Bad Days

Prompt:  Could you do platonic Moxiety with Virgil having a tough time and needing a cuddle but he doesn’t want to say anything but Patton gets it anyway? - @chris-specs (sorry for the delayed reply, friend, this one took a little longer than I thought)

Characters/Pairing: Moxiety (written platonic but can be read however you like)

Categories: Angst, hurt-comfort, negative self-talk

Thank you to @thuriweaver and @parsnipit for giving this a once-over for me!


For the most part, things really had been better since Virgil revealed his name.

The other sides had been doing their best to make him feel more welcome. They’d gone out of their way to include him, inviting him to more movie nights and involving him more during planning sessions for videos. They’d even deferred to him on a few points and altered their plans to take his concerns into account.

Of course, those are on Virgil’s good days. The days when he has things mostly under wraps, and the others find him tolerable. He has bad days, too, and those…

Well. It’s easy for them to say they’ll try to include him and make him feel heard when he’s at his best. Even he doesn’t mind himself so much, at his best.

He was not at his best today. 

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Shoutout to autistics who have suffered trauma

To the autistics with PTSD or cPTSD

To the autistics who get flashbacks that trigger meltdowns

To the autistics who get triggered by everyday things

To the autistics who need to stim to deal with their triggers

To the autistics who who have terrible memories because of their trauma and feel fake because most autistics seem to have excellent memories

To the autistics who can no longer use certain comfort objects or stim toys because of associations to their trauma

Whether your trauma is fresh or long since passed, whether it derives from one instance or many, whether it affected you from the very beginning or took years to have an effect on you, you are so valid. Your trauma is real and the effects it has upon you are real.

No matter what your trauma, you didn’t deserve it. It was not your fault. I know all the maybes and ifs in your head, but it was not your fault. 

You are so beautiful and so strong and so powerful. You have survived so much and are still here to grace the world with your presence. 

It may not get better today, or tomorrow, or next week, but one day things will get easier. One day you will be truly happy again despite the monsters in your past. 

Stay strong. You are so loved by so many. You have an amazing community here to support you whenever you need. 

G-Dragon scenario: going to MAMA together

WORDS: 1716


So he is your boyfriend and you are dating for 3 years, you’re few years younger than him and you debuted 8 years ago. Your relationship is public and a lot of people ship you. 

You both attened MAMA awards and he is worried about you working too hard and shows skinship in public.

Originally posted by gdragon04

Your makeup artist was just finishing your makeup for the red carpet. You were wearing short pink/white dress that matched others’ outfits too. Since you were the leader of your group you had to talk to the members and remind them of some things.
You got a call while you were talking to the youngest member. It was Jiyong. You wanted to answer, but you had to remind her to watch how she sits and not to touch her face, because of makeup. You called him back, wondering what he called for since it was the day of the MAMA show and you were nominated for a lot of awards and you were really nervous.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Are you nervous?”
“Yeah… A bit… Like a lot…”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you since our groups will sit at the same table, you are very welcome, Jagiya.”
You had no idea you sat with Big Bang at the same table.
“What?? Are you serious?? That’s awesome.”
You tried to sound as happy as you could, but you had so many thoughts about the performance and what to do if something happens. There were so many ‘ifs’ in your head you sounded really sad and worried and he could tell just by hearing your voice.
“You don’t sound very happy. If you’re worried about the performance, don’t. Because I know you’ll be great and your members are really talented so you have nothing to worry about.”
You calmed down for a few moments when you heard his sweet words.
“Thank you Jagi~ I have to go now, see you there, okay?”
You said goodbye and canceled the call. You went to the car with other members, they were all nervous so you cheered them up and told them they were great at rehearsals. You arrived at the Red carpet and someone opened the door for you. You stepped out and saw fans screaming. The other members quickly came out of the car and you walked to the MC where you took pictures and said hello to the fans and viewers on V Live. You shortly said thank you to the fans and every member did some fan service and sent hearts to the fans. That made you forget about all of your concerns.
You went in the ceremony hall. It was huge. You saw 5 different stages and so many seats you couldn’t imagine how many fans will come, you sighed and went to change your makeup and dresses in a dressing room. You saw some other dressing rooms- BTS, GOT7 TWICE, EXO, Red Velvet… and the one next to you was Big Bang. It was a little odd because they gave you dressing room right next to 2 boy groups- Big Bang and EXO. Both of them are your favorite groups.
You weren’t in a big rush so you made a video diary with the members and recorded some behind the scenes of MAMA, you also visited some of the groups where you had friends and at last, you came to Big Bang dressing room. They were all really happy that you came and Seungri loved filming with you, but he had to stop being on the camera all the time so you turned off the camera.
“Let’s take a walk, we came only a few minutes ago and we’re performing the last,” Jiyong suggested
“Just don’t do romantic stuff outside, because there are cameras everywhere, okay lovebirds?” Seungri added and Taeyang nodded.
He ignored them and you went out of the room. You walked to the other side of the hallway.
“Are you okay now” he held your hand.
“I’m just… What if we mess up? What if they won’t like us? I don’t even like this outfit, I can’t believe we have to perform in this…”
He was really worried because you started talking about how unsure of yourself you are. He couldn’t listen anymore, so he hugged you.
“You are worrying way too much. You’ll do fine. I’ll be there for you. You’re not on your diet anymore, right? You have to drink a lot of water, okay? And never ever be insecure about yourself, okay? You’re so perfect, I can’t even imagine more perfect girlfriend than you.”
You calmed down and he washed away most of your worries, you smiled and thanked him. You wanted to kiss him, but you remembered there could be someone watching you. You went back and it was time to start the award show. Together your group and Big Bang went to your tables. You saw all of the idols sitting behind you. You saw your friends from other groups and you heard your fans screaming you group name and then when you sat next to Jiyong they started screaming your ship name. You couldn’t help but to smile. It made you really happy the fact your fans were 'shipping’ you together. You were really surprised when they announced Best new female group winner because it was your group. You stood up and accepted the award and thanked the fans and your staff. You enjoyed when other groups performed and danced their choreography and sang with them. Jiyong was very surprised to see you dance so much and sing at the same time. He saw you had an adrenaline rush and stopped you.
“If you’re gonna be dancing like that you’ll be tired when you perform so just sit down and watch, okay?”
You looked at him and nodded. You sat down and he said something in your ear.
“You were really cute tho.”
You giggled and a lot of fans noticed that and started screaming even more. You were so happy that your boyfriend was so nice to you. He always cared about you and give you advice. You loved him with all of your heart and you could’ve never imagined being with someone else than him and he thought the same.
He was your everything besides your group members. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, so you forgot you were still staring at him. He shook you and you laughed, realizing you were staring at him and he smiled back.
Your manager finally came to tell you you’re performing after these 2 performances. You looked at Jiyong and he made a fist saying 'fighting’ which helped you a lot, knowing he supports you. You sent him a kiss and pretended nothing happened when you saw others were watching you.You quickly came to your stage and prepared for your performance. You performed right after Taeyeon. You are a major fan of her and her friend. The time was for you to rock the stage.
“Let’s do this shit, girls. We’re the best!” you said to your members.
They were very confident when they heard your words and then you all focused on the performance. It was a remix of your most known songs and this year’s hit. The performance was very hard, but you managed to do everything exactly like you practiced. After you finished you were out of breath and could barely walk, because you were also the dancer of the group so when others changed their positions on the other side of the stage you were dancing. Jiyong was very worried about you when he saw how you held your member’s hand while walking back to your table. He stood up when you were here and helped you sit and gave you water. You really had big wish you wouldn’t be wearing a mini skirt right now so you could sit comfortably, but if the fans liked the performance as you heard, then it was totally worth it.
“Drink more water.” he kept saying.
He saw you are really close to fainting and he was really worried when he had to leave for his performance.
“Show them who you are, okay? KINGS OF KPOP FIGHTING~!” you cheered on them and you screamed and danced their whole performance and sang with them. You like Daesung’s parts the most and you fangirled about all of them with other members. They didn’t see you were shaking from tiredness until now when it was too late.
You didn’t know what happened, you just opened your eyes and you were in the dressing room with your group, but they had to go back because you were also nominated for the next award. It was a break time so you convinced your staff and manager you were okay and to let you go at least to be there until the end.
They agreed but gave you a bottle of water and told you to drink every 10 minutes. You came back the same time as Big Bang and of course, your members made a big deal and told him about you fainting.
“WHAT? I TOLD YOU NOT TO DANCE IF YOU CAN’T. OMG JAGI.” He was angry with you for a while, but he talked pouty and cute when he was angry at you.
At the end all of the groups came to the stage and waved to the fans, then you talked with some of your friends and at the end, Seungri introduced you to Exo and you talked with them until Jiyong saw you and came to hear what you’re talking about. You said goodbyes and after that he picked you up and carried you to the backstage, making everyone scream, because the famous G-Dragon rarely showed so much skinship in public. He made you cry from laughing so hard and you had to go and fix your make up. Your members came few minutes behind you and told you how they talked with BTS and some other groups.
Although you had some problems through the day, at the end of the day you were laying in bed all tired with your boyfriend Jiyong who kept talking about how worried he was.
“SHUT UP OR I’LL SHUT YOU UP. I’M TRYING TO SLEEP.” you said aggressively.
“TRY ME~” he said back to you, making you kiss him.


Anxiety paced back and forth in his room. He was ready to leave, but he decided to give Prince one last chance. He was the top number in his phone, the selfie of them smiling at the zoo with the rabbits was still the Profile. He pressed the button and waited for Prince’s apologetic voice to be in his ear at any second. Ring. Any second… Ring. Come on Prince. Ring. Please pick up! Ring. Ring. Ring. “You’ve reached Prince sanders! Leave a voicemail.” Prince’s message ended, and the generic ‘please leave a voicemail after the tone’ recording started up… Beep. “I- I can’t take it anymore, Prince. You don’t tell me anything, you’ve been disappearing for hours, you have phone calls you don’t want me to hear, and now you forgot our anniversary. I’m done being patient. I have packed my things, you can keep the house. Good-goodbye.” Anxiety hung up and burst into tears. It felt like hell, leaving, but everyone has a line, and Prince had finally crossed it. Before he could change his mind Anxiety grabbed his bags and left starting the car and heading to Logic and Dad’s place… Maybe they could help him restart
Prince opened the door to their little apartment feeling excited. “Anx baby! I’m home!” The others usual greeting was missing today… “Anx?” He pulled out his phone (it had been on silent all day) and went to call Anxiety, but saw that he had already called. Worry flooded Prince’s mind. What if something had happened?! What if Anxiety had been hurt?! A million other What Ifs ran through his head as he opened the voicemail.
He listened…
The voicemail ended…
He sat down…
A small box fell out of his fingers, and a ring with a diamond shining merrily on the band rolled away, as Princes world fell down around him.

Tell me about your irrational fears and childhood dreams. Tell me about your scars and all the wounds that never seemed to heal inside of you. Tell me why you find comfort in the night sky and why you never walk away from fights. Tell me what you think about when you’re awake at 3 in the morning, and all the what ifs swimming in your head. Tell me what makes you laugh, and what made you cry in the past. Tell me about your first heartbreak and your last try at love. Tell me about your mother’s laugh, and the food she cooks for you. Tell me about your first fight with your father, and the first time you saw him cry. Tell me about the 5-year-old you were, and the 50-year-old you want to be. Don’t tell me your favorite color, tell me why it is. Don’t tell me where you grew up, tell me what it was like growing up there. Don’t tell me about yourself, tell me who you are. That’s the conversation I want to have and the things I want to hear.
—  a. gale, Can’t we skip the awkward small talk and dive down into the depths?
What Is Family?

Bruce Banner X Reader

Request Prompt:
 So I assume you’ve seen the videos where the kids will ask their stepdad to adopt them? Well could you do one like that? Like the reader had been thinking about it but one night she comes home to find her two kids & Bruce asleep on the couch cuddled together and she just knows that Bruce is what her kids need?

Ahh Beautiful Anon, my heart. You got me right in the heart

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Bad Decisions Alternate Ending [Jaehyun]

Originally posted by cherryassbomb

Genre: Angst/ Fluff

Scenario: Your long term friend Jaehyun is in love with your best friend. You want nothing but the best for them but silently dealing with your break up from BTS singer Jeon Jungkook has been weighing on you. One drunken night and one bad decision leads to risks taken and mistakes made.

Characters: Jaehyun; Reader (You); Your Friend (Y/F/N)

Word Count: 1621

Notes: This is alternate ending where you do end up with Jaehyun. This is the last part in the series so thank you for sticking with us this far! As always feedback is greatly appreciated 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.5

He thought his feelings for you had faded away. He thought he had spent so much time burying them under the sand that, because he couldn’t see them anymore, they stopped existing. He went on with his life and the feelings that once plagued him were no longer at the forefront of his mind whenever he looked at you. When your soft hands touched his skin his body stopped responding. He started to look at you like you were just another friend. But under all that sand, and dirt, and lies he forced himself to believe, they were still there.

He wished that he could say that it shouldn’t have happened. He wished he could say that if he could go back in time he’d stop himself from kissing you that night. But he can’t. He felt guilty for what happened, but he’s glad he did it. Because for the rest of his life he can think back to that moment when your hands clung to him with everything you had, when your mouth moved against his with such urgency, when you wanted him as much as he wanted you, even if it only lasted a few seconds.

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Not Your Soulmate

AU: the one where your soulmate’s ghost haunts you when they die.

Relationship: Soulmates

Fandom: Young Justice

Character: Wally


Like most people you never met your soulmate till his ghost appeared to you. It was late at night and you were studying for an exam.

“Wow, you have a really good study system going on.” You heard a voice say from over your shoulder. You groaned thinking your roommate had brought one of her boy toys back for some late night fun.

“Elena! Come get your fucking boy toy and leave! You and I had a deal!” You yelled and went back to reading over your notes.

“I am not a boy toy!” The voice seat. “And I di-” You let out a loud groan.

“Look either leave or I call the cops bubby.” You spun around in your chair with a cell in your hand. You, however, didn’t see a physical body instead you show a boy in the Kid Flash he was so faded that you could see through him to your other wall. You dropped your cell phone as tears ran down your eyes. Your soulmate had been Kid Flash, the sidekick you looked up to growing up, and he was dead.

“I’m so sorry.” You whispered out. Wally had pulled off his mask and knelt down in front of you.

“It’s fine. Really I was surprised too. I also thought Artemis was my soulmate. But she couldn’t see me and I got pulled to you.”

“Man, that sucks.” You looked at him seeing his bright green eyes as a few tears fell from them.

“Ya, it does. But at least I have something to talk to.” He smiled at you but you could still sense the sadness from him.

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I Would Give You My Everything

Originally posted by jaetime

[ wonpil ]


word count; 1.6k

genre; angst 

[ recommend listening to ‘I Would’ by Day6 since this is based off the song ]

summary - wonpil thinks back to the days of him and y/n and how he wishes he could go back and say the things he should have and would have said.

Wonpill sat down at the piano in the practice room. It was currently two am and everyone else had already left, but Wonpil wanted to stay for a little while later. He delicately placed his fingers onto the keys of the piano. Before he even realised what he was playing, it soon registered that it was an all too familiar tune that Wonpil could never forget - it was Y/N’s favourite song. As he continued to play the song, he tried to push the old memories out of his mind. He put more and more passion into the song, getting lost. Wonpil began thinking about Y/N and the years they had spent together. He still hadn’t gotten over her and missed her every day. He wished he could start over again and take back everything - everything he did and didn’t do. There were things Wonpil should have done, should have said -  but didn’t and it’s too late now.  

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Request: Drabble/ Oneshot Sirius x Reader

requested by: @alwaysuptosomemischief

“ For the short drabble could you do 3,4 and 35 with the best looking’ family disappointment Sirius Black? you’re amazing btw xoxo ”

Note: you did say you wanted a drabble but I couldn’t resist

Title: It Started With A Bang

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

I told my close friend, Sirius about my feelings for him. It’s quite stupid actually. I had a gut feeling that he’d respond the way he did but you see, I am a stubborn naive kid. The what ifs in my head kept telling me that maybe just maybe, a small dash of a miracle coming from whatever magical being is out there that is looking out for me would somehow change his mind. But alas, he did respond the way I imagined he would. Let me just paint you the whole picture of how things end up the way it is now. 

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Requests might technically be closed, but I don’t care. Hopefully these suffice ^^;

-He’ll be scared too.
-But, he’s more relieved that you weren’t hurt more than anything else.
-Even though he’s shaken too, he’ll comfort you through it.
-It’s scary when something like this happens, especially so close.
-You’ll likely have to comfort him too. He’s scared too after all.
-He’ll probably want to play some games because it usually helps distract him from things. Old habits die hard.
-But instead of LOLOL, he’ll play something multiplayer so you can both have a distraction together.
-He’ll play whatever you want with you, even if it’s not a video game.
-He’d be down for playing board games or card games if that’s what you want.
-Really, lighthearted games will help both of you cope with this.

-The second he hears about it, the first thing on his mind is you.
-He won’t calm down until you’re in his arms.
-Which means if you’re not home, he calls you as many times as it takes for you to pick up and tells you to come home.
-Once you’re in his sight again, you won’t be out for a very long time.
-He’d probably lose sleep over all of his worries and what ifs playing through his head. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping too, you can stay up together and chat.
-He also says that if there’s anything you want to do, like play a game or watch something, you can.
-He calls to take off of work, but it wasn’t needed. The director had cancelled rehearsals for at least a week already.
-He refuses to let you outside alone. It’s too much of a risk in his mind.
-If you absolutely have to leave and he can’t come with you (like if you have work), he will sit at home and worry about you all day until you come home.1
-More than anything, even if he is scared and panicky too, he won’t let you know that. He’ll smile for your sake.

-She closes the cafe the minute she sees the new reports and you both go home together.
-Once you’re both safely home, there’s a very somber feeling hanging in the air. You can both feel it.
-It might be a bit difficult to lighten the mood again.
-She clings to you and whispers that she’s incredibly grateful you’re safe and that you’ll always be safe because she’s with you.
-To break the sad atmosphere, she suggests playing little games around the house, ranging from card games to sleepover games.
-It’s a nice little light in a dark time.
-You can just laugh at yourselves and forget about all the bad things a little too close to home.
-Overall, although the whole situation has been very shocking to both of you, she’s happy you’re still here with her, safe.

-He will keep you indoors until everything is 100% safe.
-Maybe even after that.
-He’ll be too scared of you getting mixed up in whatever is happening. He doesn’t know what he would do if something happened to you.
-You won’t be out unsupervised for a while.
-Jumin is very calm about it, despite being afraid to let you out of his sight.
-His calmness definitely helps you and keeps you from panicking.
-If you do begin panicking, he’ll sit and listen to your worries as long as it takes.
-This kind of thing isn’t easy to accept and get over. He knows that.
-Anything you need, he’ll see to it.
-Cuddles. With him and with Elizabeth.
-Both help you relax.
-You don’t have to worry about feeling alone or defenseless because Jumin is here for you.

-He heard about the attacks mere minutes after it happened. He got all of the information.
-If you’re both home at the time, he immediately goes to you.
-If you’re out, he’s panicking. He’ll call you and tell you to come home as fast as possible.
-Whichever one it is, when he sees you, the first thing he does is hug you.
-He’s scared that something so dangerous and scary happened so close to you. He’s not so much worried about himself as he is about you.
-He keeps up with every single news update, but doesn’t let you do the same. The last thing he wants is for you to worry.
-Don’t worry. He’ll keep you informed if it will help ease your anxiety, but he’ll also make sure you have something to distract yourself with.
-Movies. You guys watch funny movies until you finally pass out late that night.
-It’s something light in a dark time. It’s better than nothing.
-He stares at your sleeping face, resting against him, and remembers how thankful he is that you weren’t hurt today.

-He counts his blessings.
-You weren’t hurt.
-That’s something he is extremely thankful for.
-The whole experience of something so scary happening so close has shaken him up.
-He’ll hug you and remind you how much he loves you and he’s so relieved that you weren’t at the wrong place at wrong time.
-Things like this really remind you how scary and unsafe the world is. V knows that. So, he makes a huge effort to assure you that the world may be scary at times, but it’s also beautiful.
-He’ll accompany you out in public if you want him to, without question.
-He feels a bit helpless with his poor eyesight, but his hearing as heightened because of it, which means he is still confident he can protect you if needed.
-He assures you he won’t need to, but he would protect you, even if it was the last thing he does.
-There’s a lot of hand holding for at least the next few weeks. He needs to feel you next to him.

-The first thing he checks is if you’re okay.
-If you weren’t already together, he’s going to get to you as fast as he can, whether you’re just in another room or you’re out in town.
-Either way, he has to see with his own eyes that you weren’t involved in the attacks and are completely unharmed.
-He gets really quiet, which simply means he’s very worried.
-The news about the attacks scared him too, but he doesn’t express it besides following you like a shadow. He did that before sometimes anyway.
-He’ll let you talk if you want to. He’s a good listener.
-If you ask for anything, he’ll do it for you.
-He knows you’re scared, so he’s going to make sure you know you’re safe with him, even though he have doubts about his ability to protect you. He’d still try with everything he has.
-Lots of quiet, small physical affections, like resting his head on your shoulder and hand holding.
-It’s therapeutic for both of you.

gracefullyinsanedancingunicorn  asked:

Can you do a fic with either Logicality or Moxiety? Prompt: maybe something weird happens in the mindscape and two sides switch personas/"lives" for a while and basically they understand each other better? So basically like "Freaky Friday," but with some eventual fluff and angst? And the ship(s), of course. ;)

I have no idea how to work Tumblr so sorry if his own how I’m meant to do this??

Also I haven’t watched Freaky Friday in years so,,, I had 0 ideas on what I was doing but eh.

Title: Freaky Tuesday
Paring: Moxiety

Anxiety pulsed through his body and made his limp shake and his chest ache whenever he tried to breath; like someone had sat a rock on his ribcage and he was unable to move it. It was uncomfortable, yet not so much sore as it was an annoyance, but he wasn’t used to the feeling of anything other than his usually bubbly happiness that came with his job.

He was confused about why he felt unlike his normal self, why his limps felt heaver and his brain more alert than normal. Until he looked in the mirror, because he wasn’t.. well himself. As he gazed into the eyes of his reflection someone else stared back, Virgil - his crush! - stared back.

Patton gasped, stumbling back and tripping over a book that he was certain hadn’t been there before and falling to the floor. Was this how Virgil always felt? Constantly torn between fight or flight, constantly over thinking even the simplest things?

He couldn’t even handle living like that for a few minutes without wanting to break down, never mind constantly whilst having to do stuff! It exhausted him just laying on the floor, never mind filming videos and going about his daily life. But he ignored the images of Virgil, curled up and dealing with these horrible feelings alone, and pushed himself up with shaky hands connected to shaky hands.

When he was standing up again, he started walking out of the dark room that belonged to Anxiety; it was difficult, with his trembling legs, but he managed it and continued down the corridor that connected all of their rooms. He stopped outside of his room, hands poised over the door as is to knock but the thousands of thoughts and ‘what ifs’ running through his head caused him to doubt what normally would’ve been such a simple thing to do.

Eventually he knocked, and what he saw made him want to scoop the other into his arms and never let him go.

He was suspiciously happy, a bubbly kind of joy rushing through his veins and battling the self-deprecating thoughts that lived inside his mind, which was lacking the usual rushing thoughts and ‘what ifs’ that came with his job. His hands didn’t tremble and his legs did not shake as he paced the length of the room he was in - it wasn’t his room, it was too bright to be his room - as he tugged at his hair with an agonizing smile on his face.

He stopped pacing and walked over to the only mirror in the room - so he ruled it him being in Prince’s room - before reeling backwards in shock at what he saw. Morality stood before him, moved with him, but his smile was empty and his eyes dead; just like Virgil normally looked like when in his own body.

The smile was worse - beating the normally warm eyes by a hairline fracture - because Patton, and therefore his smiles, where always so full of joy and this one was too but it was a dead sort of joy; the happiness of a man that had long since given up n finding any positive emotions at all. His eyes may have lacked Patton’s usual warmth, but at least they weren’t a horrifying mix of both.

A nock at his, no Morality’s, door pulled him from his thoughts just as the owner of the room walked through it.

“Virge, do you know what happened?” Patton asked him gently, though his voice shook due to the anxiety that Virgil normally handled. The sight of Patton trembling nervously like a leaf burned itself into his mind and caused his previous joy to turn into a far too familiar sadness. His smile never faded.

“Not a clue,” Virgil mumbled as an answer, trying to figure out his conflicting emotions. Whilst he held Patton’s usual giddiness, he also struggled to comprehend the unbearable sadness that he felt as the sight of Patton dealing with.. well anxiety.

“I think.. maybe.. that we’ve swapped body’s and jobs?” Patton said, though it sounded more like a question than a statement of fact, and Virgil found himself wondering why Patton asked when he already knew the answer.

“Like in Freaky Friday?” He blurted out, Patton’s brain-to-mouth-filter, or lack thereof, obviously affecting him.

“Yeah! But it’s a Freaky Tuesday,” Morality said, beaming at Virgil. It looked weird seeing his own body smile when he so rarely did.

“Oh, well do you wanna talk about the Anxiety you’re probably feeling right now?” Virgil said instead of replying to the others not-quiet-a-joke. He went to stuff his hands into the pocket of his hoodie only to realise that he wasn’t wearing a hoodie and instead he awkwardly brushed his hands against Patton’s light blue shirt.

“Only if you talk about how you feel,” was the compromise, though Patton knew Virgil probably wouldn’t open up to him as much as he probably should. But a little was better than nothing, right?

“Deal,” he reluctantly replied as he thought about how he could describe the positive emotions that he was feeling; it was harder than it should’ve been.

“Okay, I feel really anxious? Like I’m wearing a too tight binder but I have no way to take it off, and its uncomfortable yet just short of being painful. I feel like a leaf, like I could be blown away by any unexpected wind yet an unexpected wind will never come because of the 'what ifs’ that dance through my head. I feel like a party that I don’t want to be at, crowded and about to be snuffed like a candles flame at the slightest touch; I feel like I could sleep for days but the though of even closing my eyes for more than a few seconds terrifies me. ” He paused, thinking about how to explain something else before continuing, “It is like I’m being held hostage in my own mind.”

Virgil stood there, shocked. He had never had someone describe what he felt like daily so easily and with so much confidence in their analogy. The emotional drive behind the speech floored him and whilst he knew that Patton was only describing Virgil’s daily anxiety was breath-taking, like someone could understand what he went through.

“Uhm, I.. uh.. guess it’s my turn now?”


“Well don’t expect anything so… poetic,”

“Just try your hardest, that’s always enough!”

“Okay. Uh, its like I’m on a cloud, above the ocean, right? And I feel light, carefree and like I can do anything. But there’s a storm brewing and at any moment the cloud could turn grey and the waves below me could pull be from the nor rain-cloud and into the suffocatingly dark, amd unknown, waters. But… but I stay on the cloud, just thinking about how it’ll get better and it does and the cloud is white again, but there’s always the possibility that I’ll start drowning, that I’ll give into the negativity. Yet I remain above it all.”

Patton, much like Virgil had been, was floored. Whilst the analogy was imperfect, and his point had managed to sneak off a few times, the emotion behind it made Patton understand just how unusual thins positivity was. It was a perfect description of his life as the heart, the complex emotions that he felt daily where explained with such a way that Patton found himself disappointed when Virgil stopped talking.

Or maybe he just missed the sound of Virgil’s voice.

But something happened that distracted them from their confessions, a fuzzy feeling spread through their bodies until it reached their heads and they found themselves at opposite ends of the bedroom. In their own body.

“Wow! I never knew how much I wanted to make you happy until I felt your pain,” Patton exclaimed to break the silence that had overcame the two of them.

“Uh, I never knew how much I wanted to protect you from the brewing storm until I felt your joy,” Virgil muttered, a light pink blush on his cheeks and ears. Patton found it unbearably cute.

“Uh… this may seem sudden but.. can I… kiss you?” Patton asked nervously as he gazed at the others lips, it was awkward and sudden but the moment felt right. He started walking across his bedroom, stopping just in-front of the anxious side. 

“Y-yeah,” Virgil said before he felt Patton’s lips against his own. The kiss was soft, sweet and over before he knew it, but it was so completely right and perfect. “Could we do that again sometime?”

“Yeah,” Patton breathed out before kissing him again.

Guilty - Pietro x reader oneshot

Requested by Annon - I hope i did this okay, it was actually really hard to end… :w 

    He stood there helplessly as he watched her crumple to the floor. Despite his speed (Y/n) had managed to get in front of him, she took the bullets, she saved him. He fell to his knees by her side, pulling her onto his lap - shaking as he moved the hair from her face. He could hear Clint shouting into Coms for help and the sounds of battle faded from his mind, “Why did you do that (Y/n), why, why?” he pleaded trying to reposition her in his arms

“fast healing, remember?” she managed, coughing and her face paling by the second.

“No (Y/n), come on stay with me” he whimpered clutching onto her

“I’ll be fine, Pietro - I’ll walk it off like Cap said” she managed a smile before she fell into unconsciousness. Tears fell from Pietro’s eyes and splashed onto her cheeks. He quickly brushed them away and looked around before picking her up and running to one of the hellecarrier busses.  He laid her down on some of the chairs and knelt beside her, taking her hand in his squeezing it as he saw the rise and fall of her chest get even slower. He was not going to lose her today, not without telling her how he felt.

She was raced off to the medical wing almost as soon as the landed on the hellecarrier, Pietro tried desperately to stay be her side but he was pushed away in the panic on board, he stood helplessly outside the operating theatre before sliding down and slouching against the wall, rubbing his face with his hands before they made their way to his hair pulling it slightly. If he had moved quicker could he have saved her? could he of moved her out of the way? A collection of ‘what ifs’ swelled in his head before he ran off, he didn’t know where to but he had to be anywhere but here.

———————-Time Skip———————-

    (Y/n) had been transported back to the avengers tower a few days ago, after Bruce had recovered himself. Wanda and Steve often sat with her and sometimes the others but Pietro couldn’t stand the sight of her laying there, pale and weak knowing that he could have done something to help you. “Pietro, please go and see her. you were best friends she’ll need you most when she wakes up.” Wanda would plead with him but to no avail, “its not your fault you know. She made the choice and she saved you. I think you owe it to her”

“I could of moved quicker, I could have moved her out of the way and saved us both.”

“Pietro you know that not even you could move that fast” she sighed, getting tired of him constantly blaming himself

“No, Wanda I could have done more. I cant see her like that it hurts to much - you don’t understand”

“What do you mean?”

“I love her, Wanda, I love (Y/n).” he shouted sitting down hiding his face in his hands sniffling, Wanda smiled at him sadly ,

“All the more reason then”  she waited for a second and left, leaving him to consider.

    Slowly he got to his feet and walked to the medical room, stopping outside her door and taking a deep breath before going in. his breath hitched in his throat as he saw her, she was pale but still beautiful. After what seemed like forever he moved to her bedside and sat next to her, taking her hand and stroking the back of it with his thumbs. “(y/n) what were you thinking? God if I could go back and take the shot instead I would, if I could I would take your pain away but I cant and I’m sorry but this way I can comfort you and help you bring back that smile I fell in love with. See I never told you and I wish I did. (Y/n) I have always loved you, at first as a best friend and it soon became more. I need someone who I can protect. I need you, I love you, I adore you. I thought I had lost you but you’re still here holding on. I love you (Y/n)” by the end he was crying. He kissed her hand lightly and rested his head against it.

"that’s so cheesy” she wheezed and laughed. Pietro’s head snapped up, “You know I think I might feel the same” her eyes opened and she looked at him smiling.

“How much did you hear?” he asked sheepishly standing up

“All of it, I just didn’t care to stop you” he laughed and kissed her forehead, “Stay still, I’ll fetch Dr Banner”

“No. Don’t, stay with me a while.“ she coughed and moved over slightly. He sat next to her and leaned in,

"I meant it all you know” he whispered

“I know you did” she leaned forward as much as she could and he met her lips with his.

You were both the one I never had and the one that got away. I wanted to love you, but over time the idea faded. It’s been six months since I let you go and spilled my heart into his hands. He made sure he caught every bit, and I couldn’t be happier, but now you’ve told me that we had a chance. The only thing you’ve succeeded in is making the ‘what ifs’ multiply, filling my head with the same questions I finally got comfortable enough to not even have to ask. I wish you never let me know.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: a girl who had a crush on her best friend then got over him, (slowly and painfully) but then got a great and wonderful boyfriend and after 6 months her best friend came back admitting he liked her and now she doesn’t know what to do.

To this person who i want to spend my whole life with, you know how much i love you. You know how much sacrifice i can do just to keep you. Last night, i opened up something that i rarely share. Im glad that you are still listening. Iloveyou. Im looking forward to see us grow together, not just to grow old together but to be mature enough in this world. I know adult life is hard. Adult life is “nah, ill just go back to babe” but it takes courage and lots of taking risks just to grow. I know you know what im talking about.
I remember the first time i went to baguio, with all hesistations and doubts, with all what ifs in my head, in that terminal, you stood up, and hugged me. That exact moment, i realized i wanna spend my whole life with you. Iloveyou babe. @hindichinita

Let’s make a baby part 7 D|H

A/N : Part 7 of the LMAB series is here ! This is just a little taste of what is ahead. I’m telling you chapter 8 and 9 will be pretty dramatic… masterlist  

“Okay listen, how about this” Dan started and giggled. We were both snuggled up on the couch in the lounge. I was reading a book while he was scrolling through tumblr and replied to his fans on twitter. The phandom’s reaction to the baby news has been incredible. Of course there were some negative comments but the majority really looked forward to the birth of boo. There was a lot of fanart and tweets. Youtubers from all over the world have congratulated us and even the BBC sent us a bouquet of flowers. I looked up from my book to face Dan who tried to get my attention, by saying he had a great idea. “With if we call the baby Winnie and the second name will be Boo” he suggested with glowing eyes. I busted into loud laughters, holding onto my belly. His serious face broke into a grin and he couldn’t help but crack up too. “We are not going to call our baby Winnie Boo” I chuckled after I had calmed down a bit. “I think it’s a great name” he spoke seriously and I kissed him to shut him up.

It was now the fifth month of my pregnancy and there was another ultra sound coming up next week, we were still convinced that we won’t find out the gender of the baby. Me and Dan were going to love the little thing no matter if it’s a boy or a girl or both or none. It really didn’t matter at all. I was fine for it being just boo for now. We talked about names quite frequently though. Most of the time however we just listed really stupid names or the once we didn’t like. I also had a few check ups at the doctors and gladly everything was fine.

It was Friday morning when I woke up early because of my stomach demanding food. Dan was still asleep and since he looked so peaceful I didn’t wake him up to have breakfast with me. Just as I swallowed a spoonful of cereal Dan’s phone started to ring loudly. Looks like he left it on the kitchen counter before he went to bed. I got up as quickly as I could and answered it. It was most probably Phil or his mother. But instead the display showed a little emojii smile instead of a name. “Y/N Y/L/N” I spoke. To my surprise there was a woman on the phone with me now. Her voice was was smooth and deeper than mine. She still sounded young as she said : “Could I speak to Daniel Howell, please ?” I tried to think really hard but I was 100 percent sure that I had never heard this voice before. “Unfortunately he is still asleep. Is there something I should pass on to him” I answered politely, trying to hide my curiousness. “No, thank you. I will call again later today.” the young lady replied before she hung up and left me staring at the now dark display. ‘Well that was weird’ I thought and got a bit uncomfortable. Nothing like that has ever happened before. My mind went crazy. There were a lot of what ifs rushing through my head. I calmed myself down by saying that Dan knew a lot of people because of his job.This could also be his childhood friend or his cousin right ? Nothing to be worried about.

One hour later my boyfriend had finally woken up. It was a sunny day outside and I wanted to go for a walk together. He wore his sweatpants and still had messy bed hair when he walked into the room. He looked unbelievingly hot like that. “Morning” he said his voice was raspy and deep.

30 minutes later we were walking through St. James’s Park in London. The air was still cold but fresh. The weak sun was out. Me and Dan were holding hands as we peacefully strolled down the path next to the huge trees. Suddenly I remembered the phone call from earlier. “I answered your phone while you were asleep.” I began and I saw how his forehead crinkled. “It was a young woman who wanted to talk to you. She said she’ll call you again” I explained. He nodded and changed the topic soon after. We were mid conversation when his phone started to ring again. It was 'smiley face’. “I got to catch this” he told me before he walked away a few meters just so I couldn’t hear him anymore. I watched him, his huge hands made the Iphone 6 plus look small or at least normal. His mouth was moving quickly. The hand that wasn’t holding his phone was buried into his pocket. His pink lips formed words but I couldn’t understand a thing, just the way he wanted it. I exhaustedly sat down on a little park bench. My heart started racing as I realized that Dan was hiding something from me. After years of honesty and trust, there was a secret that I was not privy to. I could be wrong. Maybe it’s just a business talk but before Dan returned my mind had already created horrible scenarios…

Doctor Way

Prompt: Requested by anonymous. “One where Gee is your doctor and he does a full physical on you and you think he’s really hot but he has no clue you think he’s hot (no smut)”

Warnings: none

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

Reader: Female

Word Count: 1,165

A/N: I hope this okay nonnie ^-^

You sit on the exam table, awkward in the blue gown the nurse had given you. You had recently switched insurance which caused you to switch doctors and you had yet to meet your new doctor-Doctor Way. You were quite nervous, twisting your fingers in your gown and swinging your legs back and forth. What if he’s a creeper? Or just a really bad doctor and you die because he misses something? The bad ‘what ifs’ fly through your head but nothing prepares you for the answer to a question you hadn’t asked.

What if he’s hot?

Then you’re fucked.

He’s in the room now; smiling at you and making your heart skip a beat. He has intense red hair, something you really didn’t see coming, and sweet hazel eyes that you know hide trouble. Of course now the nervous pit in your stomach is only growing.

“Hello,” He says cheerfully.

“Morning.” You reply and he moves to stand in front of you.

“I’m Doctor Way, I’m just gonna do a physical to get all the basics and everything, okay?” His voice is soothing and you nod, not even caring if he’s a terrible doctor who gets you killed.

“Let’s start with blood pressure.” He wraps the blood pressure cuff around your forearm and starts adding pressure. He’s paying attention to the little gauge and not to you so you take the moment to assess him again. His profile is adorable, cute little nose and crooked lip when he smiles. His skin is pale and you can only imagine how easy it would be to cover him in hickeys.

He looks up at you, smirk titling his lips and you blush deeply. Shit, can he read minds? Don’t be ridiculous, just breathe and relax.

“Are you feeling okay?” He asks, recording something from the blood pressure test and removing the cuff.

“What?” You weren’t really listening, caught up in your head and his eyes.

“You’re awfully quiet, are you feeling alright?” He looks concerned and you mentally smack yourself.

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