Ghost!Luke would make you feel crazy. You’d feel his presence late at night when you were sitting at the dinner table and feel his cold breeze come by. Sending goosebumps down your spine. You were terrified of him at first until you found out he was harmless. You would be home alone and hear his footsteps, or him shuffling something around. You lost your car keys? After turning around you’d find them on the table after checking there three times. And when you were emotional, you’d feel him there. It even made you want his touch sometimes. “I know you’re here. I just wish I could see you,” you’d cry. He wished that too. He hated not being able to speak to you. Only able to just give you his presence for comfort. Every now and then you’d catch glimpses of his tall figure coming in the hallway. Only in your dreams did you see his face. That’s where he loved visiting you. It was like an alternate universe. He touched you and you touched him. Slowly falling in love.

What kind of imagery are you hiding behind your teeth and under your arms? What words are between the veins in your wrist and on the back of your knees? You are walking art and I have yet to open all your doors. Let me in and I will cherish you the way only a poet can. I will see you and I will be overwhelmed by the beauty I find. You hold treasures worth exploring, love, and I want to be the one to ignite them with ink. Be my muse and I’ll be yours. Just imagine what could be created when two poets adventure into the depths of each other.
—  the poets promise to their lover - c.h.
Sidekick // Pietro x Reader

Inspired By: Sidekick // Walk the Moon

Request: Anon-HI I love your blog omg and I don’t know if song fic requests are open or anything but when they are could you do one on Sidekick by Walk The Moon?? xxx

A/N: I apologize for lacking with these song fic/one shot requests! I truly am sorry that I took FOREVER to write these! But I promise that when I find time I WILL write them for you! But bare with me, college is slowly consuming my life so I only really have Friday to Saturday to do these (unless, of course, it’s a drabble) but all in all, thank you for still supporting me even though i’m so behind! Anyways…thank you for the request and here you go! Hope you enjoy :) 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1426

It was an absolute shame that you two were ‘just friends’, well, just 'best friends’. It was quite obvious (to the team) that there was feelings for each other, but no one wanted to tell either of you, and either of you never wanted to share this intimate secret because you two didn’t want to ruin this beautiful friendship that had just recently blossomed. It wasn’t easy being best friends with the one you had slowly come to love, so when you two were 'just hanging out’, it was hard not to imagine you guys were on a date–and that’s where you were now.

Pietro had the strong urge to wrap his arm around your shoulders as you two exited the theater you had been in, and you had the urge to slide your hand into his, but you too ended up having your hands in your pockets. It was an obvious fact that there was something wrong in that equation that the two of you made up together–you walking with your head low as you clenched your hands in the pockets of your coat while Pietro had a good distance next to you while looking straight off as he walked with his hands dug deep into the pockets of his jeans. Why were things getting so awkward between the two of you? Even during the movie you two stayed awfully quite, and that wasn’t your kind of thing, you two were usually on the brink of being kicked out for talking so much.

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Lying under the stars in the cool breeze, only made them hungry. Their lips were gentle, searching for every inch of skin they could find. Hands were caressing, touching, just wanting to be together, entering slowly, softly rocking to the Mountain song. Pure bliss.

OMG this is sssooo beautiful..  no specific pairing mentioned, but this is SO YVAD!!!!!  with any of his LI’s.   

I will make it a mission to draw this sometime. (maybe a painting)  oohh so inspiring.. thank you. 

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I hope this doesn't sound rude or anything but I really hope you were never a Klaroline fan because I hate it and that was never really meant to happen from what I heard they only went that way because a lot of the fans kept begging for it but I could be wrong. I'm not even that much of a Klaus fan I like Elijah better what are your thoughts on that? Oh my god I saw your gif background image whatever it's called on your blog and I'm fangirling because of that Steroline kiss :D

LMAO! Don’t worry I’m not offended by that. I understand the sentiment. However, I did find Klaroline interesting. Don’t get me wrong: I never wanted them to date or end up together because that wouldn’t make any sense. There is no way that Caroline would ever fall in love with Klaus or date him because she hates cruelty. Besides Caroline should not be with a man who bit her and stabbed her. That’s just fucked up.

Yet, I was intrigued that Klaus took a liking to Caroline because the other person he really liked was Stefan. I don’t know what is about Steroline but the villains (Klaus and Katherine) were attracted to the, for some reason. So I’ve often wondered why Klaus and Katherine were so emotionally invested in Stefan and Caroline.

From what I understand Klaroline was developed for a couple of reasons. First, Jospeh Morgan begged the writers to give him a love interest. Joseph wanted to explore Klaus’s softer side so he kept asking the writers to develop a romance for his character. The writers obliged. The other reason why Klaroline was explored was because the writers needed to turn Klaus from an antagonist to a protagonist for The Originals. Klaroline was a tool to show Klaus’s humanity so that when The Originals aired Klaus wouldn’t be “the bad guy” on his own show.

I also have a theory that Klaroline was used to break up Forwood so that Steroline could happen. I’ve written a meta about it here if you’re interested in knowing why I suspect this.

Yeah, that’s a great background isn’t? The Steroline kiss is my favorite moment from season 6 so of course I had to use it. :D

TG: you guys are constantly shitting on earth and acting like trolls are the hot shit
TA: yeah, IMMEDIATELY after y0u C0NSTANTLY shit 0n us.
TG: except that i only started shitting on you after i got tired of watching you shit on us
TA: 0kay.
TA: s0 sh0w me then.
TA: sh0w me 0ne 0f th0se damn times, dave.
TA: i wanna see it.
TG: well its good to want but what with the circumstances and all
– tandemAblepsia [TA] is idle! –

The zap over to John’s apartment leaves you feeling even more nauseous and dizzier that you were before. You didn’t bother telling Aradia you were going (you’d be back before she probably noticed you were gone), and you didn’t bother asking John his coordinates (you weren’t kidding when you said you could doxx them when it only took you seconds to find the address). John barely even seems surprised to see you, too absorbed in whatever gooey-ghost movie on TV from the sound of it. He says hi; you flip him the bird.

You use your psionics to navigate down three floors and out of the building, a few short pulses revealing what you take for Dave’s van. You know he’s up on the roof; you can hear the crackled, shitty quality of bad early-00′s R&B playing on his music player. When you knock on the side of the van there’s shuffling, sounds like he leans over the side maybe. There’s a brief moment where you think he says, “Hey man,” before you’ve dragged him down in a flurry of sparks that makes a painful stop at the business end of your fist.

After that, you don’t really know what happens. You think he rips your shirt. You might have broken his nose. At some point, John shouts something from the window above, but he never comes out and you don’t bother to waste energy thinking about it while you scrap on the ground like children (but also, very, very much like adults).

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Can you list all the genders please on the spectrum? I'm trying to explain pansexuality to my friends, but they say there's only two genders.

There’s a lot of genders. A LOT. I don’t know all them also. But I can tell you some?? Uhm male, female(I an including trans men in male and trans women in female)as well agender, bigender, pangender, intersex???? is that a gender please correct me if I’m wrong, demigirl, demiboy(or just demigender), gender fluid, nonbianary, tri/third gender, intergender, polygender. That’s the most I could think of and find.

August 12th 2015 the love of my life Shariek Douse was shot in the head and killed instantly while in his own neighbourhood. The amount of violence that is going on is not right and it needs to end before someone else loses the who meant so much to them. I never could have prepared for this. I lost my best friend, my soul mate and the only person who made me truly happy in life. I am in such a great deal of pain and what makes it harder is knowing we cannot afford the funeral. Please reach out and find it in your heart to even donate a dollar, it will go a long way! CLICK HERE if you are interested in donating…& please just spread the word I would appreciate it so much❤️❤️❤️

the big f/f music masterpost

ok so here is, finally, my big gay music masterpost.

i’m tired of hearing the same three tracks over and over again in f/f mixes, but i know it’s hard to find songs by female artists that don’t use he/him pronouns, let alone actually mention women, so i compiled as many as i could find in different categories to make it easier to browse!

this list has over a hundred songs in it, but i’m considering it a work in progress indefinitely- send your favourite songs to my inbox and i’ll add them in.

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person: *can’t find me in a crowd* this calls for drastic measures

person: *uses hands like a microphone* WATER, EARTH, FIRE, AIR


person: ah there she is.


Danny Briere announces retirement from the NHL [x]

“After taking a few weeks to think about it, it’s time to hang them up and spend a little more time at home with the family,” Briere said. “I’ve been very, very fortunate to have had a chance to play with some great organizations, but at this point the family becomes a priority.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars AU

Where Ahsoka finds out about Anakin and Padme (to be honest, I think she already knew) and confronts them about it. 

After a long talk, Ahsoka pipes up with a question. 

She wants to be adopted. 

Her biological parents died on Shili years ago, and in the event something happens to her, she wants Anakin and Padme to have everything she owns. (which isn’t a lot, but it’s a lot to a Jedi) and she already sees them as parents anyway. 

Padme is all for it, and convinces Anakin after reminding him that this could be his only way to have a family. 

So Padme and Anakin adopt Ahsoka in secret, and she becomes Ahsoka Tano Skywalker. 

Years later, Ahsoka has already left the Jedi order, and she hears of Padme’s death. Despite Order 66, Ahsoka takes the risk and travels to Naboo for her funeral. 

At the funeral, her will is read. One of the last lines states: “To my daughter, I leave the most precious gift in the world.” 

Hidden under her cloak, Ahsoka comes forward and receives Padme’s last gift. Safe aboard her ship, she opens the package. 

Inside is a holo-disk, and when she plays it, it reveals hundreds of messages and videos Padme made for her over the years, sometimes Anakin is there, sometimes not. 

The very last message is dated a month before Order 66. In it, Padme attaches a black and white photo. The image is fuzzy, but Ahsoka manages to make out two small figures. The message reads: “We can’t wait to meet our big sister!” 

Be in the Band

This is their official Twitter which only has a total of 13 tweets (made between Feb 25 and April 16). 

Feb 27: tweeted that auditions would happen over the next few months.

March 5: tweeted that auditions in London were happening that weekend. They tweeted again on the 12th stating that auditions did take place the previous weekend. 

March 26: tweeted that more auditions would take place across the UK over the next month

April 16: thanked everyone who had auditioned to date. No more “info” ever followed.

Here are some tweets from someone who it appears was supposed to audition during these dates in April, but never heard back from organizers. 

She also tweeted them in July asking if BIB was still happening. 

There’s also nothing that I could find about contestants auditioning on the weekend of March 6-8. If it did take place, it appears it’s the only time auditions were held. 

Their website is still active (http://www.beintheband2015.com/#frame-1) and has an active application section. 

(A huge thank you to elbluetommo for linking me the tweets made by the contestant.)

August 12th 2015 the love of my life Shariek Douse was shot in the head and killed instantly while in his own neighbourhood. The amount of violence that is going on is not right and it needs to end before someone else loses the who meant so much to them. I never could have prepared for this. I lost my best friend, my soul mate and the only person who made me truly happy in life. I am in such a great deal of pain and what makes it harder is knowing we cannot afford the funeral. Please reach out and find it in your heart to even donate a dollar, it will go a long way! please just spread the word I would appreciate it so much

Donations can be accepted at http://www.gofundme.com/ShariekRDouse

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Also, really curious about Kurt's secret playlist XP

Jimmy - Hey, uhm… Kurt?

Kurt - S’up pup?

Jimmy - Can you fix this?

Kurt - isn’t that V’s audio casette player?

Jimmy - yep,  Virgil uses it only as radio because the casette player doesn’t work. I asked him if i could lend it for a while, so…

Kurt - Let me check it

Kurt - Ok, it should work now… but, why did you want to fix the player?

Jimmy - Well… i found all these

Kurt - whe… those are my old tunes, a lot of mixtapes

Jimmy - Most of them are illegible or not tagged, what music did you record here…?

Kurt - I dunno, things that were popular back then, Val Halen, Rollin’ Stones or even Queen maybe

Jimmy - Well, let’s find out…how about this one!

Kurt - … told you they were things of those times, they were popular, ok?

Jimmy - hehe

Kurt - It’s not funny

Jimmy - No, it’s not hehe… but it makes me happy

Kurt - Neh?

Jimmy - You’re a box full of suprises Kurt, good surprises

Kurt - Thanks pup

Exo reaction when their kid is telling them something smart

Sehun:*kid voice* ….so I’m smarter than you no”.. No you are no kid you just learned how to read.

Kai:*doesn’t understand what his kid is talking about but find it’s cute* Could you be more cute than this?

Tao: Honey I think can you come and talk with the little one cause I don’t understand what he is saying and he is waiting and answer from me

Kyungsoo: So he took my intelligence after all not only my good looks

Chanyeol: You don’t understand a world from what he is saying also?

Chen: Who are you and what did you do with my little monster?

Baekhyun:*does’t understands shits* Ohhh that’s so nice baby….why don;t you tell mommy also

Lay: Really? that’s good to know, daddy will treasure this knowledge forever

Suho: Don’t you have kids to play with……

Kris: Why are you still looking at me like that? I hope you are not waiting for something smart back

Luhan: Did you hear that sweety, did you hear what he just said? he is so smart

Xiumin: You can’t really find something else to do for fun?

Star Wars Starters
  • “Never tell me the odds”
  • “You do have your moments. Not many, but you have them”
  • “I’m not afraid"
  • "I have a bad feeling about this"
  • "Sorry about the mess"
  • “Laugh it up, fuzzball”
  • “That’s not true"
  • “I’ll never join you”
  • “Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine”
  • “If you’re saying that coming here was a bad idea, I’m starting to agree with you”
  • “Give yourself to the Dark Side"
  • "It is the only way you can save your friends"
  • “I find your lack of faith disturbing”
  • "We had a slight weapons malfunction"
  • "Everything’s perfectly alright now"
  • "You’re gonna die here, you know"
  • "Would it help if I got out and pushed?"
  • “You don’t have to do this to impress me”
  • "You’ll find I’m full of surprises"
  • "You’re a real hero"
  • "You are unwise to lower your defences"