My friends and I were inspired by @punziella‘s Ozai’s Angels fanart and we put together a cosplay version for Ikkicon this year! 

props to @renfamous for orchestrating our Fire Nation Girl Gang. It was super cold the day that we wore these, so we had to make some modifications :’D

featuring @renfamous as Azula, @peonylang as Mai, and myself as Ty Lee.


Having a blast with old and new friends!!

@epix321 @squidsiscallie @levis__teacup @hayleiswimgirl tag yourself!!


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“Just practicing, bro,,,for our wedding night, bro–”

I can’t wait to cosplay these two again!
Blue/Green/Rival/great translation job guys: @renzullis
Red: Me
Photo by @digimonkaizer

See more cosplay pics on my Facebook page, Jank Cosplay


Here’s that Bill Cipher(Gravity Falls) cosplay of mine that I made and wore at Ikkicon back in December.

And trust me, it is way bigger in real life than it looks in photos. This actually has to be the biggest cosplay I have made, to date. So big that during the construction of this beast, I had to go and improvise and suddenly redesign it, so that it could be assembled when in use, and dissembled when not in use.