Call out post: Trevor Collins

Listen, he technically hasn’t done anything wrong.
But every single picture he’s in, he looks fantastic.
There are like 50 RTX pics where someone just spontaneously came up to him, said, “hey can I get a picture?” And he was like sure, and then he looked stunning.
On the fly picture taking is not allowed to be this photogenic.
@thetrevorc , Imma need you to stop and share with the rest of us. My selfie game needs help and can’t take the pressure.

anonymous asked:

hey rachel listen imma need you to stop writing such amazing fics bc i just read a dance with death and it was gr8 but then it had a SEQUEL so i HAD to read that too and it was also gr8 but now it's 2PM and i had shit to DO today man


When Woozi revealed himself to be alive and not dead in LA

You look like an idiot @etceteria bc I’m not even a Josh stan 😂

All I’m telling you to do is drop your fatphobia.

If Josh deserves your hate SO BE IT. Pay attention here: IDGAF about Josh.

I care about the fat people who have to read your fat hate

And imma need you to stop your fatphobia
And if you’ve got other white boy demons inside you like transphobia, homophobia, racism, etcetera along side your woman hating and fat phobia then I really hope God hears my prayers for you and helps you find some love for ALL his children not just the skinny boy ones lmao

harry is adorable when he's ill and it makes me angry, a masterpost

seriously no one should look this cute when they’re sick get oUT

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