An Audible Account of Making Soup, Jan 13 2011

what we heard in the kitchen
with our palms curved on blanched tomatoes
was not limited to Buddy Holly.

The window was half closed
the air needling our forearms
into stasis,

the record stopped
and you tuned the radio
brushing the dial through AM static

I could hear only the boiling water.

you would say ‘the brain dedicates
a lot of resources to hearing.’

and I, turning from the stove,
would add that the Universe
resonates at b-flat, fifty-two

octaves below middle-C.
but we are caught in the inaudible,
and, if you are

right, our brains are too
focused on hearing to respond
even though we’re in constant motion.


  The Devil Can Be Beautiful ~ Theo Raeken x Reader

 Requested: “I want to trust you. You were my best friend at one point, believe me, I want to trust you but I don’t know if I can. My pack they-” imagine with theo ???


Nostalgia is a funny thing. It’s just a feeling; it’s just a word- a paradoxical word at that. On one hand it provides a certain kind of contentment that arises at the thought of wonderful memories from the past, a feeling that fills you with wistful warmth.  But on the other hand, it can be a torturous sensation reminding you that you may never experience the same things again, that things have changed and they can never be the same.

 There was a time when they were friends, best friends even. It was a long time ago- ten years or so. They were just children who had no idea what the real world was. They thought their parents could fix anything, the good guys always won, monsters were ugly creatures that were distinct from the average person, and above all, they thought they would always have each other. But they were wrong. They were wrong about everything.

 The metal door underneath a neon red sign spelling out ‘EXIT’ opens easily under her influence. It’s a cool night, the air crisp and breezy, but not uncomfortably so. She finds a seat on the edge of the roof, letting the still night ease what’s left of the adrenaline pumping throughout her body. Waiting for Lydia to get out of surgery in the stuffy hospital was starting to become too much for her, so she sought out refuge in the quietest part of the hospital. Finding one of her closest friends bleeding out on the police station floor after being attacked by a kanima-werewolf hybrid was a lot to come down from

“So this is where you disappeared to,” a voice says from behind her. She doesn’t have to turn around to know who it is. The point of coming up here was to be alone, but since he’s the one who essentially saved Lydia’s life, she figures she should at least be courteous.

 “Yeah, It’s a nice night. At least weather wise,” she says a bit awkwardly, not looking at him when she speaks. Ever since he returned unannounced she hasn’t been sure how to treat him. Sure he used to be her best friend, but that was nearly a decade ago. She doesn’t know him at all now and no matter how genuine he appears to be, something just isn’t right.

 “It is. Are you doing okay?” he asks, taking a seat next to her, their legs dangling over the edge of the building. It’s probably not the safest position, but if she can survive a hybrid attack then something as mundane as sitting on the roof shouldn’t be too dangerous. If she goes by falling off the roof then that’s how she goes. At least the coroner wouldn’t find anything odd like scales or a tail.

 “I’m fine. I didn’t get stabbed or slashed or anything,” she assures, stealing a glance at his profile. Bad idea. Even from the side his face still relays an angelic appearance with a sharp jawline.

 “I mean like mentally and emotionally. Physical wounds aren’t the only ones that need to be stitched up sometimes,” Theo concludes.

“Oh, that’s thoughtful. Thank you for asking,” she says faintly, unsure of how to act around him. Time changes everything. Especially with her used to be best friend. She used to tell him everything and vice versa, but that was when they were innocent elementary school buddies. Now he’s nearly eighteen, looks as if God himself sculpted every inch of his perfect face and body, and has a shady aura about him.

 “That was formal,” he laughs, turning to face her directly. She can feel his eyes on her, observant and calculative.

“I don’t know what to make of you,” she admits, looking him in the eye.

“You didn’t look all too thrilled to see me at the senior scribe and you’ve been distant since then. You don’t trust me,” he murmurs despondently.  A vague look of sadness flashes over his face. It’s hard to tell how real it is.

“I want to trust you. You were my best friend at one point, believe me, I want to trust you but I don’t know if I can. My pack they-”

“Don’t. They don’t trust me,” he nods in understanding, getting up off the ledge to walk around the roof.

She remembers when his sister died.  They were seven years old and how no idea how cruel life could be. She had been missing for a while and Theo tried to put on brave face for his parents. He wore this smile on his face like a mask, hiding how scared he really was. He would pace around the living room, a nervous habit he developed for coping when he was upset or afraid. It was like he could walk off the unpleasant feelings.

 The day they found her he wouldn’t sit down. He walked around in circles with silent tears streaming out of his glossy blue-green eyes. Eventually she walked over to him and tugged on his arm to halt the motion. Neither of them said anything as she led him to the couch. She hugged him and they stayed like that, twined together on the couch for a very long time.

 Watching him pace around the roof reminds her of that tragedy. She can almost see the grief stricken seven year old. It makes her chest tighten uncomfortably and her eyes sting in the subtlest way.

“Theo,” she calls, her voice stronger this time, “please come sit down.”

He stops pacing and looks at her. He looks somber, but not necessarily sad. It’s an odd expression, one she’s never seen before. He’s resigned, but there’s something in his eyes that almost looks mischievous. In this lighting it’s hard to tell.

“Are you reminiscing over there?” he inquires, aware of what she must be thinking while she watches him pace.

“I guess I am,” she admits, patting the space next to her.

He rejoins her, overlooking the back lot of the hospital. From this view all you can see are the extra ambulances that sit still, waiting for an emergency to happen.

“Do you remember how much we used to love horror movies?” Theo asks, searching her face.

“Those and every thriller we could get our hands on,” she grins, remembering simpler times.

“That was a staple in our friendship,” he agrees, mirroring her grin.

“Now my life is a horror movie,” she sighs woefully.

Her statement isn’t far from the truth. She lives in a world full of monsters and murderous psychopaths. In a way, the movies she used to watch as a child somewhat prepared her for how her life would turn out. Except there’s one vital piece of truth the movies never displayed. In the fictitious stories the villain is hideous and marred with imperfections. The villain looks like a villain. They aren’t physically appealing- just look at Freddie Krueger. This is a lie in the real world. The bad guy isn’t always a disfigured lunatic; sometimes the bad guy looks like an angel and has a smooth tongue. Sometimes the bad guy is charming and enticing.

“Look on the Brightside,” Theo notes, “You’ve been prepared for all of this since you were a kid.”

“I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the nogitsune, or a kanima-werewolf hybrid,” she tilts her head, squinting slightly.

“Alright, fair point,” he chuckles softly.

It almost feels like it used to. Almost. Maybe it’s because they’re older and they’ve both gone through hell. Maybe it’s because they’re nearly strangers. Maybe it’s because puberty hit them both like a train and the tension is becoming obvious. Maybe it’s something she can’t quite place her finger on.

“Thanks for saving Lydia,” she says gratefully, “After everything… We can’t lose her, too.”

“The ex best friend saving the new best friend,” he jokes, lightening the situation.

“I honestly don’t know what to consider you anymore,” she chuckles, pushing her hair back from her face.

He studies her carefully, looking exceptionally considerate.

“Can I try something?” he asks, his voice soft.

She nods ‘yes’, giving him the green light for whatever he’s planning on doing.

It happens quickly and without hesitation. Her eyes close immediately, her body shivering in surprise. She wasn’t necessarily expecting him to kiss her, but she isn’t necessarily surprised that he did. He tastes like a mix of nostalgia and mystery. His hands feel like old memories and an unforeseeable future. He is a paradox of the familiar and the unknown.

 She never expected his lips to be so gentle, or his touch to be so soft. She never expected that her best friend would disappear and then reappear only ten years later to rescue her pack and kiss her on the rooftop of the hospital. She also would never expect that her best friend is a liar. She doesn’t know that this is power play in a scheme that will ruin their lives. She doesn’t know that he’s manipulative and cunning.

 She doesn’t know that the devil can be beautiful. She doesn’t know that the devil is her best friend.


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Requested by anonymous:

“Can I have a Gray Mitchell imagine where you guys meet during the I-Rex  attack and both survive and like each other. Then you leave and come back after a couple of years. Then you see Gray working with dinosaurs and he toughened up but still is a dork. Can you get Zach and Owen to push them together, thank you so much you’re an amazing writer!”

Warnings: Swearing / Fluff

Note: I decided to use Evan Peters as like Gray when he’s grown up, idk why but I think they look alike, maybe it’s the hair :’)  Also I would like to apologise, this is not my best work :/

“The boat will be docking in five minutes please prepare for disembarking.” The Captain’s voice announced through the speaker. You stood staring in wonder at the approaching island your eyes wide in fascination. “*yn*! Hurry up!” Your teacher yelled. “Sorry Ms Patterson.” You say guiltily before hurrying towards her, catching up with the rest of your class. 

As the whole class scurrying down the ramp you and your friends run past your teacher ignoring her calls as you try to be the first ones on the monorail.

“*yn* and friends, if you want to even step foot on that train you will come back here right this instant!” Ms Patterson yells. Your heads droop in defeat before walking back to her. As the class gathered around her she cleared her throat.

“Alright class we only have one night here and we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon so we have to try and fit in as much as possible which means I will need your full attention and cooperation.” She says sternly, glancing at me. “Your parents paid a lot of money for you to be here and we don’t want it to be wasted. Now do you all promise to be good?” She asks. “Yes Ms Patterson!” You all loudly chorus. A smile lights up her face at our enthusiastic response. 

“Well then, welcome to Jurassic World children.”

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Try 1 new thing a day #29: Casting a (not so real) spell.

My campers were tricked by one of my coworkers into thinking they were receiving a kitten, when it was only a toothbrush in a bag (like those dentist goody bags). So to keep their hearts from breaking, I had to tell them we cast magic spells on the kittens to protect them. By looking in their bags too early, the spell broke and they became toothbrushes. So they thought I knew magic, so of course I had to cast a spell…which for me involved some rocks and leaves.

Result: This reminded me of a few years ago when I actually used my imagination. Before I hit a big slump near the end of college, I wrote stories, fantasized, drew, and read a ton of manga/watched a lot of anime. I was an avid reader and a proud geek but I lost that. Did that come with growing up? Or did I lose it in a tough time and can cultivate it again? I choose to believe in the latter.

You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination. 🌾🌊

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Directed by Brad Bird
Screenplay by Brad Bird Damon Lindelof
Cast George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw
Score by Michael Giacchino

There is just so much imagination and nostalgia in this film it permeates even after you leave the theater. Director Brad Bird is all heart with this one. Casey Newton (all bright eyes and stern looks, Britt Roberton) is disabling the dozers ordered to take down the NASA launch site at Cape Canaveral to save the imagination for future inventors and scientists. The film seems to be made with this sincere intention. Frank Walker (a cranky, but lovable Clooney) plays the world-wearied and cynical mentor to the young idealistic girl. The one to steal the show is Raffey Cassidy as the enigmatic Athena.

Sadly, I can’t say anything else about the plot of the film. The marketing was perfect, but for some reason it never connected with a wide audience. The movie never made very much at the box office, but I smell a devout cult following on the rise. The directing for this one is just too great.

The set-pieces all build in intensity and scope as the story goes on, the pacing is brisk enough to leave those plot-holes for when you’re already on your way home. The score never crowds your ears, but feels just as light and adventurous as the material needs it to be. Giacchino never goes for the bombast. But back to this directing! There is not a better action director in America, right now. Bird uses wide angles and longer takes with limitless imagination to make me say “Wow!”, out loud… In a theater… The guy next to me just nodded.

This was a late review, and I can only hope this gets more people to see Tomorrowland when it hits the DVD/Bluray shelves.