Team Riddler up in yo face with a few ‘draw the squad’ pics! Query, Echo, and Kristen are the baes of bae and it’s a shame that this world doesn’t have more love for them.

Credit to whoever made these lol (click the link)

FYI - that person who marked the briana pics as Digital Media - they were generically saying “digital media” i think because the photos are clearly credited to “AKM-GSI/XPosure” and “0317Pics”

Let’s not confuse people by “mismarking” pics - I know you don’t want to get “caught” reposting licensed pics but that whole “Digital Media” thing just created confusion (with people thinking that was the name of the company or something).  Just leave it blank like all the other right click savers.

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I can not stress enough how many people have been waiting for this post so I am more than happy to announce that MAC-Cosimetics will be holding an Open Casting Call now until August 1, 2016! (Midnight)

Models of all shades & ethnicities are welcome to audition.

                       *Please read the following information carefully*


Females Only | Ages: 18-24 | Height: 5′8″ - 5′11″ (Height Mod)

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Wanted to share some small things with you! From now on, I try to upload smaller sets instead of really big ones, but I try to make new things more often. And I try to make more Japanese-inspired stuff! Click on the pics to read more info about the items!


Download ice cream mesh here (I’m not sure anymore which of the 3 ice cream meshes): v-viansims

Download this set at SimFileShare

FINAL FOUR! -  EW’s Fall TV Cover Battle: Vote for our cover star!

You’ll have from now until Aug. 1 at 12 p.m. ET to make your voices heard in the final round of our competition taking place in the poll below. The winner will grace the subscribers’ cover of our Fall TV Preview double issue, mailed out on Sept. 8.

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Violets - For wlw with songs by lbpq + questioning woc

Girl - The Internet ||| Love Song - Shishani ||| Love Me Again - Angel Haze ||| I Want Your Kiss - Vicci Martinez ||| How Dare You - Thao & Mirah ||| Saturday Morning - Rachael Yamagata ||| Perfect - Doria Roberts ||| Worthy - Be Steadwell ||| I Can’t Help It - Esperanza Spalding ||| Calling You - Shishani ||| Be Be Your Love - Rachael Yamagata ||| Every Time - Janet Jackson ||| Cliff’s Edge - Hayley Kiyoko |||

[click the pic to listen]


So a few people (or possibly just the one anon, every single day for the past week or so) have asked for a tour of the Small’s new house so here we go!

First of all, let me apologise because I suck at taking interior shots and the picture probably look crap but oh well lol Second, because the house is so big and there are so many rooms, I’ve broken the ‘tour’ up into five separate parts, all linked below. Click on each one to be taken to the post containing pics for that part of the house

Also, I didn’t included smaller rooms such as the toilets and bathrooms because … well, they’re boring and I was trying not to have too many pictures lol

EDIT : Please don’t ask me to upload this house (or even the ‘shell’ of it). This is a heavily modified version of Marjia’s Oasis Springs lot which is available on the gallery. If you like the house you can download Marjia’s original and modify it yourself or download one of Marjia’s many other amazing builds, there’s plenty to chose from =)


Ground Floor - Part One
Ground Floor - Part Two
First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor



finally i’m done with these!! they were fun, but a lot of work! all of the sprites i used as a base can be found here, as can the cards, though they were all edited by me, some quite heavily. i messed up with the proportions, heights and poses, and i tried to stick to canon heights, though i’m sure i flooped here and there.

you can click the pics to see which type of trainer they are (as in grass, fire etc.) and their pokémon were chosen by me. you can totally disagree with me on these! in fact, please give me feedback, that’s appreciated! i was super indecisive on ava, for example (and that’s why she only has three pokémon). also the empty slots were left because of many reasons, like if you rly like my idea for their team but you’d like to give a touch of your own

anyway TiTAN is the ~villanous team~ this time, and i put official and casual clothes versions of prudith and six. and everything is transparent! enjoy!!

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80’s nostalgia pin up : Princess Daphne of Dragon’s Lair

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