Classic Soul



takes us through his creative process with an inside look at the making of FLOWERS ARE CALLING (in stores yesterday!).

IMAGE 1: It all starts with good, easy sketches and doodles. Nothing serious!

IMAGE 2: Each book I do is a little different. For this one, I did a lot of early work on the computer, like this…

IMAGE 3: …and this. Notice how some of the early art is almost finished and other art is still very loose. I also integrate the words at this stage.

IMAGE 4: I sketched a lot of flower and animal studies to get that right balance between something that looks real and something fun.

IMAGE 5: I then made a lot of watercolor sketches like this…

IMAGE 6: Then, all together , you get final art!


Animal Alphabet Book handmade children’s book. My first time bookbinding. This book is going to be exhibited at Creators Factory’s booth at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2015. stories, illustrations, design and bookbinding…! I really enjoyed making this book!
ちょこちょこイラストの画像をアップしていましたが、やっと手作業でAnimal Alphabet Book の製本まで終えました。Bolgona Children’s Book Fair のクリエーターズファクトリーのブースに展示してもらいます。製本はたいへんでしたが、完成した時の喜びはひとしお!