Okoto Demidragon, fusion of Ikir, Terak and Melum and Okoto Jungle Crawler, fusion of Akida, Uxar and Ketar.

Been playing around with the Uniter sets. The creatures were fun to combine and their part selection made it a good challenge to think outside the box.

PS. I just realised the golden masked creatures have feet while the silver masked ones don’t. Coincidence?


Pohatu - Uniter of Stone.

Featuring shoulders courtesy of @beardlydesigns and a color scheme that feels just a little bit more cohesive to me. The trans-lime was a nice touch but it too often seemed to clash with the dark orange for me personally. 

Also, a test for his Unity form. I don’t actually own Ketar but I will probably use the Ikir head anyway. Goes better with the gold mask.