I Want To Talk About Soulmates

Bleach soulmates to be exact! A while back, @incorrctbleach said that Ikkaku and Yumichika were the closest thing to soulmates in the series. That inspired me to post about it, but I didn’t have a Bleach blog until now! So, I’ll talk about IkkaYumi later on, but first, I want to talk about Kyōraku and Ukitake. I suppose this post will also be a good way for the people that follow this blog to know what I OTP and BROtp ship. So, let’s go!

P.S. I’m a multi-shipper!

P.S.S. I don’t know all the ship names, so I’m just going with what sounds good!

First off, I think I should explain what I mean when I say “soulmates.” When I say “soulmates,” I simply mean two people that complement each other. I believe that is the barest definition of the word, but I know that some people don’t consider two people to be soulmates unless they’re perfect halves that make a perfect whole, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a good representation of how suited two people are to one another.  So, just know that I’m using the term as loosely as I can.

Shunsui Kyōraku & Jūshirō Ukitake

Okay, so Kyōraku and Ukitake make me so sad. I consider them soulmates because it just seems like they were meant to find each other. They’re similarities and differences balance them out so perfectly with one another. They’re both very intelligent, kind, formidable in battle, laid back, and silly. At the same time, one is rough while the other is soft, the physically stronger one supports the physically weaker one while the physically weaker one emotionally supports the physically stronger one. It’s all a balance with these two, and to me that makes Kyōraku and Ukitake the closest example— if not the only example— of perfectly matched souls in the series. I will forever be sad that they lost each other at the end, but I firmly believe they’re still keeping the balance for each other beyond the limits of life and death.

Ikkaku Madarame & Yumichika Ayasegawa 

I don’t have much else to say about those two as I think their relationship kind of explains on its own why they’re soulmates. So, I’m going to move on to Ikkaku and Yumichika, now. These two are another situation that I feel like their relationship explains itself, but not as well as Kyōraku and Ukitake’s. Of course, IkkaYumi is quite a balanced ship as well; I think Ikkaku and Yumichika represent yin-yang to a T. I see more similarities than differences in Kyōraku and Ukitake, which is why I describe them with the loosest definition of “soulmates.” The opposite goes for IkkaYumi, which is why I describe them with the strictest definition of “soulmates” (hence the yin-yang comparison). If we talk about soulmates in the strictest sense of the word, then I agree with the aforementioned blogger that IkkaYumi are the closest thing to actual soulmates in the series. 

I believe the thing they most have in common with one another is their tenacity in battle. They both value the standards and practices of Squad 11 over anything else. Other than that, IkkaYumi is full of differences that level out to the perfect partnership. Of course, Ikkaku is more boisterous than Yumichika, and that’s pretty much the foundation of any other differences they have. They care about each other so much, they really are a beautiful ship.

Kisuke Urahara & Yoruichi Shihōin

Okay, I honestly love this ship so much. Why are they soulmates, you may be wondering? Well, I’ll tell you! Yoruichi has a very… abrasive personality at times, right? The only person I’ve seen that can take her shit like a champ is Urahara. Not to mention, they work perfectly in battle together. I love that Kisuke invents battle-ready materials specifically for Yoruichi to use. Not to mention, Urahara seems to know the most about Yoruichi compared to anybody else, at least, that’s what I gleaned from their time together, especially their battle together in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. Yoruichi also trusts and supports Kisuke to such an extreme extent that she got herself banned from Soul Society to help him escape. I can’t argue the “soulmates” point as much I’d like to be able to, all I can really say is that they each make up for the other’s shortcomings, and that’s what it’s all about.

Byakuka Kuchiki & Renji Abarai

Right, so this is sort of a new ship I’ve developed, but the more and more I think about it, the more these two make sense. I think the simple fact that Byakuya cares for Renji speaks volumes in and of itself. Another thing I see as, I guess, “proof” is Renji’s determination to bypass Byakuya in power only to learn to care for and respect him later on. Even if someone doesn’t see the two of them as romantic soulmates, I could still argue that the two are soulmates in battle. If I remember correctly, the one and only time Byakuya and Renji fought together, when it was just the two of them against their foe, was when they fought Ichigo. However, the sheer power of both of their Zanpakutō, especially since both of them have their Bankai, would make them impossible to beat. For example, Renji surrounding an enemy with his blade (like he did in the battle with Szayelaporro) plus Byakuya’s Shikai. Renji is fire, Byakuya is ice; Renji is impulse, Byakuya is calculation; Renji is power, Byakuya is speed. They just fit so well together.

Gin Ichimaru & Rangiku Matsumoto

Do I need to explain? I mean, we don’t get a whole lot of information on their relationship with each other, but I think it’s pretty firmly established that they were meant to be soulmates, but never got the chance to really be with each other. The fact that Gin sacrificed everything for her is enough on it’s own to highlight that they were meant to be together. I feel like I don’t really need to explain this one, I just wanted to put it on here so people knew I thought of them as soulmates. 

Ichigo Kurosaki & Rukia Kuchiki

Oh, boy. This is the big one. But, oddly enough, I don’t feel like I need to explain much with this ship either. Maybe it’s because this seems like the obvious pairing to me, and I also don’t want to get into a shipping war this early on in my blog’s existence. Well, I’m gonna try to explain, anyway.

I just feel like fate brought these two together on purpose. They owe everything to each other, but at the same time, they ask nothing of each other because they’re both content to simply be together. They care so much about each other, as well. Ichigo always tries to protect Rukia, Rukia is always worried about Ichigo first and foremost in battle. These two give IkkaYumi a run for their money when it comes to yin-yang. Similar to ByaRen, Ichigo is instinct, Rukia is planning; Ichigo is light, Rukia is darkness; Ichigo is complexity, Rukia is simplicity. I could go on forever. All of their characteristics complement each other. Warmth complements cold, power complements skill, etc. I just honestly believe they were made and designed for each other and nobody else. I suppose if you combine every meaning of the word “soulmate” and applied it to every ship mentioned above, then IchiRuki would definitely be defined as “complete soulmates.” 

I’m going to make a post where I list out all my ships for Bleach, and if you see some on their that weren’t in the above list, it’s because I romantically ship them, but I don’t consider them soulmates (i.e. those would be my romantic crack!ships or the secondary romantic ship I have for that character since I multi-ship).

I also want to highlight BROtp soulmates (as I believe everybody has a romantic soulmate and friend soulmate), as I ended up only discussing romantic ones above (if you want me to go into detail about these, let me know). Firstly, though, I’ll sum up the soulmates I’ve already talked about.

*Sidebar: I don’t actually know what category I’d place Shunsui/Ukitake in as I see them as both OTP and BROtp, however, I’ve placed them in OTP because I think I ship them more in that sense than the latter.*

Romantic Soulmates

ShunUki, IkkaYumi, UraYoru, ByaRen, GinRan, IchiRuki

Friendship Soulmates

ByaHitsu, RenIchi, ShuIzu, MatsuHina

Well, that’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading, I got a little jaded towards the end. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to send me a message or an ask! I’ll be making an “All My Ships” kind of post next, so if you’re wondering if I ship a certain ship, stay tuned! After that, I plan on doing a post on Bankai, but for now, thanks for reading!

anonymous asked:

hello ! just honestly wanted to thank you for everything that you do for ikkayumi im so happy that you constantly write fics, make fanart and just blog about them :( i love them both and you so much ♡♡ so my question is: yumichika, can you tell me the top 5 most beautiful things about ikkaku?

((Thank you anon, you’ve warmed my heart.))  

  • eyes
  • kindness
  • heart
  • muscles
  • smile

look, i realize we have a ship war going on right now and thats all well and good, but i think we can all agree on the fact that ikkaku madarame and yumichika ayasegawa are very gay for each other