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friendly reminders


that boy you like, who broke your heart, does not matter. he is a speck of granola. you’ll get through this.


where you are right now in life, this is not your final destination. well, that’s your choice; don’t let it be your final destination.


i love you so much.


if you think you’re ugly, imma tell you now: you’re not. someone will find you absolutely beautiful/handsome no matter what. give it time.


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octaven or princess mechanic

octaven bc i love them

who steals french fries off the other’s plate - octavia eats anything off raven’s plate. pretty sure i had this happen witih bsau octaven.

who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple - shit. both of em. literally depends on the day. imma go with octavia.

who has to bust or bail the other out of jail - clarke because theyre both in jail together 

who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues - both of them but theyre both only ever gonna say “dump them” or “go down on them” so the conversations are short lived

who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes - octavia

who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk - octavia

who starts and who wins the pillow fights - octavia starts them but raven wins them

who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush - shit uh both of them but most especially raven

Alright Monster Musume Fandom! I made a post awhile back, stating let’s do a thing for Valentines Day. So now, I’m asking you to reblog THIS official post!

When you reblog this, I will put you on a list on a page, and you will be able to join in on the fun events I have to take place during that week. So- what can you do? Art. Fanfiction. Edits. Send cheesy pick up lines. Make cards!

I’ll be sending people art. And writing a fanfic drabble for everyone– so can we do it?

Those who can be included: Monster Musume rpers. OC’S within monster musume. If a Monmusu rper contacts someone out of fandom with a secret password imma give out- You can be included. Think of it has ‘My Valentine’ type of thing!
Lemme Just Say a Thing.

{{It’s come to my attention that a number of my followers are all going through very difficult times in their lives. It makes me wonder how many other people who visit this blog are silently suffering. So Imma say a thing.

If you are a follower or not a follower, a regular reader or a person randomly visiting my blog; doesn’t matter who you are, if you need someone to talk to about anything at all, please feel free to message me. I’ve been through my share of personal hell myself, so being able to help people who are going through rough patches gives me the greatest joy. My askbox is ALWAYS open to you guys, and if you want to talk to me through Skype, just ask for my Skype name and I’ll give it to you. Don’t be scared to message me, I’m here for you guys, and I always will be. NONE of you guys are EVER annoying, you NEVER bother me, and I will ALWAYS be happy to talk to you, any time, anywhere. So if you need someone to rant, rave, and vent at, someone to discuss things with, a chatting buddy to take your mind off things, or just need someone to listen–whatever you need, I’m only a message away.}}

tumblr was really the first place i saw how widespread the need to be accepted or feel included in something really was. cause i never understood the shit in high school and i definitely didnt get it in college and now im on here and its really goddamn apparent how much of a need it is for some of yall.

i just cant understand needing to know why someone has to give an explanation why they dont like something about you? i dont care why guys like shorter women in the same capacity i dont care about why girls like taller dudes. if they not fucking with you why does it matter to you? maybe because ive never really had self esteem issues i cant relate to the “you think girls gonna like that" whisperings that niggas like to do to each other. shit never worked on me cause if she dont like what im about why imma try and get with her? in what world does that make sense

the answer to which, for some of yall, is this world apparently. 

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Hi, I have been trying to learn from conversations happening in the music world about cultural appropriation especially in band names. The outcry against the band "viet cong" was very eye opening. I am wondering where the line is when it comes to white people using native originated words - like "waxahatchee" being a white woman for example. I am wondering if you can help me understand where the line is for things being problematic

problematic is a vauge, overused word. imma just give a simple, straightforward explanation: before choosing a name, do your research and be sensitive and understanding of how people will react to someone not of their culture using such a name. 

our blog has resources for you and others to more fully understand this and if our followers would like to offer more information, drop an ask

I give up.

Someone who continues to push you away, wants to leave. I wont fight shit anymore.

Old Oddyssey is back and that’s why they call me savage. Imma be strong with and for myself. I’m all i ever need and i can buy whatever i want. Hustle time… Gonna focus on my grind.

y'all are so ANNOYING trying give me that “you only stan her because she’s pretty” 1. that’s not true and 2. SO WHAT?? let me make my 7 text posts dedicated to her eyeliner or her outfit!! there’s never been anything wrong with liking a girl because they’re pretty before!! ain’t that what liking ig models whose names you don’t is?? bicth don’t try and make it seem like it’s a bad thing to like someone cause they’re pretty!! if a hoe’s pretty imma let her know!! imma stan!! imma strive to achieve!! imma love her winged eyeliner as much i love her dior boots!! so what!! im not gonna let your gross ass try and belittle me because of my fave!!

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My top 3 songs are 1. Just One Day (the song that made me fall for them and the dance that I think is the cutest 2. We are Bulletproof pt.2 (because Jungkook in football gear is just AHHHH) 3. War of Hormone (leather, leather and leatherrrr) I love all their songs but these ones have a special place in my heart❣

Ooo another reply! 

Yaaaas I agree with you Just One Day got me sooo much it’s my fave MV <33 It took me few weeks to move on from that song >.<


I was waiting for someone to say WOH yas :D HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO TELL MEH WHAT CHU WANT RIGHT NOW! yas IMMA GIVE IT TO U GURL RIGHT NOW. That lollipop. Yeah ok ^-^

Thanks for sharing ^o^

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I’m a fake bitch who doesn’t watch TW, I only watched like several episodes (mostly feat. Braeden) but imma make this work

Give me a character and I will answer:

  • Why I like them: She’s a witty, sarcastic, intelligent, blunt, lowkey compassionate mercenary. And I’m hella bi for her.
  • Why I don’t: N/A
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Probably 4x08 since it shows her going beyond her role as a mercenary. Also because seeing her arm wrestle, disarm someone with a gun and do *ahem* other things does stuff for me.
  • Favorite line: She’s got some great one-liners so somewhere between


  • Favorite outfit:
  • OTP: Draeden (feat. Me)
  • Brotp: Braeden/Scott I could actually see him being her lil brother
  • Head Canon: Brae is a shipper at heart (she’ll never tell you though) and has a defunct Tumblr lying around somewhere
  • Unpopular opinion: Not sure if this is unpopular but she needs more of a backstory
  • A wish: She’d become part of Scott’s pack
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: SHE DIES
  • 5 words to best describe them: direct, protective, cheeky, sensible, confident
  • My nickname for them: Brae

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4, 6, 11, 24!!!

4. the best thing that has happened to me this week.
nothing has really happened so imma say a cheesy answer and say talking to Jessica ;)

6. how i’d spend ten thousand bucks.
tbh get all new clothes that I actually feel comfortable in and that I like. save the majority of it. see Hamilton on Broadway. buy an irresponsible amount of sour gummy worms. uh. yeah.

already did 11

24. someone i’d like to be for a day and why.
Trump so I can give all his money to charities and then have him dramatically announce his love of vocaloid and then drop him off on a deserted island

Thanks B) also hope you’re doing good !!!

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Are you scared of who Leo might claimed next? What will you do if you don't like them?

“Scared? Why the fuck would I be scared? Ain’t like he’s gonna claimed someone to kill me in my sleep or somethin’. I won’t do anything– ain’t because I don’t like someone that Imma be an asshole to them. Guess I’d be polite and avoid them, that’s all. Anyway we ain’t there to make best friend, we’re there for Kennedy. So really, who gives a fuck?”

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Also as someone who loves teh yaoiz, as long as your friend isn't the kind that's like fetishizing gay dudes or hating women for getting in the way of teh gay OTPs or wanting gay couples to snog for her entertainment or asking who's the seme or uke, she'll be fine. If she is that person, I'm cringing like hell but I can almost guarantee you that she'll grow out of it and cringe too. I mean hell my friend group grew out of the "imma raep you *glomp*" expressions and such. Give it time -KMClaude

She used to be like that but it’s sorta getting better? She still kinda hardcore fetishizes gay men and still goes around GUIZ IM SUPER BI LOOK I CAN KISS A GIRL HAHAHAHA but I’m hoping with time she’ll calm down. I haven’t talked to her about it for a while but yeah she’s still my friend and hopefully one day we can look back and have a laugh…someday..

i can go the distance. i am worth more. every step matters. im going to work on me and…. no more you. no more worrying, no more constant fear, no more letting you and your emotions rule me. 

i would go most anywhere to feel like i belong. and ….. if im honest i dont need to go very far. i dont need to rely on you to feel loved (you did mediocre at it anyways). i have someone…. i just need to give him more of a chance. trust that letting him in like i did you wont end badly. 

i dont care how far, somehow ill be strong. im going to be better. im going to respect myself enough to just…. forget about you. its going to be work to fix myself. but im not alone. i can do this. if i fall ill just get back up. watch me…. because like a pheonix imma rise from these nasty ashes.

fishytrolls asked:

homestuck au ; ) sinbot and cyrus (and teal?) on alternia hmmm lmfao

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

BETA IMMA PUNCH U IN THE BUTT, and shouldn’t u of been in bed.

  • Sinbot was a rustblooded troll, and is currently in soulbot. He probably was dead a very long time, and had accepted it until someone (bolero) built him the robot. He had gotten killed for mouthing off some highblood like the butthole he is. 
  • Just still a hateful loud robot, but a robot with rockets.
  • Cyrus would be an indigo blood, and his lusus is a bunny/bat hybrid beast. 
  • He def very anti caste, borderline rebel/lowblood supporter. 
  • Still has his cold af handies. 

  • Teal IRONICALLY woulda been a jadeblood, and probably a rainbow drinker. 
  • Teal probably again doesn’t use his real name and probs in some weird alterian cult, since def was in my headcanons that there woulda been a loooota stuff like that on alternia.

flash give away winners!!

the winners have been picked out; thank you all for participating in the small and rather sudden event from me!! it received a lot more notes than i expected, which is really good to see !! the winners will be contacted aaaand ya’ all can pick whatever the heck you want tbh, i don’t care what ya want; i’ll make sure to deliver ( when my boys can’t deliver, someone’s gotta do the job ).

once again; thank you all for participating !!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) imma comin for ur inboxes
              …or IMs

Today is one of those nights when i think again about my future and its driving me crazy, like i see happy old couples who had kids and their kids had kids and i say damn i want to have something like that, something that can last until we both turn out into raisins and we both have created our own home with love and effort, raising our own children teaching them to be good humans, i think about that breath im gonna give for the last time smiling and knowing i loved someone so much with my entire human being and that person did the same for me and im gonna go from the face of the earth so fucking happy, imma be dust but who cares i will know i took care of my partner until the last minutes of my life but in the other hand not everyone can have that, and who knows, maybe i wont never have that and it kills me but somehow i got to accept it.