Ignorance of Everything

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Matthew [ten years old] was reading a book on a bench, alone like he normally is. Reading was a safe haven to him, so he always read whenever he had the chance. He never bothered about hiding his features, so he kept the ears and tail sticking out as he continued to read, ignoring everything around him, for when he gets back into reality, it all starts to cripple down for him, since he doesn't have anyone to look up to, since they weren't there when he returned.

Lynn was busy, despite it only being her first year on the force. She had a case she was dealing with, and she was excited. Walking along side detective gumshoe she noticed the small boy on the bench. She was serious about figuring out the case, but she wanted to see what he was reading.

Upon seeing the cover she beamed.

“Oh I’ve read that before! You’re really going to love the rest of it, it’s all fantastic! Oh, I’m sorry. That came out of no where. D-Do you want to be left alone?”

>cruising through the tumblr tag for my beloved aquarium
>sees someone talking shit
>I mean like JUST because we keep cetaceans you’re gonna completely ignore all of the conservation work we do and rave about how you’re never going to go there because you’re sure we keep them in “tiny tanks”
>yeah 24′ deep holding 1.3 million gallons isn’t anywhere close to the ocean but I mean come the fuck on
>I realize this post was made before the announcement that we’re retiring the dolphins to a sea pen by 2020 but still
>you’re just gonna ignore everything
>you’re going to ignore all of our conservation work
>all of our animal rescue
>all of the hard work we do
>and focus on the dolphins
>get fucked



I get it. You’re ignorant. You home in on one issue and ignore everything else. You focus on what you want to focus on and let it fuel your actions. I’ve talked with people like you on the floor and behind the touchpools. I know how you are. I know there’s at least a one in four chance that you’ll listen to me if I try to tell you otherwise.

but like

can you keep it to yourself? shit’s a little contagious.

Catalina Ponor’s open letter

August 15 was an extremely tense and hard day for me. Why? Do you think it’s been easy for me? (…) As the only representative of Romania I had to please everyone even though I had nothing left to prove to anyone, maybe to myself. I CAN BECAUSE I WANT! I’d say I felt in better shape than I was at 16! And I could have made it if I didn’t feel all the negative comments and vibes coming like a hand trying to push me off the apparatus! 

I wanted it too much and it broke my heart. I cried all night, it hasn’t been easy for me to ignore everything I heard around me, on social media and in the press! Thank god I have a strong mind and I was able to concentrate as much as I could! Don’t think that I don’t see everything you write or say behind my back (to those around me), I just didn’t pay attention to you and I let you go crazy badmouthing me! (…)

Grandma? Am I so old at the age of 29 when there are so many gymnasts over the age of 30 in the world but they don’t have the results to be remembered? Ugly? Maybe I am, I don’t know, nobody is a model and I’m not the bimbo type of athlete who can’t live without fake nails, dyed hair and other stuff like that, because I’m too focused on what I have to do! (…)

I’ve often seen people question “when has Ponor ever carried the weight of her team?” Well let’s see. It’s true that over time I’ve always had somebody to help me, like Monica (Rosu), Dana (Sofronie), Oana (Ban) or Sandra (Izbasa)!

Who’s been in the national team since 2003? Who got the best results in 2003-2004? Who represented Romania in 2005 and got the bronze medal while the rest of the team was thrown out of the training camp? Who supported the girls at the 2006 Euros? Who came back in Tokyo in 2011 after 4 years and a heart intervention to help the team qualify for the Olympics? I went alone, without Sandra, with inexperienced girls and I stepped over my principles coming from an Olympic gold winning team by taking responsibility for that so-called “failure” of coming back without medals. Who led the team, along with Sandra, at the 2012 Euros and tried to give the younger ones an example of how to be united as a team? Who fought, along with Sandra, to finish on the podium at the Olympics after everyone, including the coaches, were saying it was impossible for us to do that because Larisa was injured? Who came back after 3 years, with nothing left to prove, to try and fix a team that was visibly not working ever since Worlds 2014? (…)

Here’s an advice: treasure what you have left because I’m telling you, it will be a long time until the next 3-time Olympic Champion will be born [in Romania]! (…)

Thanks for reading this and after all that happened I’m seriously considering Tokyo 2020 - whoops!

With respect

3-time Olympic Champion

Catalina Ponor (s)

Sebastian Stan dating someone with depression would include

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  • when everything becomes too much too bear and the demons in your head become too loud to ignore, Sebby does everything he can to talk loudly enough to silence them
  • always looking after you
  • making sure you’re well fed and warm because “a bit of yummy in the tummy will make you happy”
  • making you your favorite food
  • doing silly things to make you smile
  • watching your favorite tv shows with you
  • pretending to be really into it and asking you questions because you get all excited while talking about things that you love
  • making you a mixtape of all your favorite songs
  • giving you some space but being close enough to hold you when you need him to
  • getting under the covers with you
  • cuddling you from behind
  • whispering sweet nothings in your ear
  • small kisses here and there
  • cancelling all his plans to be with the one he loves
  • watching videos of cute lil kittens together
  • when you feel weak and tired, he’ll take you in his big arms and carry you to bathroom to run a bath
  • undressing you slowly, helping you get in the bathtub
  • then going in himself and placing you between his legs
  • softly washing your hair 
  • soft kisses on your neck
  • “i love you. you matter and i love you”
  • him telling you random stories from his childhood to distract you
  • “come on, dove, give me that pretty smile of yours, you know how much i adore it”
  • “have i told you about this one time when Anthony decided …….”
  • you cracking up a smile
  • him jumping around from joy
  • taking you in his arms and twirling you around until your smile turns into a fit of laughter
  • “You are important to me. Your life is important to me.”
  • leaving little love notes around the house for you to find
  • forehead kisses
  • reading for you
  • singing you lullabies when you can’t sleep
  • him always falling asleep after you do
  • “Seba, i want this to stop, i hate feeling like this and i want these voices to shut, please make them go away”
  • him holding you as you’re breaking down
  • “shhh angel, we’ll get you help, i promise.”
  • “You are not alone in this. I’m here for you”
  • getting you the best therapist that there is
  • going to group therapy with you
  • every night, before going to sleep, he tells you the reasons why he loves you
  • cradling you in his arms like a little kid
  • “you’re my tiny butterfly, i won’t let you go”
  • bringing a lil kitten home for you
  • naming your kitten TJ
  • triple cuddles every night
  • “You may not believe it now, angel,  but the way you’re feeling will change. I promise you, and i’ll be here with you every step of the way”