Crystals for Artsy Witches

Here is a list of crystals that could be useful to artistic witches.

Originally posted by ofallingstar

  • Agate: inspiration, awaken talents and improve them
  • Alexandrite: creativity, imagination
  • Amazonite: creativity, intuition
  • Amethyst: creativity, intuition, perception, insight
  • Apatite: insight, creativity
  • Aqua Aura Quartz: motivation, making progress in goals
  • Aventurine: creativity, imagination, motivation
  • Beryl: creativity, helps relieves the feeling of tiredness (always good for artists)
  • Bixbite: creativity
  • Carnelian: creativity, precision
  • Cavansite: inspiration
  • Charoite: inspiration
  • Chlorite: inspiration
  • Chrysoberyl: creativity
  • Citrine: intuition, creativity, clarity
  • Coral: creativity, visualization
  • Dolomite: concentration, focus
  • Emerald: focus
  • Fire Agate: creativity, expression
  • Fire Opal: creativity
  • Garnet: mental rejuvenation, motivation
  • Girasol: visualization, imagination, creativity
  • Goshenite: creativity, originality
  • Hematite: focus
  • Howlite: expression, creativity
  • Kyanite: visualization
  • Magnesite: visualization, unconscious thoughts realized
  • Mookaite Jasper: expression, versatility
  • Mother of Pearl: imagination, intuition, mental clarity, adaptability
  • Opal: creativity, inspiration, spontaneity
  • Pearl: focus
  • Rainforest Jasper: variety, progress, creativity
  • Sapphire: creativity, expression, mental clarity, intuition
  • Sardonyx: creativity, mental clarity
  • Siberian Gold Quartz: inspiration, motivation
  • Tangerine (dyed) Quartz: motivation
  • Tanzan Aura: intuition, inner vision
  • Tiger’s Eye: motivation, focus, concentration, mental clarity
  • Tiger Iron: artistic skills, creativity, motivation
  • Topaz: creativity, individuality, expression
  • Ulexite: creativity, inspiration, imagination

If your hippie philosophy isn’t anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and anti-patriarchy, then it is incomplete.
If your hippie philosophy deliberately ignores how social structures interact and keep people locked in oppressive situations, then it is propaganda in service of the powerful.
If your hippie philosophy imagines solarpunk ecotopias and egalitarian communes without any concrete plan of how to make them a social norm, then it is empty idealism keeping people apolitical and complacent. 

Breaking off from society in small groups to form communes is no different from the utopian socialists of the 1800s – it’s an incomplete call to action that offers no substantive blueprint for how to make that egalitarian culture a global norm. Solarpunk activists are the analogous Marxist socialists in this scenario – they understand that creating the ideal society is not just a matter of ideas but also a matter of material power and economic arrangements. Capitalism is an economic class structure built around unlimited growth and profit accumulation for a small set of elites – there is no way to make it “green” or sustainable, and refusing to challenge it makes hippie attitudes naively idealistic at best and complacently reactionary at worst. 

There is something to appreciate about “hippie aesthetics” with regard to environmentalism, art, social imagination, and the egalitarian spirit. These are valuable traits that a post-capitalist world will need to latch onto if it is to survive and thrive. More people are probably going to be drawn to solarpunk sensibilities than to traditionally Marxist or anarchist ones, so there is a case to be made in favor of uplifting this project aesthetic. But we need to combine the social imagination with an unyielding commitment to political ideals.