• Brits:*colonize and subject India and Pakistan to famines that coasted the lives of 100 million people, run the country like a megacorperation, and continues to rob the labor and resources of the country till today which makes them want to travel to the UK for a less horrible life*
  • Brits:Why can't Indians go back to their own country?
  • Germans:*Invite Turkish workers as part of a program to help rebulid infrastructure in the 60s*
  • Germans:Who let all these Turks in?
  • Americans:*literally conquers mexico*
  • Americans:why there so many Mexicans here?
Illegal immigrant arrested for raping 10-year-old; entered country 4 weeks ago

To the people in Washington who refuse to secure our borders and court illegal immigration in order to boost your voter rolls, you share a portion of the blame for this heinous crime. 

from WHNT:

A man who police say is in the country illegally is accused of sexually assaulting a young girl.

The suspect has been in the U.S. just a few weeks. Investigators said the horrible sexual act took place in a home on east Plum Street in Russellville on February 27th.

According to police, Ramiro Ajualip raped and sodomized a 10-year-old girl while the victim’s parents were not at home.

“From the information we have received, he has been here about four weeks,” stated Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett. “He is undocumented, was a friend of the family and was actually living in the home where the child was.”

Chief Hargett said the little girl was afraid to come forward because of threats Ajualip had made. Once she told her parents, they immediately took the child to an area hospital who’s doctors transferred her to Children`s Hospital in Birmingham for treatment.

Investigators said Ajualip confessed to the sexual attack during their interview.

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The pro-amnesty crowd act like their side has the moral high ground and that those who want a secure border are hate-filled bigots, but leaving the door open for monsters like this is what’s truly immoral.

anonymous asked:

i feel very strongly that immigrants in america should be treated better, but a common argument i've heard against immigration reform (or for heightened border security) is that illegal immigration is "illegal" so it shouldn't happen. if it isn't too much trouble, could you write a list of reasons why ""illegal"" immigrants deserve similar rights to ""legal"" immigrants?

1. Because nobody should be treated as a subhuman species and denied basic human rights based of their country of origin. And asking if millions upon millions of people deserve rights is a totally fucked up mentality.

2. See 1.