Sur Facebook, LEGO vient de publier un speed drawing de Matt Betteker sur Tahu et Ikir unifiés.

We took photos in the park on our wedding day and they were so breathtaking that we promised we would come back every year and try to recreate them.

After dinner in the city we head over to the park, take some photos and say our vows to each other again.  It’s something that is more special every year….especially this year with the addition of the peanut.  Next year there will be another person in the photo that you can see…a tiny little person that will be the physical manifestation of our love and commitment to each other.  

Am I still beaming?  Probably…it’s not going to stop for a while…I have no control over it.  

There needs to be more silly headcanons about G2. Have some about the elemental creatures based on their real-world counterparts.

Uxar- Like most insects Uxar has a short lifespan and reproduces asexually to ensure there is a new Uxar to take its place.

Ketar- Glows under UV light, no one knows why.

Ikir- A regular kelpto, will steal objects from villagers to decorate its nest. Not above stealing fruit or fish from market stands or village hands.

Melum- Extremely nearsighted, has trouble getting around without slipping or tripping due to its poor eyesight. Likes to pick insects off of Kopaka in an awkward attempt at social grooming.

Akida- Is secretly a dolphin born with a minor tail deformity. Pretends to be a shark to avoid awkward conversations about this issue. Is still adorable.

Terak- Is Melumn’s half brother, frequently has to spend time sunning itself on the surface to maintain its body temperature.


Bought these two. I’m probably alone with this, but I prefer 2016 Tahu to last year’s version. This one just looks more detailed and less blank platey to me. Personal preference.

They also have a great united form, but sadly that form is too big for my lightbox so no pictures, sorry! Unless you want terrible cropped ones.