Image Transfer

DIY Image Transfer to Stone and Unpolished Marble Tutorial from Villabarnes. This transfer method also works on fabric. This has got to be one of the easiest and cheapest image tranfer tutorials ever using a $2.00 blending pen you can get at Michaels. At the link are more photos of stones and marble with the transfered images and a link to her fabric tutorial.

First photo transfer attempt!! It was accidental the first time but I’m thrilled with this trial and error.

Here.. A magazine page cut out that I found pretty and a book page (I would have picked my page more wisely had I known it would work so well!)

Mod Podge to book page an over image, pressed image down onto page and used brayer to smooth out bubbles. Heat gun for 30 seconds or until dry. Brushed water over page to loosen mod Podge and peeled up the magazine page!! Voila!!


Here’s part of the process behind the Sailor Moon Moleskine journal!

It involved transferring over an ink drawing I had done the day before and after talking REALLY EXCITEDLY about transfers with ddzedart at work today, I decided to go for it!

So here’s a little tutorial on how to do xylene marker transfers! It NEEDS TO BE A XYLENE MARKER and a LASER PRINTOUT. It doesn’t work with alcohol markers or inkjet prints.

Have fun transferring your art onto things!