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What concerts have you been to??

i’ve been to warped tour twice and saw bunches of bands, and then i’ve been to a show with la dispute, balance & composure and a few other bands, and then another show with the front bottoms, weather box, mega gem and one other singer! i need to go to lots more but money lol

br: 9/10 ur posts are great and ur a cuite gosh

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Hi I am using your theme and I am having trouble with the sidebar picture. When I first installed my avatar showed and whenever I try to add a picture my avatar just stays there. Do you know what's wrong? Thank you!

You have to do this:


& make sure a sidebar photo is uploaded in the image section 


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I) Monazite Sands


Monazite sands are found at some littoral areas and some rivers due to the corrosive action of the sea water on rocks that have heavy minerals in their composition and that’s the main difference between them: their composition. The monazite sand composition makes it radioactive, being focus of many researches in the past. Also, back then and now, its therapeutic possibilities are being explored. Are these sands really source of alternative arthritis, arthrosis and cancer treatment? Or are they actually a public health problem?


While regular sand is composed mostly of quartz, monazite sands are composed of heavy and rare earth metals minerals.

The minerals that are present in monazite sand are: ilmenite, monazite, zircon and garnets. 

In the image: monazite sand with all of its minerals as found at natural deposits.

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Colour: grey or purple/black metallic)
Found: worldwide

This stone is named after the place it was found, i.e. in the Ilmen Mountains of Russia. This is a good mineral to increase understanding of mammals and to analyse their thought patterns. This is good for animal trainers, pet-owners, farmers, etc.


Males PA (1974): Ilmenite Crystals associated with Rutilated Quartz from Brazil. Australian Gemology, Volume 12, Number 1, February 1974, p11.

Mineralogical Journal (Japan)(1989): 14: 179.

Photograph: taken from Mindat, copyright © Rock Currier

More photographs can be found here:

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Text copyright: © madcatwoman 2013,

For detailed healing properties and photographs of many of the more common gemstones and minerals, please visit the Madcatwoman Enterprise Facebook page:

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#14 good luck!

tyvm <33

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