Ignorance of Politics

you really do gotta ignore the politics of gun youtube because they’re pretty reliably republicans and some of them are even outright trump supporters.

anonymous asked:

if you wanted to stay bright and happy you wouldnt have ventured into spiteful politics. here is a tip. dont want to end up like me? stop fear mongering, stop listening to everything you hear as truth, ignore political bs, and stick to what makes you happy. and your soul wont turn black and toxic like mine. have a good day (or night, whatever it is right now for you)

I hope you’re having a good day/night yourself, @oleanderwasp, but what makes me happy is standing up for myself and my opinions.

That being said, I’ll try and keep this brief.

Consider this my response to your latest reblog:

I’m sorry for whatever has made you angry enough to lash out at a person you don’t even know.

As someone on my favorite show once said, you need to look within yourself and find the ‘anger behind the anger.’

So, instead of blindly attacking a stranger whose opinions just so happen to differ from yours, I encourage you to find the real root of your rage and work through it.

I honestly wish you the best of luck in doing so.

If ur wondering why Mexico is rioting atm and if ur saying “omg theyre rioting over gas thats so stupid” and blah blah blah.. Just know that the minimum wage in Mexico is $80 Pesos($3 USD) a day.

they earn $3 dollars a day

The gas in Mexico right now is $15.75 Pesos per liter (btw this is the cheapest gas price in Mexico I could find.. $15 pesos is about $0.80 USD) In order to fill up a 4 cylinder car, they spend around $550 Pesos($30 USD)

So lets say someone works at minimum wage for 6 days. They end up earning $480 Pesos a week ($24 USD). Yeah.. no theyre not gonna be able to fill up their tank.

They still need to pay bills, buy groceries, clothes, etc.

The president of Mexico is shitty and ever since he got elected the country has gone to shit and they still have to suffer 2 more years until he is out of office


Update: yes I accidentally wrote $3 instead of $4. I apologize sincerely for that misinformation.

There was a massacre in Syria this morning, as the pro-government forces (which are supported by Putin) marched into rebel-controlled Aleppo, and killed anyone associated with rebel forces.




During the fallout of what could be define our relations with the Middle East for decades to come, our dear President-Elect was having a meeting at Trump Tower.

With Kanye West.

“Captain America represents America, he wouldn’t reject government, don’t make him a figure for your social issues”

The only thing I’m going to say about this election, the one and only thing, is if you’re stressed, if you think you could experience a panic attack of any kind or suffer anxiety GET OFF TUMBLR for a few days at least. I am not joking. I’m seeing some posts here and there for anxiety but tbh the vast majority of tumblr is gonna be about trump as president for a while.

It is not worth compromising your mental health. Find another website or show or book. Anything. But being here with your dash flooded as reminders to you isn’t going to help at all.

So please man. Just some advice. Don’t put yourself through that.

The type of people who vote for Trump are the people who do not understand. Period. They do not understand freedom. They do not understand the difference between equality and equity. They do not understand compassion. They do not understand what America stands for. They do not understand the concept of racial, social, economic and gender inequality, because if they did, they’d stop whining and blaming minorities that have had it far worse than they have; while they are now the target of blame and name-calling, minorities have been the target of discrimination, abuse, oppression, and torture for centuries. This isn’t about blaming people for the past or getting back through violence and vandalism. It’s not about voting for someone because the other one is a liar or a woman. It’s about pushing our country FORWARD. If you feel so bad about it, pick the lesser of two evils. Realistically, what the hell do you people think will happen if he wins? What, if any, points has he made that makes you think America will be “great again.” America is great NOW, it’s not perfect, but we’ve worked too hard to go back fifty years. We’ve fought for these things already and we shouldn’t have to be fighting for them all over again. #election2016 #election #vote #votehillary #votehillary2016 #trump #fucktrump #debate #america #politics

Every Vote Matters

To all our USA followers:

Don’t forget to find your polling location if you haven’t already and find some time to vote today. I’m sorry I’m bringing this up on this blog but it is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked because you think your vote doesn’t matter. This is a very close race and you could be the difference.

Thank you and stay safe out there.

  • social security: heres the deal, it takes us 4 months to review your case to see if you're eligible for disability money. so you can wait that long without funds right?
  • disabled person: uh no? I can't go four months without money? are you fucking kidding me? I will die.
  • social security: so are you saying you can work, (: ?
  • disabled person: work is literally killing me but i'll die much faster without housing and food?
  • social security: so you can work, looks like the case is closed, no social security money for you. bye.
  • rich person: I have no concept of classes outside of my own
  • rich person: so when I picture welfare my immediate reaction is to see someone from my class using it
  • rich person: because I never see any other socioeconomic classes.
  • rich person: which is why I'm furiously against welfare, because I have enough therefore everyone else must have enough too.