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How's Ilias? I want to know more about him :3

!! (imagine me in my bedroom, ricocheting off the walls knowing that someone wants to know more about my big baby boy)

For anyone who doesn’t know him, Ilias is a principal character of my webcomic The World in Deeper Inspection. He’s a mysterious and quiet man - speaking very little, and revealing very little. His status in Night is as a wanderer - a person who, for whatever reason, has wandered the earth for longer than the natural human lifespan. (Zeynel, a vampire, is also considered a wanderer. Keanu Reeves too.)

His silence is more a result of his detachment and wariness, rather than a disdain towards people. Travelling is a habit of his - he never stays in one place for too long, and very few people remember or notice him. But that changes in the timeline of the comic, now he’s got a group of (still new) friends who are long-living. We’ll see how his friendship progresses and more of his personality as he gets out of his shell, as it’s going to be significant later on (hint hint).

He is passionate about music; he knows how to play most instruments (the guitar and piano being his main instruments of choice), and he has a beautiful versatile singing voice, and his music says much more about him than he could ever admit. The gang does music jams all the time, and they are super big fans of him (to his amusement). He also likes to read, and books are another thing that defines him.

Covering the lower half of his face in-comic is symbolic and something I intend to do for as long as I can find ways to cover it up

And then I realized how it all fit so perfectly: my hands in his; his lips against mine.

The allies, because she would help terresen in any way she could, even if she wasn’t there.


Last year I made RWBY Valentine’s cards since the finale fell on Valentine’s Day. (And we all fell with it.)

Though the Volume 4 finale doesn’t fall on the day, it’s still in the month, so I decided to make some Volume 4 themed ones the day before the finale, like I did last time.

About the Kali and Sun one, I am not sorry.

  • Fennec: So...let me get this straight, Blake Belladonna-
  • Corsac: -one of the biggest threats to our organization-
  • Fennec: -STOLE all our info....How?
  • Ilia: I err kept it all on my scroll.
  • Fennec: UUUUUUUUUUUGH! Why do we let teenagers into our terrorist organization?!
  • Corsac: Because brother Taurus is an idiot?
  • Ilia: Am I fired?
  • Fennec and Corsac: SHUT UP AND BOW MYSTERIOUSLY!