Imagine a bad sweater party with all of the Freelancers.

  • Wash has (you guessed it) a fuzzy grey and yellow cat sweater.
  • South’s sweater has a middle finger on the front and it flips off anyone who looks at it
  • York’s “ugly” sweater is a normal shirt with a mirror on the front. you can figure that one out.
  • Maine wore a sweater and just wrapped a whole string of christmas lights around himself. It was a hugely dangerous fire hazard looking back on it but everything turned out okay and it was worth it.
  • Florida literally covered himself in tinsel and glittery garland. He looked like an annoying diamond and when he stood near Maine he turned into an actual disco ball.
  • Connie showed up in the classic paneled sweater, each square depicting a lovely yet horribly unattractive holiday themed design.

Florida and North took knitting requests for anyone who found they were short of an ugly sweater and the turnout was:

  • Carolina ended up wearing an I Heart NY sweater (obviously requested for by York) 
  • North wore his itchy and obnoxiously purple“Team Dad” sweater, made by Florida
  • Florida knitted Wyoming a sweater that was literally a compilation of horrible mustache puns

// What a hottie