Storm Ophelia: woman dies in south-east Ireland after tree falls on car - latest updates
Follow live updates as Tropical Storm Ophelia makes landfall in Ireland where schools and government buildings have been closed after a red weather warning was issued
By Matthew Holmes

Second death reported, please guys, STAY IN DOORS. stay safe, stay home. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected. 

Ireland during Ophelia

So far Ireland hasn’t done much except sit back and laugh at memes. I’ve witnessed people gliding down the street with umbrellas. trampolines flying around, trees falling and a bunch of kids thanking that there’s no school. But I might as well join in on the memes.

Uk: The sky is yellow and the sun is bright red. The world is truly ending.

Ireland: OH would you look at that Mary! Paddies sheep has flown into our garden, quickly Elizabeth get the dye before Paddy finds out.


Ireland: Why is everyone freaking out, this is normal Irish weather!

imagine there’s an ex-hurricane coming from the west coast - on which you live, gale force winds, falling trees, flying debris, power outages, all businesses closed early and the police have warned people not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary…

… and then imagine your money-hungry workplace disregarding that and expecting you to still drive rural roads to go to work from 9pm ‘til 7am anyway to make sure the shelves are newly stocked for the next day, when everywhere is still meant to be shut and nobody is supposed to go outside.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Surprisingly, I was the only car in the parking lot at the peak of Cadillac Mountain for this “sunset” a couple nights ago. A little rain scared all the tourists away and I had it all to myself. Looks like just home.