So I wore my new leggings today and I felt hella cute

Not everyone seemed to think so:
One guy when I walked by said to his friend, “that’s probably the most ‘sus’ thing I’ve ever seen”
Two girls stopped talking and laughing to whisper, “what the fuck, was that guy wearing leggings?” when I passed them on the stairs
Two women at the dairy bar last week were talking about how weird my nail polish was and how maybe UConn wasn’t the right school for the daughter if it had students like me, to which I said, “I can hear you” and they turned red and left
A few guys at the library last week when I was wearing my space leggings were saying how faggy I looked until I said, “Excuse me??” They got embarrassed and left too

This is all not to mention all the side eyes and how people avoid looking at me or sitting near me in class when I show the slightest “gender deviance.” Sorry for the long post but I’m fucking sick and tired of peoples’ microaggressive, transphobic bullshit, especially since no one has ever had the guts to stick to their guns or admit they were wrong when I call them out on it.

So thank you to all my friends and everyone else who’s been supportive, and remember to smash the patriarchy

okay so last year i went to the movie theatre for my bday with some pals and after the movie we played at claw machines and everyone won a food themed plushie and i got this green doughnut one

and i found it again in my room and i realised that the opportunity had presented itself and i could make


Guess who! I wore a bikini!! Like an actual two piece in public in front of actual other people!!! I haven’t done that in years! It’s a high waisted bikini so there’s more coverage. I got it last year at New Look, it was pretty inexpensive and I love it so much, I totally recommend high waisted bikinis for people who are a little self conscious 💖 When I was at the beach I realised that once I stopped panicking about my own body and actually took the time to look around there were loads of women in bikinis who had tummy hair, lower back hair, stubbly bikini lines, stretch marks, cellulite etc and it made me feel really good actually. I was so happy for all the women on that beach and managed to have a good time in spite of my initial nerves! If you want to wear a bikini this year I totally encourage you to do it, you don’t have to look like an airbrushed model or anything I guarantee you will see plenty of other women with the same things you’re insecure about and no one will care. Have an awesome summer! ☀️

P.S. The internet over here is CRAP, I’ve been trying to make this post for ages so it’s been really hard to connect to tumblr to answer messages and stuff so if you’ve sent me anything I promise I haven’t forgotten!! I’ll get to it when I get back in a couple of days all being well. Please take care of yourselves, sending my love especially to my followers and friends in Turkey 💞