“I certainly wish I could have gotten my act together five years earlier so he could’ve seen this, you know? Logically, I know that if I’d started five years earlier, I wouldn’t have met Brian, I wouldn’t have met Arin, things wouldn’t have intersected the same way, but it’s still a regret of mine.  I feel like maybe something would have happened where he could have seen his faith get more rewarded. […] I’m very fortunate.”

My heart will be forever ruined by the sight of Danny tearing up because his grandfather passed away before he got the chance to see Danny finally realize his life’s dream.  

Even more ruined when I realize that that dream was us, being there and listening to everything he has to say and appreciating what took years of training and practice and strife and sacrifice to finally bring to fruition. Moreover, seeing how fucking humble and grateful he is that he’s made it this far. 

I’m basically never gonna recover from this.

On The Future

Hi all,

Teddy ( @teddyDief ) announced last week that he will soon have a new home in Montreal, at Square Enix, meaning his departure from Heart Machine is imminent. This is something he and I have been discussing for a while, with the understanding that once Hyper Light was in good shape, he would pursue a project he could call his own. Teddy is passionate, with personal ideas and goals he wants to express with his next work, just I as did with Hyper Light.

I want to congratulate Teddy on his new venture; he has been an amazing person to get to know, and I’m fortunate to have had him as a team member and a good friend these past few years. His skill as a programmer is impressive, though his greatest asset is his ability to communicate well-toned, thoughtful responses and insights that push us to be better. I’m sure as a director he’ll do wonderful things that I’m very much looking forward to.

As for Heart Machine and the future: it’s rather bright. Our attention is centered on shipping the best possible versions of our game to remaining platforms (Aaron + the folks at GameMaker handling PS4+Xbox and beyond; Beau and Teddy playing support) and delivering the last rewards for our Kickstarter backers.

We had a great launch on PC/Mac/Linux, with overall lovely feedback, reviews and sales. This provides opportunity for us to pursue bigger goals; our new project is already underway. Once Hyper Light is secure on console, we’ll be seeking new talent.

Thanks, Teddy, for all your efforts on this project with us. LA will be a slightly more melancholy place without you.