“I want to go. I don’t know where, I just know I don’t want to be here.”

“Is it really that bad here?”

“Some days it’s fine, I mean I have my friends and family here, but most days my heart yearns for adventure. I want to see things, not just hear about them. I want to experience things, not just read about them. This life -this town- is a tartarus of forgotten and abandoned dreams. I know if I stay I’ll just be a shell repeating the ‘what ifs’ in my head in an endless, insufferable, loop. I don’t want that, I can’t do that. I want to go, and so I shall.”
—  J.A.Y.

Kip Omolade’s “Diovadiova Chrome” portrait series brings out the striking qualities of the human face. The artist takes inspiration from African folk art forms such as the ivory masks of Benin and the Ife bronze heads of Nigeria. He considers his work a contemporary exploration of the mask as a conduit between mankind and the spirit world. For his updated take on this timeworn subject matter, Omilade makes plaster casts of models’ faces and uses them to create resin sculptures, which he coats with chrome and embellishes with fake eyelashes. The masks serve as reference material for Omolade’s hyperrealist oil paintings, which pay homage to African cultural traditions in a novel way.

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Tell me about your irrational fears and childhood dreams. Tell me about your scars and all the wounds that never seemed to heal inside of you. Tell me why you find comfort in the night sky and why you never walk away from fights. Tell me what you think about when you’re awake at 3 in the morning, and all the what ifs swimming in your head. Tell me what makes you laugh, and what made you cry in the past. Tell me about your first heartbreak and your last try at love. Tell me about your mother’s laugh, and the food she cooks for you. Tell me about your first fight with your father, and the first time you saw him cry. Tell me about the 5-year-old you were, and the 50-year-old you want to be. Don’t tell me your favorite color, tell me why it is. Don’t tell me where you grew up, tell me what it was like growing up there. Don’t tell me about yourself, tell me who you are. That’s the conversation I want to have and the things I want to hear.
—  a. gale, Can’t we skip the awkward small talk and dive down into the depths?

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How do you think Dany would react if either Rhaenys or Aegon lived (married off to a Baratheon and the Wall)? Want to meet them, see them as a threat to her Throne?

Well, we’re almost certainly going to see how she would react to Aegon. He may or may not be who he believes himself to be, and she may or may not have reason to doubt that by the time she arrives in Westeros, but we’ll hear her thoughts on the idea of Aegon. With respect to the Wall hypothetical specifically, her brother’s son is on the Wall, right, so we’ll see how that goes. (I’m guessing pretty well.)

I think the general idea would appeal to her very much. She is looking for that kind of mythic connection.

The dragon has three heads. There are two men in the world who I can trust, if I can find them. I will not be alone then. We will be three against the world, like Aegon and his sisters.    

But the survival of Rhaenys or Aegon is one of those character-bending paradoxes for Dany. Daenerys is Daenerys because she is singular, which is just another way of saying she is alone. Nobody walks into a fire because they have so much to live for in this world. She became this person who was willing and able to reach out and catch destiny because she had nowhere else to look. That is the core fact of her reality, in all its pathos and magnificence; if it wasn’t, she’d be someone else. 

Rivals Pt. 4

Hey hey hey, guess who’s back with some Calum and all that juicy emotion stuff. Sorry again that it took so long, my grandparents don’t have a computer I can use and so I had to hand write most of this. I hope you appreciate it more now :) First, second, and third parts are here, my children. Feast on the writing.

 The sun’s rays barely peeked through the blinds, making the room dark but bright all in the same. Calum stared off in silence, his eyes focusing on nothing in particular as he let his thoughts run wild in his head, what ifs floating around as he watched the dust float through the sun beam like he had been for the past hour and a half.

 Ashton had come back every now and then, mainly to check on Y/N, but to check on Calum too. He hadn’t moved since they’d changed the seats and restitched a stab wound on her stomach that opened again.

 “Hey, Cal.” Ashton spoke softly as he carefully came back in, immediately going over to Y/N  to check that she was alright. Calum gave a grunt, still watching the particles float in the air. “You doing okay?”


 “Well, there’s some stuff for you-”

 “You deal with it. I have to wait for her to wake up.” Calum spoke as he finally shifted, resting his head on his hand to watch Y/N better. “I need her to answer some questions.”

 “Fine.” Ashton simply said before leaving. He didn’t come back again and it seemed to be almost night time the next day when her eyes fluttered open.

 “Calum? Not who I was expecting to see when I opened my eyes.” She spoke slowly, her voice raspy from lack of use. “Got any water?”

 “Were you trying to escape and that’s why you hurt yourself?” Calum suddenly asked and Y/N looked at him as if he were growing another head.

 “Are you stupid? My stitches busted open after I sat up too fast. Don’t make me open them again killing you.” She coughed slightly before wincing and looking at him with a pained look. “Water?”

 “Yeah, here.” Calum sighed as he handed her a cup of water. It was silent for a while as Calum watched her drink before he spoke again. “Do you ever regret where you are and what you do? What you’ve done to get there?”

 “Getting sentimental now?” Y/N wiped her mouth before carefully sitting up in her bed. “I do. My life wasn’t supposed to be this. I had plans for a normal life. College and a real career and fuck, even kids. The whole nine yards.” She revealed before slowly shaking her head. She drank more water before handing the cup off to Calum so he could throw it away.

 “You had a choice and you chose this life?” Calum gave her an angry look as she faced him, her eyes looking more tired than they had seconds before. “You threw your good life away for this shit?!”

 “Right before I started college, I had this piece of shit boyfriend. I was stupid and in love so I dropped any plans for college and ran after him.” Y/N sighed, closing her eyes and opening them again to show the pain Calum hadn’t seen before. “Not that it’s any of your business, but he sold me off to one of his dealers. And let’s just say that red really suits me.”

 “Jesus, he hurt you?” Calum asked, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and handing one to Y/N after lighting it for her. She laughed, the sound alone sending chills up his spine as she blew smoke from her lips.

 “No. He took me to his boss and his boss almost got his way with me. But, I killed him and that dealer, then I killed the son of a bitch who sold me off. And that’s how I got to where I am today.” She finished, smiling at Calum’s shocked face before blowing another puff from her lips. Calum opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Ashton bursting into the room.

 “Cal…something with Y/N…quick…” Ashton panted out and Calum was quick to stand, but stopped from moving as Y/N gently tugged on his sleeve.

 “Take me. I can handle it.” She said, her expression nothing but determination. “I need a change of scenery anyway.”

 With a nod, Calum gently scooped Y/N up and turned toward a fearful Ashton, but Ashton didn’t stop him from following with her in his arms. But, maybe Ashton should have stopped him because as soon as they reached the main entrance, Y/N gasped and it was the first time any of them had seen her cry.

 “Mommy.” She whimpered, reaching for the lifeless body that Calum set her down next to. She sniffled, looking to the other body and whimpering all over again as her mind registered the disfigured face. “Daddy, no.”

 “The note.” Ashton mumbled, handing it to Calum, who was secretly thankful he could look away from the painful sight of Y/N crying while hugging her dead parents. He didn’t understand why it hurt seeing her hurt but he didn’t focus on that, instead he lifted the paper up so he could read it aloud.

 “’Y/N, here’s a present to you and those little pricks you decided to team up with. Big mistake. Your mom’s screams were like sweet music. And your daddy tried to fight, but, well, looks like he failed. Give up your drug sources or more people will be added to your pile of presents.’” Calum read, looking away from the note in the end in disgust. His eyes caught sight of Y/N standing, anger consuming every inch of her being as she limped away from the bodies of her parents.

 “I’m gonna kill those fucking bastards, even if I die while doing it.”

Part 5?

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I saw your tags about Qui Gon and now I'm wondering if you think that if Qui Gon did live that Anakin wouldn't have fallen to the dark side? Because ever since if watched the first episode movie and every time I see a Qui Gon and Anakin thing I always think that if he lived it wouldn't have turned the way it did. Especially because the only person who really believed in Anakin was Qui Gon while the rest of the jedi were afraid/kept him a distance.


QUI-GON SURVIVING TPM WOULD LEAVE SUCH AN ENORMOUS IMPACT ON NOT ONLY ANAKIN’S LIFE BUT OBI WAN’S TOO. Qui-Gon’s faith, acceptance, affection and understanding for Anakin IS A HUGE THING. THE WAY HE WEARS HIS JEDI SKIN AND HIS JEDI RULES, he’s not blind, strict devotee of the Order (the way Obi-Wan is and remains;-/), he’s a pragmatic individualist, rebellious spirit and free thinker and Yoda’s contemptuous “Qui-Gon’s defiance I sense in you, need that you do not” <333 indicates that the Council always had issues with Qui-Gon’s loose interpretation of what loyalty to this body means and how occasionally he practices is. Qui-Gon is the follower of the Force not the Order, whenever he finds it he cherishes it (NOT EXPLOITS IT OR SERVES IT),  and he’s absolutely open-minded about it and the fact Qui-Gon  managed to teach himself how to become one with the Force must mean he dabbled in the Dark Side and still managed to keep himself pure and uncorrupted.

The way he is with Anakin OH MY GOD, there’s affection, faith. Everyone is so skeptical of this boy since the beginning, Padme, Obi-Wan, but Qui-Gon just firmly states: he will win the race, he will manage, there’s protectiveness there but mostly PRIDE, Qui-Gon sees his resourcefulness, his sharp intelligence, his passion, his heart, his dedication AND NOT ONCE HE CHASTISES HIM ABOUT IT (there’s a deleted scene where Ani has a fight with Greedo (x) and the way Qui-Gon interferes, there’s nothing of Jedi’s usual haughty holier-than-thou attitude, there’s wisdom and empathy and practical lesson he gives him and Anakin instantly listens, follows and takes it in, because it’s not disciplining with know-it-all ignorance but it’s offering him advice addressing the exact issues he’s going through). Qui-Gon as a person just makes you want to do good for him, as a Jedi Master by default too.

So, yes, in short I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE Anakin’s fall would never happen if Qui-Gon was the one guiding him, because Qui-Gon’s guidance wouldn’t leave so many gaps unfulfilled for Anakin to seek attendance to in wrong places and with wrong people. His presence in Ani’s life would mean freedom of acting and wanting and feeling the way he was made for.  Qui-Gon had all the attention, understanding, curiosity, fluidity and balance Anakin needed. Qui-Gon was the father figure Anakin lacked, the guardian of life and Jedi wisdom he sought and the inspiring role model Anakin needs in his life to be motivated and grounded at the same time.

(I used to have issues with Qui-Gon’s persistence in referring to Anakin as THE CHOSEN ONE - putting shackles of label on him, but his interest in this boy started with the way he’s selfless, kind, smart and skillful and only then it spiraled beyond WHO HE IS AS A PERSON, plus Qui-Gon’s absolute devotion to the concept of Anakin being the bringer of balance (his last words are about this after all HOW THIS DEFINES HIS ENTIRE LIFE AT THIS POINT) is not only a testimony of his general faith in Anakin, it’s such an amazing prospect of training for Anakin, because Qui-Gon’s idea of balance might have been THE GENUINE ONE, not just some myth everyone talks about but knows nothing about and is terrified of  but ACKNOWLEDGING THAT YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO EMBRACE BOTH SIDES AND TAME THEM IN YOU TO CREATE THIS ONENESS WITH THE FORCE). The difference is when the Jedi Council refers to Anakin as the Chosen One they mean it as doubt and suspicion and unnatural state of things, when Qui-Gon does it it’s with devotion and pride of someone witnessing a miracle.

Also Qui-Gon becoming Anakin’s master and Obi-Wan never having to fulfill the promise he gave him to train the boy opens endless what ifs on how this would influence Obi-Wan. Even though Obi-wan in his blind devotion to Order seems incorruptible I want to believe so much the resentment over being PUT ASIDE in favour of this dangerous, annoying boy Qui-Gon instantly adored would have grown in him, and seeing Anakin rise into this respectful, charismatic, heroic icon with Qui-Gon devoting his entire life to make it happen wouldn’t have left him emotionally unscathed. And so bitter, jealous, frustrated Obi-Wan (perfect model Jedi, nothing else nothing more) meets luring him into the Dark Side Dooku in AOTC, let’s talk about this possible scenario HAAAAA!