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Hey guys!

I am still working on my Yuuko cosplay - I bet you are all bored, so let me update you on another project I am working. It is not cosplay related but it is fun.

Have you heard of the Kotatsu? A kotatsu is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon(heavy blanket) upon which a table top sits. It is quite popular in Japanese homes where central heating is not common (usually this is the case for younger people who are poor, or folks who live in the country.) Anyway, the walls of most homes in Japan are quite thin and the winters there are fierce. If you watch a lot of anime you may have seen characters enjoying time with friends and family whilst sitting at a kotatsu. Last year my landlord wasn’t being very great with heat so I decided this year to remedy the situation with my own DIY kotatsu.

You will need:

1x LACK table from IKEA (I used the 30x30 size since that is a common size in Japan for a small kotatsu)

1x kotatsu heater (I got mine from ebay for $80)

4x screws that fit your L brackets

4x L brackets (to mount heater under table)

8x washers (I think this is optional but I got em anyway for screwing the kotatsu into the brackets)

1x hook type bracket.. you’ll see below There are two other misc. things I used but I don’t remember the names - just go by the pictures and wing it with what you find in your hardware store.

First, I had a friend of mine who is a carpenter, trim down the legs of the IKEA LACK table because a traditional kotatsu is about 14 inches in height. For taller folks, you may not need to trim down the LACK legs and you might like the height as is. I did not.  The LACK table is great because you can use the bottom shelf as the second table top over your blanket.

You then go and buy a heater. Mine came from a Japanese seller on Ebay.

The one above is the cheapest model by METRO and is intended for a 30x30 table. It will work with a US outlet without a stepdown converter. I’ve actually read arguments against buying one because supposedly step down converters can shorten the life of the product. I also read that the voltage is usually an estimate because at any given place in Japan (or even in the US) the voltage going into someone’s home may be different by a range of 20-100v.

The heater came with it’s own screws. So I just screwed the L brackets onto the kotatsu heater as you see here.

Do some measuring and center the heater under the table.

After screwing it down, you may want to have something to stop the cord from dangling. So go install one of those circle things (what is it called? jeez I forget.)

My heater came with that metal clip - so now I have a place to hang the wire.

I wanted the wire to lead straight to one of the legs, so like a traditional kotatsu, I installed a hook.

I didn’t screw it in tightly so it swivels around :)

I didn’t take pictures with the kotatsu fully done - with the blanket and table top on… because I’m currently using the second table top as a flat surface to lean on while I paint my Yuuko kimono, haha.

For the futon I purchased a blanket from Ikea 200cm x 200cm which seems to be the normal size for a futon intended for a 30x30 table. You can use any size IKEA LACK table (there is the super small one for ten, but that would only fit one person… and what if you want to use your laptop and eat dinner at the same time? or do homework? the smallest size has no room for any of that!)

Anyway, for under $200 dollars you can DIY using mostly IKEA stuff and random things from the hardware store. :)

Finished nursery (or at least i hope)...before and after pix

Before (when we first purchased our home):


Few items to note in case ppl were interested in what we did…

Paint: Sherwin-Williams Emerald in Lime Granita
Crib: Baby Mod Parklane in White/Amber
Dresser: Ikea Nyvoll 6-drawer dresser
Shelving: Ikea Lack Shelves
Bookshelf: Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge

Thank you to all our family and friends for helping to fill this room with your gifts and your love for Ethan.

In Him,



The Longfellow - Office

Furnishing a house by tornadobeardsims

POP bedroom and Potterybarn Home Office by ShinoKCR | Call of the Wild Bedroom by SIMc | OMSPs and Awesims Paola Living by kitkatssimporium8-3 Conversions, Mirake Nolen Books + Original Textures, Simply Styling Conversions by mio-sims | Steffor lights by lindseyxsimsCrocuses by Helen | Rolling Luggage by ajoya-sims |  Coral Office by dreamteamsimsCircle rug by simkea |  IKEA lack by veranka-s4cc | Remote by dri4na | Livingroom Tulton by BuffSumm |  Calendarios by jappytobe | Classic ceiling lights by DOT |  Eglantine and Nebula by mangosims | Apple Computer by inabadromanceIKEA like kitchen by aroundthesimsSpring flowers by omorfi-meraSo Many Colors Pt. 1 and Flower Polaroids by me

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It’s nearly spring (officially) in Vancouver and there’s been some recent activity in the lobby!

TOP: I think it is fairly safe to say that no-one should ever buy an IKEA LACK side table ever again simply because they are absolutely everywhere! Sure they’re value-priced at only $9.99, but save yourself the bills and just open your eyes! They’re everywhere. I even have one! That I bought myself. Wish I had been smarter at the time. My hardship is your financial benefit!

2ND: Seems geometrically sound.

3RD: Stylishly accented with a SUPREME bumper sticker. I just learned that SUPREME is some NYC fashion brand. Check them out: http://www.supremenewyork.com/ or not. They’re site only wanted to display half of their offerings to me so.. meh, I can’t even be bothered. Live your life!

BOTTOM: Previous owner of this LACK side table was kind enough to some crumbs and dust on the surface, in case you want to do some CSI-style investigation into who they are and what kind of lifestyle they lead.

In case anyone was wondering, here’s a cross section of the Lack table legs (these are from a side table but I imagine they’re pretty similar regardless). Bottom has about 1 ½ inches of solid while the top only has about 5/8 of an inch. Useful if you want to know where the best spot is to drill into them or cut them.

I had an old Ikea Lack coffee table that had seen better days. It was scratched up and sad looking, but otherwise still structurally sound. So rather than throwing it out I decided to give it some DIY love and I decoupaged it with some decorative paper a couple of months ago. I had actually never previously decoupaged anything, but I decided to give it a shot and took some tips from this Mr. Kate Blog. I need to take better daylight photos of this, but for now it will do…

How To Do This Yourself:

1. Select your paper - I went to a speciality paper store and found something a little thicker/ more durable than just wrapping paper

2. Sand the table - I just did this by hand, it needs to be scuffed up enough for the glue to adhere properly

3. Mix up your Modge Podge with some water - you want it to be runny enough to easily paint with.

4. Place the paper on the table and paint over top of it with the Modge Podge - you want to be as even as possible so you don’t leave any streaks.

5. Put as many coats as it takes to make paper securely adhered when the Modge Podge is dry. You probably need 3 coats or so.

6. Once Modge Podge is completely dry spray with 3-5 coats of a spray varnish

Notes: my paper piece was not actually big enough for the table - I would have preferred to wrap the table top like a present, but I had to just exacto knife the excess off the edges. This was good enough for a month or 2 but with use the edges started to chip/ lift so I actually just trimmed the edges with black tape and I think it turned out ok. I did an extra layer of Modge Podge and spray varnish after the tape

Narrow Console Table

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LACK table as kitchen ceiling lighting

Materials: 4x LACK tables I was looking for a good source of lighting in my kitchen, I wanted LED ceiling spotlights, and I wanted it to be original. Having a free Saturday afternoon, I decided to give it a go, using four inexpensive IKEA black « LACK » tables. I used copper tubing that was [&hellip

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