How I would look in those different universes, I’m so disappointed on the Eldarya one, probably will redo it correctly someday


I saw people calling Charlotte shallow and greedy so naturally I had to draw her getting married to someone she loves and is gonna treat her right (◡‿◡✿)

hecatialapislazuli  asked:

whenever a Discourser™ says something nasty everyone ignores it but as soon as an ace person does the same thing its always "SEE THIS IS WHY ALL ACES ARE DISGUSTING TERRIBLE PEOPLE AND THEY SHOULD DIE!!!! >:(" like could they at least pretend theyre still hiding their hatred :/


my local barnes & noble is having a midnight book release (!!!!) for the harry potter & the cursed child screenplay and part of me is like, MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY!!!!!! IT’S BEEN /NINE/ YEARS SINCE HP7
but another part of me is like, do i really want to bring that story into my canon when i’ve heard so many negative things about it…. :/

hey undertale fans why do y’all treat sans like he’s super protective of papyrus when he. doesn’t even do anything when you kill papyrus. when he fights u at the end of genocide that’s not. for revenge. it’s bc. ur gonna destroy the universe. pls tone down overprotective sans 2k16.