Image Transfer

DIY Packing Tape Image Transfer Tutorial from The Graphics Fairy.

This is a good tutorial on transferring images from laser or toner based prints to packing tape to candles/glass/etc… This is a very cheap and easy way to transfer images - think of it as making giant stickers to decoratively place where ever you want.

DIY Image Transfer onto Leather

Use Citrasolv (a natural cleaner) to easily transfer images onto leather.

You need to use a laser printed image, or a zerox/toner copy. Ink jet printed images will not work with the Citrasolv method.

Find the DIY Image Transfer onto Leather Tutorial from Thicketworks here.

Another option for transferring images to leather, is to use tee shirt transfer paper. Lana Red uses iron-on tee shirt transfer paper to transform leather scraps into jewelry here.

If you want to use Citrasolv to transfer images to fabric, you can check out this tutorial here.

DIY Transfer Photo to Fabric Journal Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

There are lots of ways to transfer images to fabric (or any surface), but this is an easy way to get a painterly look using Liquitex heavy gel medium.

See these tutorials for image transfers to stone, marble and textured fabric :   

You can also use a $5 cheap blending pen and it works to transfer laser prints to rocks, wood, fabric etc… - just google “Chartpak Blender Marker” or “Chartpak Colorless Blender Marker”.

This is a good video showing how beyond easy it is to use a Chartpak Blender Marker.

DIY Image Transfer to Stone and Unpolished Marble Tutorial from Villabarnes. This transfer method also works on fabric. This has got to be one of the easiest and cheapest image tranfer tutorials ever using a $2.00 blending pen you can get at Michaels. At the link are more photos of stones and marble with the transfered images and a link to her fabric tutorial.

I was given a copy of a coloring book page that I really liked, so I used an ever-so-toxic Chartpak AD colorless blender marker to transfer the image to my journal. Colored the image with Ohuhu colored pencils, applied a wash of black Prang semimoist watercolor, spritzed the page with water, and sprinkled kosher salt around but not on the colorful raven. After it was dry and I scraped off the salt, I used a waterbrush to remove excess watercolor from the raven.