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Inspired by bleachlists’ labyrinth lists I and II. Kensei, Shuuhei, and Yama-jii didn’t appear in those lists, though, haha! XD

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10 ways Ikkaku might ask Yumichika out

As requested by anon. :)

If the Squad 11 duo decided to make it official and become a couple, how might Ikkaku ask out Yumichika?

1. The Squad 11 method.

Namely, never saying the truth out loud because everybody involved already knows about it anyway.



Renji: Whoa! You guys are dating?

Ikkaku: How do you always do that?!

2. The “go out with me dance” method.

Much like Ikkaku’s lucky dance, only this is a sort of mating dance designed to get the other person to go out on a date. Yumichika will see it for the first time when Ikkaku uses it on him, but that doesn’t mean he won’t know what it means.

Ikkaku: [interpretative dancing]

Yumichika: Yes! Yes of course!


Kenpachi: I don’t know what’s going on in my squad anymore.

3. The “paperwork” method.

Ikkaku writes a series of sweet notes (or as sweet as Ikkaku can get) and hides them amidst Yumichika’s paperwork and workspace.

Yumichika: Ikkaku, did you take the time to write and hide 37 different love notes?

Ikkaku: Yup!

Yumichika: Why didn’t you just spend the time doing the paperwork so that we could actually go out?


Ikkaku: Because if I thought that way, then I’d be paperwork guy!

4. The “Yachiru advised” method.

Ikkaku might ask Yachiru for her advice on how best to ask Yumichika out. In which case he’d presumably hide in a wall, jump out suddenly, and ask that way.


Ikkaku: You don’t seem surprised.

Yumichika: I can sense your spiritual pressure, you know.

Ikkaku: Oh yeah.

5.The “feathery” method.

Knowing how much Yumichika likes feathers, Ikkaku could painstakingly glue three dozen feathers to a piece of plasterboard, spelling, “Will you go out with me?”


Ikkaku: Sorry they, uh, ended up looking kinda damp and frayed.


Ikkaku: I’m not great with crafts.


Ikkaku: You’re upset that I destroyed all those feathers, aren’t you?

Yumichika: You’re just lucky you’re cute, Ikkaku.

6. The “just follow me” method.

Ikkaku could just say, “Yumichika, follow me!” and then go marching off without explanation. Yumichika would come along, of course, and then Ikkaku could lead him straight to a date! Or to bed. Whatever.

Yumichika: Ikkaku, this room is…beautiful.

Yumichika: How did you manage that?

Ikkaku: I, uh, asked Matsumoto for help.

Ikkaku: That okay?

Yumichika: I was wondering why there was so much booze…

7. The “weekend getaway” method.

Ikkaku invites Yumichika on a romantic getaway…in the world of the living, of course.

Keigo: Y-you guys! What are you doing at my house?

Ikkaku: Hey man. We need your house.

Keigo: Oh, you need to stay here again?

Ikkaku: Yup. And you need to leave. So we can use your house. To do it.


Keigo: I hate being friends with soul reapers.

8. The “heart-shaped hollow’ method.

Hollows seem to come in all shapes and sizes. So presumably, somewhere out there, there’s a hollow shaped like a heart. If Ikkaku could find it it and give it to Yumichika, that would be the most romantic Squad 11 present ever.

Yumichika: A heart-shaped hollow, for me?

Ikkaku: Damn straight. You can slice that bad boy into a million pieces with your zanpakuto, while I watch!

Yumichika: Squad 11 is definitely the best.

9. The "just checking” method

Or assuming that Ikkaku and Yumichika have been dating this whole time, maybe all he needs to do is check.

Ikkaku: Hey Yumichika, we’re a couple, right?

Yumichika: I sure hope so.

Yumichika: Otherwise all the sex we have is seriously weird.

10. The “open and honest” method.

It would warm this blogger’s heart if Ikkaku and Yumichika could just manage to be honest with each other. For once. Mostly Yumichika.

Ikkaku: Anyway, that’s what was going through my head when I lost that fight. How ‘bout you? Anything you want to confess while we’re being honest?


Yumichika: Ihaveakidosword!

Ikkaku: What?

Yumichika: A, uh, kido sword. I have one.

Ikkaku: Fuck you!


Ikkaku: How could you assume for so many years that I would care about a thing like that?

Ikkaku: I say - any sword that comes from your soul has got to be all right!

Yumichika: Ikkaku….

Yumichika: I think I’m the lucky one.