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I had bad toughts against the Holy Spirit, and everytime I had those toughts I felt awful. Like God is not going to forgive me. But with my mouth I tried to defend God, and the Spirit and Jesus, I love God with my entire heart, I will never do anything to hurt him, at least no voluntary. And I ask forgiveness but sometimes I feel like I dont deserve it. I tried to change it, But it was too hard, and I love the Spirit, God and Jesus, and I don't want to have bad toughts against God.

Hi . The great thing about this is that you care on the inside and it proves the thoughts aren’t from your heart. Think about it. If those thoughts were from your own heart and desire, would you be sending this message to me? Probably not. You wouldn’t even feel bad if they were you. 

If you’re watching a television show and they have someone speaking negative words, that doesn’t mean it’s you. Well it’s the same with thoughts. Not every thought that passes through your head is from your heart. Lots of the time they’re just familiar spirits trying to get you to believe it’s you. 

So what you do is thank Jesus they aren’t you, that your heart is pure because you see His love for you and your desire is to follow Him and speak words that encourage and give life, not curse others. Flip the lie, you’ll know the truth, and the truth will set you free… And that’s all you have to do every time the thoughts cross your mind. You don’t have to fight them away in the flesh, just thank God you’re a new creation and it’s an old passing dead thought that has nothing to do with who you are in Christ.

You love the Spirit, God and Jesus and we will have all kinds of thoughts pass through our head, but not every thought is ours. We get to choose what we believe about ourselves, instead of living through our minds… we live from the heart; from a pure heart, a clean conscience, and from sincere faith… believing God’s word.

Love and blessings!

Pilot episodes for TV series are a lot like ‘70’s pornos: Everyone is awkward, the acting isn’t as good as it should be, and no one really believes in the relationships being established. Sometimes, it takes entire seasons before a series finds its footing and becomes remotely enjoyable. Hell, it took Family Matters 12 episodes until they found Urkel. Can you imagine anyone actually sitting through 11 Urkel-less episodes of Family Matters? What would they even talk about if every other sentence wasn’t punctuated with a “DID I DO THAT?”

Thankfully, while you guys were busy “interacting” with “other people” in “positive ways,” I was binging these six TV shows to ensure that when you finally got around to watching them, you wouldn’t have to stumble through the weaker opening episodes. These are six shows that are waaaay more enjoyable when you don’t start them from the beginning.

30 Rock To Dr. Who: Our Binge-Watcher’s Guide Skips The Crap

So I binge watched supergirl with my cousins (both of them boys aged 8 and 12) and since I come from a pretty traditional family I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to watch it with them knowing that it was gonna get hella gay. Turns out it wasn’t even a thing for them. Like they didn’t even react and they even like that Alex is with Maggie. In fact, when I mentioned to them that I think kara should be with lena, they were like hell yeah. The most that was said was by the little one. He just said he’d never seen two girls kiss on TV. That was it.

I think that it was important for me to be able to watch supergirl with them. I used to always get so tense around my family if anything remotely gay would turn up on TV. It’s just nice to know that as time goes on, there’ll be more family members that I can enjoy my TV shows with and I can feel more comfortable being myself around them.

Mandatory bughead post #2: My thoughts on Bughead and why it is important.

I’m aware that the words ‘bughead’ & ‘important’ in the same sentence seem like a misfit but there is a good reason why I’ve chosen to write it so. This thought came to my mind whilst trawling through the morass of ‘ships’ & ‘ship-wrecks’ on tumblr & twitter about Riverdale. 

Now, I’m not someone who watches a lot of TV shows ,however, Riverdale was a serendipitous discovery that happened to me two weeks ago. 

I have been a fan of Archie comics since I was little & my two favourite characters were Jughead & Betty, in that order. Watching Riverdale was a revelation as it brought me back to the Archie’s world and I saw it in a new light. I went into it without expectations.

What I was not prepared for was how Bughead would gently creep up on me and reign over my entire existence in such a short span of time. 

You see, I have had a few ships, some fleeting and some enduring,some canon and some fantasy, however nothing as rabid or as intense that’d induce an “I’m SHOOK” moment. Until bughead happened.

When I used to read the comic books, I had wanted Archie to one day wake up & realize that Betty was the one for her, because I could so relate to her as a kind & sweet girl, being taken for granted every time and with a history of unrequited love. I’m 30 now and life-experiences, especially of the bitter kind has certainly changed my perspective about these things, especially about romantic relationships. No more suffering fairy-tale princesses for me. 

In the comics, although Jughead and Betty were my favourites and they always were good to each other, the thought of them as a potential match had never crossed my mind. I was intrigued and amused by Jughead’s woman-hating stance and had imagined that one day an extraordinary woman worthy of him would come and sweep him off his feet.I had no concept of sexuality and its associated complications that we see today, it was only a pure and innocent fantasy in my mind. 

I had only been familiar with the ‘classic’ and humorous golden age Archie comic digests and was unaware of the modern reboots and the various universes. Therefore, when I started watching Riverdale, I was immediately hooked to its modern,quirky & dark narrative and had my assumptions broken down bit by bit with each episode. When I started with the show, five episodes were already in so I binge watched them in a single night, which left me with little time to process the minute details and subtleties, which is why I missed noticing the growing chemistry Betty and Jughead. 

It was only when I began exploring the show on the internet and understood the whole narrative and tone of the show,re-watched the episodes, saw the interviews, trawled Tumblr & youtube and accidentally saw the leaked bughead kiss is when it hit me like slap on the face and a swift kick in the ovaries. It nearly felt like enlightenment!

Once I had seen and felt it, there was no going back. It was a like a virus firmly implanted in my psyche. I resurrected my dormant and inactive tumblr and twitter accounts only to ship bughead. I’m sure fellow bughead fans know the drill of our coming undone so I won’t go into much detail. 

Coming to the next part. Riverdale or rather Bughead has come into my life as a breath of fresh air when I am going through a very dark and stressful phase. I have been going through a very difficult divorce from a man, who caused mental abuse and cheated my family of money & absconded and left me to deal with the consequences and legal battles, triggering my anxiety,fear and depression. A man whom I had trusted with my everything and was completely vulnerable to, used me and left me with a deep fear and mistrust of relationships, trauma and some very hard learnt lessons. I’m an eternal romantic but a part of me has become cynical about it. 

Riverdale is a unique show as is evident in its excellent writing,for those who care to notice the nuances and characterisations. The symbolism, fore-shadowing, word-play, subtle body-language cues of the characters, parallelism and of course, a quality mystery is the gold-standard of writing. Can we also talk about the wonderful and talented cast who have given life to the characters? The show is a slow burn and not for those with a shallow mind who are looking for popcorn entertainment with a lot of mindless drama and illogical  and unstable romantic pairings based on lust and superficial chemistry,

Bughead is not just a run of the mill ship that people are fangirling over. It is beautiful union which tells you the story of two woefully young and tender yet jaded individuals, thrown together by a tragic fate, who are battling the darkness within and without, fighting for something that’s bigger than them and their personal problems. They are fighting for justice, light and hope. In spite of their struggle with their personal demons. Can you imagine what they are going through? For any child, parents are the safe space when the world around them crumbles, but both Betty and Jughead’s parents let them down with lies, manipulation and broken promises and the possibility that their families could be the perpetrators of murder. Under such horrible circumstances, they find the safe space with each other.  

They both are mature beyond their years, insightful, righteous, kind, compassionate, supportive and caring and there for each other without being asked. They communicate with their heart and eyes (sometimes with heart eyes too ;) ) It is not a connection based on lust and hormonal surges. Something very old-fashioned and real in the era of hook-ups. An oasis in a desert.

People who keep harping on about how there is no chemistry at all between Jughead and Betty and that it was rushed and illogical, then I’m sorry that you’re oblivious to everything that is going on in the show. They have been friends since childhood.

I think we do not give the writers enough credit for writing something so profound and refreshing in spite of it being a teen drama. A homeless, abandoned, rudderless boy, an outcast who is bullied, selflessly helps a  girl find her sister and uncover the truth, not because he wants to get into her pants. A stifled, lonely yet nurturing and loving girl giving strength, support and courage to a lost and scared boy failed by his father and society. They are each other’s guardian angels.

So I ask this to all the haters..can’t you see this? Are you so blinded by your superficial hate and violent desire to stuff your ship down everyone’s throats because it gives you some sort of false sense of control over others that you have lost the ability to objectively see what the show is striving for through this beautiful narrative within the confines of what is ostensibly a teen drama? Can we not rise above our pettiness of mindless and hostile shipping to learn from it? Everyone is free to ship whomever and whatever they want but it is another thing to be so vitriolic and spiteful towards the others to have your way. Isn’t shipping supposed to be all about love anyway? Bughead is so much above all this petty drama, it is transcendental.  

There’s so much that all of us, teens and even adults can learn from this ideal of a super healthy relationship that both television and our lives need. We need to move away from toxicity both in entertainment and our lives. Can we not be inspired to work on ourselves and build supportive, organic and nurturing relationships? This should give so much inspiration to the teens of today. With Betty & Veronica, the show strives to re-build the idea of strong, female friendships which seems to have become an alien concept in the world of ‘frenemy’ culture. Why can’t two girls be healthy best friends without the assumption that there is something sexual between them? People are hating on Bughead also for a fact that they are a heterosexual couple. As I see it, love is love in any shape or form.

Also, I do agree that all sorts of representation must have a place in popular culture and thankfully it is happening. However, those who are unhappy with Bughead saying that it erases Jughead’s asexuality, I disagree. Are you saying that Asexual people can’t fall in love? That they don’t deserve an intimate bond with another?

Now, in the larger Archie comicverse, Jughead was never portrayed as being an asexual, he simply was smarter and wiser and had other priorities compared to his hormone crazed pals. He was always the voice of reason. I’m sure that there are people like that, not everyone who doesn’t choose to be a crazy, horned dog is asexual. Besides, Jughead is shown to be asexual in only one version of the comics. There can be multiple variations of characteristics in the larger universe. Riverdale chooses its own narrative and characters as it sees fit for the context of the show. Therefore, in this version, Jughead isn’t asexual or aromantic. There is no erasure of any kind. Even if he were asexual, I’m sure that Bughead still can have a loving and healthy relationship.

It is my personal opinion and I am not trying to belittle anyone or trivialising the serious issue of representation in anyway. However, I do feel that in today’s world where there is so much hate and strife, showing love and companionship in its true and purest form is the most important issue here, first and foremost. It doesn’t really matter whatever is the sexuality or orientation of the characters in question. So, let us all keep our differences aside and show our love and support to something is for the greater good. Love is universal and not restricted to a specific type or form. Besides, it is fiction,let’s remember that. 

I also think that we must avoid pressuring or attacking the creative team, actors and show runners into bullying them to change their vision for the show. That truly doesn’t serve any purpose other than being detrimental to the quality of the show and making the team de-motivated. Let’s all appreciate the hard work and love everyone has put in to present to us something that is so beloved and cherished by all.

Why is showing a healthy, supportive, wholesome and stable relationship necessary? I can tell you why, because I have suffered greatly in an unsupportive, toxic and abusive relationship that was all about selfishness and greed with no regard or love for the feelings of the other person. Where one person only gave and gave and the other only took everything. I was left drained and battered and I’m still bearing the burden of its ruins.

So, when Bughead came along, it was catharsis and relief. It was about having the hope of bright sunshine in the pitch black darkness. It was about selflessness and having high standards and working for the greater good, something that is bigger than us. It was about women not wallowing and pining after some boy who had little value or regard for them and not allowing a man decide the course of their lives .It was about unconditional love and support without labels. It was pure beauty and art, like a perfect symphony.

Bughead isn’t merely escapism. It is the light of goodness that illuminates our hearts and fills us with compassion and hope for something beautiful. It is the delicate flower that grows in the parched desert of hopelessness and deceit.

Let us protect it all costs.

I wonder if when Harry was home with Clifford watching Louis perform on Jimmy Fallon he would get excited when Louis was on screen and he would be like “Look Clifford, there’s Louis!” and Clifford would get all close to the tv and wag his tail and bark when there were close ups of Louis’ face and he would try to lick the screen to “kiss Louis’ face” and of course Harry’s got all of this on video so when he’s reunited with Louis at home again he shows him the video and Louis laughs and smiles bc he’s so happy that he has this to come home to, his own little family

I know everyone is worried that Kara is going to get back together with Snore-el in the crossover episode but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Not everyone who watches Supergirl also watches the Flash and it would be confusing to those fans if Kara and Man-Hell suddenly were back together again in the next episode of Supergirl. At least that’s what I’m hoping. I’m also hoping that Douche-El will be stabbed to death by a piece of random lead. We can dream.

EXO Reaction

Anon asked: Can please do an EXO reaction to seeing their crush fangirling over how acutely they did something?

Woohoo, my first EXO reaction. Hope you enjoy!

Their crush fangirling over their cuteness


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*nods smiling*

Xiumin would be over the moon when he saw his crush fangirling over him, even if it’s just because of the way he was watching TV (he was really into the show, if you were wondering).


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“Oh god, this girl, I swear…”

Even though he was just putting on his glasses, his crush was still cooing about how cutely he did it. He’s not gonna complain, of course.


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Although he thought that playing the guitar would make him more attractive to his crush and she would be fangirling about his talent, but he was still satisfied with her reaction. Being cute will do for now.


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*proud smirk*

‘This is only a phase. Let her enjoy. I can pretend I’m cute. No problem.’


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“Uhhh, thanks…..?”

Awkward little bun. He never thought his dancing was cute but, oh well, what can you do.


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Confused. His crush was watching his performance on her phone and how she found his dancing to ‘Call Me Baby’ cute, he didn’t know.


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‘Hell no.’

Not amused.


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*just laughs*

Ecstatic. His crush is both fangirling over him and thinks he’s cute? Jackpot!


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“Cute isn’t the word I’d use.”

He’s not gonna be satisfied with this. But hey, maybe this means you like him, He’ll just have to try harder to prove you he’s not cute.


“Yeah?” Dean replied, not taking his eyes off the screen in front of him. They were watching this new TV Show called “Stranger Things” and they had been binge-watching it ever since they came home from school. It was currently 10 pm and they were fully invested.

It sure was an amazing show.

The only problem is that Cas couldn’t appreciate the show enough because of his nerves.

He was about to tell Dean something and he knew that Dean would react badly.

“I have a date,” Castiel confessed, almost flinching when Dean turned his head suddenly, squinted eyes pointed at him.

“With who?” Dean asked, his voice calm with a bit of anger laced through it.

“Balthazar,” Castiel replied as he watched the tension rising in Dean’s shoulders.

If he hurts you, I will fucking kill him,” Dean warned and turned back to the screen, his jaw clenched.

Castiel knew that Dean was very protective, not only over him but over Sam as well. He saw the reaction coming, but he really wanted to go on this date. His first date.

“I know you will,” Castiel chuckled and softly pushed against Dean’s shoulder. “You over-protective bastard.”

Dean chuckled and slung an arm over Cas’ shoulder. “Yep, that’s me.”


The day of the date arrived and Dean was about to hit a hole through the wall.

Sweet, precious Cas thought that he was just being a good, protective friend, but Dean was far from that.

He was selfish and jealous and wanted Cas for himself. However, confessing was not in Dean’s dictionary.

He would lose Cas and that was not something he could risk.

Dean eventually calmed down enough to go downstairs and participate in the family meal, even joking with Sam and helping his mom with the dishes.

No, the real anger came when the doorbell rang and Castiel was in front of him, tear streaks running down his cheeks.

Dean pulled him in and against him, enveloping Cas in a tight hug.

“What happened?”

“Don’t kill him,” Castiel sniffled, smiling weakly, “but it was probably the worst date ever.”

“I will make you hot cocoa,” Dean said gently, ushering Cas inside. “Go to my room and make yourself at home.”

They both knew that they always felt at home at each other’s houses. They have seen the other’s home as their second home for as long as they can remember.

Dean rushed to make the cocoa and when he brought it upstairs, he found Cas in one of his old hoodies, which was way too big on Cas, in his bed with the duvet drawn up.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Dean asked, setting the cocoa down and sitting next to Cas, his hand playing with the dark mop on top of Cas’ head.

“Not really,” Cas replied.


Cas told Dean about the date eventually and it didn’t make Dean less angry. Apparently, Balthazar had flirted with every living thing in the club he brought Cas to. Yes, a club, with actual fake-ids. Balthazar had gotten drunk which resulted in Cas having to take the bus to Dean’s house. Luckily, it wasn’t that far away from the club.

So when Dean saw Balthazar, he didn’t think that punching him in the face was such a bad reaction. I mean, he could have done way worse.

“I told you not to kill him!” Castiel near shouted when as he gently wrapped Dean’s hand with a bandage. Dean almost laughed at the contrast but wisely refrained.

“I didn’t kill him, just punched him.” Castiel rolled his eyes at that.

“Dean, you don’t have to do these things.”

“Yes, I do!” Dean said, his tone sharp. “He was a jerk, he deserved it.”

“Well, he kinda did, didn’t he?” Castiel chuckled, securing the bandage. “All done.”

“Thanks, Cas,” Dean said, briefly touching Cas’ cheek with his bandaged hand.

“And I am sorry for punching MR Jerkface.”

“Apology accepted and thank you for sticking up for me.”

“Always, Cas.”

They stared at each other for a bit too long. Cas tried to look away but Dean stopped him, his bandaged hand back on Castiel’s cheek.

“Cas, I-”

Suddenly, a pair of warm, dry lips were on Dean’s, hands gripping his shoulders tightly.

Dean seemed to freeze for a second before melting into the kiss, holding Cas’ face in his hands.

“I like you too,” Castiel said breathlessly.

“How did you know I liked you?” Dean asked, his mind still spinning from the kiss.

“You punched somebody in the face for me, that was kind of a big sign.”

“I would do it again,” Dean said, pecking Cas’ lips.

“I know you would.”

The Night Before (SMUT WARNING) - Jai Courtney

This part is set the night before the first chapter, ‘The Morning After’. I wasn’t originally going to do this but I had a feeling that someone would ask me to do it and someone messaged me mentioning that they would like to see what happened the night before :) so here it is!

Word Count: 2159
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Jai’s feet were resting on the coffee table when you got home. He greeted you with a smile and muted the television show he was watching. “Hey, baby. How was work?”

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BTS Reaction: Their crush laughing at their joke for the first time

Jungkook: He would be so surprised that he couldn’t even say something. You never laughed or smiled at him, never! And, when it finally happened, he just thought it was a perfect illusion.

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Namjoon: When you laughed, he turned to you with a smile and said “wow, she knows how to laugh!”

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Jin: He said something about a tv show you both watch and you laughed so much that you turned red. He would feel happy because the sound of your laugh was like bells jingling to him.

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Suga: You were laughing but stopped when he said “I’m so good, I made the Serious Princess laugh.”

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J-Hope: “Oh, did you like that joke? If you want, I can make some more, just for you, princess.”

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V: “Do you know how to laugh? For months I thought you were Kristen Stewart!” and made you laugh much more.

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Jimin: You asked why he was staring at you after your laugh moment and he would say: “You should do more of this. You get prettier than ever when you laugh.”

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Why Not?

Request from anon: Oh my gosh, Levi walking in on his partner watching a tv show notorious for sex and violence e.g. GoT (it doesn’t have to be that show, but you get the gist of where I’m coming from ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Request from anon: How would Levi react If his s.o just tickled him while they were cuddling? 💕

I don’t watch GoT, so I went with AHS and I sort of combined these two requests. Hope you enjoy! :)


“What the hell are you watching?” Levi strolled into the living room, setting down beside you on the couch as he watched a scene of redheaded maid biting off the penis of a man, who was subsequently suffocated and murdered. “I mean, was that necessary?”

“Well, kind of. Biting off his dick? Eh, maybe not. Murder? Sort of. This is pretty much the whole show. It’s brilliant. Wanna watch it with me?” Lifting his arm, you brought your legs up on the couch, leaning against his chest, laying his arm over yourself.

“Do I have s choice?” Levi smiled to himself, secretly loving you being cuddled up against him.

“Hmm, no. Not really.” Snuggling into his chest, you laid against him as the two of you watched episode after episode.

“You know, this show isn’t that bad. I didn’t realize there was so much sex in it though.” Levi’s fingers ran through your hair gently and you closed your eyes, sighing softly in content.

“Are you complaining?” You placed your hand on his abdomen, smiling as you felt him tense up slightly.

“No. Just noticing, that’s all.” He cleared his throat as he shifted carefully, trying to retain his calm and collected demeanor.

“Oh? Not getting excited?” Feigning innocent curiosity, you slid your hand against the top of his jeans, smiling wider as he squirmed slightly.

“No, I didn’t say that.” He cleared his throat again, smoothing his fingers through his hair.

“No? Well..let’s see if we can fix that.” Smiling deviously, you wiggled your fingers against his sides and began tickling him.

“Wha–ah! Hey! Stop it!” A smile broke across his face as he scrambled to push your hands away from him. It was Levi as you had never seen him before, having a truly spontaneous reaction. He even giggled, uncontrollably actually, but he bit at his lip and tried to restrain himself as he wriggled out of your reach.

“Oh my goodness, that was amazing.” Laughter burst from you as you laid back on the couch, smiling proudly at what you accomplished.

“Wh–why?” The amusement had left his face.

“Why? Why not? C'mon I had to see if the ever-so-stoic Levi Ackerman was ticklish. I couldn’t resist.” Sitting up on the couch, you leaned forward and took his hands, smiling up at him as you pulled him closer.

He avoided your eyes as his demeanor cracked and a smile briefly danced upon his lips.

“Ah ha, see? You still love me.” Playfully, you winked up at him, tugging him back to the couch.

“I suppose I do.” Smiling intentionally now, he sat back down beside you, pulling you back into his lap. “Even if you’re an annoying brat sometimes.” He smirked, lifting your chin to place a gentle kiss on your lips.


You weren’t sure if he would make it to the game but as soon you saw Simon your smile got brighter.

He watched you through the whole game, not caring for the team, only having eyes for you. As soon you were done, you were running to Simon and jumping into his arms.

“You really made it”, you said joyful.
Simon smiled.
“Of course! I promised you. And I have to say my girlfriend is definitely the hottest cheerleader here.”

requested by anon
hope you like it

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Journal prompts

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4.) A quote that you’ve always remembered.
5.) A movie you can relate to, and how do you relate to it?
6.) Your wildest dreams and aspirations.
7.) 17 things you learned by 17. (or any age)
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11.) A letter to your future self.
12.) 6 things you need to start your day.
13.) Tape your receipts from today onto the page.
14.) What kinds of things do you love to collect?
15.) Places you would teleport to right now.
16.) Celebrities you want to be friends with.
17.) 5 of your bad habits.
18.) Write about how to have a great day.
19.) Words that have been standing out to you.
20.) What is your favourite type of art?
21.) childhood memories that you remember.
22.) Tape leaves, flowers, etc onto a page.
23.) Tape candy wrappers onto the page.
24) A letter to yourself to read when you’re sad.
26.) What are you craving?
27.) What would you put in a self care box if you had one, and if you do have one, what’s in it?
28.) Write what and who you couldn’t live without.
29.) Write a story for your future/present children to read
30.) Your favourite journal materials.

Just A Holy Fool

I was wondering if you could possibly write an imagine where reader is Lady Gagas backup dancer for Judas and Norman starts to notice this girl and eventually asks her out near the end of the shoot? I think he’s pretty hot on the music video 😍

I kinda wanna make a part 2 out of this…or a full series out of this…Norman is adorable and I love this one shot haha! Let me know what you think!

It wasn’t exactly thrilling waking up at four in the morning to get to set but then again it was definitely thrilling to be in Lady Gaga’s new music video. Sure, you were just a backup dancer but you would be showing everyone you knew this video for years to come. And there was an added bonus. An actor from that new TV show, The Walking Dead would be in it. You hadn’t had much of a chance to watch it since you were too busy constantly working but you knew Norman Reedus from other movies and TV shows he’d done in the past. However, it was important that you didn’t get star struck and make a fool out of yourself. If you had any plans at all of making it in this industry, you had to play it cool with everyone you met even if they were huge stars.

The warm coffee was doing nothing to wake you up as you arrived on set, your backpack heavy on your tired shoulders. The sun wasn’t even up yet. You loved your job but god, getting up at four o’clock in the morning was rough sometimes.

You were taken to the make-up trailers where dozens of backup dancers and extras were getting their make-up and hair done and a majority of them were looking much more energized than you did right now.

“Morning!” one of the make-up artists exclaimed cheerfully, “My name’s Gayle. What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you replied, “Sorry you don’t get a more chipper person to slap some make-up on.”

“I know it’s early but it’ll be a really fun shoot,” Gayle replied. The two of you made small talk while she fixed your hair and applied your make-up and halfway through, the coffee kicked in and you were much more awake now, laughing with Gayle and the other extras. You were ready to get going and give it your best.

Once Gayle was finished, you got up and headed for wardrobe. You walked a little quicker and held your head up higher now that you were fully awake. As you opened the door to exit the trailer, you bumped into a firm body, which knocked you back more than it knocked the other person back.

“I’m so sorry,” you said, a tight grip on the stranger’s forearm to keep your balance. You looked up to look at who you just bumped into and now had a hold of their arm and you were stunned at the pair of dark blue eyes staring back at you, “Oh shit…you’re…”

“Yeah, I’m Norman,” he chuckled, patting your hand that was still holding onto his arm. He gave you a warm smile, “Are you alright, sweetheart?”

“Uh, yeah…yeah totally,” you replied, pulling away from Norman’s arm and folding your hands behind your back, “Seriously sorry about that. I’m like half awake today and I’m on my way to wardrobe and all that and I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“It’s fine,” Norman said, “I’ll see you a little later, alright?”

“Sure,” you said, stepping to the side so Norman could go into the make-up trailer, sitting in the chair you had just been sitting in for the last hour. Once you got to wardrobe, they put you in a black sleeveless crop top and black leather pants with a tan scarf, boots, and a headband to match. Finding out you’d be dancing almost right next to Lady Gaga was exciting but also made you a little anxious. What if you screwed up the moves? It was one thing to make a mistake but to make it in front of someone as big as Lady Gaga would be humiliating.

They had started off with a scene that you wouldn’t be in but you got to stand behind the cameras and watch Lady Gaga and the other dancers move gracefully and perfectly. She looked stunning in a red bra with white crosses on each cup and red underwear to match with a sheer red sheet draped over her backside and red booties. The dirt flew up and spread through the air as she and the other dancers danced around, lifting their feet and swaying their hips.

You turned to get a look at all the players involved with the behind the scenes action and caught Norman off to the side staring at you. They’d given him a leather jacket with an unbuttoned shirt underneath, a pair of gloves in his hand. Once he’d been noticed, he quickly turned away, clearing his throat as he put the gloves on, his cheeks quickly turning red.

It took a few takes to get the scenes finished and Lady Gaga was whisked away to change into her wardrobe. Your heart raced as you and the others were gathered together to prepare and practice for your scenes. You wiggled your arms and rolled your neck back and forth.

“I can do this,” you whispered to yourself.

“Hey,” Norman’s voice came from behind you and you jumped, letting out a squeal. He pulled back a little and laughed, “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“That’s okay,” you said, “I’m just a little jumpy.”

“Good luck,” he said, “Don’t be nervous. You’ll do great.”

“You’re sweet,” you replied. Norman beamed and hurriedly walked away to let you finish stretching and mentally preparing yourself. Lady Gaga came back out a few minutes later, switching from an all red outfit to all black. A black bra with a white cross on each cup, a leather jacket, and black underwear with stockings and boots going up to her thighs with a blue bandana wrapped around her forehead.

You were placed at her right and that made you sweat a little. She offered a warm smile and friendly words of encouragement and that made it a little easier to relax but you still needed to focus. The music blared and you followed the rhythm easily, more and more at ease the longer you danced. Norman was standing directly across from you, arms folded across his chest watching you. His expression was extremely difficult to read. Was he impressed? Or were you just screwing up? Regardless, you did multiple takes of the scene until the director was satisfied with what you all had done and you all took a break so Lady Gaga could make yet another costume change.

You were standing with some of the other extras having lunch when you were again approached by Norman, his leather jacket removed but the shirt he had on underneath was still unbuttoned which gave you an even better view of his chest. You tried not to stare too much as the other extras scurried away in a fit of giggles.

“Hey, Y/N,” Norman said, “I hope I haven’t bothered you too much today.”

“You? Bother me?” you laughed, “No way. What’s up?”

“You know we’ve got some scenes together, right?” Norman said.

Fighting the blush in your cheeks was absolutely pointless but that didn’t stop you from trying, “No, I had no idea.”

“Should be fun,” he said, “By the way, you were really good out there. Where did you learn to dance like that?”

“Years and years of practice,” you said with a chuckle, “I didn’t know you thought I was good. You looked so serious like I was fucking up or something.”

“No, you were amazing,” Norman said, “You were the best out there.”

“Oh stop,” you said, “I’m not that good.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Norman said. He looked down at his phone and started walking away, “Well, I should get something to eat real quick before we have to start up again. I’ll see you later, Y/N.”

“Sure,” you said. It was silly to be this enamored with Norman as you were but you figured you wouldn’t see him again after this shoot was over so a tiny crush wouldn’t hurt anything, would it? You could survive these next few days.

Admittedly, it was a little more complicated than you’d thought on the first day. Over the next week, you watched Norman performing his scenes. Even though his scenes were simple with no actual speaking parts, there was something powerful about his movements and facial expressions. You could watch it all day. Every now and then during his scenes, you’d catch him glancing at you out of the corner of his eye. But why would someone like him have any interest in a nobody like you?

The last day brought on the scenes Norman had mentioned that you two would be in together. Norman had one arm wrapped around your shoulder and another arm wrapped around another girl’s shoulder. You were supposed to dance around, throwing your head back and forth, which made Norman and the other girl jostle as he pulled her back and buried his face in the hollow of her throat while she closed her eyes. It sent shivers up your spine watching him with the intensely hungry look in his blue eyes. The girl had gushed about it after the scene was over, telling you how soft his lips had been against her skin and you were burning with jealousy. Again, it was just plain silly to be this jealous. But you couldn’t help yourself. Why couldn’t you be that girl he kissed?

And then came that last scene. You didn’t even know it was happening until the director explained it to you. It would finally be you. Of course, Norman wasn’t going to kiss you like he had the other girl but you would be a lot closer to him than the other girl was. She was a nice girl but you still took it as a small victory.

“Here we go,” you mumbled, “Last day of the shoot. Kinda bummed. Made a lot of friends here.”

“Yeah,” Norman agreed. He opened his mouth to add onto his comment but was interrupted by the director shouting. The music started up and Norman shifted into character, one hand grabbing your arm as you rolled your hips in small circular motions. He stared deeply into your eyes, moving his hand down your cheek to hold onto your shoulder as you lowered a bit and then came back up. Being in his strong arms, standing inches from him, feeling his warmth radiating from his body. You were almost tempted to ruin it and kiss him but you resisted the urged. The scene was still repeated a few times until you got it the way the director wanted it. Norman letting go of you left you empty and disappointed.

“You did great,” Norman said, “Looks like that’s the end of that.”

“Thanks,” you said, “You were great too. Well…guess we should get outta here.”

You pulled the headband off your head and started to walk away. Norman was standing there for a while, ashamed of his hesitance to say anything to you. And you were shocked to realize that your heart was broken, knowing you would never see that handsome man again after today.

With your sunglasses shielding your eyes and a hat covering your sweaty hair, you threw your backpack on over your shoulder and left your trailer for the last time to drive home and move on to the next job. Finishing with this job was sadder than any other job you’d done before. And it was all because of one man.

You pressed the unlock button on your car but that same voice that made your heart skip a few beats stopped you yet again, “Wait! Y/N! Wait a second!”

Turning around, you saw Norman running towards you, waving his arm over his head. He’d changed into his street clothes, his black t-shirt clinging to every muscle and his pants hanging loosely off his small hips.

“What’s up?” you said, “Did I forget something?”

“No, no not at all,” Norman said, “I just wanted to ask you something and I knew I’d regret it if I let you leave without asking.”

“What is it?”

“I was just…we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well these past few days,” Norman began, “And I really wanna see you again outside of work. Do you think you’d wanna go out with me sometime? Coffee or dinner or ya know whatever.”

“Dinner sounds great,” you said. Making a bold move, you grabbed his hand and leaned in, placing a kiss on his scruffy cheek. Norman smiled and pushed his sunglasses further up his nose nervously.

“Sounds great,” he said, “I’ll call you tonight, okay?”

You smiled and nodded eagerly, squeezing Norman’s hand as you opened your car door, “I can’t wait, Norman.”

Tempted to make a part 2 ;)


Michael wasn’t like other children. Most children were messy, they didn’t care about the messes they left and had to be forced to tidy up after themselves. But Michael was always tidying up after himself and his brothers, their room was always perfectly organised no matter how much Gavin and Ray would mess it up.

Geoff and Jack never questioned the boys quirk until one day when they walked in and found him scrubbing the oven, muttering to himself about how filthy it was.

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Luke Gets A Puppy

You and Luke had just bought a cute little house on a little bit of land; there were a few small trees and a cute little garden that you promised yourself you would maintain. Though the boys were on a break for a few months, the thought of Luke leaving again was always in the back of your mind.

The two of you were sitting on the lounge watching your favourite TV show.

“Luke, maybe we should get a pet or something,” you say looking away from the TV and at him.

“Like a dog?” he looked at you so fast you thought he had pulled a muscle.

“No, maybe…I don’t know…I’d be happy with a Hamster to be honest,” you say.

As much as you loved dogs you just didn’t think you and Luke were ready for that much commitment. You had just bought a house which still needed some renovating and you guys had only been dating a year and a half…not long at all.

“Oh…well we can go to the pet store tomorrow.”

Next Day

You and Luke walked through the door of the local Pet store. The smell of animals hitting you. There were puppies, kittens, fish…and other more exotic animals.

“Ohh…we could get a snake!” Luke excitedly pointed at the Diamond python coiled around the branch in it’s container.

“Umm…I’d rather not,” you replied.

Both of you wondered around the shop looking and joking about the different animals until you ended up in front of the puppy cage. Looking in there were five little Labrador puppies all playing with each other, completely oblivious to the people looking at them.

“Nawww…let’s get one,” Luke had not wanted any other animal in the store. Even though you thought they were extremely cute, you still had your reservations.

“I really don’t think we are ready for a puppy Luke,” You look away from the puppies and at Luke.

“Fine,” he pouted “but let’s come back next week, so we can talk about what we would like…okay?” Luke asked.

“Okay.” you agreed thinking that was reasonable.

Three days later Luke had gone out to do some light promotion at a club with the other boys and you had chosen to stay at home. The club scene did not really appeal to you much.

You were sat on the lounge reading a book that you had read a million times already when Luke burst through the door.

“Luke it is only ten…are you okay?” as you ask you stood up.

Luke stood in the hallway with a Labrador puppy in is lanky arms and the other boys were filing into the house holding various puppy things.

“What the fuck?” you ask a little shocked.

“We all bought one…kinda like matching tattoos but cuter,” Michael said with a goofy smile.

“You all will be the death of me,” you say walking over to hold the puppy.

“Her name is Padmé,” Luke said handing the puppy to you.

“Really?” you asked.

“Mine is Vader, Calum has Chewie and Michael has Han. He thought calling it Luke would be weird,” Ashton said.

“You all need to be stopped,” laughing you carry the puppy into the loungeroom. “I guess we should set up then.”

Dating Peter Parker and being bored would include...

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A/N: So I kinda went overboard because I really got into it cause the truth is… I’m a Peter Parker addict…


  • You would probably be watching tv and got bored of the show or movie you were watching
  • You would try and start a conversation but soon ran out of interesting things to talk about so you decided to think of things to do
  • “We could go outside?”
  • “Nah its too hot”
  • You guys would end up trying to cook because Aunt May was out with friends from College
  • Peter finding a box of frozen chicken wings with the instructions clearly written on the back of the box
  • Burning said chicken wings
  • “You put the oven on to high!!”
  • “It said to put the oven on at 450!”
  • “Oh…”
  • Ending up having to order a pizza
  • Getting bored from waiting for the pizza
  • Peter being the dork he is suggesting to have a video game marathon
  • “Sure but get ready to get your butt handed to you!”
  • “Only if I get yours in return!”
  • “That was literally the worst pick up line ever Peter”
  • “But it made you laugh!”
  • For 3 hours straight the sound of both of you laughing and the sound of zombies dying and cars crashing into each other.
  • Ending up on the floor in between Peter’s legs, leaning on his chest with his arms forming a loose circle around you so that he could still play
  • Becoming bored again after playing all of the games a bunch of times you both lost count
  • “Let’s build a fort!”
  • “Do you know how hard that is Y/N?!”
  • “I would’ve never guessed that Spiderman wouldn’t be tough enough to build a fort with me”
  • “Fine. Let’s do this”
  • You guys wanting it to be perfect so perfect that you make a drawing of what it should look like
  • Peter bringing his mattress into the living room after you cleared everything out of the way
  • You hunting down all the blankets in the apartment while Peter finds the pillows
  • You coming back and looking like your holding a giant multicolored marshmallow with legs
  • You both trying to do different things at the same time making the fort fall down
  • It taking you at least fifteen tries until it actually worked
  • You both realizing that you ran out of junk food
  • Rock paper scissoring who has to go out
  • You losing and Peter feeling bad but not bad enough to go out himself
  • You going to get the food and made sure to get all of Peter’s favourite chips and candies even if they weren’t all of your favourites as well but still getting things that you also like
  • You going to Peter’s favourite Chinese food restaurant for super
  • Peter going through the old christmas box to take out the christmas lights
  • Peter bringing the tv into the fort and placed all of the pillows and blankets properly
  • Peter going through all the trouble of hanging the lights and making sure they turned on just so that he could see your smile when you came back
  • You being completely astonished once you saw what Peter did
  • Peter smiling once he saw what you got him and hugging you
  • Making out in the fort during the credits of the movies
  • You spending the rest of the night eating junk food and watching old tv shows while cuddling
  • Aunt May coming home and seeing what you guys did and not being mad
  • “Scoot over you guys the adult is coming in”
  • You and Peter smiling when Aunt May joined you and started to eat all of the candy
  • “This is going to be a hassle to clean up you know”
  • “Shh Peter you’re ruining the moment”

What can I say? @likearootlesstree just inspires me to write things like this

             Alex and John had been bickering all day. They couldn’t agree on a tv show to watch that morning, then neither of them would agree on a place to eat lunch, and when they finally were forced into a decision the both of them were acting moody and trying to antagonize each other throughout the meal. The final straw for Lafayette occurred as they were walking towards the subway. Alex was poking fun at John, and in retaliation John shoved Alex, nearly knocking him off the sidewalk.

               “Enough,” Laf snapped, grabbing both of them by the backs of their shirts and physically separating them. “I am sick of all this fighting. You’re putting me in a bad mood when all I wanted to do was spend time with both of you.” Alex had his arms crossed against his chest, refused to make eye contact. John on the other hand glanced up at Lafayette, all big eyes and freckles, then back down at his feet, ashamed. “Now, you are both going to sit down and stay silent on the subway ride, and when we get back home I’ll think of something to do with the two of you.”

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