good Illegal immigrates and they are here for the right reasons but unfortunately they have to come here on the legal way like everybody else. If they can’t abide by the immigration law what makes you believe that they abide by the other laws. So I truly hope Trump does Immigration reform.  We are not even going to go to the illegal voting.

Jobs - I believe that if we don’t have so many Illegal immigrates and the taxes will drop the minimum wage will rise automatically. No need for the government to get involved in.

Tax Reform - Agree with him. Taxes is to high in every area. It’s killing the working class.

Jill stein:

After the stunt she pulled to make money I’m not even going to comment on her things. Reminds me to much about people flip flopping on policies to just get money out of peoples pockets and not about what is best for people.

I hope this answered your question.

The Wall

$15 BILLION for a wall along a small stretch of the southern border does nothing but cost taxpayers.

We have over 100,000 miles of border, 5,525 with Canada, 1,989 with Mexico, and 95,000 with the oceans… You really think a wall on 2% of the border is going to do anything?

If you’re worried about drugs, remember that 3.1 million Americans admit to abusing non prescription cough medicine (Addiction Center). 2.4 million Americans admit to abusing prescription drugs (National Institute on Drug Abuse). And that is just stuff you get from your doctor or medicine store, so is a wall going to stop that?

Worried about “illegal” immigrants? Well if we ignore the fact that borders are a human concept and that no human is actually illegal, and we ignore our moral obligation to help our fellow man, then let’s just remember that migration from Mexico is LOWER in recent years than before. It peaked in 2007 and now is at or around NET ZERO PERCENT (Politifact, Center for Immigration Studies).

Guns… This is America, I can buy a gun from a family member and it does not have to be registered, nor do I have to be licensed. Only if I want to carry it in public would I need a permit, which is just a matter of a background check and $20. In 2013, there were more than 10.9 million manufactered guns in America (Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco, Firearms, and Explosives), in 2009, it was estimated that Americans possessed at 310 million (2012 Congressional Research Service report)… Think about that considering our population is 318 million. So is a border wall going to stop anyone from getting a gun? No.

But ‘illegals’ don’t pay taxes! Wrong - undocumented immigrants pay more than $10.6 billion in local taxes every year (Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy), and 50%-70% pay income taxes (Congressional Budget Office), and if we provided a pathway for citizenship, they would contribute even more.

‘Illegal’ immagrants cannot receive welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, or any other benefit (CNN Money), so don’t go there either.

I think it is also worth mentioning that Trump’s proposed 20% tariff on Mexican imports to ‘reimberse’ American taxpayers, would actually cost us. Mexico is our third largest trading partner (U.S. Trade Representative) and a terrif would raise CONSUMER prices… In layman’s terms, Mexico will increase the price of car parts, food, medical equipment, etc, to cover the cost of the tarrif, passing the burden onto American consumers (Tax Policy Center).

And lastly, let me just remind you that in August of 2005, Mexico literally sent us their best - for the first time since 1942, Mexican troops entered the United States to respond to Hurricane Katrina. Then President Vicente Fox -the same one who called Donald Trump a child and said “I am not paying for that fucken wall”- offered us his condolences on behalf of Mexico, the Mexican Red Cross sent experts, the Mexican Navy sent ships, rescue vehicles, and helicopters, personnel, and 250 tonnes of food. The Mexican Air Force sent planes with 200 tonnes of food. 349 sailors and 184 solders, as well as other personnel and experts, crossed our borders to help us as our citizens across the region faced unimaginable disaster.

So let’s take a moment to think this through, ignoring every aspect of the fact that these are human beings and Mexico is a partner, based on our own economic benefits, this wall makes no sense, and when you think about it, we will only be hurting ourselves.

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UR all in for justice & feminism and all kinds of stuff and are probably one of those people who start hating a celebrity just bc they're white and said a rude joke in 2009 once, but when it's about the agony of billions of animals it's funny. Ok. 😀😳


  1. Here is a bunch of articles explaining why veganism damages the environment as much as eating meat(x) (x) (x)
  2. There is literally no scientific proof that veganism decreases the amount of animal deaths 
  3. Veganism is a diet of privilege that does absolutely nothing positive for yourself, the environment or animals. All it does is make YOU feel less guilty.
  4. Here is an article that lays out how veganism is a big contributor to deforestation 
  5. Veganism exploits undocumented immagrant workers  but animal lives are more important than the basic rights of humans, right?
  6. Literally, whenever someone tells me they’re vegan (unless its for a valid medical reason) all i hear is: “I am so privileged that i elect to eat a plant based diet that’s unsustainable for the environment, exploits human lives and has no proven scientific basis for being healthy or ethical because I want to not feel guilty :)))))))”
  7. Forgive me for fighting for the ethical treatment of human lives before i fight for animal lives.
  8. I somewhat admire people who genuinely make a 100% effort to be ethical in EVERY aspect of their lives (food, transport, clothes, etc.) but do not ever think you can sit by me and tell me u care more about “justice” because u eat plants, knowing full well what that does to the environment AND human lives and think i won’t go all ron swanson on you 

my grandparents’ old buddy came over for lunch after i got back from iop and. omg. this sweet old (white) man, same age as my grandparents (in their 80s), really sruprised me in a good way

like, we ofc get into politics, and get into this really cool discussion of how capitalism is racist and how racism was perpetuated to turn working-class white immagrants against working class black people so that upper class ppl could stay on top, and he starts talking about black lives matter (literally starting with the sentance black lives matter), and how much he’s absolutely disgusted by how little has changed in terms of racial profiling and police brutality. So Already I’m impressed because i really was not expecting this old white man to be so good about this! 

And then the ‘trumpcare’ bill came up, and of course we’re all on obamacare and we’re all really afraid and angry about the whole thing, and i mention how getting my psych meds would become prohibitively expensive if i didnt get insurance because of course having schizoaffective counts as a previous condition but i get suicidal if i miss my meds two days in a row. And I mention something having to do with the neurodiversity movement…and this old man, probably at least four times my age, mentions that he was just diagnosed with ADHD-PI (he called it ADD), and said how great it was to finally have a diagnosis for it. 

He grew up in an age where not only was adhd not even a diagnosis yet, but anyone with hyperactive/impulsive symptoms wasn’t educated. At all. They were just kept home. And anyone with primarily inattentive symptoms were just thought to be dumb or lazy (seem familiar?) and so this guy goes almost his whole life untreated, feeling like there’s something wrong with him, and he eventually finds out his nephew also has adhd and he goes ‘OH!’ and sure enough, when he brings it up to his doctor, he gets diagnosed. 

And as he’s telling me all this, he says how much relief it brought him to have that diagnosis because now he finally understands himself. He finally gets why he was different, and he’s not alone, he’s not broken, and he wishes he could have known sooner so that it could have been treated and that he would have understood that part of himself, and figured out better ways to do things that worked with his strengths and accommodated his differences and so that he could have found community and known other people like him. 

I told him about the neurodiversity movement and how much it has helped me, and we commiserated about neurotypicals for a while, and i talked about how i went through the same thing with my autism, and we talked about adhd meds, and we shared a lot of tips with each other about adhd, and i think he’s gonna start doing some neurodiversity activism and stuff, and talk to his doctor about getting medicated with a non-stimulant adhd med (stimulant meds make his blood pressure too high).

And talking with a man that age about this, the same thing I’ve gone through and I’m going through, really made me think because like, this isn’t just something unique to my age group, there are real people of all ages who deal with the exact same things and care about them and think about them the same ways and it’s never too late to realize something like that about yourself. It’s never too late to get into politics or activism. It’s never too late to start loving yourself for your neurotype. This isnt something we made up, this is something that’s a real phenomenon and I’m so glad i got to talk about this to someone who gets it, especially at his age. 

Daddy called us trustfund hispsters
Chanels full of dope and crystals

Daddy called us venti soy chai tea latte drinkers
Vegan hipsters never ever eating meat

Daddy said the white tees are pricier than an immagrants monthly
And it’s okay because we are all wanna be hippies

Daddy is mad because I’m against Capitalism
Everything related to greed, money and evilism

I love green, animals, and veganism
I love Starbucks and Urban wearing

Daddy is mad because he thinks I’m sad
He says I am pathatic, thinking this world has good in it

Daddy told me all the fancy drinks I like has dollar swimming in it
All the clothes I love greed sewed on it

Daddy told me all the animals I save die anyway
All the animals I refuse to it end up killed cruelly one way or the other way

Daddy told me I am stupid to believe in a pure world
I am naive to believe in green instead of black and red

Daddy told me unless I open my eyes to the reality
I will soon die because I live in a fantasy

Daddy might be right because this is a cruel world
I don’t want to live in this disgusting land

I hope I will die soon with those animals
Cruel or not, I don’t want to be here without those creatures

- Hira

(From my short story)

A10 year old’s poem about her dad.

My favourite lines/most memorable things from the Hamilton songs.


Alexander Hamilton: “Ten dollar founding father without a father.”


My Shot: “I think your pants look hot, Laurens, I like you a lot.”

The Story of Tonight: “Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away.”

The Schuyler Sisters: “I’ve been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine, so men say that i’m intense or I’m insane.”

Farmer Refuted: “My dog speaks more eloquently.” ((Get rekt))

You’ll Be Back: “I will kill your friends and family… To remind you of my love!~”


A Winter’s Ball: “Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

Helpless: “I’m just saying if you really loved me, you would share him”

Satisfied: Re!!Wi!!Nd!!

The Story of Tonight (Reprise): “Oh shit…”

Waif For It: “Death/Life/Love doesn’t discriminate.”

Stay Alive: “Chick-a-plao”

Ten Duel Commandments: “Pick a place to die where it’s high and dry.”

Meet Me Inside: “CALL ME SON ONE MORE TIME!!!” ((Chill Hammy.))

That Would Be Enough: “I’m not afraid, I know who I married.”

Guns and Ships: “EV’RYONE GIVE IT UP FOR AMERICA’S FAVOURITE FIGHTING FRENCHMAN!!” Bonus: Lafayette being a fuckin’ boss.

History Has It’s Eyes on You: “I witnessed their deaths first hand.” 

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): “Immagrants, we get the job done! *brofive*”

What Comes Next: “Awesome. Wow.” ((Sass level over 9000))

Dear Theodosia: “My father wasn’t around. I swear that I’ll be around for you.”

Non-Stop: “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”


What’d I Miss: “Virginia my home sweet home, I wanna give you a kiss. *mwah*” 

Cabinet Battle #1: “Turn around bend over, I’ll shoW YOU WHERE MY SHOE FITS!” 

Take a Break: Philip being an adorable smol bean

Say No To This: This entire song is sin.

The Room Where it Happened: “Thomas cLAIMS-”

Schuyler Defeated: “Burr? Since when are you a Democratic-Republican?”

Cabinet Battle #2: “Daddy’s calling~” 

Washington on Your Side: “Motherfuckin’ DemocraTIC-REPUBLICANS!’

One Last Time: “Teach em’ how to say goodbye!”

I Know Him: “Good luck~”

The Adams Adminsitration: “Sit down John, you fat MOTHERFUCKSTICK!”

We Know: “Alexander, rumors only grow. And we both know what we know.”

Hurricane: “I couldn’t seem to die…”

The Reynolds Pamphlet: “He never gon’ be president now.”

Burn: “I’m erasing myself from the narrative…”

Blow Us All Away: “How ‘bout when I get back, we all strip down to our socks?” ((Thirsty boyyy))

Stay Alive (Reprise): The actual rivers coming out of my eyes.

It’s Quiet Uptown: “Philip you would like it uptown, it’s quiet uptown…”

The Election of 1800: “Jefferson or Burr- Jefferson or Burr?” ((can we chill with politics, his son just died jeez))

Your Obedient Servant: “A dot Ham, A dot Burr.”

Best of Wives and Best of Women: “Come back to bed, that would be enough.” ((MK ALEX THIS IS LIKE YOUR LAST DAY ALIVE, CUDDLE YOUR WIFE))

The World Was Wide Enough: Ham’s little speech that broke my heart.

Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story: “The orrrphanaggeeeee-”

Side note: If you have never listened to Hamilton, I highly recommend looking up the soundtrack on YouTube and listening to it. You’ll be laughing and crying I promise! c: 

Okay but I don’t think that some people understand the signifigance of Vernon/Hansol being put on the foreigners team for ISAC or whatever it is. So I’ll try to explain.

Vernon is mixed race. His dad is korean his mom is white and he lived in America for about 5 years before he went to Korea. There he became more fluent in Korean, even choosing it as his first langauge, and announcing that he is more comfortable speaking Korean than English. He identifies with Korea, and expresses himself as a Korean.

Now what ISAC did was place him in the foreigner team because of his mixed bloodline, and then they seperated him from Seventeen, his own group, the only people he probably knows and feels most comfortable with.

Most you go “Oh well he was placed in the wrong team ISAC made a mistake it’s okay lets just hope it doesn’t happen again”

It’s not okay. It’s horrifying and I’ll tell you why.

Being mixed is hard. Not just culturally,but mentally. If you think about it being a first generation child of immagrant parents is hard enough, its stressful and different. Esp. in comparision with the other people that aren’t in the know of your situation. But being a first generation mixed child is so much harder. Because not only do you have two cultures to learn and adapt to, most times you have three And this makes decding who you are so much harder than it is. For Hansol he had to think Am I korean? Am I American? What am I? And from a young age Hansol choose to idenitfy with his Korean roots.

You can’t say that it’s rude. In no way do you deny what you are. Sure you might not idenitfy as one thing but that doesn’t mean you still can’t respect that lifestyle. You are what you are, because it’s not your decsion to make. What you identify as is what you identify as it’s what you choose. Having people tell you different is horrible, because you are most comfortable with what you are and you know what you agreee with.

ISAC looked at Hansol and basically told him “you are not Korean” ISAC saw Hansol as white, and treated him as if he was white. But this isn’t true.

Hansol knows what he is, he’s probably experienced American culture from his mom’s family and Korean culture from his father’s and he decided that he wants to conform to Korean society because he is more comfortable being a korean than an american. I can’t speak for his general subconcious but I have an idea that it might look like this.

Every mixed child, and I mean every mixed child must go through this time where they decide what they are. Because it affects how they want to approach life later. Because how you idenitfy and which cultures you respect say so much about you.

And Hansol chose Korean.

So not only is ISAC disregarding Hansol’s decsion for what he is, they are also spreading the message that it’s okay to mislabel others based on looks alone. It’s as if they’re syaing it’s okay to see a Latino person and label them a hispanic even if they aren’. It’s okay to label the black girl an African American when she grew up in England and knows that she is English because she says she is.

And before you even try to fight me about how I don’t know anything because I’m not a korean or any of that I’m saying this because I’m a first generation mixed kid already struggling with her idenity. Because I can’t choose if I wanna be an American or a Phillipino or Palestinian. Because I respect other peoples cultures and cultural idenity. Because I look up to Hansol for knowing what he is and demanding respect for it. Because I get offended when this behavior is pulled. I know what I mean and even if I can’t say it correctly, I’m trying so hard.

Because I’m a mixed kid looking out for other mixed kids.

This is my Menz Papa, Haji Sarkis Sarkision's official certification of registration in America from Turkey from the Statue of Liberty- Ellis Island Foundation.

He married my Menzma, Sidnunush, when she was 16 but he was much older.

They came from Armenia to America to escape the Armenian Genocide. They traveled together leaving behind family members in Russia. Once in America they had two kids, my Grandma Lucy (Lucid) and my Great Uncle Charlie (Getabed).

My Grandma Lucy had my dad and his 5 siblings. But sadly my Great Uncle never married.

My dad then wen’t on to marry my mom and had my two older sisters and I.

My Menzma and I were really close, she passed away when I was 7. My Menz Papa passed before I was born. I’m sad I never got to meet him. I guess he was a really great guy.

A year from yesterday we lost my Great Uncle. He was basically my dads father and was one of the smartests men I have ever met.

This is my family history. 

I am proud to be Armenian.

Your car is German. Your vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian. Your kebab is Turkish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your movies are American. Your tea is Tamil. Your shirt is Indian. Your oil is Saudi Arabian. Your electronics are Chinese. Your numbers Arabic, your letters Latin. And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant? Pull yourself together!
Why Can't A Nation That Calls Itself A Melting Pot Sort Out Its Immigration System

The United States has long been considered a land of immigrants – a place where most of the population can trace its ancestry to a different country, with people coming from every part of the globe. Most Americans believe that diversity, at least in principle, contributes to a melting pot of ideas and cultures that makes everyone stronger. But as much as the U.S. prides itself on welcoming immigrants from around the world, the immigration system is rife with problems.

Those problems have come to the forefront in American politics over the past several years, with a sharp divide among Americans who fear immigration threatens their way of life and those who consider it an important building block of society. There are efforts to maintain English-only government resources and ensure jobs draw from Americans first. Many vilify undocumented immigrants – those who are in the country without legal status – saying they’re taking jobs and resources when they’re not supposed to be here in the first place.

Yet more recently, politicians in both parties have come to see anti-immigration posturing as detrimental – to their own electoral prospects in an age in which Latino voters grow more numerous, and also to the economic vigor of the country. With the politics seemingly ripe for success on immigration reform, the Obama administration and members of the U.S. legislature have pushed to change the system.

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Day: 800!
Shirt: Propagandhi - No Fences No Borders
Color:  Black
Brand: Sonar
Source: 800!  thats a fucking lot of posts AND SHIRTS.  over 2 years already.  what the fuck was i thinking starting this.  800.  it all seems just so ridiculous now.  Sometimes its easy to do, sometimes its a pain in the ass.  but i always appreciate it when people write, or meet me and say they are stoked on it.  that part rules.  even if they are full of shit and are just being nice. 

800.  i dont know why 800 has dropped on my brain like a lot but it is.  EIGHT HUNDRED.  boom.

Border Wars

“If the US offered me a two year work visa in exchange for never entering the country again I would take it. Two years is more than enough to gather money for my business and that I would need to survive here in Mexico.” - Mexican Man caught illegally crossing the border.

This man was part of a group that was caught sneaking into the US. He said he would keep trying to cross illegally until he made it.

I feel bad for them. If it wasn’t for the drug, weapon, and human traffickers, and terrorists, I would hardly care about Mexican illegal immigration. They want to work to help their families so the trek for days, through desert, sleep on the ground through the freezing nights, ration their food and water to the minimal JUST for a shot at working for a fair wage.

Another Mexican Illegal Immigrant that was caught said this:

“I’m going to be a father. My wife is pregnant. I have a job in Mexico that pays two dollars a day. Here I can make ten dollars an hour. It isn’t enough. I have to come here.”

In our own land, we have no home. They want to kill us…. In Mexico, there is only poverty. We can’t make a home there either. And here in the north, we aren’t accepted. When will we find a home, Enrique? Maybe when we die, we’ll find a home.
—  Rosa, El Norte