Here’s a messy lil sketchie of Ford 🎵ticklin’ the ivories till they gleeeaaam🎵!!!
It’s a headcanon of mine that Ford has this really beautiful singing voice (have you HEARD J.K Simmons sing?? You should hear how low he can go!! It’s crazy!!!) And the ever wonderful @twenty-one-pinetrees sent me this wonderful idea that all the pines family can play instruments!!! I’d really like to do the rest of the ideas, but ford playing the piano was too perfect NOT to do first!!!

Why We Love Jeon Jungkook #19

Because of when he got scared of the MAMA statue.

keepcalmnpanic asked:

So....Have you guys ever read some of the fanfiction people write about you two? And if so, what is one detail in every fanfoc that you love?

“Yeah, we’ve read a lot of the stuff thanks to the ask a few of you have sent in. You guys sure have some… interesting, imaginations.”

“But no matter how weird some of them can be, we really love how much feeling goes into the story and how many emotions there are in everything.”

“Some of the ‘smut’ can be a bit embarrassing to read.”

“And the ‘angst’ can hurt.”

“But there’s so much feeling and care in everything, no matter how people write us and no matter what they have us do.”

“So if it counts, we’d probably say that.”

finding out that wanda apparently has a fake incredibly posh RP accent has given me so much life and i’m incorporating this into farmhand au

Do you ever see something you blacklisted pop up on your dash, and YOU KNOW you shouldn’t click on it, you know that by doing so it will only make you angry and bitter, and yet…you still click on it?

And of course, by doing so, now I am angry and bitter.

Ugh, whyyyyyyyyyyy?


in which we’ve never actually seen Sam as a happy drunk