The Contest - Chapter 2

As you and the rest of The Avengers test your willpower in an unusual challenge, your attempts to remain Master of your Domain are complicated when James “Bucky” Barnes makes you his mission.

  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Chapter 2 continues with the slow build, Smut to come, Fluff for now, Swearing, Flirting, Sexual tension, Teasing, Dirty Talk, Language, NSFW, Diary Products, Pillows, Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 3,323

Chapter 3

A/N:  To everyone who sent me messages, feedback and requests to be tagged after Chapter 1 - THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Yours were the very first I have ever received and it means a lot.  I hope I remembered everyone and my apologies if my replies got lost in the void (my devices don’t seen to like sending replies) 

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Chapter 2: The Morning After

The next morning you wake slowly, head pounding and heavy with a hazy recollection of how the evening ended. Lying in bed, eyes still closed, you search your memory only to find it overloaded with images of Bucky.

The last coherent scene in your head was a rather lively game of pool with Bucky and Steve. You remember Bucky, when he wasn’t busy running his tongue over his lips to distract you, going to great lengths to ensure you had a perfect view of his ass whenever he leaned over to line up his shot. You repaid the favour by taking every opportunity to smack his ass with your pool stick and by bending over the table a little too deeply so that he got an eyeful of your cleavage. Between the flirtatious smack talk and flashing of body parts, you remember Steve walking away, grumbling something about being a third wheel.

Everything after that was a blur except for the vague memory of two strong arms carrying you to the elevator, but you couldn’t be certain if that was real or just a dream. The whole night seemed like a dream, just too good to be true.

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[Warning: image overload! ^^]

More pictures taken on and off the set of upcoming KBS hybrid variety/drama “The Best Hit”

The first episode is scheduled to air on the 2nd of June so both cast and crew have started their promotion round yesterday.
Yoo PD and Cha Taehyun have been seen taking part in a blessing ceremony before the whole team answered press questions.

I’m so excited for this drama but I’m also trying not to set my expectations too high in case I get disappointed…. fingers crossed! It will be good (pleeaazzzzeee~)

Pompeii 34


Sakura placed her dreamcatcher downstairs, looking around guiltily as she did so. She knew that her friends would have a quite a bit to say about what she was about to attempt. Sakura covered the dreamcatcher with a sheet, hoping that her recklessness would pay off. It was a gamble, but for the answers she sought, it would be more than worth it.

Sakura climbed the stairs to her apartment once more, blinking as she saw Sai sitting outside her front door. He hadn’t been there five minutes prior, but Sakura was becoming accustomed to the abrupt comings and goings of those around her. Time and manners worked differently in Pompeii than they did in New York and she had to remember that.

“Hi Sai,” she said, pushing open the front door as he stood. “What brings you my way tonight?”

“Yamato and your neighbor are bickering again,” he said as he pushed past her, seeking the haven of her couch. He curled himself up there and watched her with unblinking, doleful eyes.

“Again?” Sakura repeated. She moved into the kitchen, rummaging through her drawers and grabbing a melatonin tablet. She chewed it, grimacing. It was just as well that Sai had arrived. Sakura was too keyed up for sleep at the moment. She might as well bake. “Have they been fighting often?” She paused in her search, thinking. “They did just fine at dinner the other night. It was awkward, but neighborly dinners often are.”

“Ours are not,” Sai pointed out. “They are conversing outside from their balconies. It seemed tense. Perhaps I misunderstood. You mentioned having dinner with them. Perhaps it is part of a specialized mating ritual?”

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So, I somehow just recently discovered how to filter things by color annnnd I went a little crazy with it! The Chroma Apartments has six, one bedroom/one bathroom apartments all decorated in the color of their exterior. I didn’t want to overload the images on on this post so there is just one room from each apartment. 

This lot is CC free but does require some of the expansion, stuff and game packs. (the only ones I know for sure you don’t need are Spa Day and Luxury Party Stuff because I don’t own them!)

Download it from the gallery! Or don’t! I’m not your mom!

Origin ID - sjane4prez

Or! Download the tray file here!


@donnamaria1961 #repost 🙏🏻
This video shows us what an actual rescue looks like.
Rescue organizations provide a full story of the animals in need of rescuing and they also show the actual rescue.
Rescue organizations are transparent and they don’t block people who have questions. Please make sure your donations are going to real rescue organizations and accredited sanctuaries.
On the topic of Wildlife Sanctuaries, they prioritize the animals welfare over everything else. They would never allow cub cuddling, or cub feedings, with or without CELEBRITIES.
It goes against the ethical beliefs that the animals best interest is always the focus. Rescued animals are always taken to a place of refuge, where they’re left be free within a protected more natural environment. They’re not used as props or cuteness overload images that millions share on instagram. Please don’t be fooled by INSTAFAMOUS businesses connected to WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING.
Above caption by @donnamaria1961
Thank you to Four Paws International for their incredible rescue work in finding sanctuaries for these innocent victims rescued from years of cruelty.
Four Paws International 🙏🏻
Please donate, follow, support @four_paws_international
The first two bile bears - Thai Van and Thai Giang - have been successfully freed from their cages. They are now on their way into a new life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh.
Our team is now off to rescue yet another bear: Hai Chan! 🐻
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In Sickness and In Health (Part 4 of 4, COMPLETE)

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Marinette Dupain-Cheng x Chat Noir, Marinette x Adrien
Rating: Teen
Words: 11153

Read on AO3
Part One  Part Two  Part Three

It is done. @outsidethecavern @arejayelle @panda013 and everyone else who is interested!

“Did you see the video from that akuma attack last night?”

Alya’s voice echoes down the hallway, loud enough to be heard before Adrien even reaches the classroom. He smiles at that - the infamous Ladyblogger didn’t seem to have an off switch, even at seven in the morning. It was as strange as it was heartening, having such a big fan of him and Ladybug sat right behind him in class.

“You know I didn’t, Alya,” a voice pipes up. Marinette.

Adrien can’t tell if he should speed up or slow down. Seeing Marinette’s face (always painted pink when she looks at him, Adrien) is a compelling reason to enter class, but at the same time, he’s curious to hear what the two girls have to say about Ladybug and (hopefully) her dashing partner. It’s early, the hallways mostly empty of anyone who might question why he’s lingering outside of the classroom. He waits.

“I still don’t get why you’re not all about Ladybug and Chat Noir,” Alya huffs, “They’re pretty much the two coolest people ever.”

Marinette laughs heartily. He can practically envision her rolling her eyes - she’s preternaturally good at amused indignance. “It’s not that I don’t care about them,” she says, “It’s just that I’ve got enough on my plate without obsessing over two spandex superhumans, unlikesomeone I know…”

There’s more laughter, and a brief scuffle Adrien can only assume is some kind of play fight. When their giggles die down, Marinette speaks again. “Okay, fine, show me the video.”

“I knew I’d win you over, girl,” Alya says.

“Yeah, yeah…”

At this point, Adrien’s looming is bordering on creepy, but he hasn’t gotten caught yet. As devoid of people as the school is, Adrien has to guess that the flu is still running rampant. It’s currently proving to work to his advantage. From the classroom drift the tinny sounds of screams and rumbling. Last night’s akuma hadn’t been particularly difficult for him and Ladybug to take down, but it had certainly put on quite the show.

“Did you see that?” Alya exclaims, “Look at Ladybug’s sick move there with the street sign! Her reflexes have got to be amazing.”

“But did you see Chat’s dodge there? He not only managed disarm the akuma, but open up an attack for Ladybug and avoid getting hit. That’s really impressive.”

The warmth and pride that radiates from her voice nearly does him in then and there. Adrien wants to see her face, see how she watches him on the screen of Alya’s phone. He makes up his mind and enters the classroom.

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Promise You’ll Always Be There?

Title: Promise You’ll Always Be There?

Word Count: I really don’t know.

Outline: It’s more or less a fluffy fan fiction of Dan & Phil

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dan or Phil (as much as i’d want to)

Copyright: I do own this story though so please don’t copy this story anywhere else or rewrite and change a few things to suit you, thank you.

Prompt: Dan and Phil filming a scary game for their channel and Phil not being able to sleep afterwards so he goes and cuddles with Dan. (From an Anon on just-a-touch-of-phan’s tumblr).

I dedicate this to just-a-touch-of-phan because this person wanted the prompt to be a short fan fic so that’s what i’ve done (Go follow this person!)

Promise You’ll Always Be There?

“Honestly I was expecting- OH MY GOD!” Dan screamed.
“DAN!” Phil tried to grab Dan before he fell of his chair but unsuccessfully. “Are you ok?!”
“I’m fine-!” Dan awkwardly said.
“Wait I have to capture this!” Phil said heading towards the light switch.
“No no no! Don’t capture my shame!” He said regretfully.
“Too bad” Phil smirked as he picked up the camera and pointed it at Dan.
“I hate you” Dan laughed as he got up.
“Well that was a fun adventure!” Dan said with as much sarcasm as he could muster.
“It wasn’t that bad!” Phil exclaimd though he felt a little shaken.
“Are you alright Phil?” Dan said good-naturedly.
“I’m ok! I feel slightly sick but i’m ok!” Phil smiled.
“See you guys next time on DanAndPhilGames!” Dan smiled and waved.
“Alright thank god we’re done with the game!” Phil said as he switched off the camera.
“Why? Were you scared Phil?” Dan teases with a hint of concern in his voice.
“No! It just freaked me out a little!” Phil says back defensively.
Dan stared a him for a moment deciding whether Phil was telling the truth or not. “Are you sure?”
“Completely sure Dan, i’m ok I promise!” Phil replied frowning slightly.
“Alright if you’re sure”
“200% sure!” Phil said with enthusiasm.
“Haha ok” Dan took comfort in that statement.
Dan stayed to upload the video to their gaming channel while Phil retreated to his bedroom.
Phil went to grab his laptop but decided against since he felt really sleepy.
He sat in his room not knowing what to do.
The games’ horrifying images overload Phil’s head.
The flashing images, the screams of the animatronics, the list goes on.
As Phil started shaking, Dan popped his head in to Phil’s room.
“Hey, I’ve uploaded the video and i’m going to be in my room if you need anything!” Dan said cheerfully.
“Oh ok then!” Phil forced a smile upon his face and nodded.
“You sure you’re okay? You seem really shakey” Dan commented.
“No really i’m fine!” Phil nervously laughed.
“Ok if you’re sure, i’ll be in my room!” Dan repeated as he exited the room.
“Alright!” Phil said loudly.
Phil frowned as he realised he won’t be getting any sleep.
The voices haunted him and the jumpscared frightened him.
Phil’s tears made its way down his face and he tried to wipe them away.
‘I can’t take this’ Phil thought.
Phil got up and walked over to Dan’s room as he heard Dan muttering about something, Phil knocked on the door.
“Daaan?” Phil said quietly.
“Yeeeah?” Dan replied unaware of the shakey tone of Phil.
“Can I come in?”
Phil opened the door and Dan immediately realised that Phil had been crying.
“Are you okay?!” Dan quickly got up and wrapped his arms around Phil’s waist to comfort him.
“The game was too much” Phil replied quietly.
“Aw Phil” Dan held Phil closer.
“Can I sleep with you tonight?” Phil said wiping his tears. “I don’t want to face the nightmares alone”
“Of course you can, anything for you Philip” Dan smiled trying to cheer Phil up.
“Thank you Daniel” Phil giggled.
Dan laid down on the bed and motioned Phil over.
“Wait I haven’t changed my clothes yet, I’ll nip back to my room and-”
“Shush you can change into my clothes it’s okay” Dan interupted smiling at Phil.
“Thank you Dan, I don’t know what i’d do without you” Phil smiled changing into Dan’s PJs.
“I think the same everytime I look at you” Dan grinned lifting the blanket so Phil could lay beside him.
Phil laid next to Dan and holds onto him.
Dan smiles at wrapped his arms around Phil.
Phil snuggled Dan and smiled at the comfort Dan was giving him.
“Thank you Dan, you make everything bad go away” Phil said quietly. “Promise you’ll always be there?”
I promise"
“Thank you goodnight Dan”
“Goodnight my amazing Phil” Dan gently kissed the top of Phil’s head.
“I love you Dan”
“I love you too Phil”

MTMTE Short: Ain't Ready...?

I stood on the hotel balcony and admired the clear view of the night sky of New York City.

The hotel we’re staying at is a top notch. The best money can buy, and I paid a pretty-ass penny for the suite we’re in, especially since we booked it the last minute. We’re currently in New York where I just had my second art exhibition in the last 3 weeks and I feel nothing but blessed.  It’s been 2 months since my debut as a contemporary street artist, and so far I’m hearing nothing but good reviews to my creations.  The “Dum English” exhibit  was a huge success and the fact that my wife flew here to support me and still manage to squeezed  the event in her schedule,  just calls for a damn celebration.

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All The Best Therapists Have Four Legs

Bucky wandered into the kitchen and stopped dead.

He knew it was a kitchen and that at least was something. However, he recognised nothing else about it. Is this my kitchen? Whose kitchen is it? Should I be here? He could feel his heart rate start to rise and with it beads of sweat form on his forehead. Bucky shook his head and tried to grasp onto the last memory he could find.

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