Sophia Bush, Organizations: Pencils Of Promise
"I’ve always wanted to fight for people who didn’t have arms. I’ve always wanted to speak up for people who don’t have a voice. I’ve always wanted to protect people who couldn’t protect themselves. It’s my nature. It’s my instinct."

Wicked Day of Recording, Was Sounding Hella Balls Awesome

March 16, 2015: In the Studio with Kosta Theo

Today Ashton spent some studio time with Kosta Theo, Christian Lorusso, and Joel Chapman 

Ukulele chops

March 17, 2015: Madness Release Party

Today Sleeping With Sirens had a release party for their new album and the guys were there to celebrate

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New Lip Recolors + New Textures!-Angel’s Lips

Hi! Here is my latest and best creation yet, Angel’s Lips. This recolor has a new lip texture also, so it is kind of maxis match but more of an original thing. The swatches include 4 lipsticks with lip liner and two lipsticks that are just ombre. You can find these in the lipstick category, of course haha. This goes from teen to elder, but is not compatible for men. I guess you could convert it to men, if you wanted. Feel free to recolor, just use the hashtag (#americasimmer original) or just tag me. Only upload it to Tumblr, or I won’t be able to see it.

click here :) 

Happy simming! :) If you happen to use these, please show me a pic of your sim wearing it (by tagging me and uploading it to here).