Ignorance of Wolves

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....why did you post that hunting thing? Like, I know you are probably in favor for it and stuff. Since you didn't tag it with anything there was no way for me to avoid it + it makes me super upset that a wolf who actually likes humans will get betrayed and killed for that interest? And you don't want us to protest it or help them so why would you post it? Why make your followers super upset like that I actually cried? I can't fucking deal with more bad news and how fucked up humanity is.

@daughtersoftime​ Hi! My blog posts factual content about wolves, including news or articles. In order to be able to create a realistic view on what’s going on, I share áll wolf related news - not selectively just the positive news, because it’s important to be aware of what’s going on. That includes upsetting news. I usually post the original articles without adding anything myself such as my own opinion, unless I consider it needed/useful.

I do support regulated, sustainable wolf population control - it is one of the most beneficial ways to help keep their own population, other species’ populations, and the environment they live in safe and healthy, and is beneficial to the conservation of wolves as a whole*.
But I’m against the hunting of wolves for other reasons than effective wildlife conservation. I often post petitions of cases in which the culling of wolves is not beneficial to the concerning wolf population. When needed, I speak out against culling practices that have nothing to do with sane wildlife conservation.
If people feel like they want to take action after reading news on my blog by let’s say starting a petition, I fully support that.

This case of the wolf in Saxony doesn’t concern hunting, it concerns conservation - a less pretty side of conservation, yes. I understand that you’re upset - so am I. Cases like this are always painful and sour, especially considering it was probably humans who made this wolf a threat. But there’s no denying this wolf became a legitimate threat that needs to be dealt with anyhow.

There aren’t unlimited resources for conservation, so you’ve got to pick your battles. Realistically, there is very little chance a very expensive rehabilitation program for this wolf would work. So unfortunately, this case is a “pick your battles” one, and a preventive action for the greater good, because the general public holds a very ignorant and irrantional fear towards wolves, and will not be open for reasoning if this wolf causes serious problems. Those people won’t hear to the fact that this concerned a habituated wolf who acted very unnatural, and that wolves normally don’t act like this. An attack on livestock, a pet, or a human being will do severly further damage to this already very negative public opinion on wild wolves, and will only give governments and hunters yet another argument to cull more wolves in said region, or the whole of Germany, or all over the world.

The feeding of wild animals is the cause of this problem, so preventing problems like this is mainly a matter of educating the public to not feed wildlife. There is no wildlife conservator that wants to kill an animal. But until we have fixed the cause (the feeding of wild animals), we will have to deal with the consequenses in a way that fits the bigger picture. Knowing how these politics work, there’s a very big chance that in this case protesting/petitions/etc. won’t make a difference, and even if you cóuld somehow stop them from killing this wolf, it’s just a matter of time before the wolf will cause an accident and it will then be shot either way ánd will be used as an ignorant example of the misinformed, fear-mongering idea that wolves are vicious man-eaters.

I do apologize for forgetting to tag this post with “wolf hunting”, which I normally tag posts like these with. I totally understand that news like this is upsetting, but it’s not okay assuming things about people you don’t know and accusing people of things when you don’t know what and how.

This message was in response to this post

(*some proper sources on wolf population control in case people want to read more about this topic:

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I have a sort of malec prompt. 🙈 Okay so you know that scene in the show where Jace talks to Magnus about how he knew that Magnus and Alec took their relationship to the next level because they're parabatai and Magnus kinda freaks out because he thinks that Jace can feel it or whatever and Jace is like "no no no" but then that got me thinking like... what if he could? Aha

Oh Anon, I had fun and difficulty with this. It’s not in my nature to write ridiculousness, though I tried. Still - slightly plotty. Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for the request! 

It’s only when Alec stops being miserable that Jace notices he ever was. That makes him sound like the world’s worst parabatai he knows, but it’s not like it’s his fault either. He and Alec have been bonded since childhood, first as best friends and brothers and then later as parabatai. He knew on the level that anyone paying attention would know that Alec was unhappy, heavy is the head that wears the crown and all that, but when he could feel the parabatai bond for the first time, and in every moment of his life since, it just felt like Alec. It was the only Alec he’d ever known.  He didn’t understand just how deeply rooted Alec’s unhappiness was because he’d nothing to compare it to. It was all he’d ever known.  

So, when Alec steps off the alter and walks towards Magnus and just takes for the first time in his life, Jace feels the difference for the first time ever.  It’s why he finds himself bemusedly laughing at the alter while Alec makes out with Magnus in front of everyone he’s worked so hard to impress.  He can feel what Alec is feeling in a way. Jace imagines that if flipping someone off could be likened to a feeling the sense of defiance coursing through him like it was his own is what it would feel like.  

Good for Alec.  

When it all goes to hell and he’s with Valentine on the ship being beaten and tortured, he remembers that defiance.  The descent into hell is easy. He repeats this mantra to himself over and over.  Will not let Valentine break him, won’t let him get under his skin. He hopes Alec can’t feel this anger and despair and hurt and so he buries it. He’s doing this for Alec and Izzy and Clary and he needs to be strong so he makes himself feel nothing.  

Things are different after he brings Alec back from the brink he pushed himself to with the adamas. They’re closer. The anger and bitterness and disappointment that had at times threatened to come between them in recent weeks is gone. Swept aside as the meaningless crap that it was in the face of their parabatai bond and Jace can feel how the bond has grown. He’s so acutely aware of Alec now, or maybe he always was but Alec had one setting and one only. Now he is a mess of emotions, he feels different. The second soul that inhabits Jace’s own is wilder, freer, takes up more space within Jace, a cacophony of noise and colours and sensations.  It’s a lot to get used to but Jace rolls with it especially if it means that the person closest to him in the world is not punishing himself for something he cannot change.  

The changes start small. Jace can tell when Alec has been with Magnus without having to be told. Alec feels lighter for lack of a better way to describe it. The part of Jace that belongs to Alec is happy and light and nervous and excited and a little scared and Jace for all of his own problems smiles to himself when he feels it.  

Just as he’s getting used to this lighter happier version of Alec that exists within him, something happens that he can’t explain.  The warm sensation of Magnus’ presence mingling with Alec  becomes hotter, more urgent. Jace finds himself inexplicably breathless and excited and turned on at random moments and he knows it’s not coming from him, though admittedly he’s a guy so random bouts of horniness are not completely unusual.  

When he walks in on a moment between Alec and Magnus he can feel the frustration coming from Alec and from himself. He ignores it and moves in. He buries himself in Seelies and see and ignores how awful everything is and when he heard loud music start up in the living room of the loft and feels the tug of heat low in his belly he rolls the girl beside him over and pretends it’s his own feeling about the naked girl beneath him.  This is too weird and he hasn’t found a way to talk to Alec about it yet. Or maybe it’s normal and it’s one of those things that parabatai don’t talk about and Alec has been feeling this for years from Jace. He feels heat rise in his cheeks at the thought and buries himself into sex and emptiness.  

The next time, it’s not so easy to ignore. He can  feel Alec restless and irritated and a lot of it is directed right at Jace and that’s almost familiar to him. But then, he feels it. The ghost of a touch on his skin. Feather light and tantalising down the length of his arm leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. Swears he can feel the wet heat of breath and lips against the soft skin between his jaw and his neck. He nearly moans at the feeling but catches himself and brushes the sensation away as best he can.  

The downward is falling apart, he’s just seen and Angel and he’s pacing between the booths of the Jade Wolf while Luke freaks out about his sister, and Alec is making out with his boyfriend. Perfect. He can’t sit still, full of restless energy and as much as he tries to ignore the lust thrumming through his veins, he can’t. He’s going to kill Alec.  

His pacing is drawing attention from the wolves in the restaurant, they’re watching him with wary eyes, and he’s about to make a retort, tell them to take a picture if he turns them on so much when he’s almost brought to his knees by the wave of pleasure that washes over him. He bolts for the door before he embarrasses himself in front of anyone and when he’s half way down the docks, past the shipping containers and sheds that Simon calls home, he lets himself slump to the ground.

It’s not like he’s experiencing the actual act, but whatever is happening with Alec and Magnus right now, Alec is completely overwhelmed and feeling things so strongly that it’s crossing the bond. Jace has never felt anything like it. He stays, slumped on the ground, thinking quite ridiculously that this is the low point in a long series of incredibly low points recently and just prays that Alec is a fumbling virgin and it’s all over quickly.  

It’s not.  

Whatever they are doing feels like it lasts for hours and Jace hates everything about his life more than he ever has when finally, blessedly, it ends. Just to be safe, he stays where he is for another ten minutes to make sure they aren’t going for round two or even round five, he can’t even tell anymore. Eventually he climbs back up to his feet and makes his way back to the Jade Wolf.  

‘Needed some air,’ he mutters to a confused, concerned looking Clary.  

He ignores the looks the wolves are giving him.  

He’s on the roof of the loft, pouring through books about the sword, and coming up with nothing, doing his best to ignore the cats, when he gives up and calls Magnus. He needs to bring up what happened, but doesn’t know how, so he goes with the blunt approach.  

‘He told you,’ Magnus says at his insinuation, and Jace knows he isn’t imagining the hurt on the warlocks face.  

He’s not enjoying this either. He’d rather not be privy to his parabatai’s sex life.  

'He didn’t have to,’ Jace tells him, clearing his throat uncomfortably.  

'I… felt it.’  

For the first time since Jace has known him, Magnus looks lost for words.  

'That’s ancient magic,’ Magnus tells him eventually, when it becomes clear Jace has run out of things to say about the matter too. 'It must have been triggered by the adamas. I should be able to undo it.’  

'Please do,’ Jace tells him. Then, needing to find himself back on firm footing, he keeps pushing forward with the conversation.  

'Look, I’m gonna make this simple okay?,’ Jace  puts the book down and looks directly at him. This is uncomfortable for everyone, but no way is Jace not saying what he needs to say right now, 'I’m never gonna let anyone hurt him.’  

Magnus promises the same thing, and Jace, despite himself, believes him.  

When he’s getting ready for the party later that night, Magnus knocks on his door.  

'I’ve done the spell,’ the warlock tells him, 'now hopefully we can forget that you were ever aware of that, yes?’  

'Please,’ Jace agrees readily.  

'Oh,’ Magnus tells him, spinning around one last time right as he was about to leave. 'Let’s keep this between you and I? I don’t think Alec would appreciate the knowledge that you know about… that.’  

Jace laughs.  

'We’ll take that to the grave,’  

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“All stories are about wolves. All worth repeating, that is. Anything else is sentimental drivel.”  -Margaret Atwood . 

A collection of over 30 songs for wolves/werewolves. (click to enlarge the tracklist)

I hate it. 

The tightness, the hollowness, the nails bitten too far down.

I hate to feel it; I’d rather ignore than endure. 

But I’m trying.

I’m trying to listen to the wolves.
—  molliefox, Everything Else