That damn couch. The love we shared on that couch used to light up the room, but our fiery passion has burnt out. Now your lack of presence shows me how dark and cold the basement really is. The brown leather pillows turn to an icy stone when my tears hit them. There’s a permanent sag in the fabric where you used to sit when we’d kiss all night. And the only sound in the room is in my memories, reminiscing on what we used to have, wishing you still loved me.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #67 // That Damn Couch pt. 2

Freaking Miraculous Ladybug helped me in our grammar quiz today.

I was the only one who knew that bourgeois was a word that has been accepted into the English language and therefore did not have to be italicized.

And the only reason I knew that is because I’d made the memory link earlier with Chloe’s last name LOL.


In a 1985 issue of The Official Star Trek Fan Club Magazine, writer Don Madsen asked which of his two appearances Roger C. Carmel enjoyed more. He responded:

“I really can’t say because, in memory, you remember only the enjoyable
spots of each. Now that I think of it, I remember in the first episode, “Mudd’s
,” there was this wonderful, long monologue I had, in which I’m trying to seduce Uhura into taking the Venus Drug. They had to cut that because it was just too long. I remember being very disappointed because I felt the monologue was very effective and very much to the point of the show’s philosophy. Years later, you don’t remember the disappointments, though, you remember the good things. I would hate to pick and choose between the two episodes, I liked them both.”

Carmel also said:

“I thought Harry Mudd was a good character,  but when the show developed such an emotional attachment with a large audience, I certainly thought that the character I played would also persist. Star Trek was very well  written. When I did the shows, I never thought it would evolve into this. I don’t  think any of us thought of it in terms of the immortality Star Trek has achieved.”

Why we can’t forget the memories? We can’t forget something or someone that omce made us happy even cry and sad. Memories keeps on haunting us because they happened at the moment when we least expect it. They keep on knocking on our door the serves as a reminder of the things that happened and how it made us into a person of who wr are now. It shaped us into someone we thought we can’t be. It’s not the person that we miss, but the memories simply because we want to experience those things once again, even if it made us sad and cry and even gave us happiness, we want to give it a second try. That’s why we are so in love with the memories, they are the only thing that we’re holding on even if the person has already let go. Memories will remain in our hearts, even if the person is no longer in our life.

Judai: ooh~ another asks… Lol… Arigato gozaimasu, Anon-san tachi.

This time, headcanons for Hajime and Shun… Hmm… in this case, I’ll do both headcanons of Shun and Hajime interactions mixed with individual headcanons, and headcanons for HajiShun (Hajime/Shun)

(Posting this using mobile app).

Here we go~♪

Hajime and Shun!

• From my previous headcanon post, Shun’s love for Hajime is that of a pure, innocent love of a fan. Meanwhile, others think that Shun is in love with Hajime.
• Hajime, on the other hand, doesn’t care much whether the other’s theory about Shun’s love is true or not. He actually appreciates Shun’s effort in supporting him, even if he doesn’t show it.
• Hajime and Shun actually met once during their childhood, neither of them remembers though… Hajime only have a vague memory of talking to a child through a window who taught him how to do marble wishing. Shun remembers being in his room, talking to a child on the other side of the window and teaching them how to do marble wishing.
• The first time Shun became aware of his powers and using them was during an accident which involves his mother, an underworld creature and lots of blood.
• Shun got his looks from his mother while he got his mysteriousness and attitude from both his mother and father. His eye color is from his father.
• The first time Hajime met Shun’s parents, Shun’s mother gushed about how handsome he is, and how he looks like his mother, etc. while Shun’s father stared at him and muttered something vague.
• Shun’s mother has clairvoyance and light/holy power attribute while Shun’s father has the dark power attribute. That’s why Shun’s is a mix of both.
• Everyone in Procella already met Shun’s parents.
• Shun’s father is overprotective of Shun. He’s the one who asked Sakaki to guard Shun 24/7.
• Sakaki is 10 years older than Shun. His family has been the Shimotsuki family’s butler for generations. He knows all about Shun’s powers and Maou-sama tendencies.
• Sakaki was there when Shun first discovered his ability to use magic. Ever since then, he vowed to always protect and be there for his young master.
• Sakaki is like Kai when it comes to taking care of Shun, but he’s the kind who lets Shun have his way since he has the difficulty to say no once Shun looked at him with his puppy eyes.
• Yes, Shun has the ability to use puppy eyes. Its super effective to Sakaki and his parents. No one in Procella and Gravi has seen it…. yet.
• Shun’s parents are best friends with Hajime’s mother. Mrs. Mutsuki adores Shun’s mother while she has a long-lived rivalry with Shun’s father over Shun’s mother.
• Hajime actually has magic in him that is hidden. It was only when he met Shun during their idol days that it slowly started appearing. It is probably due to Hajime’s family background that he has some magic.
• Shun often puts traps in their family garden when he was still young. Their gardener, at first, always falls for it but learned how to avoid them after. Due to that, their gardener became one of the best fighter in capturing and preventing thieves from entering the Shimotsuki abode.
• Hajime learned martial arts due to a kidnapping incident when he was a child. Fortunately, he was immediately saved by an enraged Mrs. Mutsuki who wield a super sharp katana.
• That’s why Hajime knows what being kidnapped feels like and can sympathize a bit with Shun’s situation.
• Hajime is a wanderer. He doesn’t like being coop up in one place. For him, it feels like he was cage
• Hajime and Shun is the smartest pair you’ve ever met.
• Shun is Fate and Death’s favorite child. Hajime is second.


• Hajime is the first to confess to Shun. But Shun is the first to realize that yes, he’s actually in love with Hajime and very much would like to be his boyfriend.
• Ever since they became lovers, Hajime can be mostly seen sleeping with Shun in Maou-sama’s bedroom. By sleep, I mean literally sleeping. Reasons are: Shun’s bed is the most comfortable bed in the world and Shun’s bedroom has the right temperature for sleepy persons.
• First date: technically, their first date happened when they were still not an item (the famous episode 11). Their first date as a couple was on the same place. This time, instead of Hajime being dragged by Shun, its Hajime who planned their date. And our Maou-sama is super happy that he accidentally made snow appear INSIDE the dorm.
• Kai and the others spent hours trying to clean off the snow, allowing just this once to let Shun go and have fun on their date instead of making him clean up his own mess.
• Procella, and a reluctant Gravi, stalked Hajime and Shun’s date. Hajime and Shun knew they were being stalked but they don’t care that much since they knew their friends wouldn’t do something to interrupt them.
• During the stalking, Iku, Yoru and You have to physically restrain Kai from going over the couple when Hajime licked a cream off of Shun’s face. Haru tried his best to calm the papa down.
• Hajime and Shun’s first kiss happened when they were in the ferris wheel, watching the fireworks display.
• Kai and Haru secretly ship HajiShun. LOL! But Kai is hesitant at first cause it feels like he’s giving away his only daughter to another man. Haru is being the supportive friend of Hajime since he’s the one who Hajime talked to and asking for advice when he found out that he’s in love with Shun.
• Everyone in Procella is overprotective of Shun so whenever Hajime visits Shun’s room, they made sure to have at least one of them accompany the couple. They want to protect Shun’s chastity, even though they knew Hajime wouldn’t do something like that too early on their relationship. They’re just making sure.
• Shun’s parents, after knowing Shun’s relationship with Hajime: Shun’s mother was excited and started planning their wedding while Shun’s father, who normally acts cool, calm and collected went wild and tried to kill Hajime. Fortunately, Shun’s mother stopped that from happening.
• Sakaki’s reaction: kidnapped Hajime and locked him inside a dimly lit room and proceeded to interrogate the shocked Six Gravity leader.
• Meanwhile, Hajime’s mother completely approves of their relationship and adores Shun (since he looks just like his mother). Hajime’s father take a look at Shun then told Hajime if he is willing to protect the Shimotsuki child. Hajime said yes, even if it cost him his life. Shun swooned and fell in love all over again. Hajime’s father gave them his blessing.
• Someone trying to hurt one of them: Hajime will crush anyone who stands in his way of saving Shun. Would be the one to arrest the offender and give him to the police. Injured or not, depends on the Black King’s mood. Shun will curse anyone who hurts Hajime. He won’t even lift a finger or plan a revenge. Karma will do it for him. He will, instead, heal Hajime’s wounds and shower him with love, hugs and kisses.
• On Valentine’s Day, Shun made Hajime a huge heart-shaped chocolate. Its said that a bite of this chocolate will make anyone lucky and safe for the whole day. Learning that, the others tried to steal a bite while Hajime tried his best to hide it. Shun, then, made a smaller version of the heart-shaped chocolate and gave them to everyone. Everyone, for once, was lucky that day.
• On White Day, Hajime brought Shun to London and Paris. They went to see Big Ben, Sherlock Holmes museum, to 221B Baker Street, rode the ferris wheel, visit the Queen (Shun knows the Queen, OMG!), see and climb the Eiffel Tower and spent a romantic dinner in the City of Love~♪The others were envious.
• Jealousy: Shun doesn’t get jealous easily, he knows that Hajime loves him and won’t hurt his feelings and leave him. Although he does feel insecure from time to time, but he doesn’t show it. Hajime, on the other hand, gets jealous easily whenever someone gets too close to Shun and flirts with his lover. The Black King is actually the possessive type.

That’s it for now. Seriously, I have plenty of headcanons for HajiShun. And most of them are ideas for my Tsuki Rabu-Love fic. @andthenabanana knows about it. Lol…

I even included a bit of headcanon for Shun and Hajime’s family and Sakaki. Lol….

I’ll post more of HajiShun headcanons… I hope you’re satisfied with this, Anon-san tachi. *grins*

I’m still open for requests~♪

- Judaiteito

shit –  ‘ the male groaned to himself, staring down at the mess made by his split coffee. not only was his laptop finished, his lower half was only a memory of his previous double double. ‘ wouldn’t happen to have a tissue would you… oh and maybe a 5,000 word essay on the gender differences between criminal cases during the 90′s in the u.s? ’

There are some forms you can’t
fuck, you can only destroy. Faceless
he is a standup maimed memory
of a country where I was unhappy.
—  Alice Notley, from Songs and Stories of the Ghouls
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Allah Maha Mengetahui cara membuat hamba-Nya bersyukur

Alhamdulillah, segala proses telah dilalui. Proses wisuda jurusan maupun institusi telah berjalan dengan lancar dan baik. Menyenangkan as it was. That’s it. The moment it ended, it ended. Memories were only reminisced by photographs, and….my girl friends were much pretty with flawless make up and simple hijab style =)

berhubung kamera di hp saya tidak memungkinkan untuk selfie, maka harap maklum jika dokumentasinya sedikit karena fotonya ‘join then send’ haha. Selanjutnya ada wisuda institusi yang melibatkan lebih kurang 1200 wisudawan & wisudawati. Sangat disayangkan, dokumentasi bersama 3 orang terkasih (D,E,L) terlupakan.

ALhamdulillah ya…Subhanallah, dibalik segala kekuarangan yang aku punya. I could feel this moment with much grateful and happiness.

Ini adalah kumpulan rasa cinta dari orang-orang kesayangan berupa flower bouquet yang kujadikan satu. They were similar in me, they were all special. Selain itu ada satu bingkisan yang diberikan kepadaku, namun tak dipublikasi. Sebuah bingkisan dari salah satu brand fashion ternama. I Just feeling so much grateful. I know your love was not only as same as a thing. I know it was uncountable.

dan ini adalah sneak peek foto bersama keluarga dari mama eva, bapak pardi, dan adik. sengaja mengambil outdoor photograph dengan tema alam agar tampil beda dan tidak terlalu resmi.

that’s all about my graduation. tidak ada euforia yang berlebihan, karena ini sebatas syukuran atas nikmat yang telah dilimpahkan oleh Allah kepadaku dan keluarga dan segalanya hanya mengalir tanpa modifikasi.

Terimakasih kepada segala pihak yang telah membantu hingga aku bisa mencapai titik ini. Deep thanks to Allah SWT, Nabi Muhammad SAW, Bapak, Mama, Emon, Ejak, dan Luqman, LT3D, Nastiti dan Ivo, Cameroon, ZIMPI, Mba Imi, dan saudara-saudara.

Alhamdulillahirabbil’alamiin. May Allah grant us with blessing and happiness.

27 September 2016. Regards,


Prague recap

During the week of the 12th of September I went on a school trip to Prague. It was my second time there, but this time I got to explore the city  lot more.
We probably went to every typical sight of the city, but also discovered some hidden places only the locals knew.

I kept some memories of our trip in here. But a few travel diary pages about it with more details will follow.


Where Are They Now?
Lindsay Fusfeld ‘12 & Anne Timberlake  ‘04

Lindsay Fusfeld ‘12

What was your job at the Oberlin College Library?:  Student Archives Assistant 

What are you up to now?: I’ve been living in France since graduation and am currently completing my master’s degree in Archives in Paris. I was a history student at Oberlin and first discovered the archives there as a research assistant before working as a student archives assistant in my last year. I absolutely loved it, and it’s one of the reasons I decided to become an archivist over here. At the moment I’m working for the historical archives of HSBC France, specifically on a fonds from a local bank in Picardy that was founded in the 1850s. The archives were rediscovered around a year ago, and we’ve been working on recovering them. 

Do you have any special memories from your time with us?:  I truly have only positive memories from the archives! I got to work with Ken, Anne and Louisa on quite a few projects, but I particularly enjoyed exploring the photo collections for the Oberlin Book.

Anne Timberlake ‘04

What was your job at the Oberlin College Library?:  Circ. in the music library for 2+ years. Plus one summer split between Allen and Mudd.

What are you up to now?:  As much as I can! I’m delighted to maintain part-time careers in multiple fields, including speech-language pathology, recorder performance and teaching, and a little bit of freelance writing. My time in the library definitely strengthened my interactions skills and made me realize how much I enjoy working with real live human beings! Without that experience, I might have ducked into a less people-oriented field.

Do you have any special memories from your time with us?:  Braving deep storage in Carnegie! I’m glad I made it out alive

honestly me and my mom r really sentimental ppl… i love nostalgia and looking back.. me n my mom just went on a scavenger hunt to find old memory chips for our cameras but we only found a few (that my dad used for business D-:!) hopefully we can find more…

  • Midnight Memories Tracks (Hidden Vocals)

“1. Best Song Ever (Secret/ BG Vocals)

2. Story Of My Life (Lead Vocals)

3. Diana (Lead Vocal Mix)

4. Midnight Memories (Secret Harmonized Vocals)

5. You & I (Lead Vocal Mix and Secret BG Vocals)

6. Don’t Forget Where You Belong (Instrumental Stem)

7. Strong (Backing Vocals)

8. Happily (Lead Vocals)

9. Right Now (Zayn’s Main Vocal Stem)” (x)