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GOT7’s only chance to scream JAEBUM AHHHH


I knew I picked the right lane.

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My darling anon,

I AM SO SHATTERED. I JUST. How could Jaebum think it’s okay to mess with my heart like this??? I mean… HOW DO I DEAL WITH THIS??

Like, it’s been months and Jaebum still misses Youngjae enough to beg him to come back like this! Which, you know, I knew that being roommates was important to Jaebum because he made such a big deal about it in his letter to Youngjae in January, and he always used to seem so happy when they talked about the roommate (and bed sharing) arrangements… 

And the fact that they’ve been still rooming together overseas means a lot about how much they still enjoy staying together and being together… ( x x x )


I still can’t believe it
That when I open my eyes, you aren’t there

I’m always drowned in thoughts of you
If it ever gets hard you can come back to me
I am here like always for you
I will never leave
Waiting for you

Come back to me please no matter how long it takes
Come back to me please I don’t want to lose you

- 1:31am by Def Soul and Ars 

My head is full of you, I want to hug you now
So we can be closer to each other
I hug you tightly so we can’t be apart

I hope we can be closer to each other
I hope that you understand my heart

- Prove It by Defsoul

AND THE FACT THAT Jaebum obviously feels like he lost something important when he lost Youngjae as a bed roommate??? He’s brought it up so often in the last year, that it has to be something that he thinks about often. Like, he literally said that he misses seeing Youngjae in his room when he opens his eyes. I can’t be the only one seeing the way he’s totally waiting for him to come back to him so they can be closer to each other again and he can hug him tightly again like a teddy bear while they sleep!! (Do you see the lyric connection???)

AND OKAY, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING. Because you know how the GOT2DAY episodes were pre-filmed a little while ago??? Knowing that Jaebum wrote that letter for Youngjae at that time made something that happened at their radio interview on the 27th of September jump out at me…

At about 35 seconds in, Mark mentions how the room he used to share with Jackson is the only one that doesn’t have air-conditioning, and then something interesting happens…

I JUST!!! When Youngjae jumps in to argue, he still calls Jaebum’s room “our room”!? Even though he hasn’t been there in a while!? And only a little while after Jaebum writes him a letter asking him to come back!?!? I mean, maybe I’m reading too much into this, but… look at Jaebum’s face!! He keeps blinking and flicking his eyes over Youngjae while he stares and he just looks so surprised and maybe… hopeful? Like… considering that he JUST begged Youngjae to come back, just imagine how much he might be reading into the fact that Youngjae called it “our” room!

And then there’s the fact that this precious and adorable 2jae skinship happened the same day!!!

Maybe Jaebum doesn’t have to wait for Youngjae to return for much longer! Maybe just a little more… one more step…