Scratch that. Reverse it.

Hero: *thinks he’s telling the heroine that he loves her* I don’t want to be in love with you. I don’t wan’t my life turned upside down. I never wanted to feel this way about anyone. 

Heroine: Alright then. Clearly he doesn’t love me, nor does he want to love me.


Hero: Oh. Wait. Hold on. 


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Can we officially call this: Pulling a Mr. Darcy?

Let me state this again for the slow ones in the back. Comparing how Z behaved with Trevor, such as sharing clothes, hiding their relationship with how she is with Tom does NOT imply it is the SAME TYPE OF romantic relationship therefore it will end the same way. You are an imbecile if you think that, but then you are on an invisible ship so I guess lack of logic is expected when it comes to dimwits like you. 

Comparing clothes was an example to show how she does certain things with boyfriends, NOT with Kamil, NOT with Darnell, and not with VAL either!  It is to show how she is in A RELATIONSHIP,  “a” relationship, not the same relationship over and over again. That is what the comparison was for, and if you conclude the relationship is doomed the same way, suggesting with Tom cheating, because they share the clothes, once again, in case you missed it: You are a certifiable MORON. 

We are not talking about her repeating bad behavior patterns like someone enduring abusive behaviour from their bf and repeating the pattern with the next boyfriend. That kind of shit happens when you pick the same TYPE of men. She did not. 

Oh, look, I wrote an “essay” for you. Little do you realize that you calling anything more than one paragraph an “essay” reflects badly on your illiterate, slow-reading ass.


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you got a lottt of nerve not even fact checking. all kris was trying to do was get you to keep your facts in order. but here you are, still talking out of your ass. kris is a very kind person, you trying to sit up here and give her a bad rep like she deserves it is pathetic and immature. admit your fault and move on, babe. it's not that fucking hard. on god you're acting like an imbecile. be grown and admit your mistake. and blocking ppl without cause? obtuse.

she clearly already had a bad rep before this eem happened pls dont act like u dont kno laffin emoji 

  • Me: I think a really good time to ever see Great Comet if I ever get to go would be after Brittain Ashford gets back as Sonya and Oak is still Pierre :')
  • The Great Comet Producers: you fool. you absolute imbecile.

Uno fiel ateo en la vida y de pronto conoces a alguien a la distancia que no ves, no conoces, no puedes tocar y bam! listo, crees en ella o en él y te enamoras.

Ah, pero tú ibas por ahí de ateo.
La vida te odia.

—  Brenda Ramírez.