It was great to catch up with Björk at Electric Picnic and Alexandra Palace, she put her hat on me when visiting the dressing room, this amazing design is by Maiko Takeda. Last nights show was head blowing material and after party unforgettable fun with Aphex Twin, Leila and Tilda Swinton amongst the guests. Thanks Bjork! :)

HK merch..apparently good for yoga sessions (According to Miss Bjork)

I have had the pleasure of sending HK Imaginature drawings as far and wide as US to Australia and in between..Thank you all who have supported me :)

Season of gifts is approaching ..You can now commission a unique treasure lovingly drawn by me, HK or grab an existing one

And then there’s the m u s i c..

The real CD has a poster with it..that has lyrics and DRAWINGs




Ladypat and Alfred Bailey were there on the day of the shoot..Thanks guys! :) shooting shooting while I was melting melting..


About to take off in my ‘GRASS’ digital print kaftan. 100% Silk. This is the third design in the kaftan series. The photo of the print was taken in the north of Finland near my dad’s house. Back is 'Cave’ print again so this can be worn in 8 ways or more. Just Imagi-Nature :) with a thin leather belt, metal belt or the silk belt that comes now with the kaftan…and by putting a knot from the corners, this can be worn as a top..etc etc. Season to live in one of these is here!

I took the photo that now makes the print in this fabric, on an Swedish island, while working on the Imaginature album with the lovely Christoffer Berg. Nice souvenir of that special time  a photo or a postcard I can wear and ohlalaa what fancy merchandise 

Sneak Peak of the shoot with Alfred Bailey

HK haute Couture Merch now available to order.

Here. Now, Eyes closed lying down..Working title of this Kaftan is tree Puddle..I should call it Snowblind..

Get your copy here: 0.79 pence.

‘Making of ..Iceberg’ video by me

This was fun to edit! Total meltdown!

In the studio with me Ladypat and Alfred Bailey! :)

Iceberg video!!

“Performance art? Fever Ray-esque beats? Watch Iceberg, the new video from Finnish musician HK119”

CHECK HK119 LIVE! Tickets now on sale..

IMAGINATURE ALBUM IS OUT! I am out too..observing the new leaves on trees..and the bugs..preferably in sunny conditions..

Have a listen here on Dazed and Confused site:

If you enjoy it and wanna have it for keepers to go running on the mountains or tall buildings then..