i need for oth actors to start working/be in shows i actually care about

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hc + freedom

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                 ( freedom can go screw itself.

freedom was endless horizon and AIMLESS wandering. he thought he had had enough of it as a hollow; freedom was not knowing where he was, who he was, while he became anything and nothing at all. a motherless world. parentless ADULTHOOD without childhood.

freedom was the first word he was taught in las noches, while kneeling in front of a self-made God. god granted him freedom as a gift.

                 (  “ freedom is acquired by conquest, not by gift. ”
                             and that was why we are in a story about why he was never free.   )

aizen taught him that to be human is to be unfree. so he made himself UN-FREE.         god took a rib out of ADAM’s chest to make a woman; he snatched it and built a  c a g e  out of the ivory bones and betrayed him by finding solace in the bars pressing against his spine, to suffocate the holy breath out of himself.

     he never truly grasped the idea of being on his own. his responsibility without autonomy. moving from one master to the next, his spirit parasitic, and ridden with the parasites of his inhumanity. the hollow in him never mended; forever missing and hungry for his chain of fate.

humanity was attachment; humanity was the quest for freedom. having lost forgotten about his original fate, having given up on searching for freedom–he was the MONSTROUS in both sense. )