Reading through an article about some young furniture company that wants to compete with Ikea. Article lists one of their products. $179 for a set of modified clamps to attach to whatever flat surface (apparently not included) to convert it into a 16" tall table. …. Yeah. Or I could go to Ikea and get a Lack or whatever for under $20. Just because you failed at reassembling your Ikea bedframe (which actually costs the same as the modified clamps…), doesn’t mean you’re going to solve the non-issue of moving with Ikea furniture (I took it apart and put it back together and it was rickety!). Industrial hipster chic. I wanna look poor, so I have to spend a ton of money…

Seriously, they think they’re ‘taking a dig’ at Ikea. Or going to 'dethrone’ Ikea. With $179 modified clamps for that piece of plywood you found in the dumpster. Their target demographic is 'informed’ and wants to 'consume more thoughtfully’. No, your target demographic is young, upperclass white men who want to appear as if they’re poor college students with a slab of plywood from the dumpster that serves as their bedframe. Go sleep on the floor or on a ratty couch you found in a back alley (or if you have a few bucks and good luck, found one at Goodwill) for a year and tell me again how much you love that look.

I’m so angry! Like, you totally missed the point of next-to-disposable furniture!

Random update

Hey guys!

I am still working on my Yuuko cosplay - I bet you are all bored, so let me update you on another project I am working. It is not cosplay related but it is fun.

Have you heard of the Kotatsu? A kotatsu is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon(heavy blanket) upon which a table top sits. It is quite popular in Japanese homes where central heating is not common (usually this is the case for younger people who are poor, or folks who live in the country.) Anyway, the walls of most homes in Japan are quite thin and the winters there are fierce. If you watch a lot of anime you may have seen characters enjoying time with friends and family whilst sitting at a kotatsu. Last year my landlord wasn’t being very great with heat so I decided this year to remedy the situation with my own DIY kotatsu.

You will need:

1x LACK table from IKEA (I used the 30x30 size since that is a common size in Japan for a small kotatsu)

1x kotatsu heater (I got mine from ebay for $80)

4x screws that fit your L brackets

4x L brackets (to mount heater under table)

8x washers (I think this is optional but I got em anyway for screwing the kotatsu into the brackets)

1x hook type bracket.. you’ll see below There are two other misc. things I used but I don’t remember the names - just go by the pictures and wing it with what you find in your hardware store.

First, I had a friend of mine who is a carpenter, trim down the legs of the IKEA LACK table because a traditional kotatsu is about 14 inches in height. For taller folks, you may not need to trim down the LACK legs and you might like the height as is. I did not.  The LACK table is great because you can use the bottom shelf as the second table top over your blanket.

You then go and buy a heater. Mine came from a Japanese seller on Ebay.

The one above is the cheapest model by METRO and is intended for a 30x30 table. It will work with a US outlet without a stepdown converter. I’ve actually read arguments against buying one because supposedly step down converters can shorten the life of the product. I also read that the voltage is usually an estimate because at any given place in Japan (or even in the US) the voltage going into someone’s home may be different by a range of 20-100v.

The heater came with it’s own screws. So I just screwed the L brackets onto the kotatsu heater as you see here.

Do some measuring and center the heater under the table.

After screwing it down, you may want to have something to stop the cord from dangling. So go install one of those circle things (what is it called? jeez I forget.)

My heater came with that metal clip - so now I have a place to hang the wire.

I wanted the wire to lead straight to one of the legs, so like a traditional kotatsu, I installed a hook.

I didn’t screw it in tightly so it swivels around :)

I didn’t take pictures with the kotatsu fully done - with the blanket and table top on… because I’m currently using the second table top as a flat surface to lean on while I paint my Yuuko kimono, haha.

For the futon I purchased a blanket from Ikea 200cm x 200cm which seems to be the normal size for a futon intended for a 30x30 table. You can use any size IKEA LACK table (there is the super small one for ten, but that would only fit one person… and what if you want to use your laptop and eat dinner at the same time? or do homework? the smallest size has no room for any of that!)

Anyway, for under $200 dollars you can DIY using mostly IKEA stuff and random things from the hardware store. :)

anonymous asked:

Do you use some hacks/mods in your game?

I most certainly do! Here is a list that took me hours to compile but it’s good to have for reference of all the mods/hacks/fixes/overrides/etc. in my game at the moment (although in my search for the links I came across even more mods I need, so this is by no means all-inclusive):

I also use a name mod but I forget which one I have… :x

Hope this helps! <3 


Anaheim Ducks

Rickard Rakell - Gynecologist

Arizona Coyotes

Jason Demers - Pillows in the Bathtub

Michael Latta - Baby and Brobeans

Boston Bruins

Adam McQuaid - Two Birds With One Stone

Buffalo Sabres

Alex Nylander - Wear My Jersey

Alex Nylander - Date Night

Alex Nylander - Crazy I Love Yous

Alex Nylander - Not Touching

Alex Nylander - Car Accident

Derek Grant - Sandcastles Made for Princesses

Calgary Flames

Eddie Lack - IKEA Trip

Johnny Gaudreau - Picture Frame

Matthew Tkachuk - Win Me Over

Matthew Tkachuk - Attached at the Hip

Matthew Tkachuk - Fighters Get Rewards

Matthew Tkachuk - Makeout Break

Matthew Tkachuk - Acne

Sean Monahan - Interviewer

Carolina Hurricanes

Elias Lindholm - Tech Manager

Jeff Skinner - Future With You

Jeff Skinner - Future With You Part 2

Jeff Skinner - Snow

Jordan Staal - Young Parents

Noah Hanifin - Slow Hands

Sebastian Aho - Albums

Sebastian Aho - Board Game Night

Chicago Blackhawks

Artemi Panarin - Co-workers

Brandon Saad - Sweet Home Chicago

Duncan Keith - Love With Little Ones

Jonathan Toews - Independence

Jonathan Toews - Independence Part 2

Jonathan Toews - A Mug and a Onesie

Jonathan Toews - Die For You

Jonathan Toews - Hockey Fill

Patrick Kane - Wagers

Patrick Kane - Businesswoman

Patrick Kane - Sniffly Nose in a Fancy Dress

Ryan Hartman - Notes in a Café

Ryan Hartman - Notes in a Café Part 2

Ryan Hartman - Notes in a Café Part 3

Trevor Van Riemsdyk - Leafs Fan

Colorado Avalanche

AJ Greer - Tiny Purple Skates

AJ Greer - Hopefully it’s a Goalie

Columbus Blue Jackets

Artemi Panarin - Columbus, Chicago, San Jose

Artemi Panarin - Housewarming Party

Josh Anderson - Ties

Zach Werenski - Change

Zach Werenski - Change Part 2

Zach Werenski - Change Part 3

Zach Werenski - Meeting the Friends

Zach Werenski - Michigan Athletes

Zach Werenski - Michigan Athletes Part 2

Zach Werenski - Michigan Athletes Part 3

Zach Werenski - Columbus Clippers

Zach Werenski - Clingy, Cuddly Boyfriend

Zach Werenski - Better Friends

Dallas Stars

Jamie Benn - Good or Bad Luck Charm

Tyler Seguin - Girl Scout Cookies

Tyler Seguin - Five or Six

Tyler Seguin - Onesies

Tyler Seguin - Reputation to Keep Up

Tyler Seguin - Reputation to Keep Up Part 2

Tyler Seguin - New Interviewer

Tyler Seguin - Dream Psychology

Tyler Seguin - Hollie

Tyler Seguin - Pudge

Tyler Seguin - Scented Lotion

Tyler Seguin - Not Just a Bet

Tyler Seguin - First Time

Tyler Seguin - Famous Singer

Tyler Seguin - Balloons and Notes

Edmonton Oilers

Connor McDavid - Connor McDavid Song

Connor McDavid - Australia to Edmonton

Jesse Puljujarvi - Singer

Laurent Brossoit - Make You Love Halloween

Leon Draisaitl - Friends

Leon Draisaitl - Friends Part 2

Leon Draisaitl - Paper Shredder

Leon Draisaitl - 1 For Draisaitl 0 For Galchenyuk

Leon Draisaitl - German Music and Breakfast

Leon Draisaitl - Cosmetic Surgeries

Leon Draisaitl - Michael

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - Had to Happen

Florida Panthers

Jason Demers - Blind Date

Las Vegas Golden Knights

Nate Schmidt - Puppy Dog

Montreal Canadiens

Alex Galchenyuk - Burn the Jersey

Alex Galchenyuk - Another Bouquet of Flowers

Alex Galchenyuk - 1 For Galchenyuk 0 For Draisaitl

Alex Galchenyuk - Teenage Fever

Artturi Lehkonen - Cooking

Brendan Gallagher - It’s Baby Time

Carey Price - Tristan and Liv

Carey Price - Tristan and Liv Part 2

Jordie Benn - Math and Accidents

Jordie Benn - Habs Win

Nashville Predators

Calle Jarnkrok - PK’s Best Friend

Colton Sissons - My Nashville Boy

Colton Sissons - Tattoos

Juuse Saros - Two Bedroom House

Mattias Ekholm - It’s Just My Job

Pekka Rinne - The Perfect Ring

PK Subban - Funny Faces

Pontus Aberg - Visit From Sweden

New Jersey Devils

Miles Wood - Revenge is Soaked

Nate Bastian - Win a Game Lose a Game

New York Rangers

Jimmy Vesey - Rangers Youth Camp

Jimmy Vesey - Rangers Youth Camp Part 2

Jimmy Vesey - Opposing Player

Philadelphia Flyers

Carter Hart - Visits for an NHL Goalie

Nolan Patrick - Just For a Visit

Nolan Patrick - Maybe Sometimes

Pittsburgh Penguins

Evgeni Malkin - Not Fair

Evgeni Malkin - Wild

Evgeni Malkin - Wild Part 2

Jake Guentzel - Medical Degree

Olli Maatta - Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sidney Crosby - I Can’t Believe We Just Did That (Sad ending)

Sidney Crosby - I Can’t Believe We Just Did That (Happy ending)

Sidney Crosby - New York City

Sidney Crosby - I Want Kids

Sidney Crosby - NHL Ex-Boyfriends

Sidney Crosby - Shopping Trip

St. Louis Blues

Colton Parayko - Hopeless Romantic

Toronto Maple Leafs

Auston Matthews - This Has a Purpose I Swear Part 1

Auston Matthews - This Has a Purpose I Swear Part 2

Auston Matthews - Skating Lessons

Auston Matthews - It’s Hot in Here

Auston Matthews - Hospital Memories

Auston Matthews - Breakable Baby

Auston Matthews - Mug of Hot Chocolate

Auston Matthews - Two Baby Girls

Auston Matthews - Two Baby Girls Part 2

Auston Matthews - Two Hundred Fish

Auston Matthews - The A

Connor Brown - Red Dress

Frederik Andersen - Classic Novel

Frederik Andersen - Goalie Practice

Mitch Marner - Baby Girl

Morgan Rielly - Buttpaste

Morgan Rielly - Padme and Darth Vader

Morgan Rielly - Thunderstorms

Morgan Rielly - Burn the Jersey

Morgan Rielly - Perfect

Morgan Rielly - Love Made Out of Pucks

Morgan Rielly - Mo’s Girl

Morgan Rielly - House Hunting

Morgan Rielly - Brother’s Girlfriend

Nikita Zaitsev - Matching Couple Costumes

William Nylander - Wall Paint and Cookies

William Nylander - Bruins Over Friends

William Nylander - Cubs vs. Blue Jays

William Nylander - Family Weddings

William Nylander - Hickey Prank

William Nylander - Bookworm

William Nylander - Spoiled

William Nylander - Shared Suite

Washington Capitals

Andre Burakovsky - Shared Custody

Andre Burakovsky - She’s Not Me

Nate Schmidt - Partners in Crime

Tom Wilson - Brownies Without Powdered Sugar

Tom Wilson - Break Up With Him

Tom Wilson - Break Up With Him Part 2

Tom Wilson - Home Early

Tom Wilson - Pregnant and Sick

Winnipeg Jets

Josh Morrissey - Meeting the Teammates

Patrik Laine - Tears at a Movie


Texas Stars

Chris Martenet - Climbing Trees


Flint Firebirds

Nick Caamano - Apartment 690


Portland Winterhawks

Cody Glass - Incapable Parent

Retired Players

John Harrington - Switzerland


YAY my Community Hospital is finished and uploaded to the gallery under my origin ID: suebarr

The Pharmacy is now complete with the following cc:

pharmacy sign recolor by theveronarelapse.tumblr; hospital ads, first-aid boxes, medicine bottles by budgie2budgie; IKEA lack wall shelf by Veranka; fake register by ozyman4; wallet and credit card by sg5150; baskets, cotton buds, lollipops by SIMcredible@TSR; babycare wipes, daipers at sims4fun; shopping bags by Allisas.tumblr; suncream by SV; prescription meds by ajoya-sims; pharmacy stickers and bags by kittysims4; vaseline by kk_ts4_YorunoTomo;  lubricant, condoms by OBP; display by register, baby food, baby cups, nivea hand creme, baby food, baby formula by ATS4; sweet bags, feminine care products, mens care products, boxed medicines by serialsimmer; contact solution, band aids and cold medication by ajoya-sims.

I have also added a few objects:

healthy ad, disabled stickers by fake elevator by budgie2budgie; wash hands sign by tukete.tumblr; outdoor smoking area (optional) cigarette pack by a3ru.tumblr; stumped cigarettes and ashtray by simplex. If you cannot find some of the cc please let me know and i’ll try to help.

I hope you will enjoy working here as much as I do xx

A New Beginning

“I know all that we have been through in the past few day has been tough, Enjolras,” Combeferre was saying, “but I really think this will be the most challenging thing we’ve had to do.”

            Enjolras put is head in his hands. “I’m so tired, Combeferre.  I just … I can’t do this anymore.” He lifted his head and looked Combeferre in the eyes. “I thought that after the fight ended, things would be easier but—“

            “I promise after this, we can rest.  We can finally just put our feet up and relax.  We’ve already lost Courfeyrac, I can’t lose you too.”

            Enjolras looked over at Courfeyrac was lying almost completely motionless on the floor.  His service dog, Aramis was lying faithfully beside him.  “He’s already been through so much …” Enjolras’s eyes rested on the bandage wrapped around Courfeyrac’s hand. “He deserves rest.”

            Combeferre nodded. “And we are going to finish this.”

            Enjolras looked back at his bespectacled friend and nodded resolutely. “Let’s do it.”

            “Okay.” Combeferre took a deep breath and lifted up the large piece of paper in his hands and unfolded it. “IKEA, LACK, coffee table, black brown assembly instructions.  Step one … okay, what I can decipher from this picture is that we need the flat piece and—“

            Enjolras looked around at the parts of the coffee table that surrounded him. “Wait, which flat piece? There are two.”

            “Uh,” Combeferre flipped the instructions sideways. “The largest one because it’s the top and then the other flat piece will go under it at some point.”

            “Okay, got it.”

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Finished nursery (or at least i hope)...before and after pix

Before (when we first purchased our home):


Few items to note in case ppl were interested in what we did…

Paint: Sherwin-Williams Emerald in Lime Granita
Crib: Baby Mod Parklane in White/Amber
Dresser: Ikea Nyvoll 6-drawer dresser
Shelving: Ikea Lack Shelves
Bookshelf: Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge

Thank you to all our family and friends for helping to fill this room with your gifts and your love for Ethan.

In Him,