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The whole thing on Twitter today is the reason why we should keep up the "no tagging them in tronnor posts" rule. Imagine how they must feel when they go through their tags to see what their fans think about them as individuals to only find posts related to them about shipping. It's like working really hard on a school presentation, but ppl only care about how cute you look next to your classmate. I'm not saying shipping is bad, but we have to be respectful and that includes not tagging them.

i completely agree, and that analogy is perfect. being part of the twitter fandom myself, I can tell you this sadly isn’t an unusual thing, and people on there are a ton more blunt than on here. I think everyone could use a little reminder of respect, while also keeping in mind that troye and connor are not and never will be a package deal.

PSA for everyone:

If you’re concerned about children finding inappropriate content (I’m talking specifically about Steven Universe here, but this can apply to anything), there is something you can do. It’s very easy, and will do much more to keep kids safe than policing tags on Tumblr. Here:


This is a page for reporting any offensive content found on Google’s SafeSearch feature. If you find anything inappropriate, just provide the link and it will be flagged for removal. Easy!

(a note- from scrolling quite far down the results for “steven universe” and “steven universe pearl”, I found only 3 results that could have been deemed inappropriate, and they all came from DeviantART. If you post mature art there, always be sure to classify it as such. Same goes for any website- features exist to filter NSFW content, so make full use of them.)

Avian Study: Tundra Penguins

Well, journal. I had got a request from my Scienceworks colleagues to research a particular semi-aquatic avian. Now I don’t know if it was the mead talking or not, but a few of the researchers started asking about the mating habits of Tundra Penguins. At the time I hadn’t even researched those birds. However silly as it seemed at the time, as promised I had decided to venture up to Northrend to study not only the mating habits, but just everything about the Tundra Penguins I could possibly find out.

I had traveled to the Tuskarr fishing village of Unu'pe in Borean Tundra that borders the Frozen Sea. Just about half a mile or so off the coast are ice floes where these Tundra Penguins seem to reside. These Penguins are diurnal and spend most of their day swimming and foraging at sea from sunrise to dusk. Since they are constantly near water and ice, these aves preen their feathers often to keep them waterproof. They do so by using small drops of oil that the collect from a gland near their short, stubby tails. 

Moving on to physical description, Tundra penguins are pretty small, only standing at 12 to 13 inches tall and weighing approximately 3.3 pounds. They have dark blueish gray feathers with a large white colored patch on their undersides that extends from their chin to belly. While these feathers are mostly short in length, there seems to be a small crest of longer feathers on top of their heads. Tundra Penguins can either have light blue or bright red irises. Other characteristics include a 1 inch dark gold beak as well as webbed feet to help them move efficiently over ice and snow. 

Despite their small size, Tundra Penguins tend to use the safety in numbers technique to protect themselves from predators. As far as their own diets, these Penguins are carnivorous often feeding on small marine life and crustaceans. In fact, Tundra Penguins will dive quite extensively to capture their prey. Favorites tend to be the moonglow cuttlefish as well as rockfin groupers that seem to be plentiful in the Frozen sea. Although only about 50 percent of Tundra Penguins dive anywhere past 2 meters some have been known to dive up to 20 meters deep to find food. 

Okay, now on to the mating habits and reproduction of Tundra Penguins. Unlike other aves such as Eagles and Parrots, these Penguins only remain with their partners during breeding seasons and whilst hatching eggs. Sexual maturity in females is reached at 2 years of ages, while in males its 3 years of age. On average, Tundra Penguins breed about once a year.  

Since it has been oh so graciously asked during a Scienceworks get together, I will also report on the reproductive anatomy of these Penguins. Which more or less, results in the same as all aves. Both male and females have what’s called a cloaca, which is the posterior opening for a bird’s digestive, urinary, and reproductive tract. That’s correct. The same ‘vent’ used to expel feces is also used to lay eggs. During breeding season this part of a Tundra Penguin anatomy swells. In a process known as a cloacoa kiss a male transfers its sperm to the female during a very very brief period of actual mating.  In other words, to answer the ever wondering question of a few drunk colleagues, “Do Penguins have schlongs?” the answer is a technical 'no’. However, they do reproduce sexually as compared to asexually. 

Now that question as been answered, on with the rest of the report.  These aves breed during the late spring to early summer months. Tundra Penguin nests are situated close by the sea in excavated burrows, or caves, rock crevices, or under logs. Two clutches of 2 to 3 eggs each are usually laid per breeding season. Incubation lasts roughly 36 days while brooding can take 18 to 38 days. Juvenile Tundra Penguins are lighter in color and have shorter beaks than the adults. After about 7 weeks Tundra Penguins are fully fledged. Overall these Penguins do not migrate and remain residents year round in the frozen beach lines of Borean Tundra and Dragonblight in Northrend. 

Right after Tundra Penguins fledge is when they first start to molt. To keep up with the energy it takes to molt, these birds will travel down to the sea to feed.  They will spend two to three weeks just foraging for food to build up their body mass. If a Tundra Penguin doesn’t gain sufficient amounts of weight, there could be a chance they won’t survive molting.

Tundra Penguins can be quite noisy. Males will emit different braying like sounds to call for relief of nesting and guard duty. Grunts, roars, and beeps usually mean they are in an aggressive mood. Other elicited noises have to do with courtship, breeding, and territorial disputes. 

Finally, Tundra Penguins are flightless birds. However, they are more adapt to swimming efficiently. This is because they have 3 to 4 times the feather density of birds that can fly. The feather tips are stiff to prevent them becoming compressed while swimming in the cold waters of the Frozen Sea. Another survival adaptation is their counter-shading. Meaning predators swimming both above and below will have a hard time spotting these birds. 

In conclusion, Tundra Penguins are just another interesting species of birds to add to this journal. Til then, fellow researchers.

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I read a few of your H/D fics and they are so, so lovely and well written and real. It saddens me that I wasn't aware of your writing when I first discovered the concept of fan fiction as a young teen because your stories are everything I was frantically searching for but never quite found. Do you have an index of your Drarry fic/favourites where I could indulge my found again love of HP?

Thank you!! This is the sweetest thing.

You can basically find all of my fics except Trajectories either on my old website. (It’s also on all my old LJ memories but I suspect everything’s friends-locked. REMEMBER WHEN WE COULD JUST SHOW POSTS TO OUR FRIENDS, TUMBLR? *grumble* ) Anyway, I just checked and it looks like the only fics not at that link are Trajectories and this small fic from 2007 I had completely forgotten I wrote. Thanks for the reminder that I should probably put a few more of these on AO3 before I forget or lose them altogether!

Oh, and re: the bit about fic recs/favorites, I have a ton of H/D recs on my pinboard. :) 

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Centipeetle headcanon: Like most of the gems, the long war put a strain on her, and in the end she became more beast than person. But the reason she kept sending little ones after the Temple was just because she was lost and trying to find her way back home. Posit: She got trapped in one of the battlefields, possibly buried, and had to become something that could escape, but spent so long as that form she couldn't remember who she used to be, just that she should be safe at home with Rose.


Hahahah am I the only one who thinks she’s a Homeworld Gem, I wonder?

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om G iF OnlY yOu cOulD maKe RPG s ;;;;

i know right?? i really really wish i could make this!

if i had any of the talent and ability to: you’d start out with arin and go on a search to find the rest of the grumps, from there you could pick a combination of any 3 to play with while the rest stayed back in the grumps office- and you could switch them at anytime. i’d put cameos of other youtubers and stuff. the combat would be like attack the light (that steven universe game) and the enemies would be inspired by games they’ve played. dang, it would be so cool to make and even cooler if the grumps played it!

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I'm yr 12 doing philosophy too, how do you revise for it??!! its so much

It’s so much work! I would recommend finding the spec for the exam. Mine is only two pages long and I’ve been able to fit in revising all of those topics before my exam so it’s not impossible. You can easily google them along with the exam board.

Mind maps are how I collect all of the information, and then you could also create flashcards for all of the key terms and Philosophers.

Make sure you keep looking over the information as often as you can as it’s easy to forget.

Good luck! :-)

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How do I train my legs hard enough to hit them only once a week? I feel like my legs could be trained 2-4 times a week but I know that hinders growth. I could up my weight but then my rep/sets decrease insanely fast. I go from 8 reps with a normal weight to like 3.. help?

One week I do 8s and the next week I do 3s. Its best to have a spotter on the low set/rep days because you will be going a lot heavier. I find the 8 days, I can feeeel the pain and lactic acid in my legs. Where as 3 days are all about power and strengtj, so the further I get into my workout, the more tired and worn out my entire body feels

I would buy that penis chandelier only so I could invite rich snobs over and tell them it was imported from france or something and watch them try to find the words

“Isn’t it-”

“fabulous? yes it is. handcrafted.”

“But it kind of looks like-”



“Go on Martha, what does it look like?”



What exactly are they feeding idols?

part 1 - part 2


Teaching Poetry to Fish

I read this meta post and yeah - “Cas is FINALLY going to successfully teach poetry to a fish!”  HOPEFULLY.

I really hope no angels got stuck in the bodies of children because I don’t think they’d fare very well in the school system.