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hello ! just honestly wanted to thank you for everything that you do for ikkayumi im so happy that you constantly write fics, make fanart and just blog about them :( i love them both and you so much ♡♡ so my question is: yumichika, can you tell me the top 5 most beautiful things about ikkaku?

((Thank you anon, you’ve warmed my heart.))  

  • eyes
  • kindness
  • heart
  • muscles
  • smile
Ikkaku’s shippy pronoun use

So I just realized something majorly adorable. In the sub version of bleach, they mistranslate Ikkaku’s lines a lot. They translate some of the stuff he says as ‘I’, as if to say he’s saying ‘ore’, but he’s not. He’s saying ‘oretachi’, as in ‘we’.

This is pretty much always happening in any scenes he and Yumichika are on screen together. So he’s basically speaking for the both of them almost anytime he says anything, unless he’s specifically talking about his own sword, his own clothes, etc. Oddly enough, he doesn’t say ‘we’ when talking to Yumichika, because it seems to go without saying that he’s talking about the two of them when making decisions. However, he clarifies this ‘we’ thing when talking to other people.

For example, he doesn’t use ‘oretachi’ or even ‘ore’ one time when talking to Yumichika when suffering at Mizuho’s house (Keigo’s love-sick sister) when they’re deciding whether or not to stay or when they’re going back to soul society. He never specifies whether he’s talking about himself or both of them, not saying either ‘I’ or ‘we’. Even when Ikkaku says ‘I can’t focus on the mission like this,’ a more direct translation of what he actually said was ‘It’s impossible to focus on the mission like this,’ as if Yumichika would be unable to do so either. Fitting in with that theme, Yumichika rarely refers to Ikkaku directly without using his actual name, while Ikkaku usually goes without referring to him at all, just speaking without even hardly ever saying ‘you’ unless he’s majorly pissed off, like when Yumichika glued that hair onto his head. Even then, when Ikkaku’s freaking out, saying ‘What do I/we do now?!’, he literally didn’t specify pronoun use so that there’s no subject, leaving it ambiguous. (That fact alone along with that they don’t attach a suffix to their names, is reason enough to say that they have an intimate personal relationship.)

On top of all that, even though Ikkaku was so pissed when Yumichika glued that wig on him, he only called Yumichika ‘teme’ one time, when he initially realized what he did. After that, he was just chasing him and yelling junk. However when he runs into Ichigo, he says ‘omae’, ‘omee’, and ‘teme’, several times, (all rude forms of ‘you’, used directly, which is also really rude in Japan) which was a jarring jump from how he’d talked to Yumichika, even when pissed.

He also does something like this earlier on when he’s in that ‘cute’ panda shirt and Yumichika’s laughing at him. The translations say that Ikkaku said something like ‘Shut up, you bastard, you’re annoying the hell out of me.’ He really says something like ‘Shut up, are (you) going to be noisy forever?) when really he never insults Yumichika other than to tell him to shut up and stop being annoying. He never says ‘you’ or uses an insult. 

Again, there’s a one eighty shift, when Rangiku pops up and laughs, because the first word he says to her besides her name is ‘you. ‘Teme’, which is a rude form of ‘you’ that is so rude that it’s almost like saying ‘you bastard’. 

Then he turns back to Yumichika again after talking with Rangiku a little more, explaining why he had to wear the shirt - and when he talks to Yumichika, again, he never directly refers to him. This flip around in his language when he talks to Yumichika is incredibly obvious, given that Ikkaku is notorious for using insanely casual and rude speech to pretty much everyone else in his peer group. (The Captain and Lieutenant are different matters. He uses strictly polite speech with Zaraki, and with Yachiru he at least tries to be polite.) That being said, with the way he’s so direct and rude to literally everyone else,Yumichika is definitely an exception from the rest of his peers and I can’t believe I didn’t notice before.

I find this immensely interesting.

(That whole ordeal where he and Yumichika are staying together at the Asano’s residence is pretty shippy in itself. Maybe I’ll analyze that someday too.) 

Back to the ‘we’ usage, Yumichika does something like this too. He uses ‘bokutachi’, which is also we, but he usually only says this when referring to a larger group that includes more than just Ikkaku and him. Ikkaku usually keeps ‘oretachi’ exclusively for referring to himself and Yumichika only.

Seriously, Ikkaku says ‘we’ more often than ‘I’, whenever Yumichika is with him, especially when what he’s talking about is concerning what their future activities are going to be - meaning, whatever Ikkaku is doing in the future, Yumichika is going to be doing it too. Ikkaku includes Yumichika in all ‘their’ decisions.

I first noticed this in the Shinigami golden short where Ikkaku’s pigging out on a bentou while Yumichika, Rangiku, and Toshiro are there, and they’re talking about Orihime’s ‘delicious’ cooking. 

Ikkaku said ‘I wouldn’t mind trying some’, in the subtitles, but he definitely said ‘we’ in japanese. ‘Hooo, oretachi mo tabetei mite monda naa.’ ‘We also want to try eating some.’ Basically, he’s speaking for Yumichika and himself even regarding casual simple matters.

Tight friendship, romantic love, or self-centered insensitivity?

This is definitely worth investigating.

au where ikkaku and yumichika are roommates and they fight every morning over the mirror in the one bathroom 

they just kind of gently nudge each other out of the way but it escalates until one of them straight up pushes the other one out of the way

yumichika says smth like ‘ikkaku why are u even here. u dont put anywhere near the amount of effort in to your appearance as i do’

ikkaku’s like 'this eyeliner doesnt wing itself’