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I'm actually so hyped for Zetsubou hen because there is an actual chance we get to see Mukuro is living, breathing animation with a voice line or more. I could here Mukuro say one word not as Junkuro and I could die peacefully.

That makes two of us, anon.

I have been trying to keep my hype levels for Mukuro in check because I’ve been burned so many times before, but knowing that Toyoguchi Megumi is in the cast and seeing Mukuro as herself in the OP, I just can barely contain myself.

Okay so I actually really like Mukuro but nearly all the fanart makes her have zero expression when we legit have first hand evidence that she can PULL FACES and that makes me sad :C

also if you think all mercs are deadpan serious 24/7 you have clearly never talked to anyone who has spent time in the army