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20 Crazy, Interesting Facts About The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air You Never Knew

Will learned how to act by memorizing everyone else’s lines: Will was a rapper before the show – he didn’t have any real acting experience. He was working with experienced actors, and felt really uncomfortable because he wasn’t sure what to do. Will has said, “I was trying so hard. I would memorize the entire script, then I’d be lipping everybody’s lines while they were talking. When I watch those episodes, it’s disgusting. My performances were horrible.” Well, we think he’s improved!

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You know, this show?

The one that inspired a good amount of our generation when we were kids?

The one with all the great characters that everyone loved?

The one that left us with a cliffhanger?

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I’ve been doing a lot of Hulk-based reading and watching (both films. Don’t even ask) lately. Taking what I’ve seen in the comics, the old TV show (my favourite when I was 10), and the little we get of the Ruffalo-Bruce-backstory, I got to thinking about the quote above.

“I’m always angry”.

I’ve seen a lot of people who were flailing that it didn’t make sense, that if Bruce was always angry, he would always be the Hulk. But this is where Bruce’s backstory is so key. He came from an abusive household, where he was weak and he was vulnerable, and I have no doubt that he was always angry about the fact he could do nothing about it.

Bruce in the comics is made of pent-up emotion. He shows nothing. Betty repeatedly comments on it, because she can’t understand him at all. And that’s because Bruce is afraid of the anger inside him, the fact that he could become like his father, that he could and might lash out. (There’s also a whole split-personality arc apparently, but I’ve not reached that yet and whoa complicated)

Because it’s contained, it builds and builds, hidden behind the calm facade. It’s always there. People talking down at him, people calling him weak, people dismissing him. It all bothers him, but he just crushes it down. But don’t believe that for a second. Bruce Banner has no patience for idiots. He calls them on their BS all the time. He pretty much says “were you always this stupid or did you have to work at it?” when someone is blatantly dumb in front of him. He’s a man with a hell of a lot of frustration and anger seeping to the surface, just waiting for an outlet.

And then I remembered this exchange in the Avengers:

STEVE: So, this Doctor Banner was trying to replicate the serum that was used on me?
AGENT PHIL COULSON: A lot of people were.

See, this makes the “I’m always angry” thing even more painful.This may only be MCU-verse, but in this context, it really makes sense.

We’ve been told way back in Captain America: The First Avenger that this serum “makes good become great, bad become worse”. So Bruce is not only affected by gamma radiation, but by a serum which takes what is at the core of him and amplifies it to the nth degree. It takes that anger, that grief, that split between placid scientist and the fury he’s contained for so long and turns it all the way up.

Everything he’s tried to hold in for so many years bursts out in the Hulk. And understandably, he hates and fears it at first. It’s everything he’s tried not to be: feral, dangerous, violent, unthinking. He only sees the surface, just like everyone else, but little by little, he comes to see that just because he’d always tried to hide those parts of him, it didn’t mean they were bad.

That wry half-smile and look back, that “I’m always angry”, is Bruce going “you know what? I am always angry, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing”. That’s Bruce seeing what he can do with these emotions that he has smothered for so long. That’s when Bruce and the Hulk are finally on equal terms.

what she says: i’m okay

what she means: please explain how the fuck a viner like cameron dallas won entertainer of the year like jfc grace helbig had a tv show for god’s sake or tyler oakley / superwoman were literally on tour non-stop this year who the fuck is cameron dallas like he literally doesn’t even go here like l i t e r a l l y anyone else would have been better fuck you streamys for leading me on and making me watch the entire thing through


“Season one, Wentworth and I were doing a scene in the infirmary and he was just waking up and coming to on this table. He says something like, ‘What happened?’ and I had to say the words, ‘We had to perform a procedure.’ But something about the way he was looking at me and because the words just sounded ridiculous — I tried not to laugh and I tried not to smile, but Wentworth could see the corners of my mouth going and then the corners of his mouth went and then we would burst out laughing. For maybe an hour we could not get this scene done because we were laughing so hard. I’d be willing to bet if you watched the video frame by frame you can probably see us trying really hard not to laugh. To this day I can’t say those words without laughing.” - Sarah Wayne Callies recalls her favorite moments from her show-stopping TV roles [x]


“The next morning as I watched them pack, I saw the men in a different light, not criminals but rebels. I wished that I could tell them that they were on the losing side of history, that it was all a pipe dream. The Stuarts would never unseat the Protestant King George II. But how could I tell them that? These proud, passionate men, who lived and breathed for a flag of blue and white.”

If you were here,
I would hold your hand and delicately run my thumb over yours as I sat in between your legs watching that show we both love so much. 
If you were here,
I would look up from the tv and see you staring back at me. Then I would smile and kiss you then smile again because your kisses taste like sunsets.
If you were here,
I would make you forget that life’s problems. I would listen to everything you'd have to say then embrace you so lovely you’d forget how time works
If you were here,
We would both be happy but instead I’m writing this post laying down on my cold bed
—  If you were here, I would show you what love is supposed to feel like// to my internet love
Goodbye, The 100

I remember the exact moment I decided to watch The 100. Back in Season 1, when I came across that gif of Clarke’s reaction to Octavia in the water and I was so moved by Eliza’s acting, I thought “no way this girl isn’t bi” and I watched religiously ever since. I watched before there were any established LGBT characters at all, back when the plot was good, the actors so endearing, the character development off the charts, and everything was so promising. I never actually thought Clarke would be bisexual. She was a main character on prime time television. I hoped with all my heart inside, but never let myself actually, REALLY hope.

I remember in Season 2 when Lexa’s character was introduced and I thought she was so badass and loved that these strong female characters, many of them woc just kept flooding into this show. Before long Lexa was officially a queer (later confirmed lesbian) character, and I felt elated. I thought, “ok, here’s the One Gay Character, maybe she’ll have a couple minor character love interests throughout the show… A great show with a great character representing my community and what I’m about, LOVE IT” She was so unlike any other girl-liking-girl character out there. She spoke to me. Clarke and Lexa’s relationship began to develop, and they played so well off of each other, characters and actors alike. The raw chemistry was so real, I felt it. But I still didn’t let the hope consume me.

I remember that night in February vividly, almost exactly a year ago when the Clexa kiss was leaked. I had gone to bed early, but there was a freeze on the east coast and my roof had started leaking. My mom was trying to fix it, right outside of my bedroom and I couldn’t sleep. Of course I went on tumblr, and I couldn’t believe what had happened. The seconds-long video taken on a phone was spreading like wildfire, grainy gifsets popping up every other minute of the kiss. It was such a feeling that I really can’t describe by any word but ethereal. I didn’t go back to bed that night.

I remember hearing about ADC’s contract with Fear the Walking Dead, and the possibility of her death was suddenly so real and looming. Watching every episode of Season 2 after was so nerve wracking. My mantra seemed to become “this is it, this is the episode she dies in, this was good while it lasted”. But she didn’t die. And Jason announced ADC would in fact be returning for Season 3. I thought that maybe the two show’s producers had come up with a way to share her, and that maybe she would be able to live after all. My other thought went back to my old way of thinking: This is it, this was good while it lasted, she’ll either be killed or have some other finality to her character.

I remember seeing Jason’s tweet, that 3x07 must be watched live. I reblogged it with tags about being scared of Lexa dying.

I remember watching the episode, a week and a half ago. I can’t say I didn’t see Lexa’s death coming, but I wasn’t any less shocked. That episode was so NOT the show I had come to love. I had never considered how downhill it could have gone so quickly. Everything about it felt foreign. It took me a few days to really come to terms with my thoughts on what happened through tumblr, articles, conversations, and personal reflection.

(Goodbye, Lexa)

We were led on. I’ve never been an optimist, but Jason Rothenberg kept promising us that this was different. That the show was so progressive and LGBTQ understanding. I absolutely don’t think he was out to spite anyone when he signed off on how Lexa would die, and every queer moment before and after that. But the thing you have to consider is that when you’re dealing with minorities of any kind is that the standards ARE higher. The stakes ARE raised. When only .6% of characters in television represent a far larger population in reality, you have an obligation to be more thoughtful about decisions and how they could impact the people you’re writing about. We have seen this time and time again, the lesbians are always tragic, the deaths always even more so. Lesbian couples don’t get the happy ending or the ride off into the sunset. The Lesbian Death Trope has been an issue for so long, luckily writers and producers are catching on. But this was such a huge fuckup of writing, I feel like we travelled back in time 20 years. Why does it matter? To me, and others already at peace with their identity who know lesbians have the capability of being just as happy, loved and content as anyone else, it doesn’t matter remotely as much as it does to queer viewers who are younger, awakening, or simply trying to be content with who they are and will always be. When the only representation ends in tragedy, it can make you wonder whether there really is ever happiness for queer women. While I may know how grossly inaccurate the majority of queer womens’ representation in the media is, not everyone does, especially younger girls. It’s nearly impossible to accept yourself when time and time again it’s only shown as being a disadvantage and certain to lead to a lifetime of unhappiness.

(Queer women are happy, loved, and content. Really.)

I choose to speak out against this. While jroth wasn’t actively trying to offend, he was far too thoughtless and flippant with the power he has over how he portrays his minorities. And he has not so much as acknowledged this fact since the controversy began.

I cringe at some of what has resulted from this: death threats, hating on actors, guilt tripping actors, jumping the gun with Bob Morley and Bellamy/Blarke shippers the other day on Twitter (please understand Lexa/clexa supporters are feeling very hurt and defensive, and really just didn’t understand all of what was going on before attacking you guys, it was our bad).

I also rejoice at other things that have come of this: supportive and empathetic actors, blarkes and clexa supporters uniting in disdain for what has happened, public outcry calling for this not to be swept under the rug, SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK (my personal favorite, thank all you creative people, I think that is what’s helping get me through this most of all)


I can’t find it within me to support and watch the show after this, in addition to the increasing frequency of poc being associated with villainy in contrast to the whites generally being “good”, and the many wrongful things Jason Rothenberg has done being rightfully called out by many members of the cast (Ricky, Lindsey and Isaiah particularly) as racist, sexist, and homophobic, as well as his injustices towards them personally.

Goodbye, The 100
(We deserve better.)

Bryan Fuller Masterpost

The Facts Links Were These: A Bryan Fuller Masterpost 

  — Including Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, and Hannibal —


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Season 1

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Season 1

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Season 2

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Season 1

1x01 // 1x02 // 1x03 // 1x04 // 1x05 // 1x06 // 1x07 // 1x08 // 1x09 // 1x10 // 1x11 // 1x12 // 1x13 

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Journal prompts

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1.) The most interesting person you’ve ever met, and what is it that’s interesting about them?
2.) If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be?
3.) Things you want for your future home/family.
4.) A quote that you’ve always remembered.
5.) A movie you can relate to, and how do you relate to it?
6.) Your wildest dreams and aspirations.
7.) 17 things you learned by 17. (or any age)
8.) Watch, listen, & read. Watch: List your favourite movies and TV shows. Listen: List your favourite music. Read: list your favourite books and poems.
9.) List your best study tips and techniques.
10.) Things you want to remember about being a teenager/young adult/etc.
11.) A letter to your future self.
12.) 6 things you need to start your day.
13.) Tape your receipts from today onto the page.
14.) What kinds of things do you love to collect?
15.) Places you would teleport to right now.
16.) Celebrities you want to be friends with.
17.) 5 of your bad habits.
18.) Write about how to have a great day.
19.) Words that have been standing out to you.
20.) What is your favourite type of art?
21.) childhood memories that you remember.
22.) Tape leaves, flowers, etc onto a page.
23.) Tape candy wrappers onto the page.
24) A letter to yourself to read when you’re sad.
26.) What are you craving?
27.) What would you put in a self care box if you had one, and if you do have one, what’s in it?
28.) Write what and who you couldn’t live without.
29.) Write a story for your future/present children to read
30.) Your favourite journal materials.

If I were a creative writing teacher at a university I would get my students to watch my favourite TV shows and make them write stories about my favourite ships as part of their writing assignments.

Minimum word count would be 20,000,  all stories must have wall sex and if there isn’t a happy ending, they will fail the course.

I was watching TV last night, and there was a group of fans. They were all painted green. Stripped all the way down to their skivvies. And they were at a football game. You know, if you’re wearing Brett Favre’s jersey, you’re normal, and if you’re dressed up as a Klingon, you’re not. I don’t get it.

Ben Browder, on the Late Late Show, 2004, at ~3:00

How much my twelve-year-old self would have loved to hear one of her sci-fi heroes say that.

Story time:)

AN: Im bored asf . And Ive really been meaning to wright a story on here .


Today was the day. Or should you say night? Tonight your best friend Jeon Jungkook would be returning home from eight weeks in America. You had watched them in their TV show American Hustle Life and performances, and it always amazed you how far they’ve come from being Rookies.

But although you were excited about their return, you had already made plans with someone tonight. A date, to be exact. The infamous Smart and Athletic Jinwoon. Everyone knew he had eyes for you. He was sweet, shy, and a class favorite above all. You could sense the other girls’ angry aura when he’d walk you to class or ruffle your hair.

You had just slipped on your mid-thigh high dress when your apartment door flew open and a exasperated sigh left the very familiar voice that was now in your living room. “Y/n! Im here~” Jungkook sang.

You ran into the living room, jumping right into Jungkooks welcoming arms. “Kookie!” You squealed. He laughed at your childish-ness and tightly wrapped his arms around your waist. “I missed you!” You yelled again.

“I missed you too.” His voice was low and husky. “But why are you dressed so nicely?”

“Because I have a date tonight.” You announced proudly. His goofy smile faltered and he frowned. “Tonight as in.. Right now?”

You nodded.

“But I just got home. Like.. Literally. Ive only been in Seoul for 15 minutes. This is the first place I came to. Why do you have a date tonight? Or at all for that matter?”

You gasped. “Jungkook you don’t control my life. I do. And i can date who ever I’d like. Lets please not do this again. Not tonight.”

“Well for tonight, Im in control.” His voice lowered and he bent to your level, a devious smirk lurking onto his face that had your core burning wantonly. “I.. I have to finish getting ready.” You stuttered, taking a gulp before backing away.

Jungkook followed closely behind, closing the bedroom door as you two stepped in.

You stepped in front of your mirror, Jungkook standing so close to you that you felt his breath against your skin. “My y/n so looks beautiful tonight.” He mumbled and pressed a hand around your waist, to your thigh. “So pretty that I could-” The sound of your phone ringing cut him off and you slipped past him. “Annyeongheseyo, Jinwoon.”

“Mhm. Ill be there in a few minutes.”

“No, Im not going to be late.”

“No no. Ill pay for myself.”

“Okay okay. Fine. But Im paying you back.”

“Alright. See you.” You hung up turning around only to be captured in Jungkooks lips. You tried pulling away, only to be locked within his arms. “J-ung..kook.” You stuttered against his lips. His incredibly soft lips.

Slowly, you felt yourself give in when his tongue danced across your bottom lip. You allowed him entrance. Your tongues fought for dominance, and you shamefully lost against him.

You felt yourself grow wet and you knew you wanted Jungkook tonight. But then there was Jinwoon just waiting outside a theatre. “Jungkook we cant.” You said as you pulled away. You let yourself out of his grip and walk to your bedroom door. “Yah! You cant just walk away. Not after a kiss like that! You know more then I do it meant something!”

You stopped dead in your tracks, “Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t. I.. I don’t know. But I do know that I have a date tonight and Ill have a bad name if I stand him up.”

“Y/n, If you so much as touch that door knob, I’ll fuck you so you can’t walk.”

Your heart raced. You squeezed your walls shut, hoping to stop some of the leakage. “Looks like Im taking my chances.” You muttered. You reached for the knob and opened the door.

Jungkook quickly slammed it shut, spinning you around and pinning your arms beside your head. “I warned you.” He growled.

He pulled you off the door and attacked you in a rough kiss while simultaneously walking you back to your room.

You felt the soft fabric of your bed on the back of your knees and you fell to the soft mattress.

Slowly, Jungkook moved his mouth from yours to your neck searching for your sweet spot. “Jungkook we shouldnt do this.” You breathed slowly.

“I know you want this as much as I do.”

Almost immediately you moaned in pleasure when his lips attached to the skin at the crook of your neck. “J-Jungkook.” You whined. He smirked against your tender skin, sucking on it harshly and making sure to leave a fresh bruise there. “See.” He boasted,
“Just as much as me.”

You felt him snake his hands to the bottom of your dress, teasing your inner thigh. He pulled back all of a sudden, making you pout. “Your dress is bothering me.” He mumbled mostly to himself and slowly unzipped the fabric, pulling it over your head and throwing it else where in the room. “Better.” He grinned and lowered you onto the bed, straddling your hips and slowly grinding, causing great friction to occur. He moaned slightly against your neck, and slyly grinned. Jungkook let his slender index and middle fingers massage your clit through the fabric of your underwear. “Ju..ng..kook.” You stumbled on your words and shook underneath him. “Shush.” He commanded. “Another word and you’ll regret it.”

You didn’t know what had made Jungkook like this. Usually he was goofy, kind, and sometimes a brat. But tonight he’s dominant. And for why?! Not that you’re complaining. It turned you on the more he commanded you. “You’re so wet. I haven’t even finger fucked you yet.”

You shuddered at the words. He moved the lacy fabric to the side and massaged your clit. You arched your back, pressing your chest more against him.

Your phone rang again.

“See who it is.” He demanded as he removed your underwear. Shakily, you reached for your phone and answered.

“Y/n!” You gulped as Jungkook spread your legs and let his head dissapear. “Y-yes?”

“You said you wouldn’t be late this time.” He pouted. Any other minute of any other day would’ve made you laugh at him. But not now. “I-Im sorry. I might b-be a litt- AH!” Jungkook nipped at the pink bud, sending waves of pleasure coursing through your body. “Is everything okay?”

“Y-Yes, Jinwoon. Everythings- Shit!” Jungkook had flattened his tongue out against your core. “Do you want me to-” you didnt get to finish hearing what he was saying because Jungkook had taken the phone from you. “Hello?” His rather unhappy voice growled as he sat up between your legs. “Yes everything is fine.”

“She’s more than okay.” Jungkook smirked as he slipped a finger in your entrance. You threw your head back and tried not to moan.

This whole situation seemed wrong but felt so right. It wouldnt have been the first time you and Jungkook had fucked. Or the second for that matter.

“Who are you?” Jungkook questioned.

“You’re her date?”

“Sure you can talk to her.”

He held the phone up to your ear as and slipped another finger in. You bit your lip, your breath speeding up and your body shaking. “Y/n? Are you sure everything is okay.?” You opened your mouth to speak, only for a small whimper to escape your lips.

Jungkook sped up the speed of his fingers, twisting them in every way and brought the phone back his ear. “She’s busy right now.”

He sighed. “Fine.”

He slipped a third finger in. He scissored you, using his thumb to massage your clit. “Jungkook I’m cumming.” You said lowly so Jinwoon wouldn’t hear. Another sly smile slid onto his face as he curled his fingers and massaged the roof of your womanhood.

He gave the phone back to you.

By now you was a moaning mess, thrusting your hips forewords to meet Jungkooks pace. “Shit. Don’t stop.” You groaned. “Don’t stop what?” Jinwoon concerned voice rang in your ears. You ignored him. “Yes! Right there!” You squealed when Jungkooks fingers hit your g-spot. “Faster!”

“Yah. I said I was in control tonight.” He whined but sped up his pace anyways.

“Fuck! Im cumming, Jungkook!” You screamed. “Wait, are you having sex?!” Jinwoon yelled.

You writhed under Jungkook and your toes curled. You let out a loud moan as You felt yourself cum on his fingers. “Y/n?! Answer Me!” He yelled again.

Jungkook smiled, obviously pleased with himself. He brought the phone back to his ear. “I think you should just go home for tonight. Dates cancelled until further notice.” He suggested then hung up, throwing your phone on the floor.

He smirked at you before hovering back over your almost bare body and connecting your lips together. You kissed him back, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck as he lifted you two up, you sitting on his lap.

A sudden fire bursted through your veins and your blood pumped. This new found excitement gave you confidence.

You forced Jungkook onto his back and straddled his hips, tenderly placing rough kisses on his lips. His hands found their way to your bare hips and pulled you down onto his groin. His breath caught when you started grinding on his length through his skinny jeans. He groaned and pressed his fingers harder into your skin. Surely there would be bruises there tomorrow.

He flipped you over, your legs locked around his waist and fumbled with his shirt.

His toned chest and creamy skin went well together and I felt like I would go weak thinking about it. “Jungkook I need you.” You breathed and let your hands trail down his skinny stomach until you found yourself unbuttoning his jeans, slowly sliding them off.

You palmed his growing erection through his boxers, earning a low groan from him. “Yah, y/n. Stop teasing.” He ordered. You looked up at him, teasingly licking your lips before pulling his boxer off, letting his erect length spring free.

You licked the tip, letting your tongue slide down the length of his manhood. He moaned, only turning you on more than you already were.

You sucked teasingly at first before swallowing his cock. His hands tangled with in you hair, forcing you to go deeper and deeper till you were deep throating. He bucked his hips in and out, taking control completely.

You looked up to see Jungkooks eyes closed and head hanging limply on his shoulders. “Im cumming-”

You hollowed your cheeks out and light let your teeth scrape his cock sending him over edge . “Fuck!” He bucked his hips faster, coming into your mouth. You swallowed as much as you could and let go with a pop.

Jungkook pulled you up and flipped you over. He slid into you easily, not giving you tine to adjust before pulling out and slamming back into you with as much force as possible. “Ah~ Y/n youre so fucking tight.” He groaned. Your only response was a moan.

“Faster! Faster!” You yelled. “Harder!” He slammed into you and sent the whole bed forward.

“Fuck yes!” You screamed. Jungkook moaned and pulled one leg over his shoulder for better access. “Shit right there!” He had found your g-spot again pounded into it harder then ever before. “I want you to scream my name when you cum.” He mumbled in your ear, voice disoriented and thrusts becoming uneven.

His hand rubbing on your clit, adding more force by the second. This sent you over edge and you came quickly. “JUNGKOOK!”

And with that, he came also riding your highs out slowly.

But you knew he wasn’t done. Not yet.

He pressed his tongue in your entrance and thrusted in and out. You were breathless and tired , but Jungkook wasn’t completely satisfied. You were sensitive to his touch and came in a matter of minutes.

He flipped you over onto all fours and entered you from behind, his pace smooth and painfully slow.

His hands wrapped around your stomach and tweaked your nipples, allowing a low groan to escape your swollen lips. The sound of skin slapping skin and moans and grunts filled your bedroom.

“Shit you feel so good.” He grunted in your ear. You rocked your hips back to meet his thrusts making him moan in delight.

His pace didn’t speed up. His slow pace made you rock your hips backwards faster.

“Impatient, are we?” He smirked, taking your ear between his lips.

He reached around and rubbed figure eights onto your clit. “Jungkookie-fuck.” You hissed. “Say it again.”

“Jungkookie.” Your knees shook and he gripped your hip with his free hand while simultaneously applying more force onto your clit. “Jungkook Im cumming again.” You warned before the tight feeling in your stomach unlatched and you cummed with a heavy sigh.

Not long after, Jungkook cummed, filling you with his hot seed. “Mmah-” you panted heavily, falling onto your stomach and flipping onto your back. “That was fun.” You smiled.

He collapsed next to you, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and snuggling his face into the crook of your neck.

“Y/n,” he started after catching his breath. “Hm? What is it?”

“Be my girlfriend.” It was more of a statement then an question.

You giggled, placing a soft kiss of his lips. “Okay Jungkook. But the next time we have sex, you go fast, not slow.”

“Yes Jagi.”

The honorific made you blush.

You took a glance over at Jungkook and saw his eyes drift close. You snuggled into his sweaty skin, falling fast sleep yourself.


So my aunt invited her friend over to watch season four of TWD with us(I’ve seen it all and she hasn’t) , and now she wont SHUT THE FUCK UP.


Hey, guys.

It’s almost the weekend! And that means you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do. What friends to hang out with at brunch, what hikes to go on, which TV shows to watch on Sunday night. Game of Thrones is over for the season, Mad Men’s over for the half-season, there’s no more Breaking Bad, and you’re probably through season 2 of Orange is the New Black already. UGH SUNDAY TV WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO.

Well, there’s a show called Halt and Catch Fire on AMC at 10 pm that you’re probably not watching. I say this because if you were watching the ratings would probably be higher. The ratings are not very good.

I know this and can say this objectively because my husband is the co-creator, and we get the ratings every week, and every week we wish more people were tuning in. I think there are probably a handful of reasons for the low ratings, some of which are due to viewers choosing not to watch the show, and some of which are just a matter of timing and exposure. It’s summer, so people are out of town and in and out and DVRing stuff or just missing it. There have been good reviews, but since no one’s seen where the characters end up yet, it’s too easy to judge certain story lines before they’re given a chance to develop. It’s about computers, and there’s a guy who initially appears to be yet another boring alpha mystery dude, and honestly when Chris first told me the premise of the pilot I didn’t think it sounded like something I’d choose to watch if I didn’t know him.

But I’m asking you to give this show a chance. I’ve seen the whole season, and it’s blown me away. Friends of mine who were initially watching just because they knew it was Chris’s show and they thought they ought to watch out of friend duty have told me they were surprised by how invested they’ve become in the characters. The writers—who hail from Mad Men to The Sopranos to Southland—take Gordon and Donna and Joe and Cameron in directions you wouldn’t necessarily expect from the pilot. There are subversively intelligent people, and there are LGBT people, and there are women who wear pants, and there are men who cry, and there are people who try to be someone they’re not. (This scene, gorgeously gif-ed, is actually so very stunningly sad when you watch it in context.)

Rolling Stone (which, by the way, strongly disliked the majority of the first half of the season) called last week’s episode “42 minutes of solid, sometimes surprising, sometimes striking television, growing like that flower in Halt and Catch Fire’s heretofore sterile circuitry. Let it grow.” The Austin Chronicle lists five reasons you should be watching this season. The actors turn in fantastic performances—I have an especial soft spot for Toby Huss, who plays Joe’s boss with a fantastic combination of Texan charisma and subtlety. And, in this coming episode, Lee Pace delivers a particularly brave and lovely performance. 

Maybe you watched the pilot and thought it was okay but haven’t watched anything since. Maybe you’ve recorded the previous episodes on DVR and just haven’t gotten into them yet. Maybe you’re planning to binge it later. Maybe you didn’t DVR it at all—in which case, you can stream episodes for free on AMC’s website (all of them are still available for the next four days!) or purchase episodes on iTunes. Or maybe you don’t really give a shit about catching up, in which case I think you will LOVE this Sunday’s episode, which is one of my favorite episodes of the whole season. (BONUS: a Buffy veteran guest-stars. Start guessing.)

Anyway, if you have been even maybe possibly thinking about watching Halt and Catch Fire, it would be awesome if you tuned in now. I’d love for more people to love this show, and for the characters to get the chance to make you fall in love, and for the season to go out with more viewers than it came in with.

So. What are you doing this Sunday at 10 pm?

Enjoy your show!

One night a couple of years ago my fiance and I got into a disagreement about what to have for dinner, I wanted something home cooked and he wanted to buy something. At this point in time we were struggling financially and buying something for dinner just wasn’t in our budget. After arguing about it for a while the fiance decides he’s going to buy himself dinner even though a) we can’t afford it and b) i didnt want him to and would cook for him.

My fiance is very particular about his routines and during dinner he likes to watch whatever tv series he’s into at that time. We couldn’t stream anything because of internet issues so we downloaded shows in advance. So on this night the fiance sets his show to download right before he leaves so it would be done when he gets back.

I was so angry and wanted to get back at him, so what do I do? As soon as he has left I pause his download and then start it back up again as soon as I hear him get home. His download was on 10% when he sat down ready to watch it. Yeah, it was petty but it made me feel better.

listen fam i’m tired and i’ll probably change my mind about this in five seconds but i’m gonna go ahead and say it right now while i have this opinion

goddamn destiel should be a big fuckin deal.

soobernatural tries every season to “outdo” itself despite the fact that we already had the goddamn apocalypse 14 seasons ago. as evidenced by so many goddamn tv shows before it, making a popular ship canon is the bIGGEST THING U CAN DO. if i were the unlucky sucker who was makin all the decisions over there in sooperbloop’s corner of the CW, i would keep destiel in my pocket until the very fuckin end. i’d build it up so even the most dudebro straight dude fan who watches supersnatch would be like “when are they gonna fuckin kiss already.” tHEN i would make it the series finale to trump all series finales. it’d be fuckin fireworks and love confessions and a long, close-up fuckign kiss RIGHT on the mouth.

i would cement my piece of shit television show into the historical vault under the category “made a ship canon bc the fans clamored for it and wow turns out it was a good fuckin idea and the reason why this show lives on even after its conclusion” and i’d file it right next to the goddamn x-files.

it’s 20 fucking 16. less than a decade ago, LGBT people on film and tv were made fun of (brokeback cough mountain). now?? now they’re praised. i don’t exactly want to say “make destiel canon because it’s the cO oL And T R End y thing to do on tv today” but like

it’s not taboo anymore. it’s not laughable. it’s not even “shocking.” the reaction from the media and *most* fans would be praise. it would not be a bad fucking decision, so there’s absolutely no good reason NOT to do it. 

it’s a good fucking ship and it deserves what all good fucking ships deserve: screen time. confirmation. a kiss maybe??? a goddamn happy ending. 

i’m so tired.

Dating Peter Parker and being bored would include...

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Request Are Open!!!!!!

A/N: So I kinda went overboard because I really got into it cause the truth is… I’m a Peter Parker addict…


  • You would probably be watching tv and got bored of the show or movie you were watching
  • You would try and start a conversation but soon ran out of interesting things to talk about so you decided to think of things to do
  • “We could go outside?”
  • “Nah its too hot”
  • You guys would end up trying to cook because Aunt May was out with friends from College
  • Peter finding a box of frozen chicken wings with the instructions clearly written on the back of the box
  • Burning said chicken wings
  • “You put the oven on to high!!”
  • “It said to put the oven on at 450!”
  • “Oh…”
  • Ending up having to order a pizza
  • Getting bored from waiting for the pizza
  • Peter being the dork he is suggesting to have a video game marathon
  • “Sure but get ready to get your butt handed to you!”
  • “Only if I get yours in return!”
  • “That was literally the worst pick up line ever Peter”
  • “But it made you laugh!”
  • For 3 hours straight the sound of both of you laughing and the sound of zombies dying and cars crashing into each other.
  • Ending up on the floor in between Peter’s legs, leaning on his chest with his arms forming a loose circle around you so that he could still play
  • Becoming bored again after playing all of the games a bunch of times you both lost count
  • “Let’s build a fort!”
  • “Do you know how hard that is Y/N?!”
  • “I would’ve never guessed that Spiderman wouldn’t be tough enough to build a fort with me”
  • “Fine. Let’s do this”
  • You guys wanting it to be perfect so perfect that you make a drawing of what it should look like
  • Peter bringing his mattress into the living room after you cleared everything out of the way
  • You hunting down all the blankets in the apartment while Peter finds the pillows
  • You coming back and looking like your holding a giant multicolored marshmallow with legs
  • You both trying to do different things at the same time making the fort fall down
  • It taking you at least fifteen tries until it actually worked
  • You both realizing that you ran out of junk food
  • Rock paper scissoring who has to go out
  • You losing and Peter feeling bad but not bad enough to go out himself
  • You going to get the food and made sure to get all of Peter’s favourite chips and candies even if they weren’t all of your favourites as well but still getting things that you also like
  • You going to Peter’s favourite Chinese food restaurant for super
  • Peter going through the old christmas box to take out the christmas lights
  • Peter bringing the tv into the fort and placed all of the pillows and blankets properly
  • Peter going through all the trouble of hanging the lights and making sure they turned on just so that he could see your smile when you came back
  • You being completely astonished once you saw what Peter did
  • Peter smiling once he saw what you got him and hugging you
  • Making out in the fort during the credits of the movies
  • You spending the rest of the night eating junk food and watching old tv shows while cuddling
  • Aunt May coming home and seeing what you guys did and not being mad
  • “Scoot over you guys the adult is coming in”
  • You and Peter smiling when Aunt May joined you and started to eat all of the candy
  • “This is going to be a hassle to clean up you know”
  • “Shh Peter you’re ruining the moment”
Second Voice

When I was younger, my grandpa and I would watch those medical mystery TV shows. You know, the ones with six-legged cows or skinless babies that still manage to live. Weird allergies, genetic mutations, and even the somewhat comical “Well the doctor made a really big oops and left medical equipment inside of you and you’ve been living with it for 5+ years” stories. They were educational and gross at the same time, something that I fed off of as a young teen.

Grandpa would always joke around that he should be on those shows. I knew he wasn’t serious - he hated drawing attention to his issue. I would occupy myself with what they would title an episode of his, and always came back to the blunt, retro movie title of “The Man with Two Voices”.

Ever since any of my family can remember, grandpa’s had “two voices”. The only way for me to describe it is to compare it to having phlegm in your throat when you’re sick, and how it sometimes creates a split in your voice. There’s your normal speaking voice that you can hear fine, but underneath it is like a deeper growly echo. Then it’d be gone when you cleared your throat. My grandpa is like that all the time, but his “second voice” is just as loud as his normal voice.

I remember him telling me stories when he was much younger, and his mother pulling her hair out over the whole ordeal. Took him to doctors that stuck scopes and lights down his throat - nothing. Primitive x-rays on his neck - nothing. I used to ask grandpa why he didn’t go back to the doctor after that, especially now with all the new things they have in hospitals that he didn’t have growing up.

It was always the same answer, “They can’t tell me nothin’ new.”

We named his second voice “Ed”. My grandpa’s name was Albert, usually Al, so it sounded like a TV show. Ed & Al. Al & Ed.

When my grandpa died, it was tragic. Despite his vocal anomaly, he had tons of friends and people that loved him. Or, my skeptical mother would say, people that liked his “circus act”.

Her skepticism - that grandpa was using some sort of parlor trick - was quickly debunked at his autopsy.

Grandpa should have gone back to the doctor, we learned. An ultrasound would have indicated that his beer gut wasn’t actually beer, and his “second voice” was literally a second voice. The small, curled-up body of his unknown twin was unearthed from his belly, connected to his esophagus below his collarbone. His childhood doctors did not detect it.

It was made clear, then, that the hollow tube connecting the mouth of grandpa’s twin to his esophagus was the source of grandpa’s second voice. A voice that kept talking past grandpa’s death, according to the autopsist. Ed was still alive some days after that.

Taylor Swift reveals why this NYE will be her best yet

There’s no doubt about it: Taylor Swift owned 2014.

Her album “1989” sailed past 2 million sales, sheheadlined Z100’s Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden (and turned 25 years old in the middle of her set), and now, she’s set to be the star attraction in Times Square during “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest.”

The adopted New Yorker spoke to The Post ahead of her last (but certainly not least) gig of the year.

Q. Do you have any memories of watching the ball drop on TV when you were younger?
A. When I was a kid, we would watch “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” show every year and count down to midnight while standing around the TV. It’s so cool to get to be a part of a tradition that shaped my childhood holiday memories.

I’ve played Times Square on New Year’s a few times before, but there’s such a new feeling to my music now. There’s a lot to celebrate about this past year, and there are so many things I’m looking forward to next.

Q. If you weren’t performing on NYE, what would you be doing?
A. I have absolutely no idea what I’d be doing on New Year’s if I wasn’t playing in Times Square. I’m sure I’d text my friends and see what they’re all planning to do. Thankfully, I have really solid plans for the evening!

Q. What are your plans for playing MetLife Stadium on the “1989” world tour?
A. Playing MetLife Stadium on the Red tour was so incredible, and I’ll never forget that crowd. Fall Out Boy was nice enough to come out and surprise the crowd by playing one of their songs, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.”

I love throwing in surprises and curveballs, so each crowd has a customized experience. New York crowds are so giving and so enthusiastic and wild, I always plan things for them.  

I was really proud of the “Red” tour, but I’m so much more proud [of] “1989” as an album. I feel like I have so much to work with on the set list and so many visuals to create.

This new album is a completely new sound, and my goal is for the tour to be a completely new experience for fans.