I hate when people can’t distinguish between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants; they instead group them together and basically say ‘immigrants’. They are so entrenched at the fact that they have to sound inoffensive so I don’t even know if it’s accidental or done on purpose at this point. Both go through different hurdles and to classify or act as if legal/illegal immigration is the same is insincere and erases the unique struggles that people face when they go through the process of getting into the country legally and applying for citizenship (which usually takes a very long time, especially if you have a hard time finding a sponsor for your green card).

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Here's an illegal immigration question for you: Why should people who broke the law coming here be allowed to stay? Neither Mexico nor Canada has nearly as lax of a policy towards illegals as the US does, so why shouldn't the US have similarly strict borders. Especially when these illegal immigrants are making things more difficult for legal immigrants, and others who are actually willing to respect our laws, including our border laws, to say nothing of the cost to taxpayers.

Honestly, I think that we should have stricter enforcement of illegal immigration and an easier path for legal immigration. 

But the people punished by the law should not be those that crossed the border themselves, it should be the businesses that exploit their labor in order to avoid paying American citizens a higher wage. There should be huge fines on business found to employ undocumented migrants, making the cost of employing those without the proper paperwork very expensive. 

Now, when we do that, the only compassionate thing to do is to give those that have been exploited, at the bare minimum, a Green Card. 

A path to citizenship would make more sense, they have labored and been exploited in order to expand our economy. Most have paid taxes, to which they get little back in return. They have been used, and should at least be rewarded for the hard work they have done. 

The thing that makes the most sense is an Omnibus bill that includes: massive penalties on those that employ undocumented workers, a path to citizenship for those who have been exploited, and a worldwide, rather than country by country, lottery system for immigration.  

Since laws cannot be retroactive, that means that those employers that are using undocumented workers would then be able to continue employing those same people, since they are now documented. It would mean any other hire of undocumented immigrants would be a risky proposition, lowering illegal immigration in the future. And since the US birth rate is currently at 1.86 per woman, lower than the 2 needed to replace the population, it would allow in an influx of migrants that would buoy our economy and allow us to, at least, replace the population that we currently have at a stable rate. 

You are correct, we should be stricter in how we enforce our immigration laws, but we should punish those that are exploiting others, not the ones being exploited.

- @theliberaltony

Accordingly to the people who support DACA

Following their logic I should be able to rob a bank and use the money to purchase a house. Now my daughter lives in that house so it cannot be taken away because she did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be made to suffer because her parent broke the law. Also following their lead I also shouldn’t go to jail for my crime because then my daughter would be separated from her parent.

Reality is ignorance is not a defense when it comes to breaking laws, the children are here illegally regardless of the circumstances and should be sent home along with their parents/relatives. Then they are free to apply for legal entrance to the United States just like everyone else. Does Mexico allow children who aren’t citizens to stay, NOPE! This is how every other country in the world handles this so it’s exactly what we should do.

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Name a country that supports and welcomes illegal immigration

Why? What point does that make or prove? If a country is to support “illegal immigration” that immigration would not be illegal, correct. So, anything that could be an example of a country supporting “illegal immigration” can’t be, because if they support it they would have made immigration to their country legal in almost every circumstance. 

You want to believe that this question makes you clever but it only shows how weak of an actual argument you must have since this is the tactic you have resorted to. 

You could have literally gone in any other direction and would have made a more profound statement. I am all for passioned debate, so anon, I am going to give you a second chance. Come into our ask and give me a real reason to oppose illegal immigration so we can have a reasoned debate. 

Unless you don’t really have one. 

- @theliberaltony


Report officially confirms that immigrant Melania Trump worked in the US illegally before marrying Donald

According to accounting ledgers, contracts, and related documents obtained by the AP, 20 years ago, Trump was paid for 10 modeling jobs before she was granted permission to work in the country. She earned $20,056 in the first seven weeks she lived and worked in the United States. Perhaps worst of all for the Presidential candidate, it’s looking like Donald played a big role in Melania’s getting around the law.

Imagine being such an entitled little shit that you feel you have the right to just stroll right into a country and completely disregard the government, the citizens, societal integrity, culture, everyone who is trying to immigrate legally, and any sense of law and authority, to take up space and resources without giving a single penny in taxes to your hosts, and then to top it all off have the audacity to delude yourself into thinking you’re a victim.

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"Ugh I don't understand why people don't like us coming into the country" "no we don't dislike you, we would just prefer you to follow our laws and not break them by coming here legally" "ok yeah but... why do you all hate us coming into your country :("