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I loooove your blog!! I see that you do sterek ficrecs, could you show some fake/pretend relationship ones?? I love them so much but can't seem to find anymore..

well i went on ao3 and looked up some of the newest fake/pretend relationship fics. and then i went back to very beginning to find a few as well. surprisingly when i sorted by the Fake/Pretend Relationship tag there were only 336 fics which was a lot less than i was expecting. anyway hopefully there’s something in here that you haven’t read (or want to re-read but had lost). 

Stiles Stilinski, Boyfriend Extraordinaire

Stiles never imagined he’d be in Derek’s kitchen cooking a surprise dinner with Derek’s family while they waited for Derek to get home from work.

Partly because their visit was a complete surprise.

But mostly because Stiles didn’t have a boyfriend.

Or even know who Derek was.

But he’d already come this far and Papa didn’t raise no quitter!

Go Along With It

“Hi, so my ex-boyfriend just walked into the bar and I don’t want to look like a pathetic loser who hasn’t moved on yet, so, would you pretend to be my boyfriend for me? For like 5 minutes?”

All he gets in response is some angry looking eyebrows and a terse growled out “No” as Adonis walks away back to his table.

(I Ain’t Scared of the Fall) I’ve Felt the Ground Before

"You know what the solution is,” she says.

“What’s the solution?”

“You get a mate.”

“Thank you for that, Laura. I’ll file it away with the other idiotic ideas I’ve already tried.”

Derek is sick of being treated like he’s property and he’s sick of his family pressuring him to find a mate. So the obvious solution is to fake a relationship with Stiles Stilinski, the annoying lacrosse player and alpha that Derek may or may not be pining over anyway.

well it goes like this

Somehow Derek and Stiles have ended up close enough that Laura is able to stand between them and clap a hand each of their shoulders.

“Look happy, boys. Don’t you know you’re in love?” Laura teases.

Stiles rips himself away and is out of the room before Derek can even wrap his head around any of this.

Or: the one where Derek is a prince and Stiles is the one night stand who he has to pretend to date.

In a Straight Line Down

“So you want to go to Prom with me just so you can get a plastic crown and a fifty dollar gift card to Outback Steakhouse.”

Stiles sets his jaw. He wants to go to prom with Derek because he wants to go to prom with Derek. But, of course, he’s stubborn and prideful and can’t admit to Derek how it’s barely been twelve hours since they officially broke up and he’s already barely handling it as it is, so he just raises his chin in the air and says, “yes.”

Happiness is Effortless

Derek just wanted an excuse to run out on his date. A very public fight with the fiance he didn’t know he had is not exactly what he was expecting, but he’ll take it.

Whatever Works

The problem with having your soulmate’s first words to you tattooed on your arm is knowing your whole life that you’re fated to be with a jerk. It’s enough to make Stiles want to date other people … which is how he winds up dating his soulmate’s nephew.

Operation: Chick Flick

Stiles knows agreeing to be Derek’s fake date for Cora’s wedding is the stupidest thing he’s ever done, but it’s a little difficult to say no to the man he’s been in love with for seven years.

Before You Let Me Throw This All Away

Derek just wanted Laura to leave him alone about dating. Not come to California to meet his fake boyfriend. So Derek goes to the one person he knows he can count on: Stiles.


Stiles and Derek pretend to be a couple and somewhere along the way they realize they actually should be a couple.

Heartbreak is the National Anthem!

This could turn out even worse than either of them could ever imagine, but at this point, every thing is a game to Stiles. He’s learned how to play his cards exactly right and get what he wants out of every single situation, maybe not always in his best interest, but scamming alphas out of their money and time is fun.

He scratches at the back of his head, takes a second to adjust his shirt, moving away from the railing he’d been leaning up against, and gives Derek a firm glare. Pointing one finger directly into his face and trying to fight off the smirk, he says, “just don’t go falling in love with me while you’re at it.”

Derek sneers. “I’ll pray for the strength to not succumb to your wiles.”

“Oh, that’s what they all say.“

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

“Scott,” he sighs and tries to find a way to explain it better, “the only things people who go to their high school reunion care about are if someone got rich or someone got married.


Agent Derek Hale has been working up the courage to ask his partner Stiles out on a date (finally!) when he heads out on a solo mission—without Derek. Eager to provide support, Derek arrives in Beacon Hills, only there is no mission, and Stiles’ dad thinks Derek is Stiles’ boyfriend.
Well. It could be worse.

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Star wants to go to the mall to get new bras “with holes in the back!” so her wings can be more comfortable

She brings Marco too since he was the only one that would take her since she said they could go to the video game store …he didn’t know they were going to THE BRA STORE

He just covers his eyes the whole time omg.. Like he’s not complaining about being there but..its complicated. Star’s like “I’m sorry Marco I just needed u here for moral support!! And money…mostly money”

Star goes up to the register tho after not finding any so shes like “um…. Do u have bras with…holes in them? :)”

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How are you going to criticize marvel for young casting and then praise them for casting older in AoS? Maybe, just maybe, they cast whoever they like. Not to mention the Netflix shows Jessica Jones and Daredevil both heavily featuring women over 30.

What do you mean “how am I going to criticize Captain Marvel while praising Aos”? I was literally writing an entire post about how older women are perfectly capable of taking on badass roles; of course I’m going to praise the magnificence that is Ming-Na Wen. 

And yes, I know Marvel casts whoever they like. In this case they cast the youngest woman they could find, because obviously you can’t do something risky with your first (and only) female lead like cast a woman who’s not conventionally attractive or fuckable, right? 

And sure, Jessica Jones and Dardevil have women in their thirties, and even older. Yay for them! But a.) not as leads and b.) I’m still talking about Captain Marvel. Not Jessica Jones, not Daredevil, not AoS. Captain Marvel.

Who should be at least in her 40′s.

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is it weird that i'm probably bisexual but i love girls and hate men (even though i think i am attracted to them + can be in relationships with them) so i'd really want to be a lesbian? like. even though i'm bi. i'd rather prioritize my relationships with women (emotional\romantic\sexual) and stop dating men, it's like .. i can't give myself fully to a man. it's never gonna be it with a man

Hi anon,

I think if you read your ask you’ll find the answer. You say pretty clearly you are not interested in men, don’t want to be, and only think you could be, which sounds a lot like compulsory heterosexuality to me.

If you decide the term lesbian applies to you, you certainly aren’t alone – plenty of us had the same thoughts and feelings before identifying as a lesbian, myself included. It’s definitely not weird.

-mod O

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I sadly have another question, what should I do if my father and step mother are trying to push the bible against who I am, I have faced countless times where they will read parts of the bible that will say being gay is wrong, it's sad and I don't know what to do? Got any advice?

Well, if you aren’t Christian, what I find works well is turning the bible against them. It’s sad when people try to use their religion to justify homophobia. If you are Christian, then you could tell them that it’s not their place to judge, that it’s only God’s place to judge.
Best of luck.

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i sometimes here people say that red velvet don't have a lot of character and are a little boring compared to other girl groups or rookies and that they're only well known because they're from SM Entertainment...what do you think? (i'm sorry this isn't about BTS)

BRUH have they HEARD The Red in full??? because that is one SPECTACULAR album like you could tell me absolutely nothing about red velvet’s personalities or their company but if u played me that album i would’ve still decided to stan hard. that album is a masterpiece and personally i find my girls adorable theyre kinda awkward but i love that about them

She froze mere meters away from her destination, only to find out that her favourite bakery had been replaced. It was to be expected, after ten years of course the place wouldn’t be there anymore but she had this small spark of hope still. Turning towards a person nearby, Tiffany tapped them on their shoulder. “Excuse me, could you tell me where I could find the best cheese cake in town? Seems like Penny’s is no longer,” she pointed her thumb over her shoulder where the old bakery had once been.

friendship bracelets - pt 2

idk the first part got more notes than any of my writing ever has so !!!! here ya go. lemme know if y'all are interested in camp counselor fics w any of the other boys

I gotta say, that was risky. It was risky making her that bracelet in the first place. I was ready for Luke to look up at any moment and roast me for sitting amidst pink and purple string, my own pile of sparkling beads placed where only I could reach them.

But, when Y/N actually sits down next to me at dinner, I mentally high five myself. She’s wearing the bracelet too, and I find her fiddling with it while we sit and talk with the other counselors. Ashton, the counselor that shares a cabin with me and my boys, keeps giving me knowing looks and I pray Y/N doesn’t notice them. He’s so obnoxious, I should never have told him I was into her. He’s a ticking time bomb, always just about to make an embarrassing comment about me.

“Calum, you got one too, didn’t you?” Luke asks me. I wasn’t listening to the conversation, too involved in my thoughts to pay attention. I quirk an eyebrow at him and he rolls his eyes.

“Your bracelet. Didn’t one of the girls make it for you?”

“Oh, uh, yeah. It’s cute,” I reply, running my fingers over the beads Y/N used.

“Luke got the most though,” Y/N pipes up. “Those girls love you.”

“Are you sure it’s just the little girls?” He asks, and Y/N blushes.

“Pretty sure dude,” I cut in. “I sat over there for a while and they kept talking about your dreeaamy blue eyes.”

“They are dreamy, thank you, Calum.”

“One of my girls really likes you, too,” Y/N whispers to me as everyone else at the table engages in some stupid argument. A nightly ritual with us, really.

“And who might that be?” I ask, hoping for a certain answer.

“Maya, she likes your tattoos,” Y/N smiles. “She drew a bird on her arm, trying to be like you.”

“That’s adorable.”

“Yeah, she’s one of my favorites.”

“Am I on that list?”

“Don’t push it, I’m already ruining my rep sitting with you,” Y/N responds.

“Hey, I offered, I didn’t make you accept the offer,” I defend myself. I hear someone call my name, and it’s one of my boys. I excuse myself from the table and sit with him to talk about our favorite cartoon. When he decides it’s time to go back to his cabin, I scan the mess hall for one of the girls from earlier. I need to get something from them…

Calum left and it was just me, Luke, Ashton, Michael, and two of the CITs for the younger girls. I feel awkward sitting here now, especially because everyone is involved in their own conversation and I’m just…sitting here.

“You made Calum that bracelet, didn’t you?” Ashton asks me, leaning closer.

“Did he actually tell you that?” I ask, a little skeptical that Calum would be cool with his friends knowing a Real Girl not just a camp girl made him a bracelet.

“Nah, but I kinda guessed. It all came together when I saw your bracelet…it’s cute,” Ashton smiles. “Didn’t know Calum had it in him.”

“Had what in him-?”

“Miss Y/N, can you walk me to my cabin?” Little Maya asks. I nod and say goodnight to the boys, and Maya grabs my hand to go. She’s tiny, but she’s got an arm on her.

We walk and Maya rambles on about her day, what was fun and what wasn’t fun. She was talking about how she had trouble swimming earlier because her chest started hurting. It almost makes me stop dead in my tracks, but I don’t want her to get scared so I casually ask more questions. What kind of pain was it, how much did it hurt, stuff like that. She doesn’t seem phased by it, and she’s talking about it a little more when she adds the most important part. “And then I took a really deep breath and it was gone,” she finishes. “So, you had a gas bubble?” I ask. I was concerned that something else was making it hard for her to breathe, but it really sounds like she just had to burp. I almost had a heart attack for nothing. “I guess so,” she shrugs. “Are you ok, Miss Y/N?” “I’m good, sweetie. I just got scared, I thought you might be hurt!” “But I’m alright, see?” Maya strikes a superhero pose and I laugh, resulting in her little giggle escaping. “What are you girls talking about?” Calum, coming from literally no where, asks. He looks at me with a smile almost as big as my own and I catch myself staring again. The crinkles by his eyes, his scrunchy nose….he’s mesmerizing. “Oh, Maya was being silly, that’s all,” I respond as I snap out of my reverie. “We need to get to our cabin though, so if you’ll excuse us…” “Wait! I uh, I wanted to talk to you,” Calum says, more like shouts, before we walk away. “About?” “Uh…” His eyes dart toward Maya and I get the hint. She, however, is oblivious, gazing at the art stretched over Calum’s arm. Mental note: ask her which one is her favorite. She’ll love that. “Miss Maya, do you think you can go to your cabin by yourself?” I ask, kneeling down to her level. She nods and skips away, her counselor greeting her at the door. “Thanks for that,” Calum smiles. “Can we go on a walk?” “I thought you wanted to talk. Now you want to walk, too? I’m not sure I can do both…you know I’m kind of tired, I spent a while hunched over a bracelet for some guy…” “We’ll walk for a minute and stop, then talk, how’s that sound?” Calum offers. I think about it, checking the time. I have a few minutes before I need to check on my girls, so I guess I can follow him. He’s already started walking, looking back to see if I’m following, so I guess I have to follow him now. “Great, we walked, now we talk,” I say. Calum doesn’t talk though, instead looks at me and smiles. “Do you like me?” “What?” “Do you like me? As a person, as a counselor, as a lover?” “Um, yes, yes, and no,” I respond. His face falls slightly, but he continues. “Two out of three, not bad. Can we change that last one?” “How do you suggest we do that?” I don’t get a response. I’m only met with Calum’s lips melting into mine.

aaron paul gif pack

under the cut, you will find #15 gifs of aaron paul in episode one of the path all made by me. my photoshop crapped out, so I could only get up to 15, but when I get it working again I will be adding a lot more! since these are all mine, i ask nicely that you don’t repost or claim that as your own in any way. you’re more than welcome to use them for roleplaying though.

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Lokane- 9

9 - “You have no idea how much of an effect your words have on people.”


“You told them, told Stark that there was no way a man like me could be a remorseless monster. Why?”

“I only told them the truth.” Jane thrust her chin up defiantly. “I saw you trying to protect her. When Chavez died, I saw you crying.”

“I did not cry.”

“Yet your eyes were red.” She took his hand and gripped it hard. Just like Chavez, wheedling her way into the cracks that he didn’t know existed. “It’s okay to cry, you know that right?”

Loki didn’t think it was possible to find love in another one again and let alone a mortal like Jane Foster. 

“Loki?” Jane breathed.

He raised a hand to brush aside an unruly tendril, running his hand down her hair.  “You have no idea how much of an effect your words have on people,” he told her, sotto voce. Eyes never leaving hers, Loki brought her stand of hair to his lips, breathing the light floral scent of her shampoo.

“I- I don’t understand.” Her bottom lip wobbled as her eyes flickered down to his lips again then back up to his eyes.

Loki bent forward, cupping the side of her face and kissed the top of her temple. “Thank you.”

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Is Pansy Parksins x Harry Potter a rare pair?

As of today fanfiction.net shows 713,000 Harry Potter fanfiction stories (no crossovers included) for all ratings, genres, etc. No filters applied.

If I search for just Hansy (Harry and Pansy as a PAIRING in a story) I get a whopping total of 90:

Now let’s try it without that pairing box checked:

Ah, see? Now we have over 1,000 but that does not guarantee romantic or even friendly interactions between the two.

There are also authors who have Hansy as a background pair and don’t put them in the functions the search filter can find. For example, they might have 4 central pairs like Dramione, Ginny/Luna, Ron/Susan, and Harry/Pansy, but they only put them all in the summary. I do not think the summary is taken into account with this search function.

That said, I will say yes, with a 90/713,000 (which is less than 0.0002%) Hansy could be considered a Rare Pair.

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That awkward moment when Bossuet knocks on the wrong door. Also, I wish I could find the link, but my friend wrote a fic where Musichetta was actually a prostitute, but over time she grew to like Joly and Bossuet who were frequent clients and eventually only saw them and the whole prostitute thing kept them from being caught out as a lovely trio.

Oh my god that would be great if you find it you should link me

I could just imagine Joly and Bossuet suddenly sitting closer together and being cute and everyone just assumes it’s a really close friendship but instead they’re gushing over their undercover girlfriend

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You shouldn't say such negative stuff about yourself, especially when it isn't true. People hit low points but find some anchors, something sturdy to tether yourself to in order to stop yourself falling so low. It can really help. Please feel better soon.

Thank you for this message it made me smile, I understand everyone needs an anchor to ground themselves and have peace and calm however my anchor is a person I didn’t mean for it to happen, it’s probably the borderline personality disorder mixed with other things but she is the only thing that makes things okay and she can’t be there for me 24/7 it’s impossible. There are little things that help but I find that I’m being sucked into the darkness and it’s making me unable to do them anymore. I used to paint, I won an art award at the end of the year and all my family wants me to go to art school because I could do amazing things… I haven’t touched a paintbrush in 2 years I love video games like Zelda and crash bandicoot, halo and call of duty even mortal combat but I don’t play. I don’t know why, I couldn’t tell you but it seems like I can’t do anything anymore. This has been a longer message then I intended and I’m really sorry… I’m always sorry. Thank you though for the message.

I know the fandom really likes to think about Lance and Keith talking to each other in Spanish and Korean respectively, but I find it hard to believe that, on a team as intelligent as theirs, they’re the only bi-lingual ones. So consider this: Tri-Lingual Pidge. Pidge who learnt Spanish in school mandatorily and Korean at home because they could. Pidge who:

Understands the dirty talk one of them is saying and is horrified.


Pidge who realises that the ‘flirting’ between them is just bullshit and Lance is now listing off a shopping list while Keith is singing the Korean version of ‘Dancing Queen’.

Or even:

Pidge who, before they’re dating, over hears one of them talking about their ‘Stupid crush on that god damn idiot’ and starts secretly shipping it from the shadows.



Hello guys, usually I wouldn’t do something like this but the situation is very serious so I need to ask for your help!

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SO PLEASE if you can, please donate to us even 1$ is so important right now. In exchange I could offer you edits/graphics/gifs etc. since I am an editor. My paypal email is tamertuncher@hotmail.com  even if you can’t help with money please reblog it I will really appreciate it. I will be looking forward to your help because once I was homeless and I don’t want to be again.

Monsta X as Pokémon Go Players

- captures only the fighting types
- ends up with way too many Rattatas
- doesn’t have the heart to transfer them
- always finds himself with zero Pokéballs

- uses game as a way to talk to people he finds cute
- keeps the unique and strong Pokémon to make better conversations
- trash for Clefairy
- Team Valor pride

- “I have a cp 10 Pidgey, cp 45 Pidgey, cp 80 Pidgey, cp 82 Pidgey”
- wishes he could feed the Pokémon
- squeals way too loud when he sees an Abra
- gets into arguments with kids on who has the cutest Pidgey and ignores their claim that tHEY’RE ALL THE SAME

- walks into the trees … and lampposts … and parked cars … and doors
- swears he knows how to figure out the tracking system
- only manages to take on the gyms where no one else goes to
- walked into the ladies’ restroom once, okay, four times

- miraculously opts out of sleep to play the game
- maintains gym leader status only during odd hours of the night
- Squirtle Squad
- once shut the door on a kid who said they wanted to catch a Pikachu in their dorm so he could get it instead

- avid player who wants to be the very best like no one ever was (ever was, ever was)
- to catch them is his real test
- to actually beat a gym is his cau~se
- Team Mystic member who has 12 year olds yell “Team Yellow” when he can’t beat their gym

- has all the rare Pokémon + Mewtwo
- slips his phone into Hyungwon’s pocket so the hyung can walk the eggs to hatch
- the mastermind behind the 12 year olds beating Jooheon
- stares down at his managers on opposing teams when they beat his gym

request for a Monsta X scenario/imagine/reaction! < masterlist >

I never make theories but

I couldn’t help but notice in the new SU episode, that Peridot only just finds out she has powers over metal.

Previously she thinks that the Yellow Diamond gave her (and other peridots?) limb enhancers to give them the ability to be able to do, well, Anything “useful.”

What if she could already use her ability though? She just didn’t know it?.
Her limb enhancers could have easily been made of metal, the fingers being a more flexible type.

Originally posted by tormentososo

Especially with how natural and in sync the fingers are with her emotions, they even go in ways hands themselves can’t do so it’s harder to believe that the enhancers just “read” the way Peridots hands move.

Originally posted by doafhat

But why tell a gem she’s useless without the enhancers given to her?

We know Peridot is a higher class gem, but how could a gem that is thought of having no powers be higher in the caste system then a servant Pearl?

My theory is that gems of high ability are being given things to “assist” them to in reality make them believe they’re powerless.

To stop another uprising!

Peridot without her limb enhancers is shown to at first be paranoid and scared of her surrounding, but she thinks she’s unable to fight so she holes herself up in Stevens bathroom.

To add onto this though, My friend Marzi joined this to the reason why fusion is so shunned upon in the diamond society,

A reason could again revolve around the pure strength of fusions.
Different gem fusions like Malachite, Alexandrite, Opal, Sugilit, Sardonyx and of course Garnet are strong.
Same gem fusions are cool and all, but same type gem fusions only give a bigger version of the same gem, Ruby having said in the past that she felt like her but “bigger.” 

But different gem type fusions make something new and different. 
Different strengths and weaknesses, different gems and even different personality and morals in cases like Sugilit whom doesn’t listen to reason.

Originally posted by beachciti

This could add to the reason why they don’t try to harness fusion for battle and instead have developed technology to unfuse gems, it could cause a violent backlash of powerful gems.

The Diamonds lost to a band of rebels once, I doubt they want to lose again.

Although I’d love to hear what other people think!


Hatabo and Meat:

Especially lately, I like to go back over skits I didn’t have time to examine parts of before. Or sometimes I look at points brought up that bring another way of viewing a scene, or I do some of my own research about cultural implications that some fans seem to react “OH” about.

Will the Osomatsu-Das book have something about this as one of the mysteries? Let’s just wait to find out, it sure could have enough meat for a section on it :).

In “Tell us, Hatabo”, there are 9 ex-Flag Corp. employees, the animators having decided to give us some different designs between the butler boys instead of copy and pasting the blond guy all over again.

Not only does the segment have them disappear and Hatabo get that whole creepy stare whenever asked of the meat, which gives people dark implications, count up the total of segments with meat dishes he serves.

You’ll probably have heard a lot on how the On reading of 四 (Shi/ し) is homophonous for death (Shi/死), and why four is an unlucky number. The “Four” skit back in ep.7 even parodies that.

Superstition also applies to the On reading of the unlucky number 九 (Ku/く), nine. That’s because it’s homophonous for torture/suffering (Ku/苦). Some manga and anime tend to play around with that number’s implications a bit; For instance, you need nine people for a baseball team, but the scarier connotations don’t go amiss either.

The word for meat in Japanese? 肉 (Niku/にく), which is why on the 29th day of a month you’ll tend to see fanart of anime celebrating “Meat Day”.

Although the writers don’t outright spell out the punchline for viewers, and it’s left silent enough so it’s left up to fans’ responsibility to decide, knowing how they slip in cultural in-jokes and wordplay, the scary conclusion: Hatabo turned く into にく, via 苦.

But he didn’t even stop there. Look at the giant banquet he’s presented, among all his handsome new hired employees:

This segment, along with the Sanematsu one, is taken by the Japanese fandom to be one of the show’s very own “Scary Truth of Osomatsu-san” stories. And it gets even clearer why with that extra context. Maybe they were even going for this kind of reaction with the way it was set up.