Please fire me. My boss spells and writes like a third grader and he is the CEO of the company. I have to edit most of his emails and documents before sending out to the rest of the company. I feel like I’m his English teacher and I’m the non-American.

sorry if I’m spoiling anyone’s fun but for someone who used to get made fun of for barely being able to read aloud without having to stop every minute it’s hard to find all this funny. this shit reminds me of elementary when there’d be that lil group of demonic ass kids that laugh at every misfortune that’s not on them. including your struggle to read. maybe im wack and got no sense of humor but when was it ever the wave to make fun of people for their trouble reading?

there’s literally soooo many ways you can roast and drag people without resorting to ableism and it shows you got some creativity in you to not resort to it, ya jokes don’t come off lazy.

You are beautifully, divinely and wonderfully made. Do not allow social media to make you forget that. Remember who you are daily- as you scroll on and browse about.
—  Lalah Delia

Life is So Good

George Dawson & Richard Glaubman

One man’s extraordinary journey through the twentieth century and how he learned to read at age 98
“Things will be all right. People need to hear that. Life is good, just as it is. There isn’t anything I would change about my life.”—George Dawson

In this remarkable book, George Dawson, a slave’s grandson who learned to read at age 98 and lived to the age of 103, reflects on his life and shares valuable lessons in living, as well as a fresh, firsthand view of America during the entire sweep of the twentieth century. Richard Glaubman captures Dawson’s irresistible voice and view of the world, offering insights into humanity, history, hardships, and happiness. From segregation and civil rights, to the wars and the presidents, to defining moments in history, George Dawson’s description and assessment of the last century inspires readers with the message that has sustained him through it all: “Life is so good. I do believe it’s getting better.”