└ Thanks for the offer to be the 6th Arashi member, Sawamura-san.  Other than dancing and singing… Riida wants to just check:

Satoshi: Are you sure you can also commit to doing research, filming commercials? [when Sawamura-san doesn’t back off]  YOU STILL DESIRE IT [being part of Arashi]?!

Sho: It’s so sudden that [Oh-chan’s] leadership presence was felt.

Satoshi: (laughs at the energized atmosphere)

Cr: VS Arashi 11.08.2016

Note: pardon any errors in translation

Watching the JDrama ‘Ghost Mama Sousasen’ with Yukie Nakama. A police officer loses her life in a house fire but stays on earth as a ghost to watch over her shy and cowardly six-year-old son Tonbo. Only her son is able to see her when he puts on her glasses, and together they investigate crimes as well as helping the deceased finish their last regret that is keeping them from going to heaven. But Tonbo is getting stronger by the day and becoming more independent, so what will his mother do now that her reason for staying as a ghost is diminishing?