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listen im too tired to scroll through this blog and catch up on the current atmosphere but um??? girls??? are great??? im in love with a girl and im a girl and as a professional girl lover i can confirm that all girls (including whoever reads this!) is cute and lovely and if u want, someone will come along and hold ur hand and give u sweet kisses!! this has been a psa on girls. keep being gay, my wlw pals.


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do I still count as bisexual if I haven't had any experiences with anyone of the same sex yet?

YES! :)

Check these posts/replies out for more regarding this question:

Best wishes!

- Mod Elena 🌻

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I need help. Im in love with this girl and im pretty sure she is with me. its just im scared of what people will think.

Fuck people! Trump is people

High-key Appreciation Post

Should be appreciated for their vocals rather than their visuals:

  • Ahn Hee Yeon | EXID’s Hani

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  • Bae Joohyun | Red Velvet’s Irene

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  • Kim Yerim | Red Velvet’s Yeri

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  • Sandara Park | Dara

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  • Im Yoonah | Girls’ Generation Yoona

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  • Kim Junmyeon | EXO’s Suho

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  • Kim Seokjin | BTS’ Jin

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  • Jung Yoonoh | NCT’s Jaehyun

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  • Nakamoto Yuta | NCT’s Yuta

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  • Lee Dongmin | Astro’s Cha Eunwoo

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  • Chae Hyungwon | Monsta X’s Hyungwon

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  • Lee Minhyuk | Monsta X’s Minhyuk

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  • Shin Hoseok | Monsta X’s Wonho

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Should be acknowledged for their dancing / as main dancers / be given opportunities to show off their skills:

  • Hirai Momo | Twice’s Momo

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  • Lalisa Manoban | Black Pink’s Lisa

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  • Hwang Eunbi | GFriend’s Sin B

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  • Kang Seulgi | Red Velvet’s Seulgi

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  • Gong Minji | Minzy

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  • Oh Sehun | EXO’s Sehun

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  • Jung Hoseok | BTS’ J-Hope

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  • Dong Sicheng | NCT’s Win Win 

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  • Son Hyunwoo | Monsta X’s Shownu

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[ I am sure there are more than the idols I’ve mentioned that deserve to be appreciated so please feel free to add them to the thread! Let’s continue appreciating their hard work!]


Sisters of the Sanguu Household

Born in the same family 

              Though completely different from one another 

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im pretty sure im bi and i dont know how to meet pretty girls and im too shy and all the girls i check out seem straight haha :-(

You just weren’t lucky to meet the one, I’m sure you will someday and everything will be great!

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reading all the hair pulling is funny to me im a bald girl who is actually training for a circus lol there's nothin to pull here hon clown unless im the one doing it 👀👌💦 love ur stuff op💕

Yeess!!! I’m an ex bald girl!! Well… shaved head…

I bet you look rad!! Kill em babe!! You’ll be amazing in the circus!! ❤️🎈🎪

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hi jo! im a trans girl who follows ur blog and ur comic blog and wanna say thanks for bringing such a great comic into my life! youve inspired me to start creating in a Visual Medium tm, and im going to college for film and digital media!! just wanna say thank you!!!!!!

Wow that’s awesome to hear :’) you’re welcome and thanks for this very sweet message!