T’Challa - The Tourist

“If I were to do this - If I even could do it, I’d need a guarantee. How do I know you can deliver?”

“You don’t. But I can.

Assemble your team, Mr Rogers, and choose your people wisely.”

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So I love fashion, right? That means I plan on making all the times I go see Black Panther AN EVENT. This whole experience is a gift to me and I want to have as much fun with it as possible. Anyway these looks and accessories are divine and definitely how I’d like to show up to theaters.

Suit: Ikiré Jones, T'Challa actually rocks one of his looks in the trailer at what appears to be a press conference

Accessories: Atelier Swarovski by Fiona Kotur

Cape blazer: Nana Wax


Okoto Demidragon, fusion of Ikir, Terak and Melum and Okoto Jungle Crawler, fusion of Akida, Uxar and Ketar.

Been playing around with the Uniter sets. The creatures were fun to combine and their part selection made it a good challenge to think outside the box.

PS. I just realised the golden masked creatures have feet while the silver masked ones don’t. Coincidence?


Pohatu - Uniter of Stone.

Featuring shoulders courtesy of @beardlydesigns and a color scheme that feels just a little bit more cohesive to me. The trans-lime was a nice touch but it too often seemed to clash with the dark orange for me personally. 

Also, a test for his Unity form. I don’t actually own Ketar but I will probably use the Ikir head anyway. Goes better with the gold mask.

Journey to FUN!

It’s here! It’s been over 6 years since any Bionicle animation longer than 3 minutes has come out, and there’s clearly been a significant budget increase to this G2 reboot’s episode-style format. We’ve got 3D animated toa and villagers alike, along with a lively crew of creatures and a villain who manages to simultaneously be Starscream and Megatron (sorry, I had to, but the link is a StamperTV comedy sketch that is as relevant as it is not safe for work).

If you’ve played or seen screenshots from the Mask of Control mobile game, you know basically where the overarching story is headed. The two and a half episodes we have are the full tread of the winter wave, and end on a “cliffhanger” for summer that’s of course entirely blown out of the water by leaks. As usual though, it’s the moments in between that really shine and liven things up. Journey to One is definitely many things at once, but above all it succeeds at being fun!

Just don’t let the ramblings of this over-devoted fanboy be your first experiences with this show; it’s got tons of charm that can only be expressed by a visual medium! Spoilers and such abound below, so Netflix binge excessively and then come back, won’t you?

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