SNSD React to Getting Jealous




I honestly believe that Hyoyeon would move in to put that person in their place as soon as she realizes what happened and that they were making you uncomfortable with their constant advances. She’d instantly walk to your side, throw her arm around your shoulders and press a kiss to your check before turning to your co-worker with a knowing look on her face. “Hey, I’m Hyoyeon - y/n’s girlfriend. Who are you?”

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Jessica would hang back for a bit, just to watch exactly what this person was doing but if they did something that made you uncomfortable and/or her angry - she would instant step in. But she wouldn’t say anything. She’d just stand behind you and shoot your co worker her infamous glare and once they’d left, you’d turn around to see her smiling innocently at you, acting like she hadn’t done anything at all.

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Seohyun would probably be a little worried, she would see you looking very uncomfortable and she would instantly move to stand by your side. Her hand on your arm as she looked at you, checking to see if you were okay before turning to look at your co worker and politely asking them to leave you alone but if they didn’t I can see her turning a bit more serious and telling them who she was to you and then asking them to leave you along again, but this time she wouldn’t be as polite as she previously had been.

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She would be absolutely livid. She had heard you tell your co worker multiple times that you had a girlfriend and that you wanted them to leave you alone but they continued to harass you despite you being obviously uncomfortable with the whole thing. She would move to step in and tell your co worker to leave you alone only for to see you turn to your co worker, anger blazing in her eyes as she non-to-kindly told them to leave you alone.

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This little bunny would be a lot like Hyoyeon and Sooyoung, I feel like she would be very upset to see someone so blatantly violating your person space despite you telling them multiple times that you had a girlfriend and that you weren’t interested. Sunny would definitely step in to stop your co worker from further upsetting you. She may be small but in no way shape or form does that mean she’s weak. She’d step in and tell your co worker to back off, glaring at them as she told them to leave you alone – after introducing herself as your girlfriend, of course.

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I think Taeyeon would be extremely worried, she would have been about to step in to tell your co worker to leave you alone but she would stop upon seeing that you were handling the situation just fine on your own. A proud smile would appear on her lips as she watched you tell your co worker to back off and once they did, she would appear behind you and wrap her arms around you, quietly telling you that she was proud of you while she did.

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Tiffany wouldn’t even wait to step in to help you, as soon as she saw how uncomfortable your co worker was making you she would step in and tell them to back off. Her hand on her wrist as she glared at your co worker, once they had left she would turn to you and ask if you were all right.

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Yoona probably be a little lost as to what to do, on one hand she would want to jump in and help you but on the other hand she knew that you were okay with taking care of it yourself – because you were. She would slowly approach you, her arm moving to link with your own as she watched your co worker who would awkwardly back away upon learning that Yoona was your girlfriend. “Are you okay? They didn’t upset you right?” she would then ask, her gaze worried as she watched you. You would have to spend the rest of the day reassuring her that you were indeed okay and not at all upset.

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Yuri would probably be by your side in a second, her arms coming up around your shoulders as she watched your co worker with a cold glare on her face. Once you had introduced her to your co worker as your girlfriend, they would leave straight away and Yuri wouldn’t be able to stop the victorious smirk from appearing on her face before she would turn to you and make sure that you were okay.

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the tale of a goddess —– and so each spring, persephone returns to world above, with the flowers that pave her way, to tell the story of rebirth, hope, and harmony. and every fall, she returns to the underworld below while her mother weeps and winter comes. icicles hang from treetops and snow blankets the earth, calm and still, awaiting the goddess’ return. yet, for persephone, there is no remorse. she enjoys the time spent with in the world below, for she knows that spring will come once more.          ( yoona for innisfree )