“Their power is chaotic, but they’re here to protect the balance.”

Guardians AU that I’ve been working on as a special gift for my followers since I’ve reached another milestone on both Tumblr and DA. Thank you so much for sticking around and giving me so much motivation and courage, I love you guys. 

Art prints available here. 


All four of the Queens of the Stone Age-inspired makeups I’ve done over the last couple of weeks! Here are the Boneface characters from I Appear Missing, If I Had A Tail, Kalopsia and Keep Your Eyes Peeled.

Mehron paradise paints 


Queens of the Stone Age
2/5/14 - Miami Beach, FL - Edition of 75
2/10/14 - San Antonio, TX - Edition of 75
Brad Klausen

About the artwork, Brad Klausen said: “I was listening to a live Queens show recently and before the song If I Had A Tail, Josh said "this is a song about burning it all down”, and this image of a sinister character about to set fire to everything including himself started to appear in my mind. The San Antonio poster is sort of a response or reaction to that idea of total annihilation, seeing what is about to happen, realizing the loss and being unable to do anything about it. It’s kind of a glimpse into both sides of a personality, the side that is nihilistic and willing to burn it all down, and the side that doesn’t want that. Thematically it’s kind of a continuation of the two posters I did for their Edmonton and Calgary shows this summer… the theme being that everything is crumbling, falling apart, burning down…listening to the new Queens record, these themes seemed to be present… or at least that’s what it sounded like to me.“

On Sale Wednesday, February 12th, at 9am PST.