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Hello! Weird question. How would historical renactors survive the post apocalypse? I seen one post about the Amish (forgot which one and the details) surviving very well.

I love weird questions. This is my bread and butter lol

It really depends on their knowledge and skill sets. If you really want to survive in a post apocalyptic situation, you need to know about foraging, old farming techniques, seed collection, hunting, weaponry (bow and arrow because ammo runs out and guns won’t always work if you don’t know how to properly clean and keep them up), knitting, sewing, and camping amongst many other things. If you don’t have these techniques, you’ll have a hard time and not all reenactors have this knowledge. Some reenactors know about weapons and stuff but others know about old medicine and foraging. If you teamed up with reenactors in a post-apocalyptic situation, you’d be fine in you combined all your knowledge together. The Amish would do well because they already live off the land, have livestock, have seeds stored up, know how to can, jar and preserve food, don’t use technology, and know how to survive without modern conveniences. 

Milsurp 1/2

Military Surplus guns or Milsurp are usually cheap and older main battle rifles rendered or deemed “obsolete”. They are common in most countries that allow civilian gun ownership, especially in the US. They’re usually accurate and reliable guns, but there’s some things you gotta look out for. Today will be a double of what to look for with your milsurp as well as the milsurp out there.

#1: Wear And Tear. Surplus weaponry is a crap shoot between war used weapons and ones that’ve been sitting in cosmoline since the 1940′s. This means sometimes parts may be missing and the rifling will be heavily worn. Always check these before buying a milsurp rifle. Also check chambers, magazines and the barrel for any defects.

#2: “Bubba’d” Guns. The term bubba’d is used to reference a number of ad-hoc gun smithing by people usually with a hacksaw and other modifications to either modernize a gun or make it more “tactical”. It’s is a great idea to stay as far away as possible from these guns as sometimes the modifications can be very dangerous to the guns structure and could lead to a number of explosive malfuctions. They also look horrible.

#3: The Sporterization. Sporterized military surplus guns are a different game entirely. These are usually custom modified milsurp rifles made to make a military surplus rifle more handy for hunting and so on. They tend to commend lower prices in stores as collectors aren’t willing to spend money on a gun someone’s lobbed half the stock off of. Sporterizations are much safer than the Bubba’d gun and serve as a really cheap way to get a milsurp rifle.

#4: Prices. The giant problem with milsurp is that prices vary for many reasons. Reasons can vary from gunshow premiums, luck, GunBroker prices or guns rarity. Shop around to stores and shy away from gun shows as they tend to inflate their prices.

#5: Markings. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RIFLES MARKINGS. A common event in the military surplus community is someone modifiying a rifle to look like another. A No. 5 Jungle Carbine that’s a modified No.4 Enfield, making a Mauser into a 98k and so on. This is used to get more money, making a gun look like a more expensive and rarer variant. Always check the markings as well as other design features like lightning cuts, manufacturer marks and so on.

That’s the main bit for this post, now in Part 2 I’ll get to the makes and models of Milsurp out there in the world.

Name: Kai

Age: 17-20+

Personality: Sympathetic, competitive, brave, shy

Voice: Independent (Kira Buckland) or Classic (Carina Reeves)

Class: Full Metal Jaguar

Weapons: Dual Guns, Dual Blades

Skell: None. Often rides with Risch in his Skell.

Division: Pathfinders

Social Behavior: Kai is normally socializing with people and makes friends with them fast. When she’s not working, Kai is always bugging her brother Risch to get out of bed when it’s already afternoon. She enjoys talking to Lin the most.

Work Behavior: Kai always gets dragged along with Risch, even though it’s her duty to expand the FrontierNav. Sometimes she helps with Elma, which she prefers.

Likes: Cooking with Lin, talking with others, making friends, trying on new gear
Dislikes: Rude jerks, and the aliens that are trying to wipe out the human race

Other Facts: Can be known to flirt, and then denies it with her shy side. Can be a bit jealous if the other woman (mainly Elma) has a better body than her.

Recruiting Point: Found in Central Melville Street

Favorite Art(s): Sliding Slinger, Violent Streak

Fighting Style: Kai buffs herself up first, even during an Overdrive, and goes in on her target. Just like her brother Risch, she tries to have her team focus on one enemy first and take down the rest later.

Backstory: Kai was the first to be discovered by Elma just outside the East Gate of New L.A. by coincidence. Unlike her brother, she still kept her memories of her past life as a human. She, too, ran away to join her brother in BLADE. Before the destruction of Earth, Kai was the only one to properly say good-bye to their parents. Risch was already inside the White Whale prepping for launch alongside Nagi. This gave Kai slight depression for a while, but learned to move on.
After Chapter 5, she was shocked to hear the news that Risch was sent to the Mimeosome Maintenance Center when he lost his left arm. She’s glad that her brother got all of his memories back, and got a new arm. She thinks that the armor piece on Risch’s new left arm is a bit exaggerated.

Kai wears skimpy looking armor. Although she can be a bit of a flirt and a tease wearing them…

…she can’t help but feel shy afterwards.

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Just an fyi: the word "assault" rifle is pure leftist branding. Guns are designed to be able to kill. They are all thus "assault" weapons. But- people do the assaulting, not the guns. There are automatic weapons (machine guns), semi automatic, and single shot. Most modern guns are semis. Liberals call scary looking ones 'assault' weapons, but functionally there is no difference between an Armalite Rifle-15 and any old hunting rifle in a trained shooters hands.

I’m well aware and hate to use liberal phrasing. I’m just not well versed on guns and picked the first thing I always hear. Just anything other than a small pistol. Thank you though!

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Why do you like Elizabeth Weir? Not disputing that she's amazing, but I'm curious!

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT ELIZABETH WEIR OKAY. She has a double doctorate, she’s a seasoned UN (and intergalactic) negotiator who is probably more powerful than the rest of the Atlantis team put together when she wants to be (case in point THIS scene from 2x05 and the Genii negotiation scene from 1x20). She doesn’t need guns/weapons/raw strength to be powerful – everything she does, she does with her words. She listens to other people and takes their ideas into consideration, but she doesn’t let herself be pushed around (Kavanaugh, Bates). She respects other cultures (early episodes of season 1). She isn’t perfect, and she acknowledges that she makes mistakes and goes out of her way to fix it.

Also I just really identify with her – I always have, ever since I first watched the show when I was really young. 

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Hanzo looked at Morrison’s gun apprehensively. It was large, too loud and bulky for his taste. He’d always preferred sleeker weapons like his bow–and before what happened with Genji, blades. But remembering the last time he was in battle without his bow, he sighed. It was only logical that he learned how to use other weapons.

“Morrison,” he began, putting his bow down hesitantly. “Would you mind teaching me how to shoot?”