I stayed up tonight because I just had to make this. Dost always seemed like a mythical creature. They never seemed odd as a faun, or a mermaid, or whatever they felt like being. Now they just get to be an angel.

We’ll miss you Kip. RIP.

It’s funny but I’ve always had a hard time drawing those curls he loved in his wigs so much, and yet this just felt so easy to make. I like to think I got some help with it.

a few things about the wall of posters in the Hero short

Okay so theres this wall in Soldier 76′s short which eventually Alejandra takes a poster from

The first thing are the crosses on Lucio’s posters, thats a bit rude

The second is one of the crosses that makes the word Dad appear next to Morrison which I thought was funny but then when Alejandra takes it down



anonymous asked:

One thing i dont get is why so many bellarke shippers thinking has changed when it comes to C loving L. before L died everyone made sure that the ship is viewed as toxic, abusive and some even went out of their way to claim that L is a rapist. but after she died everyone went 'okay yeah C loved her but you know what? she is also going to be with someone again'... Like, thats very fishy. Just because L is dead now everyone is okay with CL because it doesnt exist anymore. So much wrong here...

(2.2)  can you maybe explain why that is? you were one of those people too and i want to understand why that has changed since L died… because it just isn’t not right in my eyes.

First, let me be very VERY clear, I never, nor would I ever, claim the rapist argument. In fact, I don’t know if anyone claimed that L raped C, instead like one (maybe two) people out of the 50+ Bellarke meta writers claimed a type of dubious consent because of Clarke’s mental state in 3A (there’s a difference, btw. I’d appreciate it if you sent me a link to the “so-called” rape allegations that people claim a few bellarker shippers made. From what I know–though I could be wrong, so send me a link please–some people definitely made uncomfortable parallels, but I don’t recall anyone actually claiming “rape” p.s. I haven’t read every post ever made about the subject though, since that would be a huge timer sucker, so enlighten me with links please). In my opinion, when C and L made love, the show made it VERY clear that C made a conscious, free choice to sleep with L. 

Side Note: In my case, I put my vote in with what rashaka said (HERE) when it came to that CL authorial intent post that made everyone in the Bellarke fandom mad at each other several months ago. 

Next, what’s wrong with people wanting to move on? Honestly, many people made it clear how they felt about the CL relationship and how it was portrayed. I, personally, still have a problem with the way the relationship was portrayed. That hasn’t changed for me, but I digress… Instead, let me focus on what you said here: “One thing i dont get is why so many bellarke shippers thinking has changed when it comes to C loving L.” Keep this in mind, even the bloggers writing about the relationship being problematic STILL STATED THE WHOLE TIME that C loved L and that L loved C… so what’s new about that? Nothing. No one (to my knowledge) denied that these two were in love. 

From your statement, you’re making it sound like people are not standing behind their previous arguments in which they discussed why the CL relationship bothered/troubled them, but that’s not the case at all. Instead, people are just over the whole CL debates in general, and there’s nothing more to discuss. The topic is a beaten dead horse at this point. Besides, Jason and his crew meant for CL to be a true love, soulmate-type romance, so many people have just accepted that that was the authorial intent and are, perhaps, attempting to be more open about the relationship. But I don’t think many people are suddenly “okay” with CL; they’re just done fighting about it. They’re done discussing a topic that might put the fandom in a tizzy; they want peace in the fandom … I want peace in the fandom. In fact, I was debating whether or not to answer this question because it feels like an ask that’s meant to incite that awful debate all over again (but it won’t, because, like I said, ppl are over it). 

So… explain to me, what would make this whole thing “right”? I’m still not certain what is bothering you because you haven’t explained WHY you’re bothered about it. Are you bothered because people aren’t talking about CL’s relationship anymore? Are you bothered because people are just happy that C will be able to move on and get into a relationship that (hopefully) won’t cause her so much pain? Do you want people to say that CL was the purest relationship of all purest relationships, without any problematic aspects to it? Are you bothered that some people are “suddenly” accepting that Clarke loved L (which, btw, isn’t sudden at all because people in the Bellarke fandom have been saying CL loved each other for forever now. It’s never been a debate).  

Idk. I’m just confused about your purpose, anon. It would help if you explained in more detail what you feel would be the “right” way and not make you feel like people are being “fishy”?

So, in summary, many people (including myself) never, ever denied that C loved L and that L loved C, and just because people are moving on from the CL debate, it doesn’t mean that people’s opinions about the CL relationship are suddenly gone; just because people are trying to at least accept, understand, and respect the way the CL relationship made other people feel, it doesn’t mean that these people (including myself) are suddenly CL shippers. Instead, people just want to move on and are looking forward to Clarke’s next love story, and I (for one) am grateful for that … and, unless you message me answering the questions I had, I won’t ever discuss this topic again. 

transboi-kurapika  asked:

Hi, so i executed a curse for the first time (a small one) and idk what to do with it?? Like its put away in a safe place, out of site outta mind...but do i ever throw it away or just? Keep it forever???

It depends on the spell, if it’s a jar u might wanna keep it so u can undo it or to shake it to add energy to it. Some curses are better thrown away so they dont carry on attracting negative energy (if thats what u believe etc). If you want a more detailed response you gotta be more specific about the spell. Generally you keep it until you feel like it’s done its job and then you can undo it and destroy it 


11 Questions Tag - Nadinemaee

Rules: Answer the 11 questions given to you, then write your own 11 questions and tag your friends!  I was tagged by @nadinemaee thank you love!

1. do you have a simself? if so - SHOW ME! <3

thats me!

2. what was the craziest/most surpising way your sim died?

The first sim I ever saw die was of hunger at a birthday party. It freaked me out and it was really funny. Thats the only one I can think of 😄

3. do you get attached to your sims?

heck yeah I do. Silas has been in my game since he was born and I literally have a house of ghosts of my dead sims. 

4. do you spend more time in cas or buy/build mode?

Build/Buy mode definetly. I spend waaaay too long decorating.

5. when/why did you start playing the sims?

Well I bought My Sims in like 2009 on PC and it was one of the first video games I ever bought for myself. I bought sims 3 like shortly after sims 4 came out and because my mom is not a video game fan I told her I wanted to buy It before I got sims 4 to see if I’d like it. 

6. have you ever tried making a sim based off someone famous?

nope, I suck at making sims that look like real people.

7. are you playing on free will or nah?

free will all the way!

8. what skill do you like the most?

painting cause It was one of the first that was mastered in my game!

9. what is your favorite interaction?

Umm, oh gosh I have no idea. I love the ts4 Tickle Mercilously its v. cute

10. simblr crushes?

oh no, I dunno…. 

@jepensedoncjesims @nadinemaee @wonderpetals and like so many more I cant think of right now. (but yall should go follow then)

11. what would you like in the sims that NEVER made an appearance?

ooooooooooo um I’d love to see like an expansion on the author career. Like as you progress in ‘fame’ or skill level or whatever like you couod host book publishing parties or go to signings and have a booth to sell your books around town at the festivals or something, like the kids bakers stand in TS3. That’s just an idea. :)

anonymous asked:

hello! i have a question, if after we branch do we need to get that person's heart to get the happy ending? because im on yoosung's route but i keep making answer choices thats not for him.. does it affect my happy ending with him? thank you!

Nah, flirt with other people and get hearts with them as much as you like, so long as you’re not being mean to Yoosung ^^ If Yoosung’s in the chatroom, you should probably try to focus more on getting hearts with him, however. There are general tones to the answers you choose in chatrooms to stay on the path to the Good End.

One important exception: you get the option to be REALLY flirty with Zen during the first couple of days of Jaehee’s route – don’t do that. You can be nice to him, but don’t pick the options where you talk about him like he’s already your husband or something.

In general you should aim to get hearts for the person whose route you’re playing more than anyone else’s.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Getting hearts once you’re on someone’s route (Days 5-11) does not necessarily mean you’re on the right path to their good end. You have to pay attention to the tone of your responses more than the hearts you’re getting. Sometimes you can be downright mean to the character whose route you’re on and still get hearts with them. Enough of those kind of responses, though, and you’ll get the bad end.

actual conversation I had earlier:

“So what other games are you into?”

“Well, I’m really into - have you ever heard of Persona?”

“Yes! Persona 3 was so good, it’s one of my all-time favorite games -”

“Next time we hang out I’m bringing the Persona 3 stage musicals. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)”

Do you get what a complex character Jasper is?

As a Jasper fan, I wasn’t very happy abaout these recent episodes showing Jasper as nothing more than a faded-to-lose power maniac villain. BUT, they made up for everything at that last few seconds of “Earthlings.” 

Okay, first, we learned that Jasper was made on earth too, just like Amethyst, but in a less qualified Kindergarten. Considering how Peridot was using it to cheer Amethyst up, I guess where you come from is important for gems. Even the hole you came from can say a lot abaout you. 

I’d like to point out also that some of the injectors were crushed, possibly by crystal gems, to prevent homeworld from creating decent gems and if that’s the point then it worked. None of the holes came out right. Well, except for one, of course. Jasper came out perfect as the “Ultimate Quartz.” And it was her fate to fight and so she fought from the second she broke free of the earth’s crust. Fought for her colony. (Which she might have loved.) Fought for her planet. (Which she might have loved.) Fought for her Diamond. (Which she probably loved.) But she FAILED. Everything she fought for was ruined. By Crystal Gems. By Rose Quartz. 

So she entered under Yellow Diamond’s command (”Because when you’re at the bottom, you follow anyone that makes you feel like less of a failure.”) but it wasn’t her diamond. Homeworld wasn’t “home” for her. And her comrades wasn’t her colony. She only came back to earth to take revenge of these things that taken away from her. But she has defeated once again. By fusion, something that should be based on trust and compaionship, the two things that Jasper has never gained. Nobody she fuses with ever wants to stay and she’ll always be defeated by fusion. Because she doesn’t get it. Because she doesn’t know a thing about love or friendship or any related feelings. All she knows is fighting and being strong. 

But she even failed at the only thing she knows, probably the only thing she’s good at. She couldn’t fulfill her main purpose, what she was made for. She was a failure

So she let corruption took over her. She let this shallow planet twist her too, just like it did to those disgraceful freaks. And she became one of them. Because “We all get what we deserve, right?” 

My conclusion is, all those insults she threw away at Amethyst and anyone or anything she saw as a failure and how she always fights with them to show who is better… It was all an unavailing attempt to prove herself that she wasn’t a failure but in the end, she admitted the truth. 

But she’ll surely be back. 

All we’ve seen and heard abaout Rose Quartz until now was that she was a pacifist lady who fought for the earth as she believed “all life is precious” and did nothing wrong. But these recent episodes (Especially “Bismuth” and “Earthlings”.) just shattered that image (No puns intended.) and led us and Steven to question her. Steven’s main goal was always been to be like her mother but is she really the one he wants to become? I think show is going to a direction where Steven will be better than her mom, won’t make the mistakes she did and even fix them. And what will he start with? Yes, my guess is Jasper. 

I believe that Jasper will surely get her redemption arc and it’ll be the best one. Because we’ve never seen her with an expression other than angst or smug, until “Earthlings" at least. Imagine her laughing sincerily at some joke Amethyst made or getting confused abaout some earth thing that Steven showed her. Imagine her learning to love her home once again.  

To me, it was always hinted that Peridot is a dork and I wasn’t surprised at Lapis becoming an ally. Earth has only set them free but Jasper will be the one who is truly changed by it. And if it really happens I’ll love this show even more, altough I already love as much as I can! 

I only want Jasper to be happy.

EDIT: Guys, some anon mentioned that injectors were broken by Jasper to use their legs as cage bars (clever), not crushed by Crystal Gems during the war. I didn’t see it, thanks to that anon for fixing that. :) 


still making my way through Golion and i want sincline to have that sort of redemption arc where he goes from “mortal enemy” to “weird uncle who hangs awkwardly around the good guys because he’s got nothing better to do (and makes good egg salad)”

obviously the sign of team membership is chibi sticking you with a family honourific, but like every other respectable 12-year-old he’s been taught Stranger Danger and they don’t come stranger than this guy

some late night thoughts: you don’t have to like cle.xa, but we should respect that it happened, that clarke loved le.xa. and most importantly that this fact does not make any of her future or past loves any less valid.

clarke can love finn, le.xa and bellamy. just like how you or i can love the stars, the mountains and the ocean. they all have your entire heart, just in different ways, and the strength of your love for one does not diminish the love for the others.

it’s not a competition. it’s love.

nct as texts in my class chat pt2
  • Taeil:i prefer sleeping over studying
  • Hansol:sheldon is having sex for the first time today that's far more important than homework
  • Johnny:*homework is to write a verse of a poem* i'm not creative enough for that, someone else do it for me pls
  • Taeyong:*every single friday* don't get too drunk over the weekend
  • Yuta:blah blah, you realize no one cares, right?
  • Kun:yeah well no one tells me anything anyway
  • Doyoung:honey u wish i was gay
  • Ten:i just got into trouble with the police *doesn't write for the next three hours and has everyone freaking out*
  • Jaehyun:yoyooo check the flowwww
  • WinWin:okay since i know basically nothing i'll just smile
  • Mark:if i use the right citation method while copying ur homework u can't sue me for plagiarism haha
  • Renjun:and on this beautiful friday night i am lying in bed, ready to go to sleep
  • Jeno:what test? we're writing a test? today?? don't lie to me
  • Haechan:but if we all don't go they can't punish us
  • Jaemin:my shirt is green therefore i am an apple
  • Chenle:if ur as cute as me u don't need to study
  • Jisung:if i sleep on my math book do u think i'll absorb it's contents over night

people are getting a bad first impression of redbubble through all these “low-res image stolen from google image” shirts

so i’d like to present to you what redbubble is really about: ironic tshirts

figure 1. yeah that’s cerebella from skullgirls dabbing in front of a vaporwave album. why??? i have no idea.

figure 2.  tshirts for u and ur bae

figure 3. more shitposts in tshirt form:

and lastly, figure 4:

yea thats luigi and tails eating taco bell in heaven.

why?, you may be asking.

because why not?

alright man so this is super embarrassing to talk about but i used to be a HUGE mlp fan a few years back (like bought the merch, drew fan art,almost went to go see the first movie in the cinema type shit) but thats not important! what is is that at some point down the line, i became a fucking admin for some fuckning mlp group (omigod i know) and in that bullshit group i had a few friends, and one in particular-we’ll call him snare blaster, as that was his ponysona (I KNOW) 

Anyways Mr. Blaster over here is sharing his opinion on the new episode, its some ranch shit with applejack and her apple family, and this dude is like ‘YO this is kinda weird? but? you know the new character they introduced?applejacks cousin? yea i find him kinda hot, and by hot i mean this cartoon pony is making me question my sexuality’ which honestly just had me going ?????? and basically long story short this guy ended up realizing he was bi because he got the hots for a fucking cowboy pony


oh man of all the junkfish i’ve seen I think this one’s the best. he just looks so pathetic!

First of all thank you so so much thats very flattering ;w; <3 

hes a very weak scavenger, but he can hold his own. im sure to other, more healthy mermaid he looks a bit like a zombie. at least hes cute on land,,,sometimes… i bet you anything the other creatures of the deep bully the shit out of him. maybe mermaids have some kinda magic in them that would be delicious to all types of predators, and sticks around mako cause he knows no one will come near a fisherman

okay do you have just that one harry potter movie that brings you so many warm feelings compared to the others even if it isn’t your favorite book, and it just makes you feel at home when you watch it?

versatiledoom  asked:

It's a fact that Will and Hannibal cannot live without each other, so what do you think about the other (first one being murder ofc) physical aspect of their lives - the sex? Do they actually need to consume their relationship in every sense of the word? Is it smth that may come in time or is it smth that they actually desire right now? In short, do they want to be literal murder husbands? Personally, I think yes, for them there is no line, love and death grips them in the same embrace.

The show has been fairly blatant with the subtext that there is a sexual attraction between Will and Hannibal since season 2 (season 1, even). Plus Bryan Fuller has said that he had to ‘shit or get off the pot’ in regards to what was happening between Will and Hannibal (which means committing to the relationship and all that entails). Plus, Mads and Hugh talked beforehand about the Wrath of the Lamb final scenes and where they thought the natural progression between the two would go and then implied this in those scenes through the most intense date night ever.

And let’s not forget, neither Hannibal or Will are confirmed in text as any particular sexuality. 

So what does this all mean?

That there is a romance between them. That it is recognized and it is mutual. That they’re in love.

But is it sexual? 

Yeah. It is. This is mostly subtext (though it’s pretty obvious subtext that it’s barely subtext) in camera shots like the Ortolan scene or Will getting a facial via Hannibal’s blood or Hannibal talking about Franklyn being attracted to Tobias sexually (and since Franklyn and Tobias are Hannibal and Will, this means Hannibal is wondering about his own attraction to Will. There’s a meta post floating around about this that’s great, I don’t have a link though) or the quiet intensity they had when they reunited in the museum and both Hannibal and Will checked the other out (go look at that scene again, those eyes are roving and liking what they see) or the Dolarhyde fight which can be a metaphor for Will and Hannibal physically consummating their relationship.

And then, of course, the embrace. Where Hannibal leaned in to kiss. Where Will nuzzled Hannibal’s chest (which isn’t strictly sexual, but it can be).

(There are more examples, but you get the idea)

So their relationship is confirmed romantic and sexual. 

While in my dream season four it would be 13 episodes of Hannibal and Will doing couple things while every five minutes stopping to make out/love, that’s not realistic.

Realistically, I do think it makes sense for Will and Hannibal to continue on their course, which means having references to a sexual relationship either shown through subtext or explicit (though not explicit as we might want it to be). At the very least a kiss or even a sex scene akin to the Margot/Alana one. Artsy and a brief glimpse of two naked men kissing while kneeling on a bed (if only to be fair).

But your question is, do they want to be literal murder husbands?

The text tells us that yes, they do. They’re obsessed with each other. There is no line they wouldn’t or haven’t crossed when it comes to the other (and both of them being men is not an issue at all). There’s also a possessiveness shown in both of them (Will being supremely bitchy with Bedelia, Hannibal being the pettiest man alive when it comes to Molly). 

They both have realized they cannot live without the other and there is nothing they wouldn’t sacrifice for the other. They’ve found acceptance and understanding in the other when they’ve never experience either before.

Sex is much simpler in the light of all this and it’s a natural next step for two men like Hannibal and Will who are already intimately intimate and still want to be even closer.

tldr; They’re gonna bang their way across Europe and into freedom.