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Lachesism! Lance

sooooo this is something me and @moppingleshitoutofyou came up with a while ago, hope yall enjoy!!

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Lance didn’t really know when it started. There were too many incidents to pinpoint its exact origins. It could have began when he tried to jump out the window when he was six to prove that he could totally fly Marcos. Or when he was nine and ate a bee when Lily said they were dangerous, because how dangerous can a chubby little bumblebee be? It was like it was always there, this little voice urging him to prove his worth through dangerous tasks.

it wasn’t until he was fifteen when the real trouble began. 

Once again, the origins of the power he was given was unknown to him. He sorta just woke up one day and bam, he felt the emotions of everyone in the house. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement. He could practically taste his mother’s worry and his sister’s sadness and he just wanted to help them you know? Ease their pain, because no one deserved to feel those emotions. Perhaps it was then that he became aware of the feelings his felt since he was a kid. He had a form of lachesism, or at least that’s what the therapist his parents forced him to go to told him.

It took countless hours of research to figure out what the hell lachesism even was, since it wasn’t something that simply popped up in everyday conversations. And the whole emotions things? Yeah, it took a while to figure out how that fit into this mess. 

In fact, he was still trying to figure it all out when he went to the Garrison, which was yet another mess because he could feel all of the students’ emotions too. His family’s emotions were barely a sliver of what he had to endure every day. There was just, just so much sadness here. It was like a new wave hit him every time he moved, encasing him in this bubble of hurt. It was too much at times, causing him to spiral into anxiety attacks when Hunk was asleep. 

Yet, he thrived in the pain he was forced to endure everyday. Maybe it was the fact he was given this power to know what everyone was feeling, but he finally felt like he was worth something. Who else could stand feeling other’s emotions constantly thrown at them, if they were not at least worth something. Call it middle child syndrome, but Lance finally felt like he could make a difference. He could help these people! All he had to do was try to keep them happy and their sadness would begin to melt away. 

Thus, class-clown Lance was born at the age of 16, who was always there to crack a joke. He learned to talk more to make others feel comfortable and laugh loud enough for everyone to feel included. Finally, Lance felt clarity in his mind for the first time in years, and he was able to truly believe he had worth.

However this only solved the problem for a bit, as smiles can only go so far. Soon the sadness returned, albeit weaker than before, but it was still there. This unsettled Lance more than he thought it would. How could he help now? How could he prove he was more than just a cargo pilot? He was already struggling to keep up with Keith and now this? 

It was when Lance was comforting Hunk after a panic attack did he realize just how far his powers could reach. 

The two had been cuddling when Lance felt this pull, this tug towards Hunk’s emotions that he never felt before. He followed it of course and the feeling was indescribable. It was like he drowning in Hunk’s emotions, each feeling circling around him, urging him to touch, to feel. Shakily, he mentally reached out for the anxiety that kept bubbling up and it was like he sinking in this void of emotions that was endless. It wormed itself inside of Lance until it was gone, residing within him rather than Hunk. It was terrifying.

But Hunk’s smile after it was over, his slight laughter as he stated he felt better than he had in years, made it all worth it.

After being swept up in the whirlwind that was Voltron, Lance knew once again that he had worth. It wasn’t in his shooting capabilities or in his powerful bond with his lion or even in the persona he still continued. No, it was in the way he took away Pidge’s worry and soothed it with reassurance, how he slipped into Shiro’s room at night and removed the terror that plagued him to allow him a decent night of rest, and in the way he harbored Allura and Coran’s homesickness for the world they lost and offered them the feeling of family instead. This was his purpose, his way of showing his worth in subtle ways.

It took a toll on Lance though, the emotions he took away finding a home in his chest, weighing him down. He could feel the anxiety in his fingertips, the fear in his bones, and the never ending sadness in his mind. But it was worth it wasn’t it? He was protecting his teammates from the pain of these awful emotions, keeping up the spirits of Voltron through his pain. It was worth it. 

Blue didn’t think so. She’d often lecture Lance on overdoing it and how it truly wasn’t worth it, but couldn’t she see that it was? By him feeling this, surviving through this, he was able to see Pidge laugh freely and Hunk grow into his role as a paladin. Watch as Keith became more open to the group, his previous doubts now backed up with trust in his team. 

Oh cub, can’t you see how it weighs you down, how it tears you apart? She had asked one morning, specifically after a nasty panic attack. Can’t you see you’re worth more than this? That you’re more than just Lance, that you’re my paladin who doesn’t deserve this? Can’t you see?

But in the grand scheme of things, his wellbeing doesn’t matter, only that Voltron can still form. He was simply helping the process and he would be there for his team no matter what.

Despite this, Lance began to close in on himself. He spent hours upon hours with Blue, strengthening his powers so he could become more. He learned to manipulate the emotions, how to expel them onto others, making them feel the pain he suffered through each and everyday. He still went through his daily cleaning, helping each Paladin in whatever form they needed before heading back to his hangar and remaining there till night. The persona Lance built back at the Garrison had begun to crack, but it was fine because he was becoming stronger right? Now he could truly protect his team. He was no longer an emotional dump. He could send those emotions to whoever he pleased. He had worth.

The team began to get worried, however. They noticed how Lance began to close up, disappearing for hours on end. They knew they had to do something about it, but how?

“Maybe we could corner him?” Keith suggested, shrugging. 

“No, no, he wouldn’t tell us what was wrong if we did that. How about we call him up to the bridge?” Hunk replied, glancing at Shiro, who was pacing. 

“I don’t think that’ll work Hunk, you’ve seen Lance. Our best bet might be to go down to his hangar and speak to him there, the Blue Lion might help back us up,” Shiro sighed, looking down the hallway to where the hangars were,”I know he might freeze up but it’s the only option that gives us the backup of a lion.” 

The team nodded, Hunk simply turning silently, before beginning their dissent towards the hangars, nervousness tickling the back of their necks. It wasn’t long until they all stood before the door of the Blue Lion’s hangar. With a quick glance at the team Shiro was about to open it when it opened on its own silently, shocking the team slightly. Blue hummed quietly in the back of their minds before disappearing, allowing the paladins to enter her hangar. 

Hunk almost fainted at what awaited them, the rest gasping at the sight before them. 

There in the middle of the hangar, sat Lance surrounded by a hurricane of black that swirled faster with each passing second. His eyes were squeezed shut, not seeing the paladins, yet they all felt like he just knew. It was when he opened his eyes that all hell broke loose.

Here’s Part Two !

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I was having a pretty shit day until I read your happy headcanons. They're so warm and fuzzy! Keep 'em coming!

awww sorry you had a shit day, hope todays better tho… but this message was so sweet thank you!

i got a family headcanon thing comin soon to own on dvd and video, but heres some more fuzzy shit :$)

-mulder adn scully cuddle at any possible opportunity.
like big family gathering? dont bother with the extra chairs, ill just sit on top of mulder!
wow, humans really do waste a lot of water per day, maybe we should conserve more… and that leads to mulder and scully sharing baths and showers for the sole purpose of environmental conservation. the only purpose. whatsoever.
jeez, this hospital bed is so cold. i could use some more warmth but theres not a thermostat in sight… scully what are you doing? climbing into my bed! well this is a welcome surprise.

-in the very beginning of their relationship, mulder was very nervous about being with scully, thinking he didn’t deserve her, that he was bad for her, etc, and one of the arguments that he used was “you deserve someone who will take you to brunch, to art museums, for walks in the park” and scully countered with “why can’t you do any of that. what if i want all of that, i just want it with my spooky partner who will point out aliens in renaissance paintings.

and so at least once a month, they go out to brunch then to an art museum and a walk in the park. mulder always makes a point of taking her past every statue and painting of people kissing, and then sticking his tongue down her throat. “life imitates art. right, scully?”

-the lazarus bowl got them hooked on crappy movies. anytime the shittiest, corniest, obvious trainwreck comes to their local theater, they go, make out in the back of the theater and then go to dinner and make fun of the parts of it that they did see.

-mulder has a list of the best huggers in the entire world:

1. Maggie Scully
2. Dana Scully
3. That Big Bald Beautiful Man

-the only reason maggie’s above scully is she always lets him have like a five minute long hug because lets be honest the man is kind of hug-deprived and she always smells like cinnamon buns right out of the oven and her cardigans are so soft and shes his new mom now.

-scully carried mulder over the threshold.

-ok i know this is another lazarus bowl one but hear me out:

the sex files still happens because of that movie and anytime scully’s out of town, the two can simultaneously be found watching it miles apart.

-mulder takes a weekly pottery class and by the time they actually got around to getting married, their “wedding china” was made up entirely of his creations. scully adores it and if anyone other than mulder breaks a plate they need to vacate the area for at least 12 hours.

-when william was born, mulder tried to stick tiny little vulcan ear tips onto his son’s ears and scully almost murdered him right then and there when she saw him putting him in a star trek uniform onesie

-they’ve been banned from at least four different dry-cleaners in the dc area because of unidentified substances on their clothes. it was almost five but the last one was luckily convinced that it was their son’s spit-up not mutant goop (again).

-scully and mulder are regulars at the batting cages and years later, they’re still going to that same one, but they get there and notice their son with his (future) husband and they just back away and go get ice cream. they write a review of the venue for the newspaper. “10/10 would recommend. my husband took me on our first date there. my son took his on his first date.”

-mulders been kicked out of multiple flea markets for “harassing the vendors” about “ghosts in their products”.

-their dog’s favorite chew toys are mulders ties.

-they have a fireplace and since mulder’s no longer afraid of fire, they curl up together in the winter, wrapped up in the same, huge blanket maggie made them and they fall asleep listening to the snowy wind whipping past the house. if it gets so bad, the wind is literally howling, tiny little scullys will toddle down the stairs with their baby blankets dragging behind them adn crawl onto the couch between their parents.

-the uber-scully’s history projects are always really something, given that their father has a million different takes on every event in history.

-mulder adn scully call each other “honey” as a subtle reference to the bees they didnt let beat them.

-scully HATES cooking. like with a fathom. she never was good at it when her mother tried to teach them kids, and anything that she tries to make always turns to crap. so in those rare occasions when she does have to cook, mulder always waltzes into the kitchen with a cd player, drops it on the counter and grabs her hips from behind and dances her around the kitchen until the mood is lightened. their second child was conceived shortly after he pulled this shit.

-mulder kisses every injury scully has. paper cuts? kiss. rolled ankle on the stairwell? unfortunately it was only a kiss while he was down there.

-*mulder clutching scully’s hand, tears forming in his eyes as he whispers*: “i don’t know if my being here… will help bring you back. but i’m here”.
scully then wakes up and locks him out of the room. ‘im pregnant with your miracle baby and you’re commenting on me sleeping a lot????“

-if one is out of town, they’ll fall asleep talking on the phone. will’s learned by now to check the master bedroom before he goes to bed to make sure the phone hung up properly and they’re not gonna be charged out the wazoo for his parents stupid “platonic” relationship. to this day mulder’s convinced that the phone magically making its way to the stand is an x file. william doesnt correct him he finds it too funny.

-theres a bakery in the town they live in thats run by a little old lady who adores mulder and his children and his wife and helps him brainstorm romantic things to do for scully because she deserves it miriam, she jsut deserves it so much. the kids go there to do homework sometimes if its bad enough weather that they can’t walk home and the buses aren’t running. she always gives- “what do your parents call you, sweetie? uber-scully’s?”- always gives the uberscullys hot chocolate adn the coveted seat by the radiator.

-maggie is the one who taught the uber scullys how to play poker.

-his children always beg him to act normal for open houses and school plays adn shit, and so whenever the event occurs, mulder always wears his pink, Rob Petrie polo shirt and tells the kids to “go shovel the driveway, it builds character! you know kids school plays are a scam created by the government. drink a gallon of milk a day, william, it makes you grow chest hair adn that makes you manly. GO HYPER-MASCULINITY!!!” and they just have to stand there and suffer. “mom, dads being weird again we just said we wanted him to not talk about aliens.” 

-mulder always gets really cut if skinner doesnt like his selfie. mulder’s not 100% sure what liking is -“will is it just when he texts me and tells me he likes it?”, “no he presses a button and it says he liked it.” “but how do i know.” “uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh dad he doesnt even follow you.” “wait how do you know that?” -and now, out of sympathy for his godchildren, skinner texts mulder to tell him he liked the selfie.

-they have a big bookshelf of sci-fi books in the study and he and scully take turns reading them to the kids, but occasionally he’ll be reading along adn find that a cryptid is spoken about inaccurately and mulder will just close the book and they pick another one. how dare they.

-the kids know the story of “bad blood” by heart and each take a different side. will thinks scully’s retelling is mostly correct but he definitely thinks hartwell had buckteeth. 

-when their children were babies, scully would occasionally find mulder asleep next to the crib in a very uncomfortable position, with his hand through the bars and the lil uber scully is just clutching his finger for dear life.

-mulder has a thing about big fuzzy wool sock and anytime he gets them it makes his day

-scully broke the kids out of school once because a researcher that had been an asshole to her in med school had come to lecture in town and mulder was in a meeting with skinner nad she needed a mulder spawn with their father’s throwing arm to help her egg the guys car. 

-mulder cant explain why a fuzzy pink sweater on scully turns him on so much, but it does. he gets it even worse when she wears it while traveling. “you okay mulder?” “not really and i dont know why…” 

-william was so proud, he ran out of school and out to a payphone and called the hoover building collect just to tell scully that they read a paper she wrote in his science class and he didnt know how to tell the teacher that he could recite the thing from memory because dad had been reading this stuff to him since he was a baby

-both the uberscullies and mulder are those lemon people. like you go to a restaurant with someone, and theres a lemon wedge on the water glass. and then they take it off and eat it like an orange. but its a lemon. but they eat it. 

-at a school dance, once they played “walking in memphis” and the scully children just exchanged looks adn groaned knowing what was about to happen.

-at movie theaters or restaurants or anything mulder and scully dont share soda cups or straws or anything, no “hey mulder can i have a sip?” because hes a filthy straw-chewer and scully doesnt approve until its later that night adn she realizes what talents came out of that oral fixation.

-bill scully jr wears socks on the beach. 

-mulder, and the offspring who share his hair genes, have a longer hair preparation process than scully, but she doesnt complain because she likes stroking it so much. 

Illness part 3

Part 1 Part 2

Inuyasha laid next to Kagome for nearly two hours undisturbed. However it felt like forever, only having her raspy breathing to listen to. 

So it was a welcomed distraction when Shippo blasted through the door and bounded over to the couple. “You two have been quiet these last few days, I’m beginning to wonder-” whatever it was that Shippo was thinking would remain unknown because he fell silent as soon as he got a good look at his adoptive mother laying near motionless on the futon. 

Inuyasha hadn’t looked up as the child made his way into his home, and he didn’t dare to even look up once Shippo had stopped speaking. There would be too many unanswered questions, and too many fears he couldn’t quell in the child’s eyes. 

Shippo looked at the man who had become a steadfast in his life, seeing the worry and unspoken terror on his face. He looked back at Kagome, the rock in both of their lives, laying ill on the floor, curled close to her husband. Shippo approached slowly, as if afraid of disturbing the sleeping woman. When she made no indication that she had realized he was there, Shippo reached out to brush her hair away from her face. 

Her skin was clammy, but still warm, but it was enough for Shippo’s eyes to water and his small heart to seize. 

 Inuyasha wanted to scream to not touch her, let her sleep, let her rest. But he had once again lost his voice. As Shippo stroked his wife’s face he realized what he was really afraid of. It wasn’t Kagome not being able to rest–

 –it was Kagome not being able to wake up. 

He finally looked at the young boy, and watched tears fall unbridled down his face. Shippo looked back at Inuyasha, a strangled noise escaping his throat, not too unlike the noise Kagome had made days earlier. Inuyasha felt his eyes water, mimicking the young child’s in front of his. 

Maybe Inuyasha had once thought men didn’t cry, but that meant nothing to him now. What good was being strong if he couldn’t even keep his wife safe? 

Shippo openly sobbed now, his chest heaving with the effort. Inuyasha knew that if Kagome would have been able to wake up, that noise would have been all she needed to. 

Shippo watched Inuyasha’s hand reached for him, and he clambered over Kagome’s sleeping body to wedge himself in between her and Inuyasha. 

Together, both clinging to the sleeping form of the woman they loved most in the world, they cried. 

Shippo had fallen into a restless sleep, and Inuyasha had been able to calm himself down by the time Kaede came back with herbs and Miroku. He carried bedding with him, and set it up on the only open spot on the floor. He said nothing, which was slightly out of character for him. Inuyasha assumed Kaede had filled the monk in and Miroku was here to help as best as he could.

Miroku procured a small pot, and Kaede began to put ingredients in it. She pulled out some bones, and Inuyasha wanted to ask where they came from.

“I asked Sango if she had bones that I could use, because a marrow broth would be best for Kagome.” The distinct sound of bones breaking in Miroku’s hands was all that filled the home for a long while. 

“The twins managed to empty two buckets of water each yesterday. I thought Sango was going to loose her mind.” Miroku informed Inuyasha of the antics of his favorite twins. Inuyasha let out a small “hm” to indicate he was listening.

Kaede chuckled slightly before taking a jab at Miroku. “Well they certainly take after their father’s trouble making habits. Sango has her hands full." 

 Miroku smiled good naturedly, and Inuyasha snorted his pleasure at the comment. Shippo whined briefly from the noise, before burying his nose further into Kagome’s chest.

A sigh came out of Kagome at the sensation, and her had lifted to cradle Shippo’s head closer.

It was the first motion in nearly two days, and Inuyasha felt the sting of tears at the sight. Miroku noted the emotional response from his friend, but kept his mouth tightly shut. If it was his wife in this condition, he was certain he would cry as well. 

If Kaede noted anything, she indicated nothing. Instead, she ladled some bone broth into a bowl, preparing in case Kagome fully woke up. 

There was another long, painful silence where no one dared to breathe from anticipation. Shippo had fallen in to deep and peaceful sleep at the sensation of Kagome holding him close. Inuyasha hadn’t felt this awake all day, waiting with a baited breath to see if his bride would speak or move. 

It was subtle, but Kagome’s eyes fluttered open. She turned her head to the side to regard her husband, but had no strength in her neck left, meaning her head dropped heavily onto his arm. 

But she smiled up at him, and in that moment, Inuyasha knew- with a certainty he’s never known- that she was going to be alright. She didn’t speak, but that could very well have been due to not having any energy or her chest. Inuyasha didn’t need her to speak, because he wouldn’t have been able to answer her. Instead he dropped his forehead to hers, and smiled back. 

If she cared that his tears were flowing on to her face, she didn’t let on.

Wedding Speech - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N - Hi can you do a Joe one where it’s the reader and his wedding and the buttercreams do a really embarrassing speech for them x If you don’t want to or can’t that’s fine ❤

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” My smile grew even bigger as I felt Joes lips on mine. Hearing everyone around cheering and clapping, I felt the tears building in my eyes. I finally married my best friend. 

Walking down the aisle hand in hand with my now husband smiling and waving to all our friends and family. My feelings right now wouldn’t process. I am literally over the moon with happiness. All I could hear were people cheering “Yes Sugg” “Go On My Boy” and a few faint cries. I still cannot believe this is my wedding day. The wedding day I have been planning since a little girl. I was now living it out. Everyone else was gathered into another room with champagne, me and Joe were guided around the building for photos. We had photos on the stairs, in arch ways, in the gardens, and in front of the country side view. We were then joined by the bridesmaids who happened to be my sister and Zoe, the groomsmen Caspar, Josh, Oli, Jack, Conor, Mikey and our parents. Lastly We had photos with the whole group and I stood there being grateful to be surrounded by the people i love most. 

While everyone moved to the reception room to take their seats, me and Joe waited back a bit giving everyone time to settle. 

“I cannot believe we did it” Joe turned to look at me with a beaming smile. 

“I’m still in shock, I’m generally so happy” I smiled back taking his hand in mine. 

“After 6 years of being together and 8 years of friendship I can officially call you a Sugg” 

“I finally fit in the Sugg family!” I cheered laughing. 

“You’ve always been classed as a Sugg babe” 

“But now we have it in writing”

“This is the happiest ive ever been, even though we’ve been in a relationship for so long, our next adventures start now”

“Our honeymoon, new house, new projects. Im so excited”

“Same love, it’s going to be something to treasure” 

“I love you” 

“I love you too”

“Are you two ready to go in?” The staff member asked. We glanced to each other and nodded. We followed the member of staff and waited behind the doors until we were told to go any further. 

“Can i have your attention” The staff member started. “We’re all there to celebrate the newly weds, so please put your hands together for Mr and Mrs Sugg!” We walked in and everyone was on their feet, cheering. Glad we got someone to film this day, I can look back and remember this moment for a life time. We took our seats in front of everyone while they all settled down and allowed us to get comfy. After all the food was served and drinks were topped up Zoe got out her seat to walk in front of the table with a microphone in her hand. 

“Hope you all are having a good time!” A few yeah’s and whistles flew around the room. “To kick off this evening, we are now going to move onto the speeches” Zoe turned to smirk at us both while i groaned and Joe nervous laughing knowing how embarrassing this was going to be. We watched as Josh took to the stage first also smirking as Zoe handed him the mic. 

Joe placed hand on my leg and lent in close. “You know this is going to be interesting” 

“I’m dreading it” I laughed turning to face Josh and linking my hand with Joes.

“I get the pleasure of starting this off. I remember meeting you Joe for the first time then i didn’t leave your apartment for months. I basically followed you and Caspar round like a lost dog. You used to get grumpy when i finished your milk or i didn’t wash up after myself. I can clearly say you haven’t changed. You’ve been a good friend buddy you’ve helped me through a lot of shit and i’m grateful to have a friend like you. I’m glad you found a girl like Y/N, she’s kept you in place but at the same time you’re still the Sugg i first met. Y/N you have a lot of work now that your married, he’s going to become even more lazy. You’re a talent women and you’ve been there to listen when i needed someone to. You’re like my sister and I wish you both the best for the future. Ill be round soon so you can cook me food” I’m glad Josh went first because he wouldn’t embarrass us. He’s the nice one out them all. 

Next was Mikey. 

“Cor i get to do a speech. I’ve always been the target and now i can target you two. You’ve been good friends to me over the past few years. Despite the bad things Joe has made me do or forced me to do such as having a leaf blower in my face to wearing tight red lacy boxers to trying to light my farts. I’ve even had to eat dry protein powder ruining one of my many black t-shirts. Joe your crazy ideas make you as a person, you’re one heck of a guy and you are very lucky to have Y/N, anyone would be. Y/N thanks for looking after me making sure i have eaten. No wonder i cant shed weight. I look forward to raiding your new sweets draw by the way”

Next was Conor. 

“I would like to thank Y/N for introducing me to Joe, because of you i made a great friend and because of Joe I made even more. Y/N i would like to thank you for staring in so many of my covers and even on my album. I mean i still say i have the better voice but I’m not going to judge. I cannot believe you two are married now, I’ve seen your relationship grow these past years and I look forward to having something like this. You two are literally a perfect match. Joe i dont even know what to say about you. You are one of the most hilarious down-to-earth guys i know. You deserve to be happy. I’m glad it’s Y/N who has to deal with your strange ass. I’m surprised she can handle it. She has to wake up to you farting, coming home drunk but then again thinking about it you are both as crazy as each other. I remember coming round once and you both swapped clothes pretending to be each other. That was a weird sight. I wish you both the world of happiness you both deserve it” 

Next was Jack. 

“Suggy got married! To a gorgeous girl also i should have started youtube sooner maybe i could of snatched her. Im joking im joking. Seeing how happy you two are together makes me want this but it also makes me sick but in a good way. You are both good friends to me i couldn’t ask for better people in my life. Well sometimes i could replace Joe after what he’s made me do. Clamping my hand, sticking sellotape to our heads and ripping it out our hair and daring me to run down the street naked. I hope you enjoy people licking your ears Y/N because Joe will be doing that a lot when he’s drunk. trust me. I remember Joe telling us he was going to propose and how nervous he was. You should of heard the other plans he had. They weren’t as romantic. Y/N thank you for appearing in my videos to give me more views. Thanks for the many shout outs too. Like i said, you’re a beautiful women inside and out i know how happy Joe makes you. You’re both weird and I’m glad i know you. Hears to the future”

Next was Oli. 

“Mr Joe Sugg? The Joe i know is actually married now! It feels so weird saying that. I’ve known you for so long and you haven’t changed one bit in a good way though! You both have helped me through a lot over the years with projects, videos, and life in general. I do appreciate it. Joe you are an absolute nutter. Seriously. I couldn’t ask for a better friend what friend would draw penis’ on your body or do jump scares every time we meet or would make me stay up will ridiculous times in the morning to set up pranks. I mean what friend would have a cardboard cut out of me? You better move that into your new home. I’ll always be watching then. Your relationship is probably the strongest i know. You’re both so open and that can be taken in different ways. I’ve seen them both naked. It was a few strange moments. Some moments i wish i could take back because i can still see them imagines in my head to this day. I also remember when i turned up at your apartment Joe was wearing this horse costume and Y/N was dressed like a cowgirl. I didn’t want to ask what went on. They said it was for a video but i dont believe that. I dont like to think what goes on in their minds. Moving on, Y/N you are one in a million you’ve been that one friend i can always rely on even if i’m in a bad mood you put up with me and i can speak on behalf of the other guys as well. You have so much patience and i respect you for that. You have a wonderful mind and a heart of gold. You are both lucky to have each other and im glad to call you both my best friends” 

Lastly, Caspar. 

 “I would like to start off with thanking Y/N for breaking my heart, you killed jaspar. I’m joking jaspar will always be round. I have known you both since we all started Youtube together. Remember our gang when we first started? The 3 of us, Zoe, Alfie, Tanya, Jim, Marcus, Niomi and Louise. Then it grew bigger. But look at the two of you now, i know you both never expected to get this far in life. I respect the both of you because you don’t take the famous title seriously, you just see yourselves as normal human beings doing something you love. It’s been amazing watching you both grow and seeing the success you’ve achieved. I couldn’t have wished it on better people. Joe, You are one or the bestest friend i could ask for. You are also one of the craziest dudes i know. Very spontaneous also. I could stand here all day and tell all our stories but i don’t want to bore you. Thank you for being my travelling buddy over the years. I’ve had some of the best memories with you such as doing Hit The Road. What an experience that was ay?  and for everyone’s information i am still the best pizza maker here. Im not thankful for the pranks though. Filing my room with cups of water, setting many alarms, posters of my face all over the walls, filling the room with balloons then Oli popping out with a clown outside and the best one turning my apartment into a slip and slide. I’m also not going to miss seeing you naked when i walk into your room. I am defiantly not going to miss hearing you and Y/N have sex either. You loud buggers. The amount of times i’ve walked in on you both, i still do it today it’s like a curse! Y/N, i still remember meeting you for the first time. You were so shy and timid and now, now i cannot get you to shut up. You are like a boy only when it comes to burping though. Ive seen you when you only had a few thousand subscribers and now you are the top female Youtuber in the UK. I am so proud of your achievements. You seriously deserve it. If i ever needed cheering up i knew you were and still are the person to text or call. You are a positive soul. You and Joe have always been perfect for each other. You are literally the same person. I hope you both the best as a married couple. I love you both.” 

I continued to wipe away the tears which were flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t of asked for better friends or a better husband. 

Love Me Right  [F]

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Warning: Mentions of relative death, fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2,926

Based on this request :)

The day began just like any other.

The warm sun rays poured in through the small gaps the broken blinds held, something Yoongi was supposed to fix a month before. The loud alarm rang throughout the small apartments bedroom causing the man to grumble against your neck, his sweet aroma seeping into your skin causing your tired eyes to close for a mere five minutes more. It was a routine event after all this time, which is why you knowingly set your alarm for earlier than usual.

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Confession - Sanha X Reader

Originally posted by astroyals

Astro imagine where sanha really likes you but you’re really oblivious of it and starts dating Haechan of nct dream and when sanha finds out he’s heartbroken and you find him crying and he hugs you and starts crying in your neck please?

A/n: do y’all know how hARD IT IS TO FIND ANGSTY CRYING GIFS OF SANHA JEEZ i guessed it would be hard because he is the definition of fluffy tall child–cAN WE JUST GET THIS STRAIGHT HES YOUNGER THAN ME BUT HES TALLER THIS ISNT FAir

also listen to innocent love or confession while reading this and get the goosebumps ready 

You and Donghyuck. Kind of hopeless romantics but you two really liked each other. Come on, we covered this in the last one he got hit on the head with tennis balls please spare my child. But you two were also in love. Like real love. Someone around knew that the two hopeless romantics would get together. That person was me ok? So yeah. You and Donghyuck were a thing now. Which is great!! But….there was something wrong. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but there was something wrong. Like….someone needed you. 

“Does Y/n know I like her?” 

A voice called out, to another person in the room. That voice belonged to Sanha. He wasn’t in your class, but he knew you because of the study sessions that the maths teacher set up for you two. The were supposed to help you study for maths, and to get a couple extra lessons worth of knowledge in your heads. But that soon turned from studying to….lazing about, talking and just being next to each other. You two soon became close friends, walking with each other after school since you found out he lived in the same apartment complex as you. And…you should really see this coming come on….he started to like you. And when I say like you, it was as much as Donghyuck. Maybe even more. It was cute, like a school crush. Wait it is a school crush never mind. But here’s the heart wrenching bit…you only saw him as a friend. And…here’s another kicker….you didn’t even know that he liked you that much. Because he only saw you after school and during those study sessions, he didn’t really know what was going on behind the scenes in your own class, or even outside of class at break. 

“I…don’t know….ask her when you next see her, alright?”

The other person in the room was another classmate, who he had been hanging around with. A nod to get himself ready to see you. His heart was fluttering like crazy, and it was like the butterflies in his stomach went into a frenzy. He started to walk out the classroom, looking all around for you in the hallways. He knew there was an extra class you had to take, so he headed to that classroom. It should be finished by now, so he just waited outside the class. Who he didn’t expect to see, was Donghyuck. He didn’t know him personally, but he knew he was in your class. The door opened, and the first person to step out was Jeno. Sanha also knew that Jeno was in your class, and they talked a little, but no that much. 

“Oh, it’s Sanha.”

Jeno said, looking straight to him, with a smile on his face. 

“Oh, hi Jeno.”

“What’s up? Are you waiting for someone?”

“I was waiting for Y/n, do you know how long she’ll be?”

“Not that long, don’t worry.”

Just as he reassures Sanha that you won’t be long, out you come with your bag in hand, along with your sports jacket. You started to talk to Donghyuck about the lesson, but you soon realised that he was pointing Sanha out to you. You couldn’t help but to smile a little, seeing the rather tall brown haired kid smile back to you.

“Me and Jeno are waiting downstairs.”

Just one kiss to destroy someone’s heart. A small kiss was planted on your cheek by Donghyuck, as he left to walk down the stairs. Somehow that smile that Sanha had, yeah, that slipped away into a sort of frown. He could feel the tears coming but didn’t want to show. You turned back to Sanha and smile again. But that one smile you found to be the light in your life for some days, had turned into the epitome of  sad. You hadn’t found pure sadness before until you saw his face. 

“Sanha, are you alright?”

Just that one phrase and it was goodbye dry baby soft face and hello waterworks that would make Niagara falls and Aquatica Waterpark jealous. You were so confused, he was all smiles one second, the next he was crying his heart out in front of you. His delicate hands wiped away most of the tears but you couldn’t tell if he had stopped crying or not. 

“Sanha, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Did anyone hurt you? Please stop crying…”

You whispered, rubbing his shoulder. As soon as you started to rub, his arms just opened, with him bringing you closer to him. His arms wrapped around you, with his head slowly falling into the crevice of your neck, holding you tight. 


You say in a sort of apologetic voice, like somehow this was your doing. You had no idea what happened, if anyone hurt him, but you wanted to apologise. Why? You had no idea. You held him close, your hand wafting through his hair, stroking him softly. You repeated “it’s okay” several times in your soft spoken voice, making him calm down. He was calm enough to lift his head up, to look at you. Your eyes had also had an apologetic and sorry look in them, with a sort of half smile coming out.

“Hey, big guy…you alright? Now, what is the matter? Why did you start crying all of a sudden?”

He was quiet, sniffing a little. He was nervous, just like Donghyuck was. You still didn’t know what he was upset over, but you were going to find out soon enough. You sighed, before picking up your bag. 

“Listen, Sanha, I have to go, I can talk to you tonight if you–”

“Why couldn’t you…”

“Why couldn’t I…what? Me?”

“Yeah…Why didn’t you hear my heart earlier?…I wish you heard it before…”

“Sanha…? What are you—”

“Y/n I like you. I like you a whole bunch…I’ve liked you as long as I’ve waited to make this confession…”

You just stood there. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You soon realised that it was your fault that he started to cry. You instantly felt tears bubble up in your eyes, and that oh-so familiar lump in your throat come back, keeping you from saying a reply.

“Look Y/n…I’ve kept this bottled up for so long…and- ”

“Sanha why didn’t did you not just talk to me…?”

You couldn’t take it anymore, you just wanted to leave. Leave everything and just run. You couldn’t handle this. God dammit….you stormed off, leaving Sanha in the hallway. You didn’t even walk all the way with Donghyuck. That’s how affect you were by this. It was eating you up inside. You wanted to cry, and everything. You also…had a strong guilty conscience, so any opportunity you had, you wanted to apo. As soon as you got home, you heard your doorbell ring. You got up to answer, but looked through the little peephole to see who it was, and you weren’t surprised by who it was.  



“I’m sorry…I should have listened to you before, and I shouldn’t of stormed off like that.”

“It’s okay…I-I’m also sorry. I shouldn’t of just pinned it on you like that…”

“It’s fine, like I said before Sanha.” 

“Do you…still want to be friends?”

“I would like that very much, Sanha.”

Pulling you in for another hug, everything seemed to be right with the world. But…deep inside, Sanha was…still hurt. But over time, he began to appreciate the special bond you two had, and he came to accept the fact that he would always be there for you, even if he wasn’t in your arms all the time. 






“only if you can get up to my level”



requested: sid imagine

a/n: i had such motivation in writing this. the person who requested this was v specific about it and i LOVED the idea so i just had to write it as soon as i could

warnings: non except soft sid

** ** ** ** ** **

it was one month before sid’s 30th birthday when you noticed he started acting different; he wasn’t himself. he was always out and wasn’t spending as much time with you anymore, and hockey was always his excuse. you had been dating him for 6 years and knew you could trust him when he constantly said he was busy with hockey, but you knew something was bothering him.

everyday, he got up and would head to practice hours before it’s scheduled start, leaving you to eat breakfast alone. you needed to find out what was bothering him because, to be honest, sid wasn’t always open about his feelings.

you got up an hour before sid was suppose to, allowing you to cook him a delicious breakfast before his practice today. as you were finishing the eggs, you heard him stirring in the bedroom. it wasn’t long before you turned around to see sid leaning against the door frame.

“what’s all this?” he asked, clearly catching onto your antics.

“just thought i’d make you something to eat. you know, i feel like i haven’t really seen you lately, love. you’ve been so busy. what’d you say you and i go do something tonight?” you questioned him.

“sorry, im staying late again tonight to work on slap shots and shoot out skills.” he said as he munched on a piece of toast that you just buttered.

“oh, alright.” you said, sounding disappointed.

“im sorry baby.” he kissed your cheek. “thank you for this lovely breakfast but i gotta get to practice. ill see you when i get home tonight.” he said as he grabbed his bag and walked out the door.

“i love you.” you whispered after he had already shut the door. you look over to the clock that read 7:12 am, and realized you wouldn’t see him until 9 o'clock tonight. until you decided, you wouldn’t. you needed to figure out what was wrong and why he seemed to be shutting himself out lately.

you put on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, grabbed your shoes and headed out the door to catch sid at the PPG. you drove as quick as you could until you finally got there, and felt nervous as you entered the building. you knew sid was there, you could hear the sound of pucks on the ice, ricocheting off the red goal posts.

       when you got there, you saw a few of his other teammates there, but couldn’t quite make out who they were. you made your way through the empty seats that would otherwise be as packed as sardines on game days, and got to the bench.

      “sid!” you screamed, your voice echoing through the arena. he took a slap shot and turned to see you standing on the bench. he started skating over to you, all his gear on, stick in hand.

       “y/n, what are you doing here?” he said in an angry tone.

       “i needed to get you somewhere where you couldn’t run away from me. now what’s going on? why have you been so distant lately? coming to practice early and staying late? what’s up with you sid?” you asked, trying to sound understanding and content.

       “not now y/n…” he said, clearly annoyed at your presence.

       “sidney crosby, tell me what’s going on. im not here to assign blame, im here to help.” you needed to sound understanding because sid would never hurt open up about his feelings, even to you.

       “get out of here, ill talk to you later.” his voice continued to get louder with every word.

       “tell me now.” you gave up being the nice guy.

       “get out.” he said firmly. you were done and tried to rip the stick out of his hand, and ended up knocking him straight on his ass, and the stick ended up in your hand. he looked up at you as you dropped the stick on the ice next him, reliving the moment in your head.

       “sid…” your voice trailing off as he stood up and met your gaze.

       “im turning 30 in a week. there’s so many rumors going around that mcdavid is already better than i am. ive been working my ass off for years to get where i am and suddenly this rookie is just gonna walk in and match me? im sick of hearing all these rumors and im gonna be retiring soon, i mean im turning 30 for fucks sake y/n.” he turned around, unable to face you. “i miss when i was the best and everyone knew it. i guess, the 30 year mark is stressing me out, and non stop practicing is the only way i can deal with it.”

       there it was. the confession you’ve been looking for the past month. but you understood where he was coming from, you had heard the rumors too. “aw darling. even if he is better than you, who is the three time stanley cup champion here? who has won, like, the most awards ever? who has won the world cup of hockey more than once? certainly not connor. sid, baby, i know 30 is a big number for you, but no matter where your career goes from here, you will always be the best hockey player to me and one of the most legendary players in nhl history.”

       he turned around and looked you in the eyes. “i love you. im sorry ive been so focused and hard on hockey baby. im just stressed. i promise ill spend more time with you. i can skip the late night practice tonight and we’ll hang out, just like you wanted.” he smiled.

       “that would be great.” you wrapped your arms around his neck as you pulled him in for a kiss. “no matter what happens, you have accomplished so much in your career so far. you are truly one of the most successful hockey players of all time. you are this generations gordie howe, or wayne gretzsky. there are so many people who love you and are proud of who you are and what you’ve done for nhl. we can’t all stay in our prime forever. but you will always be remembered and always be a wonderful hockey player.” you needed to comfort sid and make sure he was truly okay.

“i know. im just going through a rough time. this rookie stuff is just getting to me and ive been stressed and im sorry. thank you for being here even when i haven’t been around that much and haven’t been doing anything but hockey. i love you so much babe.” he seemed to be feeling better.

“i love you too. now get back to practice, ill see you when you get home later.” you blew a kiss to him as he skated away screaming ‘i love you’, loud enough for the entire city of pittsburgh to hear. you loved sid with all your heart and you couldn’t wait for a night out with him for the first time in a while. he finally confessed what had been bothering him, and he now knew that you would be there to help and support him. you couldn’t stop smiling as you entered your car, thinking of the man you were head over heels for, who you hoped to say 'i do’ to one day.

Late night texts / Namjoon x Reader

Imagine: Namjoon texts Y/N for the last time…

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Warnings: Sadness, and Angst

A/N: I dont know if you guys know but you can now send me some requests about our favorite boys ( BTS ), and i think this is my first imagine about them. Starting off with our favorite leader. But right now we have like one exam every week so its getting kinda slow again im sorry

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Namjoon [0:20 am]: Y/N?

Namjoon [0:20 am]: this is beyond stupid

Namjoon [0:21 am]: quite pathetic to be honest

Namjoon [0:21 am]: I mean I’m writing to you, and hope that you answer me out of nowhere even though I know you won’t be able to do that

Namjoon [0:23 am]: today would be our 6th anniversary

Namjoon [0:23 am]: so much happened in the last couple of months, we published a new album.
We called it ‘wings’, and it’s honestly so good. And so many people say that they enjoy it, and we even plan a world tour. We even going to visit North America!

Namjoon [0:25 am]: I even wrote lyrics for you, you want to hear it?

Namjoon [0:27 am]: it goes like this:

“I miss you
When I say that, I miss you more
Im looking at your photo
But I still miss you
Time is so cruel
I hate us
Now is hard to even see each others faces

I’s only winter here
Even in August, winter is here
My heart makes time run
Like a Snowpiercer left alone
I wanna hold your hand
And go to the other side of the earth
To end this winter

How much longing has to fall like snow
For the spring days to come

Namjoon: [0:26 am]: I hope you know that I don’t hate you, don’t get me wrong. I may have been a little bit angry about the fact that you never told me about the fact that you had cancer.

Namjoon :[0:28 am]: Or that you would die soon.

Namjoon: [0:29 am]: I can still remember the day when your mother called me, we were on tour in Europe and when I answered the phone she was sobbing into hers. You never told me about your illness because you wanted to protect me- yeah sure.

Namjoon:[0:34]: you always said that I’d spoil you too much for your liking, well with all the money I could have helped you. I would have paid the best and most educated doctors, but now it’s too late.

Namjoon :[0:38]: I would love to know where you are right now, if there’s a heaven or a afterlife~ that would be interested ~ maybe we meet again someday.

Namjoon:[0:38]: I really hope we do. Princess. We sure do.

Namjoon: [0:40]: there is a reason why I’m writing to you.

Namjoon: [0:41]: this will be the last time that I’m messaging you- everyone says I need to move on, Yoongi said it’s stupid that I’m writing to you. But he doesn’t understand what it’s like to lose the one person you love, the one person you thought you would have children with one day, marry, grow old.

Namjoon: [0:42]: it’s such a beautiful thing to grow old with someone you love, it must be a beautiful experience- and i don’t want to let go of the thoughts of us growing old together. I love you too much.

Namjoon: [0:43]: but they are right, I can’t keep writing to a ghost- I hope you understand, I highly doubt that you would like to see me walking in circles. You would want me to fall in love again.

Namjoon: [0:43]: after all you always wanted to best for me, right?

Namjoon: [0:43]: I’m going to delete your number, that might be the second hardest and scariest thing of all time

Namjoon: [0:43]: don’t forget that I love you more than anything in this life

Namjoon: [0:45]: good bye princess

Do you want to delete this number?

{×} yes { } no

You have successfully deleted this number.

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How would the main three plus leo react to their childhood friend appearing while they practice? Like they hadnt seen eachother in years? (Btw ur profile is amazing and great writing and ya i hope im not annoying ill go now bye)

Aw, anon, you’re not annoying me! I love requests and being able to make people happy with my writing; this request is really good! I like the feeling of nostalgia I was able to create here. Sorry this took such a long time ;-; Thanks for requesting!

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • He’s taking a break from his practice with Yuri when he feels a tap on his shoulder
  • He would just hug you and tell you how much he’s missed you
  • He would want to go catch up with you right away
  • “Lucky for you, (Y/N), our practice is now almost over.”
  • “But Viktor, we still have like four hours left to practice-“
  • “Yuuri stfu can’t u see I’m trying to impress them quit cockblocking me jfc
  • Takes you to a restaurant probably, and he would show you all of his favorite foods from Japan
  • Viktor is a physical person, so obviously he’s going to keep an arm around you, hold your hand, touch your leg, etc. at all times
  • he is subconsciously afraid of you slipping away again so his instinct is to cling to you but shhhhhhhhhhhh
  • You would ask him about the change in scenery he’s had from becoming a coach
  • also why did you cut your beautiful locks of hair Viktor why????
  • While he’s talking you can see how much more relaxed and happy he is than you remember
  • It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy seeing him without all of the stress and pressure to be a perfect idol in the figure skating world
  • He notices how beautiful you’ve become; the way you matured and grew from your childhood almost brings him to tears
  • “I thought you were beautiful before but now i can’t take my eyes off of you why are you like this you beautiful human.”
  • After your meal that he pays for what a gentleman he gives you his phone number
  • “You call me if you need anything, okay? I don’t want to get out of touch with you and your beautiful face again!”
  • And he probably wants to take you on a proper date in the near future wink wonk

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • It was almost the end of practice when you enter the rink
  • Yuri ends up falling in the final steps of his routine when he sees you
  • “Holy shit is that them holy fuck it is them don’t do anything dumb shit shit shit shit fuck”
  • Viktor sees how bashful Yuri gets and allows him to end practice early, since he can’t wait to see how you two interact
  • Viktor will be watching you from afar but you won’t know it hehe
  • Yuri takes you to his home and cooks you a meal
  • You talk the entire time, mostly catching up
  • It turns out you saw him perform on television and wanted to come congratulate him
  • While you two are reminiscing about the past he becomes really self conscious and embarrassed
  • he can’t help but wonder what embarrassing memories you have of him
  • “Remember the time we went out to dinner and you ate your pork cutlet bowl too fast, Yuri? I remember on the walk home we had to stop so you could throw up over the railing of the pier!”
  • “Yes I remember, (Y/N) Please never bring that up again omg shut up you’re killing m e
  • but as soon as you start talking about his skyrocketing skating career and athleticism, his confidence boosts and he instantly becomes more comfortable
  • “Damn, you’ve lost a bunch of weight, huh, Yuri? You look really good.”
  • he nearly dies omg have mercy on this poor boy
  • “Omg thank you look really good too and you’re even more gorgeous than i remember holy shit send h e l p”
  • You exchange phone numbers and stay in close contact, and visits become much more frequent

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • He’s in the middle of getting yelled at by Yakov when you came into the ice rink
  • He almost dies when he sees you
  • tbh that was the most gentle and soft expression you’ve ever seen on his face
  • No matter how much Yuri argues with Yakov, he isn’t allowed to leave to spend time with you
  • So he uses this to his advantage and skates for you
  • You know this boy is going to show off to you as much as possible so are you even surprised like honestly
  • He wants to impress you, so he of course has a flawless run-through of his routine
  • even Yakov was surprised omg so impressed he shuts right up
  • After the practice is over, Yuri brings you to a nearby mall to go shopping
  • If you show him something, he buys it for you
  • “Yuri, I just said I liked it. You don’t have to-‘
  • “Stfu and let me do this for you jfc”
  • psssst he’s secretly trying to make you forgive him for leaving you behind by buying you stuff but you didn’t hear that from me k
  • He will buy you matching cat-themed friendship bracelets probs
  • The two of you just talk about childhood and your favorite memories of each other. Yuri mostly talks about how much he misses having someone like you to talk to tho
  • You guys are goofing around in a store and trying on all of the expensive clothes just for shits and giggles
  • You come out of a dressing room with a big, leopard print coat and Yuri almost dies
  • Holy fuck that is hot but do not get a boner do noT GET A BO N ER”
  • He takes a photo of you and the way you smile at him makes him remember why you were his friend in the first place
  • Needless to say, he’s not going to be letting you go anytime soon

[Leo de la Iglesia]

  • As someone who cherishes his friends, this visit from you is like heaven on earth
  • When you come to the rink, he is doing his post-practice stretch
  • so the first thing you see is his ass bc he’s bending over niiiiice yeeeeaaaahhhhh booiiiiiiii
  • You are so entertained by watching him stretch, and you don’t want to interrupt him
  • But he notices you eventually and his tired expression changes to an ecstatic one
  • he would look like such a cutie with his hair in a lil man bun and his lil smile aw
  • “Omfg hello it’s YOU c’mere pls hug me
  • The hug is going to last forev e r
  • You would help him stretch out his shoulders before you two head out
  • and you get to feel his muscles from underneath his shirt while you help you lucky lil shit
  • A good catching-up conversation would happen while Leo drove you in his car
  • but he would almost crash a few times bc he can’t help but glance over and admire you with a dumb lil smile on his adorable fucking face
  • “Leo, the road! Watch the road or we’re going to-!”
  • “(Y/N) I’m sorry I’m crying trying my best you’re just so beautiful holy shit i’m sorry you’re so attractive”
  • He would apologize a thousand times for losing contact with you for sure
  • Even after you forgive him, he’ll go through a Starbucks drive-thru and get you your favorite drink as a peace offering
  • You’ll insist it’s not necessary but he’s going to do it anyway because he’s too pure for his own good
  • He’s going to bring you to his home so you can say hello to his family
  • There you’ll share a home cooked meal and catch up on lost time
  • You might even break out old photo albums and reminisce about the simpler times
  • Leo is probably going to cry a little bit just hold him pls save this boy
  • He won’t be letting you slip away anytime soon~

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For the drabble game, Namjoon: 11, 12, and 17 please? I'm a sucker for neck kisses and hickies are a gift *A* ;;; Your blog is super great, thank you for writing for us ~ <3

Drabble game is closed

Originally posted by vubbletae

making out, neck kisses, and hickeys

It was the weekend. Sunday to be exact, and youve been scrolling through  tumblr for a decent 4 hours having nothing else to do. You come across a post claiming there was free ice cream at a place down the road. Checking your phone for a text from anyone but only seeing your lock screen. Deciding to go get the free ice cream you get off the couch and slip on some shoes going to the ice cream shop.

   Getting closer to the building you started to think of what you would get. Now let’s be honest, ice cream is great. Free ice cream is even better; deciding on a flavor is just a first world problem. There’s so many amazing flavors, and they all melt in your mouth blissfully leaving anyone a satisfied customer.  Becoming tracked in your thoughts, you didn’t notice your boyfriend tap your shoulder 

“Hyung i don’t think she knows we are here” jungkook whispers to namjoon “if you don’t scare her i wi-” Namjoon cuts off a laughing taehyung “No one will scare her you guys.” he explains as jin pats his shoulder “careful guys we don’t need another thing broken.” Namjoon sends him a look while the others laugh “ Lets just get her- okay yeah that works too” Yoongi was cut off when namjoon suddenly kissed you gathering your full attention. “Yah! you guys could’ve texted me.” turning around you greet them “i did jagi,  did you not get my text?” namjoon says putting his arm around, shaking your head you look at him. “you guys go ahead ill meet you in a bit” he says looking at the others. “Bow chika wo- ow!” taehyung begins but soon hit on the head by yoongi “ better me than him he might have broke you like everything he touches” suga joked. “ come on you guys” and with that the boys left.

  “how was your day beautiful?” namjoon looks down at you while opening the door. “very ‘productive’ did you finish your song” turning around you guide him into the building. “nah im stuck.” following you to the counter you two quickly order “two chocolate chip milkshakes please” ordering you look back at namjoon “ does the rap master need help~?” you tease paying the cashier. “yeah yeah. Want to help when we get back” he pokes your side “ Sure” you look up with a big smile. Gathering your milkshakes, hand in hand you two left.

   The journey home was silent, he must have been thinking about the song. Why don’t you ease his mind a bit? Keeping your plan to yourself you begin to skip “Why so happy suddenly?” he laughs slightly “hmm~ nothing~” you reply. Coming to the door to your place you hand him your milk shake to unlock the door. You two got comfortable before you started your little ‘plan’. 

  You listen as he raps his song it seemed to be about dreaming and achieving, never giving up and rising above. Well from what you heard anywho. “yah~ oppa~” you quickly begin to straddle his lap. “you wanna play oppa~?” he puts down his pencil and paper smirking at you. You place your arm behind his neck, in a teasing manner you slowly bring your lips to his. “nngh” he grunts a bit before grabbing the middle of your back’ pulling you to where your guys’s lips did in fact finally meet. You smirk into the kiss. Which seemed to turn him on as he slightly pulls your hair, causing a gasp allowing him full access to your mouth. He wastes no time slipping his tongue in. You two battle for dominance. After a while you give up. Not pulling away he flips you so you are know laying on the couch as he hovers above you. He kisses along your jaw to your neck. Softly kissing your neck a few time ,he begins to softly nibble a spot earning a few moans from you. Smirking against your skin he suddenly bites a bit harder. Sucking lightly on the skin he bit he pulls back “Now everyone knows your’e taken” “yah! no-” he cuts you off by roughly kissing again. this wasnt a smut request so i have to stop here. 

(sorry to the anon that requested this. i got writers block while writing this.)

- admin ella

Hello everyone im Karen and ill be posting every other Sunday.

So i am a big fan of movies but, who isn’t? So for this lazy sunday ill leave you here a list of movies, with a link for the trailer, that in my opinion are great and you should watch them (not in any particular oder). They all can be found to watch on the internet.

  1. Ruby Sparks Calvin is a young novelist who achieved phenomenal success early in his career but is now struggling with his writing - as well as his romantic life. Finally, he makes a breakthrough and creates a character named Ruby who inspires him. When Calvin finds Ruby, in the flesh, sitting on his couch about a week later, he is completely shocked that his words have turned into a living, breathing person.
  2. Kings of summer is about three teenage friends - Joe, Patrick and the eccentric and unpredictable Biaggio - who, in the ultimate act of independence, decide to spend their summer building a house in the woods and living off the land. Free from their parents’ rules, their idyllic summer quickly becomes a test of friendship as each boy learns to appreciate the fact that family - whether it is the one you’re born into or the one you create - is something you can’t run away from.
  3. Jesus Henry Christ 10-year-old boy genius Henry and his single mother Patricia, who works at the local university’s cafeteria. A misfit from birth, Henry gets kicked out of school for writing “Manifestos on the Nature of Truth.” Meanwhile, 12-year-old Audrey has her own problems because of her single father, university professor Dr. Slavkin O'Hara , who used her as the test subject for his best-selling book Born Gay or Made that Way? Needless to say, she gets a not-so-nice nickname from her classmates. When Henry scores a scholarship to the university as a child prodigy, the two families cross paths and everything they knew about their lives is thrown to the wind.
  4. Safety not guaranteed When an unusual classified ad inspires three cynical Seattle magazine employees to look for the story behind it, they discover a mysterious eccentric named Kenneth, a likable but paranoid supermarket clerk, who believes he’s solved the riddle of time travel and intends to depart again soon. Together, they embark on a hilarious, smart, and unexpectedly heartfelt journey that reveals how far believing can take you.
  5. Dear lemon lima Vanessa gets a dose of reality when Philip, her one true love, ends their relationship, again. The quirky teen enrolls in his school to win him back, but ends up making matters worse. Downgraded to social outcast, Vanessa struggles to reclaim Phillip’s affection. Luckily, when Vanessa is declared a captain for the school’s Snowstorm Survivor competition, she assembles a team of likeminded misfits to prove they deserve to compete and hopefully win her love’s heart again.
  6. Moonrise kingdom Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore – and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle.
  7. Silver linings playbook Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Pat has lost everything - his house, his job, and his wife. He now finds himself living back with his mother and father after eight months in a state institution. Pat is determined to rebuild his life, remain positive and reunite with his wife, despite the challenging circumstances of their separation. All Pat’s parents want is for him to share their family’s obsession with the Philadelphia Eagles football team. When Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own, things get complicated. Tiffany offers to help Pat reconnect with his wife, but only if he’ll do something very important for her in return. As their deal plays out, an unexpected bond begins to form between them, and silver linings appear in both of their lives.
  8. Little miss sunshine When a very charismatic seven-year-old, Olive, voices her desire to take home the winner of the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant, her wildly dysfunctional family sets out on an interstate road trip to ensure her a clear shot at realizing her dreams. Despite early career success as an outspoken motivational speaker, family patriarch Richard continues to cling to his “Refuse to Lose” philosophy, much to the chagrin of his increasingly annoyed spouse, Sheryl. Add into the mix a teenage son who has taken a vow of silence until he finds his fate as a fighter pilot; a horny, heroin-happy grandfather; and a suicidal genius still reeling about losing both his male lover and his MacArthur Foundation genius grant - and the stage is set for a road trip in which sanity is sure to take the back seat.
  9. Where the wild things are Where the Wild Things Are follows the adventures of a young boy named Max as he enters the world of the Wild Things, a race of strange and enormous creatures who gradually turn the young boy into their king.
  10. Jeff who lives at home  On his way to the store to buy wood glue, Jeff looks for signs from the universe to determine his path. However, a series of comedic and unexpected events leads him to cross paths with his family in the strangest of locations and circumstances. Jeff just may find the meaning of his life…and if he’s lucky, pick up the wood glue as well.

my list of movies to watch here

Hope you like it!

Promises || a.i.

He would give anything to see that smile again, to see her happy. 


They didnt have much, Ashton working a job that barely payed him and his girlfriend who was attending college. They lived together in a small apartment just outside of LA. Ashton or y/n didnt have a lot of money but he promised her that he would take care of y/n and do anything to keep her happy.

Ashton saved money every week to take y/n out for dinner at a small diner close to the beach. Then after they would go on a walk together down the board walk, watching waves hit the shore and the moon reflecting the ocean. It was all Ashton could afford but y/n loved it. Soon after the spark began to fade, there no more excitement left in her and Ashton felt like it was his fault that he couldnt take y/n out somewhere nicer. He just wanted y/n to be happy and she wasnt.


 Ashton came home 11pm from working overtime so he could earn more money. Mail was scattered around the coffee table, some already opened which were probably bills that were past due. But he didnt want to deal with them now, he just wanted to be in bed with y/n. 

 The door creaked open as he tried not waking her up. But she wasnt sleeping, again. She was sitting in bed with her laptop on her lap and papers on the bed, studying for a test. “Hey baby.” Ashton greeted softly. She ignored him still flipping through pages. “Y/n.” he said. “Ashton please, I’m busy.” y/n angered. “Fuck I lost it!” yelling out loud, she got out of bed frantically trying to search for her paper. 

“What did you lose?” he asked watching her pace around the room. “Page 5 of my review, I cant find it-and the test-” she spoke fast, panicking. Y/n dropped on the floor with her papers searching through all of them. Ashton seeing how stressed and angry y/n was. “Hey hey, y/n relax.” soothing her, taking a seat next to her. But she didnt say anything still looking for her paper, Ashton placed his hand on hers stopping her. “You need to relax.” 

“No!” retrieving her hand away. “I have my exam in two days and I cant find my notes! Just leave me alone Ashton.” 

“Okay.” he sighed knowing he wont get to her, he lifted himself off the floor walking away from her. Y/n frowned looking at how much of a mess she made. She couldnt take it anymore, everything was pilling up and there was no way to get rid of it. Tears began to form spilling down her cheek, small whimpers escaping her lips and her vision becoming blurry. 


Ashton was in the bathroom getting out of his work clothes into something comfortable. He wasnt mad at y/n, he knew what she was going through and he wanted to help her. 

In the middle of brushing his teeth, Ashton heard y/n crying. He quickly rinsed up and rushed over to his girlfriend who was on the bedroom floor crying. “Y/n, baby what’s wrong.” looking down at her, she wiped her tears standing up to hug him tight around his waist. “I cant do this.” mumbling on his chest. 

He rubbed her lower back slowly calming her, “Cant do what.” 

 “I-Im just so stressed about school and the pile of mail over there.” She pointed out. “Ashton were in so much debt and I’m thinking about dropping out, its just a waste of time and money.” Her voice shaking. 

Ashton softly lifted y/n’s chin up making looking in her y/e/c eyes, wiping her tears away with his thumb. “You’re not dropping out, your so smart and i know you’ll graduate. You cant give up on your dreams, not ever. Dont worry about the debt okay? We’ll figure it out.” Reassuring to know that everything will turn out okay, he softly planted a kiss on her forehead.

Y/n continued crying holding Ashton tight with her head buried in his chest. He just stood there rocking her back and forth slowly assuring that its going to be okay, his shirt being soaked in tears, but he didnt care. He hated seeing his girlfriend so upset about something so little and it was his fault. 

 “Y/n, you need find someone better.” he confessed, y/n looked up at Ashton confused to what he meant. 

“Wha-are you saying.” she said softly. 

“I think you need to find someone who will give you the world and make you feel special. All i want is for you to be happy and i cant do that. You need someone who will promise you everything.” y/n was speechless, she just stared at her boyfriend’s sad puppy eyes hoping he was joking. “I-dont want anyone else.”

“Why? Im not-” he paused, y/n knew what he was talking about. “I know your not happy here.” he said. 

“I don’t care how rich or poor you are. I just want to be here, with you. I love you and what you do for me.” Ashton let out a sigh of disappointment, “The only thing I could do for you is take you out to the same restaurant every week. Don’t you want something different in your life? Excitement?” 

She couldn’t listen to her boyfriend complain anymore, she dove in kissing Ashton to shut him up. “I love going to that diner, that place is so special to me. Dont you remember any the memories we had there?” She said smiling a bit.

“Yeah that’s where we met.” he reminded.  

“And the walks down the boardwalk?” 

“Where we had our first kiss.” Ashton replied, laughing a bit remembering how awkward it was trying to get close enough to kiss her. 

“See! Why would I want to give that up.”

“I just thought you were bored y/n, you never smile anymore and I hate seeing you upset.” he frowned. 

”But its not your fault Ash, I’m just really stressed about this exam.” she sighed rubbing her temple with her forefingers. “Well you need to take a break. C’mon lets go.” he said patting her back.

“Where are we going?” not sure to what he was doing. “The diner, your favorite place.” he smiled putting on a pair of pants. “Its almost midnight Ash.” 

“Its open 24 hours.” smiling at her, Ashton saw the spark in her eyes again and the most beautiful smile on her face.

A/N: felt like I havent been writing that much…oops. (exams are coming soon so I have to focus on that but i had free time today, ill try to write as much as possible) xx :) 

Suit Of Flowers 

Fandom: OPM

Pairing: Saigenos/Genosai

Previous || Chapter 3 || Next

>> Chapter 1

Summary:  Genos drags him into the Employees only room and pushes him in before shutting the door behind them. He doesn’t lock it, but it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t going to let Saitama leave without some answers.

A/N: And so they finally interact! Just a note, Saitama is not as strong as his canon self, but he is abnormally strong, and he tries to keep it a secret for various reasons. As always, feel free to send me hc’s! ( @sai-pop // @stickydoona )

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Terrible Boss (You x JB- Got7)

“Can you write a fluffy/comedy scenario where you’re the new housemaid of the Im family and they let you temporary sleep in JB’s room since he’s away for few days but that night he suddenly comes home without switching the lights? He didn’t notice your presence until he goes to bed and…?Both of you hate each other but you need money so you work for his family for 100 days as he tries to get you quit? You leave but then he wants you stay?Thanks! I love your scenarios!” -mymisstina

T/N: I had so much fun writing thing. When writing this I kind of had a Boys Over Flowers kind of vibe. Thank you for submitting your request!


You were opposites. While you had to work hard to get what you wanted, Jaebum was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He didn’t have to work for anything and was a total asshole. Having your mom work as a housemaid didn’t exactly work in your favor of trying to pretend Jaebum didn’t exist. When you were little you would come with your mom to work at the Im household. While she cleaned for the family, you were forced to play with Jaebum. Looking back, you realize that his parents had to force you to play with him because he had no friends of his own. Shocker. According to Jaebum, having your mom work for his family meant that you worked for him too. Jaebum would always order you around, and when you refused, he would lie down on the floor and fake cry, saying that you pushed him. Every time you told your mom, she would always say the same thing, “when a boy is mean to you that means they like you”. Bullshit.

When you were old enough to stay home alone after school while your parents worked, you were finally free of the tyrannical Jaebum. You thought you would never have to deal with Jaebum again. Until high school. You were forced into the same class with that asshole. Day after day you would witness multiple people have emotional breakdowns due to stress, while Jaebum just sat in the back of the classroom, not caring about his grades or getting into a good collage. Unlike everyone else, Jaebum had an ensured job in his family’s business after graduation. You had pra6yed that he wouldn’t speak to you. Just because your mom worked for his family didn’t mean that you had to interact with Jaebum right? Wrong. One day after you receiving your report card, you looked at all the “C’s” when Jaebum came up from behind and snatched it from your hands. “Yah, Y/N, you know, if this whole school thing doesn’t work out for you, feel free to work as a maid for me alongside your mom.” He grins and winks. You felt like vomiting in your mouth.

(Jaebum’s POV)

Aish. That girl. If she continues to be a straight “C” student then she will never make it in this world. Didn’t she want to go to college? You didn’t want her to work alongside her mother as your family’s maid. She should be working along side the president! Aish. This girl. Hopefully she was as scared to work for your family as you were.

(Your POV)

As the months passed until the end of graduation, Jaebum continuously picked on you about your grades, and every other little thing he could find to irritate you with. The more Jaebum teased you with the idea of you working for him as a housemaid, the harder you worked to get into college so you wouldn’t have to work for such a repulsive human.

Soon after graduation your mother fell ill and had to quit her job. Because your father died when you were 5, you were now the one who had to get a job to help support you and mother. Even though who had been accepted to several colleges, now you had to throw away any dreams of going to take care of your family. It was the right thing to do. Despite your desperate efforts to get employed no one would employ you because you were too inexperienced. You finally found a job working at a convenience store. You worked there for a while until your mom passed away and working at the convenience store just didn’t pay all the medical bills and rent. You soon had no other option but to hope that Jaebum’s job offer still stood.

You walk up the walkway to the Im family house, no, mansion. You look at the yard and remember your childhood. You remember making mud pies with Jaebum. Which was kind of nice until he would put it in your hair.

You remember Jaebum chasing you around with worms, putting sand in your juice, making you think bigfoot lived in the basement. You remember all the hell Jaebum but you through.

When you ring the doorbell you question if this really was what your life had come down to. It was. How pathetic. When the door opens you are relieved that it is Mrs. Im and not Jaebum who answers the door. “Oh, Y/N, how nice to see you! I haven’t seen you since your mother stop bringing you with her. Please come in!”

“Yes, nice to see you too Mrs. Im.”

She sits you down in the living room and offers you tea.

“Y/N, I am so sorry for the passing of your mother. She may of been our family’s maid, but she was also a part of our family. I can’t imagine how hard it must of been. How have you been handling things?”

“Thank you. Well I am barely paying rent and keeping up with everything. I’ve been looking for a job but have turned up empty handed.”

“I’m sorry deary. You mother had told me you got accepted to college. She was sooo proud of you, but you had to decline the offer to take care of everything. A while back I asked Jaebum to tell you that you are always welcome in our home if you needed anything.”

You remember Jaebum mocking your grades and telling you that you could always work for him if you failed. Was that his way of relaying his mother’s message to you?

She takes your hands and looks you in the eyes.

“Y/N, the offer still stands. You are welcome here anytime.”

“Actually, if it wasn’t too much to ask I was wondering if I could take my mother’s place, but as an stay in housemaid.”

“Of course! We would love to have you! You can stay in our guest room but it is actually under reconstruction at the moment… oh! you can stay in Jaebum’s room!”

“what?!” you almost spit out your tea.

“Oh don’t worry deary, Jaebum is away with his friends, Jinyoung and Youngjae for a week or two.”

“ah~ but I don’t think Jaebum would like it very much to have me staying in his room”

“then we just won’t tell him” she smiles and makes a hushed motion with her finger.

“and if he ever did find out, he’s is going to have to deal with it.”

You smile. You had always liked her.

You soon move in and begin working as the stay in maid. You cleaning wasn’t difficult because you were familiar with the house you spent a lot of your time in growing up you had witnessed your mother do the exact things that you were doing now. Outside of your cleaning hours, the Ims had treated you like their daughter. Everything was looking, especially because Jaebum was away. For now atleast.

(Jaebum’s POV)

Turns out your camping trip with Jinyoung and Youngjae had to be cut short because one of the idiots, cough cough, Youngjae, didn’t fully cook the fish that he and Jinyoung ate. So due to excessive amounts of vomit, you had to return home a few days early. After you drop the two dingbats off you head home.

You didn’t want to go home. Ever since Y/N’s mother passed away the house felt empty. Y/N’s mother was like a second mother to you and it was depressing to be in the house without her. You then think of how Y/N must be doing. You haven’t seen her since graduation. That’s a good thing right? She’s probably getting ready to go to college soon.

It’s late at night when you get home so you don’t turn on any lights, careful not to wake your parents.

You enter the house without a peep and tiptoe up to your room.

As you enter your room you notice a figure laying in your bed. You pick up a book from your bookshelf thinking that if needed, the book would serve as an efficient weapon against an attack. You tip toe around to see the familiar face. It’s Y/N. What the hell was she doing here? In your room. You gently place the book on the floor. You kneel beside Y/N ready to shake her awake but then she shifts and hair falls all over her face. You sweep the hair from her face and tuck it behind her ears. While she’s sleeping and not yelling at you she was actually pretty cute. You decide to let her stay because she has already made herself at home in your room. But you don’t let her take your stuffed teddy bear. You rip BamBam out of Y/N’s arms and she stirs. You whisper, “no one takes BamBam. Not even you, got it?”

As you make a place for you to sleep on the floor you place your head on Eli until you feel a wet spot. Drool. “AISH!”.

(Your POV)

You wake up to the sound of running water. You see light leaking out of the cracks of the door. You freeze in fear. Who could possibly be using Jaebum’s bathroom? You hear the water stop running and you hide under the covers. The bathroom door opens and you begin screaming. Genius.

Someone rips the covers off of your head, “so you’re awake?”

You freeze. Jaebum.

“what are you doing here anyways?”

You scream again.

Jaebum’s mother bursts in with curlers still in her hair.

“Wae, wae, what’s wrong?!”

“Omma, can you explain to me why Y/N is here and in my bed with my BamBam?”

“Oh, you’re here early? What an unpleasant surprise…”

Jaebum’s mouth drops open and you can’t help but smile.

“Well darling, since Y/N’s mother had passed away Y/N needed a job and a place to stay, and we needed the extra staff.”

“But why her”

“Because we are familiar with her, she’s like family. That’s why.”


“no ‘buts’. Y/N is our new stay in housemaid and that is that. Suck it up. Now come down stairs for breakfast.”

Breakfast was awkward. Jaebum wouldn’t stop staring at you. He kept giving you the death stare.

“yah~” he whispers.

“aren’t you the one who is supposed to be serving us? You are the housemaid after all.”

You ignore him.

“Why did it have to be you?” he continues.

His tone softens. “Look, I’m sorry about your mom. Now can you leave?”

You don’t respond.

He snarls.

Jaebum’s mother jumps out of her seat next to yours, “Ow! Yah! Jaebum, why would you kick me?!”

His face is priceless.

You giggle.


“Jaebum, I know you may not be the happiest with me but you don’t solve problems by kicking people!”

The entire day while you were trying to work Jaebum would be there. Watching you.

“Y/N, I hope I am making you feel uncomfortable.” He glares at you. You ignore him as best as you can ignore such an annoying parasite. Working for Jaebum was proven harder than you had thought. He would track in piles of dirt just to have you clean it up. He was tormenting you once again with mud pies. How childish. You had tolerance for his mudpies and his little tricks to get you fired or to get you to quit. But his tricks soon made a new high. He would break cups and dishes saying that you did it, put paint on your shoes so that wherever you walked you would leave behind paint foot prints, which you had to clean up. He even tried to place his mom’s jewelry in your purse to frame you as a thief. Luckily through all of Jaebum’s efforts to get your fired, Mrs. Im was aware of her son’s childish actions and understood. “Jaebum… his had been acting like a dimwit lately. Please try and ignore him. Know that we would never fire you without a good reason. And Jaebum is certainly not a good enough reason.”

(Jaebum’s POV)
Aish. This girl was so stubborn. Despite all your efforts, Y/N just wouldn’t quit. Why did she want to work for your family so desperately? Didn’t she have dreams? Ambitions? Anything better than working as a housemaid at least. You didn’t need her as a housemaid, you were more than capable to take care of this yourself. You never cooked or clean before but how hard could it be? A girl like Y/N should do something amazing and not wasting her time on you and your family, you had more than enough money to get another maid, a better one too.

You drop your mom’s favorite tea kettle, breaking it.  You put the blame on Y/N. “Yah, Y/N, why would you break my mom’s favorite tea kettle?! Pick it up”. You had hoped for a little bickering but to your surprise she kneels down and begins picking up the pieces without a word. “Yah… Y/N…”

She doesn’t look up.

“Yah, at least get some gloves! You’re going to get a cut if-”

“ouch! Aish-”

You instinctively run over to her aid. “Y/N! Gwenchana? Do you need to get stitches? Does it-”

She pulls away. “yeah I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.” Ouch, that stung.

She walks away with blood dripping down.
“Yah! You’re getting blood all over the rug! You’re going to have to clean the later- aish!”

The next day you see her with her hand wrapping in cloth.

“Y/N… is your hand okay?”

“I’m fine” she starts walking to the kitchen.

“yah, I was just trying to be nice….”

She spins around.

“If you were trying to be nice then you wouldn’t have broken it in the first place! You shouldn’t be here while I’m working.”

“Ouch. Don’t you think your words are a little too harsh?”

“No. No I don’t. Not compared to what you put me through since i’ve been working here. You’ve purposely tried to make me fail!”

“Pshhh what are you talking about-”

“The mud pies, the sand in my lunch, framing me for stealing, breaking things! What are you five? I really hope you weren’t like this when my mother worked here. She deserved so much better than how you are treating me right now.”

“If you can’t take it then you should just quit!”

“You know, at first I could handle your childish games. But I now realize that I don’t deserve to be treated like this by such a douchebag.”

“Then just quit!”

She turns back around and continues to walk.

“Yah! I’m talking to you! Don’t walk away from me!”

She doesn’t turn around, but instead lifts her hands and flips you off.

At night you couldn’t fall asleep because pictures of Y/N’s bloody hand kept you awake. You felt bad. But then again, why was she so stupid as to not wear any protection? Aish. What if she didn’t get any medical attention and she is bleeding out right now?! Can you bleed to death from your hand? Probably. You spring out of bed, grab the first aid kit, and head to Y/N’s room. You knock. No answer. “Yah, you better not be getting blood on the newly renovated guest room!”. No answer. “I brought you some medication if your hand hurts…” no answer. “ I will just leave it here. Take 1 after each meal if your hand hurts. Arasso?”

(Your POV)

You decided to quit.

Despite being accepted and loved by Mr. and Mrs. Im, you could no longer tolerate Jaebum’s childish actions. You decided that it was best just to quit so you and Jaebum could just move on. Working at the Im household had earned you a decent amount of money that you could rent an apartment for at least a little while until you found a decent job. Maybe you could get your old job back at the convenience store.

(Jaebum’s POV)

You knocked on Y/N’s bedroom door.

You held your juice covered shirt in your hand.

“Yah, Y/N, wake up. I spilled juice all over my shirt. I need you to clean it before it stains.”

No answer. You knock again.

“Yah~ ileona~”

You mom pops her head out of her room.

“Yah, Jaebum-ah, be quiet. We all know you spilled juice on your shirt just as an excuse to show up in front of Y/N’s door with no shirt on. And I fired Y/N yesterday. Now put a shirt on, no one is impressed by the abs that you think you have.”

“Mwuh rah goo? Fired her? WAE!?”

You mom fully steps out of her room with her arms crossed.

“She broke my favorite tea kettle right? and she got blood all over my imported carpet. I had no choice but to fire her-”

“WHAT?! It- it- was me who broke it I-”

“shhhh, it’s okay Jaebum, don’t try and cover for her. Isn’t this what you wanted? To get Y/N fired? Well congratulations!”

“Omma. Do you know where Y/N is staying?”

“Of course, I needed her address to send her the bills for the carpet and a new tea kettle.”


You rushed over to Y/N. She got fired. Isn’t this what you wanted? Why do you feel bad? She was Y/N after all. Aish. You’ve turned into a softy.  

You enter the parking lot of a run down apartment complex that was in desperate need of painting and reconstruction.

You ring the doorbell to Y/N’s shabby apartment. No answer.

You knock. No answer.

You ring the bell, then you knock. You ring the bell, then knock. No answer. You keep knocking on the door and create a steady beat. Finally the door opens and Y/N is half asleep and still in her PJ’s. This person in front of you didn’t look like her strong, poised, self. Did getting fired hit her this hard?


“Y/N, why didn’t tell me you got fired! Why did you bleed! I told you to wear gloves and let me help you! Babo!”


She fully opens her eyes and sees you entirely.

“YAH!” now she looks like herself.

“Y/N! Why do you look like that! Did getting fired make you so depressed that you can’t take care of yourself!?”

“I look like this because you woke me up!”


You barge into Y/N’s new place.

“yah, why do you have nothing in here?”

“Maybe it’s because I am poor-”

“Look. I know that I was being a total asshole, as usual. But that’s just me, you should know that after all these years. I didn’t mean to get you fired!”

(Your POV)

It was first thing in the morning and Jaebum suddenly shows up. You are hardly awake and Jaebum is just yapping away and won’t shutup. You don’t pay any attention until you hear him say that you got fired.

“Fired? Who said anything about being fired? I quit.”

“what? But my mom told me that you got fired because-… Oh my god that old lady did it again. She would never bill you when you are already poor as it is. and she would never fire you, she loved you like you were her only child.”

“Your mom told you she fired me? Oh~ she had mentioned something like ‘making Jaebum feel guilty’ for putting me through hell for the last couple of months.”

“But if you didn’t get fired… Yah! Why did you quit!”

“Because you were a total asshole!”


“aish, you acting like a child got really annoying after a while”

“The only reason why I did it was because you deserved better than working for us!”

“What!? Babo, what kind of logic is that!?”

“My logic! I heard you got accepted into college. You should of went instead of wasting your time on my family and I.”

“I couldn’t go even if I wanted to, I have no money”

Neither of you say anything.

“wae. Why would you care if I wasted my time or not?”

“because… a girl like you doesn’t deserve to be around a spoiled rich family”

“you may be spoiled but I love being around your parents.”

“yah! You-”

“I have no regrets. I love working for your family. They treat me like I am apart of your family.”

“Then can you come back to working for us? I will try to not be such a douche”

“Why would you want me to work for you after you tried so hard to get me fired?”

“because…” he mumble, making his words inaudible.


“because I would…”
“Jaebum, speak so I can hear you. You’re not five”


You don’t say anything.



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Another vent fic via ur fav mentally unstable mod sammy

It feels right in the sun, the sun
We’re running around and around
Like nothing else could matter in our life
But wait, but wait, but wait
The sun will stop shining soon
And you’ll be dark in my life
Yeah, you’ll be gone, it’s as simple as a change of heart
But I’m not gonna think about the future

A love like this won’t last forever
I know that a love like this won’t last forever

You wondered for a moment how a human being like him could exist. Jumin was made of so many different layers, so many different parts of him, some you had peeled back and others you had nearly broken your nails off trying to scrape away. The coldness he had shown when you first met him over a messenger app; he was only concerned with his company, his cat, and keeping everything flowing efficiently. Back then, you had known there had to be more. He was human, just like you, and Zen, and Yoosung, even if they joked he must have been a robot. You wondered for a minute if hearing that affected him at all (it would have hurt you, why not him?)

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to start things off, i just want to say a huge thank you to the most beautiful people in the world – you guys! you have made my experience on tumblr very meaningful, and even though i cant do much like photoshop or even opinions that well, i’ve somehow managed to snag over 400 followers. i love you all v v much, and this is your invitation to pls be my friend.

“you are the smell before rain.”

lameofrp -alli. aka my everything and the friendliest person ever. you are my bfffff, and i love u with all my heart. you’re one of the first people i became friends with on here & every time we talk you bring a big ol’ smile to my face!! you’re amazing and i’ve noticed ur kinda going through a rough time rn, but keep ur head up bc u are a flower in a dry desert. so many ppl love u, especially m E. thank u for being my friend and putting up w/ my bullshit and lame jokes all the time. i hope u never leave me bc ur actual perfection (even if u dont realize it) and i always look forward to talking to u. heart eyes at u.

palrph -my CUTE NOVEL! i think ur a very creative person and i love you w/ all my heart, i swear. i remember you were a HUGE tumblr crush of mine when i started (not on this blog…i used to have another rph/rpt blog nd i swear i would just stalk u all the time, back when u had emma watson as ur mascot for the first time) and i would just sit and pout and wish i could be ur friend. and now i am ur bob. life is a beautiful thing. i just wanna thank u for helping me that one day when life was tough on me and i was feelin’ sad, but u brought me right back up again. i appreciate everything u do. loves. also thank u for this fucking AMAZING graphic…fuq..its so sexi i think im gonna propose to it. i love u more than anything ok. 

assrps -o my cute ass. idk if u even check this blog anymore but ur my bud and i felt the need to write u a lil something anyway. i remember when u came over to my place the first time i started rping and i tried to hide it from u, and then u found out & i got all embarrassed. i wasn’t expecting u to be into it too but im glad you did otherwise we would’ve never had logan and andy, the ultimate brotp. i wont go on about dumb shit bc u know i love u, i cant wait to see 5sos w/u!!!!!!

creativekaitlyn -we’ve been through a lot and u havent been on this blog in forever last time i checked, which is good so i dont have to worry about u seeing this. i love u and im sorry for everything. i hope u find the best version of yourself this year & ill grow up!! thanks for being a p great rp partner.

anicelarps -my loNG LOST SISTER. we have so much in common it was too crazy. i dont think u check this blog anymore either bt ur my pal and i needed to include u in this anyway. we need to start talking again bc i miss my twin sister rip me </3

rooofrp - i’m p sure u hate me bt riley :-// ur one of the coolestcoolest people on here & funny as shit tbh. we havent talked in 28 years which sucks but hopefully ill get my ass on aim sometime soon and find the courage to message u. ily tho, dont forget that. ps. ur cute as balls.

“you are the blood in my veins.”

honestly this is everyone i have a crush on, or i find you constantly lighting up my dash. i dont have the courage to approach you & be ur friend, so this is the best i’ll ever be able to do. thank u so much for following me tho, it means the world. 

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