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Jungkook’s B-Day Message to Suga

Suga Hyung, even though you’re usually like a grandpa, you’re really cool on stage or when you’re working on music.
It’d be nice if you were like that when we’re practicing choreography but anyway
I think you’re a hyung that I can learn a lot of things from
And I don’t know where you got all of your miscellaneous knowledge from but I respect it a lot, I’m jealous
I have to write a lot for this but honestly I don’t have much to say ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I’m thinking about writing a letter to the ARMY and I think that’s a good idea, I’m kinda dope
I’m making this right now without having even eaten, everyone
It’d be nice if you all liked this ㅜㅜ
How and where should I start?
First off, the WINGS Tour that starts with Suga Hyung’s birthday on March 9th, has begun!
You all know that we’re always thinking about all of you ARMYs even when we’re far apart, right?
So just wait a little more, okay? We’ll visit the fancafe and work hard to stay active on SNS! And we’ll take care of our conditions so that we don’t show you guys any bad sides and come back well!
Ah and we’ll take a lot of selfies ㅎ
And… We’re taking cameras! So please look forward to that because our emotions might be caught on camera.
And I’m going to work out diligently when I get there
Please cheer me on from afar so that I can get muscled up!
And! Also! Did I not start playing the drums?
So I’m going to practice a lot so that I can play the drums well on this tour!
I’d probably learn a lot faster and stuff if there was someone teaching me by my side ㅜㅜ But I’ll still try hard
Wow I thought I wrote a lot but there’s still so much left?
Anyway, I love you, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’ll come back safely!!! Don’t worry!!! Aren’t I Jeon Jungkook? Aren’t we BTS??!!?!!?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
For a moment I forgot that this was a celebratory video for Suga Hyung’s birthday
Ah isn’t there anything more that I can say to Suga Hyung… Suga Hyung probably won’t look at the words coming out right now because it’s troublesome? Right, everyone, you think that? Then should I write a little more comfortably?
Ay, Suga, this hyung-ah wants to convey a few things to you through this video
You’re good at music, have deep thoughts, got a lot of knowledge, think about the team a lot, you’re perfect! But!… Everything is good, but! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall is good, but!!!!
Good, but…
It’s good… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It’s all good, and really, happy birthday and let’s run hard for our BTS and ARMY from now on, as well. It makes me tear up when I see you perform on stage on hyung’s skinny, skinny legs. I respect you
Dilligently do lower body exercises… Take your vitamins…
Wow this really doesn’t fill up, what should I fill this up with
ARMY I love you ARMY I like you ARMY is mine ARMY I heart you
Ah thank you so much for liking “We Don’t Talk Anymore”!!!
I felt really good because you all liked it. It was great
I’ll continue to sing you great songs in the future. This feeling drives me to do more covers
Really, thank you. We don’t have that many lines left! Let’s cheer up!
It seems like it’d be nice to end this with song lyrics. Let’s shout two three everyone
Hoping for more good days, if you believe what I say, then
One, two, three
If you believe me, then one, two, three
Hoping for many more good days, if you believe what I say, then
One, two, three
If you believe me, then one, two, three
Suga hyung and Bangtan and ARMY
I love you!

Running Out of Time

Summary: It’s valentines day, and that puts a strain on the readers secret relationship with Loki. At Tony’s party Loki decides the relationship has reached it’s most defining moment. 

Word Count: 2944

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq6d1_e6ysY

Authors note:….guys I can’t believe I used the song Taylor Swift supposedly wrote about Tom in a Loki x reader imagine HAHA

You smiled while admiring yourself in the mirror, you were getting ready for Tony’s party. Tonight you’d be celebrating love…lust…and just all around life. Running your hands down your body you smoothed down the material of your dress.

When you saw his reflection in the mirror you shook your head, “Couldn’t wait could you?”. You didn’t bother turning around, soon enough he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“And miss this my pet? I could never” he said while placing light kisses down your neck. Smiling you melted into his touch, softly pleading “Loki we don’t have time”. His grip on your hips only tightened.

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We all know that we make mistakes and learn from them, only know success if we have experienced failure and all that, but how can we actually proactively learn from our errors? As exam time nears, there is no better time to fix up all those slips than now, so here are some ways I like to learn from my errors:

1.      Blooper books

  • Basically a notebook you use to record your mistakes so that when you have some time, you can flip through and see what you shouldn’t do ever again! (I bought a pack of five Muji books for about $5 - yay bargains - perfect for me to have one for each subject).
  • You can lay it out however you like, but my ones are ordered according to the test that my mistake appeared in, so as soon as I get a test/sac/worksheet back, I go ahead and fill it in.
  • You can either write the whole question with the correct solution in, or a self-reminder not to do a certain thing. In my languages ones, I also put in some vocab or some grammar that I tend to forget.

2.      Vocab cards

  • A specific place where you can record the vocabulary you always forget and carry around with you anywhere to revise them.
  • Whilst some people like using flashcard apps, I prefer having physical cards, especially these vocab cards I got in a pack of 4 from Daiso, since if I’ve got them in my pocket I’m more likely to pick them up, but I might get distracted by other things on my phone.

3.      Exam sheets

  • During exam time, we’ll all be doing countless numbers of practice exams, so if your blooper books get too full, I like having separate sheets of reminders/mistakes I made in that exam.
  • It can be a loose leaf of paper stapled to the front cover of the exam, or if you don’t like having loose leaves flying around, you can have a separate book just for practice exams.
  • If you want a more specific version, last year my bio teacher made these exam sheets that include the score of each section and the topic each question goes under, so that you can see more clearly where you can see which topics you need more work on!

I hope that helped you all! Feel free to add any of your own suggestions!

Kate xx

Chapter Two:Unexpected kiss

It’s been three days since Kells has been back in Cleveland. We’ve done absolutely nothing apart from laze around in ours sweats. However, we have watched everything on Netflix and smoked hella weed in those three days, so that’s quite an achievement! It was 10am when I woke up, Kells was still asleep. He looked so peaceful, one arm raised and under his head, his blonde hair covering his face and his mouth slightly open. I didn’t want to wake him so I carefully crept out of the bed and in to see my sister.

“Morning (Y/N)” she mumbled as soon as I opened the door. She was laying in her bed playing on her phone, probably hungover from being out last night with her girls.

“Morning (Y/S/N) happy birthday!” I leant over, kissed her head and handed her a little gift box along with a card.

“Aww thanks! Are you and K coming tonight? We’re going to that cute cocktail bar downtown.” She sat up in the bed and yawned. She definitely went out drinking last night, I could still smell the alcohol on her and let’s face it, she didn’t look great!                                                                                                                                                            

“Sure” I sat down on the side of her bed. “I definitely will, I dunno about Kells though. I’ll ask him when he wakes up.”

“Did he stay here again?!” she asked, I knew exactly what she was gonna say next so I breathed in deeply to brace myself for it… “You two need to hurry up and get together already, jeez.” She laid back down in the bed and sighed.

“Shut up (Y/S/N), he’s my best friend.” I raised my eyebrows like I was disgusted.

“We all know you like him, I think you’re the only one who hasn’t figured it out yet!” she rolled her eyes at me.

“He could legit have any girl he wanted… no, he does get any girl he wants. He’s not gonna settle for me, he doesn’t like me in that way anyway”

“I guess we’ll just find out tonight!” She smiled at me.

“Find out what tonight?!”

“You’ll find out” She rolled over and obviously didn’t want to talk anymore, so I went back to my room to see if K was up yet.

“Good morning sleeping beauty, you are awake” You joked.

“Morning” He sat up in the bed and stretched; his black vest rising up, revealing the ‘V’ line I’d always been attracted to and the XXX tattoo on his lower stomach. His voice always sounded so raspy in the morning, it was sexy. I found myself staring at him for a couple seconds, I was beginning to look at him in a different way. I didn’t realize how beautiful he was.


I was ready to go to the cocktail bar with (Y/S/N) and her friends. I wore a black crop top that revealed my left tattoo sleeve and navel piercing, a pair of black, ripped jeans and a red plaid shirt tied around my waist. I thought I would just go casual, plus I never really was a high-heels and glitter sort of girl. I was just doing some last minute makeup touch-ups in the mirror, when Kells came down the stairs. He put both hands on my shoulders while peering over me looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He smelled so good, he always did. He almost took as long as I did to get ready though! He was wearing black, ripped jeans also, with a white t-shirt, leather jacket and of course an EST bandana wrapped around his head.

“Fuck (Y/N)!“ He said, his mouth dropped open.

“What? Should I change?” I looked down at myself, I started to become anxious and paranoid. “It’s too casual isn’t it?”

I could see his eyes dancing around my body and he took a few seconds to respond. “No, you look amazing, seriously! You ready to go?” I had seen him bite his bottom lip out of the corner of my eye but I didn’t mention anything.

“Sure” I replied.

In the taxi on the way to the bar, he was telling me about his day. He had a daddy/daughter date with Casie, they went to the zoo and painted pictures together. He then met up with his boys and chilled. When we pulled up outside the bar, Kells got out of the cab and walked around to my side and opened the door.

“Thank-you sir!” I joked and he held out his arm as if I was to cross arms with him.

When we got to the bar, (Y/S/N) and all her friends were in a VIP booth. We walked over linking arms, both of us holding a drink. “How are you in the VIP section?” I asked my sister. I was a bit confused, you had to be a ‘somebody’ to get into those. But when I looked over to Kells, he was smirking as if he had something to do with it. “You did this!” I playfully punched him in the arm “Great, boost her ego even more!” I laughed sarcastically.

“Fuck it, it’s her birthday… and you’re only 22 once, right? Let’s get fucked up!” He raised a glass of whisky and everyone cheered.

As the night went on, the drinks were going down easier and so much quicker. I was really drunk by this point. K hadn’t left my side most of the night and I felt myself becoming more attached and attracted to him. He kept catching me staring at him, but when we caught eye contact I would quickly look away. We kept exchanging contact and flirty comments here and there.
I was on the dancefloor with my sister when Kells came over with a drink for me and then grabbed me by my free hand and took me outside. He was sticking two fingers up at me signaling we were going for a joint. We went across the road and sat on a wall while he skinned up.

“You having a good night?” he pulled his weed and rolling papers from his pockets.

“Yeah, are you? (Y/S/N) is too, she’s wasted!” I replied, swaying whilst sitting on the wall.

“Good! It’s her birthday. And yeah, especially now I can get a breather with my girl, it’s so hot in there!” He took off his leather jacket and put it around my shoulders.

“Your girl?” I looked at him confused.

“Yeah, you’re my best friend right?” He was still rolling and didn’t look up from what he was doing.

“Oh” I fake laughed, how embarrassing… ”Yeah, right.” I felt my face blush slightly but was thankful he was concentrating on rolling and he didn’t see it.

“I mean, I spoke to (Y/S/N) earlier and she told me that you were into me?” He questioned. “But you didn’t want to ruin our friendship. That true?” My eyes instantly widened. “I mean I always thought we had something between us, but I didn’t wanna lose you either. Y’know?” He laughed and sparked up the joint, still not connecting his eyes with mine. He actually seemed shy and I’ve never seen him like this.

I sat on the wall speechless, why would (Y/S/N) tell K this? For one, I never said that to her and two, he just told me he’s into me?! What the fuck?!

“Can I just see something, real quick?” He asked.

“Sure, what’s wrong?” K pulled me up off of the wall and set his joint down.

We were now standing in front of each other. He was towering over me with his arms around me, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with mine so I just put them on his waist. I felt warm and safe. I felt like I’d been waiting for this moment all night. He leaned down to kiss me… “What are you doing?” I asked and jolted my head back.

“Shh.” He put his index finger over my mouth, then moved it and rested his hand on my cheek. He just held me like this for a few seconds. His eyes dancing all over my face like he had done earlier and like he’d been doing all night. He then focused on my mouth, biting his own lip first for the second time tonight. Before I knew it, his lips had crashed against mine. I put my hands on his chest, my brain was telling me to push him away, but my heart was telling me to pull him in closer. It actually felt right. I had this rush of excitement throughout my body and my legs became weak at his touch. We continued kissing for a few minutes longer, his jacket fell from my shoulders which startled him to break away. He had smudged my lipstick so he gently wiped it away with his thumb. Still holding my face, he looked at me in the eyes and smiled.


Kelly is an incredible person that doesn’t deserve all the hate that she’s getting right now so we wanna show her some love :). That’s why we’re hosting a Kelly Appreciation Week from Jun 11th to Jun 18 to celebrate her!

Day One: Happiness
Day Two: Friendship
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These are general themes for each day, feel free to use them in the way you want to! using photoshoots, interviews, photos, gifs, quotes, mixing, etc.
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In case you can’t join us in that week, you can post your creations whenever you want! There’s always time to appreciate Kelly!! :)

In case you have any question, you can send us an ask! We’re also very open to suggestions in case you have more ideas! :)

Imagine: Jealous
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader x Thomas Sangster
Requested: yepp
Word Count: 2218
Warnings: smut, some spanking and swearing A/N: im glad you like my blog!!! btw thomas sangster will be in this one. sorry if you dont like that but I really wanted to fit him into one of my imagines. btw im actually very proud of this one so make sure to like and reblog😇

You catch sight of Pan leaving the bonfire with Wendy with his hand on the mid of her back. You couldn’t miss them leaving because od her obnoxious giggling.

Since Darling has arrived, she and Pan were inseperable, only indicating that he hasn’t spent time with you in eight days.

When you appeared on the island, you and Pan had an immense connection. Though, to this day, you and Pan had only a ‘thing’. You weren’t his and he wasn’t yours. You were merely ‘friends with benefits’. It’s been that way for the four years you’ve been on the island.

But you noticed how Pan observed Wendy during the her first campfire on the island. He surveyed her, obviously intrigued. That night and until now, he wouldn’t even glance at you.

Earlier that night, she and Pan sat on the opposite side of the fire. They didn’t bother with the other lost boys dancing around. The two sat directly in front of you. You were practically in the front row to watch ‘the lovely Miss Darling’ blushing and twirling her golden locks. They were obviously flirting with each other, and she made sure you were to hear it.

But now they were deep in the forest. He was probably doing what he calls ‘showing the girl the secrets of the island’. It’s more often known as ‘showing the girl the secrets under his pants’ according to the other lost boys.

Your thoughts of murdering Wendy Darling subsided when Thomas sat next to your log.

“Pan still hasn’t come around?“he asked noticing your glum look.

“I’m quite sure he’s doing the dirty deed with the new girl,” you rolled your eyes kicking a pebble around.

“I’ve got an idea,“Thomas smirked.

“And what would that be,“I ask interested. Thomas has always been there, acting like my older brother Felix. But Felix has never discovered about Pan and I, and I’d like to keep it that way.

“Fight fire with fire,“he raised an eyebrow, popping a berry in his mouth. He made sure nobody heard our conversation but the crackling of the bonfire was assissting us, therefore there was no need to whisper. “He’s said it himself; he likes fire,“he smirked.

“How would you suggest we do that, Sangster?"we leaned closer to one another.

"You know bloody well what we’ll do,"he smirked. "You in?”

“I’m up for it,"I smile."When exactly is this happening?”

“Tomorrow’s campfire, meet me by the tall, ‘A’ marked tree.”

“I don’t recall ever passing an ‘A’ marked tree,"you wondered aloud. "I’ve just about passed through every inch of the island and never have I passed an ‘A’ marked tree.”

“You’ll find the tree. I guarantee it,"he winked.

You hopped off the log, heading back to Pan’s treehouse, where you two always slept near one another. But he hasn’t laid by you since Wendy arrived on Neverland.

*** The campfire began half an hour ago, and you eventually encounter the tall, ‘A’ marked tree Thomas had described the night before. It was far enough so the boys wouldn’t see you, but you could just spot Wendy’s long, curly blonde hair. Luckily, her back was turned to you, and the lost boys were too focused on their dance to notice that you and Thomas weren’t attending the campfire. As for Peter, you knew he wouldn’t give even a piece of damn.

But Thomas wasn’t there. You faced the A-marked tree. You pondered if this was the wrong place, but was soon proved wrong when you felt Thomas’ arms slithering around your waist.

"What an entrance, Sangster,"I swiveled around to look up into his chocolate brown eyes. The two of you talked about pointless things; the island, and whatnot.

"Are you sure about this?"Thomas asked cautiously, and acted in a relaxed form.

You glance over his shoulder, seeing Wendy laughing along with Pan as he began playing his panflute.

You nodded, a bit tense.

With that, Thomas lightly shoved you on the tree, your back against the rough bark. You pulled him into a kiss, your hands roaming in his hair as the kiss deepened.

Thomas was loving and gently slid his hands onto the edge of your hips, and traveled downward.  It was different, a good different. You found yourself somewhat getting into it.

He left your lips and moved down to your jaw, lightly sucking. Thomas occasionally squeezed your butt making you jump. He moved down to the base of your neck, and to the edge of your collarbone.

"Mmm Thomas, right there,"you threw your head back when he found your sweet spot. Just after you let the moan slip, it became quiet. The panflute stopped playing. You didn’t notice until Thomas was thrown off of you and onto a nearby tree, landing with a grunt.

"What the hell is going on?"his voice boomed through the tight forest.

"Why do you care?"I walk over to Thomas giving him a hand. "Go play with Wendy,"I scoff. "You are obviously more interested in her,"I say, rolling my eyes.

"Jealous?"he smirked. Of course you were. But would you really give him the satisfaction of knowing that? Absolutely not.

"Why would I be jealous when I have Thomas?"Thomas wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Leave before I murder you,"Pan glared at him. Thomas kissed my forehead sweetly and left, only angering Pan more.

"I’m going to show you just who you belong to-"he snapped his fingers.”-and that nobody can make you feel the way I can.“

The two of you were back in his treehouse and you were completely bare. He sat on the edge of his bed. "You haven’t been a very good girl, y/n,"he taps his lap indicating for you to lay over it. You do as you were told and lean over his lap. You squeal when you feel a harsh slap on your bum. "I need you to count babygirl,"he said softly.

"O-one,"you could feel him smile. The anticipation of the hit was unbearable. Normally it wasn’t too many, but you could tell Pan was outraged.

Another sharp hit landed on your butt. "T-t-two.”

“You’ve been a very bad girl, y/n,"he says sending another strike. Fifteen spanks later, your cheeks were stinging.

"Like I promised earlier, I’d make you feel better than anyone ever has before"you suddenly feel two fingers entering me roughly. "and you should know, I always keep my word.”

“A-ah Peter,"you moaned, his fingers moving more quickly.

"Your mine, only mine, understand y/n!?"he slipped in another finger.

"Oh fuck yes Peter,"he pulled his fingers out leaving you empty. "What the hell?"you were furious, you were ready to cum.

Pan pulled you off of his lap and onto his bed making you face him. He kissed your lips passionately. Peter crawled up to your earlobe, softly nibbling at your sensitive skin. He breathed heavily down your ear and you moaned loudly enough for those two miles away from the treehouse could hear. You could feel a smirk lining his lips as he trailed down your jaw to your neck, harshly sucking. He was definitely leaving large marks that wouldn’t reside for a while, and you definitely couldn’t cover them up. You blame Neverland’s low support of concealer. "Peter, th-the boys will see,"you moaned. He continued leaving littered kisses around your body.

"Let them understand that you’re mine,"he massaged your right breast, guiding his mouth to your left breast. He licked and nibbled on the nipple earning several soft moans from you. Peter moved his mouth to your right breast, tracing the border of your nipple slowly until he found the hard middle.

He continued down the middle of your stomach, occasionally whispering "mine”. Peter left plenty of kisses around your flat belly and licked around your belly button. He pulled your legs apart, leaving your pussy open and exposed into the cold air.

“I want to taste you, love,"his eyes met yours as he traced your hips with his hands and began licking a trail from your inner thigh and missing your pussy lips to tease you.

"What’s stopping you,"you buck your hips yearning for some friction.

"Eager, love?"Peter’s grin expanded as he dove into your lips. "Who made you this wet?"he smirked into your entrance.

"Y-you did Peter,"you moaned, your fingers dancing in his hair. You pulled him farther in and he began twirling his tongue on your clit. "AH FUCK PETER,"you screamed and he continued to lick on your bundle of nerves. You yelped at the quick movements. Before you reached your climax, he slowed his pace, chuckling at your whines for him to go faster. He soon spread his lips wider, devouring as much of your juice as he could.

He dipped his tongue into your entrance. Your toes curled as a loud moan left your lips. "Mmmm,"you whimpered, your legs shaking from pleasure.

Peter’s heavy breaths and low groans were sending pleasung vibrations. They were just enough to send you over the edge. He helped you ride out your orgasm, harshly sucking on your clit, keeping eye contact the entire time. He moved down and licked up your cum.

You flipped him over, slowly pulling his tunic above his head. He laid on the bed, his legs off the edge. You sat in between of them, noticing his boner. You tease Pan by lightly palming him over his pants, earning yourself a low groan. You could feel his erect member growing and eager to see, you tug down his pants, along with his boxers, revealing his longing penis. You lightly kiss the tip.

"Mmm,"he groaned throwing his head back.

You slowly slide your hand up and down his enthusiastic shaft. You rotate your hand, earning a loud moan from Peter. You pumped your hands up and down, repeating your motion several times.

"Fuck baby,"he moans as you clasped your mouth around him, taking him as far as you thought possible. You kept your hand on the two inches that couldn’t be covered. You swirled your tongue around his swollen tip. You looked up at him and find his eyes closed in a state of pure pleasure. He yelled in pleasure, profanities leaving his mouth. Peter was in pure bliss. He came in your mouth soon enough. You swallowed the majority of it; or what you couldve.

He pulled you up bridal style and laid you on to his soft, plump bed. Peter leaned forward, passionately kissing your temple, trailing down to your jaw. You moaned lightly. He lined his tip before your entrance. Peter teased you by rubbing his tip against your clit.

"Mmngh, Peter please,"you begged.

"Please what, love?"he smirked into the crook of your neck.

"Fuck me, fuck me because I’m yours.”

That was all Pan needed as he pushed his erect cock into your tight entrance making you gasp. He filled you out completely and your walls wrapped around his dick. He gave you time to adjust before he began. Peter could be mad, but he’d never hurt you intentionally—well physically. He nibbled on your neck as he thrusted at an agonizing pace.

“Faster Peter, please!"you whined.

"Eager, are we?” he chuckled at your anticipation, while obeying your command. You shut your eyes, taking in the pleasure.

He gradually went faster, as if he’d never have sex again. It was the best the two of you had in ages. He kept one hand at your waist, with the other hand going down to your clitoris. He rubbed the wet area vigorously.

“Oh fuck, Peter,"you screamed. He made low grunts every few seconds, which was just about the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced. You ran you’re hands on his bare stomach, which moved him to go faster.

"Oh baby, aaaah,"Peter threw his head back, obviously in as much bliss as you were in. "Fuck y/n,"you reach your climax and he rides you through it.

He falls beside you. "That was amazing,"you puffed out. "Maybe I should make you jealous more often,” I smirked.

After a moment, he ran his finger up your slit. You shivered at his cold touch.

“Still so wet, love! Save it for tomorrow night,"he winked at you. He licked up the juice on his finger before getting dressed and leaving the treehouse.

Meanwhile, you only dreamed about round two the night afterwards. Jealous sex is always the best sex. Oh fuck, where’s Wendy?

a general masterpost on what’s going on for whoever missed it
(now coming with a gif!)

what’s creek week

creek week is a whole week dedicated to local not-so-fake-boyfriends craig tucker and tweek tweak: it will run from october 22nd to october 28th (ending on the day of the third anniversary of the tweek x craig episode!) and if you’re reading this and are interested in joining, we’ll have you know that absolutely everyone can take part in this!

how creek week works

there are going to be two different prompts for each day of the week: you can either pick the one you like the best, combine the two or even submit two separate pieces for both prompts if you’re feeling wild. we’ll be accepting any kind of fan content, from fanfictions to fanarts to animatics and so on: whatever floats your boat, as long as it fits the prompt anything’s fair game.

useful links

if you’re interested in participating, we highly recommend you to check the rules out on this link: rules
for more info, we have a basic faq page here: faq, and a tag for answered questions here: questions. if you still have questions, just shoot us an ask over here: ask
if you’re a ficwriter, we have a collection on AO3 to keep all the fics in one place: AO3 collection
we’re also on twitter: if you’re up for double the creek, this is our account: twitter. and just in case you’re not tired of us yet, we also have a discord server: if you want an invite, just DM us and we’ll hook you up!

about the prompts

we already settled on the prompts for the week, so look out for the full list! we’ll be posting it this friday!

last but not least

as always, thanks to everyone who liked and supported our idea! we’ll do our best to try and make this event a fun time for everyone involved and for the creek fandom, so hopefully this won’t be the last you see of us! it would mean the world to us if you could reblog this post and spread the word, we’re trying to reach as many people as we can!

Commission for @swthedragonarist16 who wanted me to draw her oc and cross kissing as animated doll. It was nice to get something accomplished since I’m kinda taking it easy since last week… gosh I hate breaks.

Also, for those wondering, I’m not up for commission anymore, FOR NOW, I still have a huge order to complete, so… we’ll see when we get there.

Art© @little-noko

Sabrina© @swthedragonarist16

Cross© @jakei95

That’s it, this years Big Bang has come to an end! Here’s the round up to all the works of Round 2 in chonological order:

cause we’re lovers, and that is a fact by @prettyboysugden | gifset & playlist by @inloveamateursatbest

And Might Had Fallen to Sands and Fire by @matan4il | art & art by @starsdah-b

The fundamental things apply by @nooneelsecomesclose17 | graphic & gifset by @memorieswarm

Among The Many by @littlelooneyluna | gifset, graphic, graphic by @miss-bookworm

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Part two of this imagine

Aaron could talk down a hostage situation or even interrogate someone to the point where they would be shitting bricks but taking you out to dinner terrified him. He must have spent twenty minutes deciding on what kind of tie to wear. Eventually, he reluctantly just went with a dark tie to match his typical dark suit. It didn’t help that Jack was being a cheeky thing when he found out that you wouldn’t be babysitting because you’d be going on a date with his father. 

It also didn’t make things better when he fussed and whined about joining the two of you. If it weren’t for the fact that you were just that great with kids, he wouldn’t have given in to dressing Jack up in slacks and a dress shirt. 

So here you three sat, in the middle of a very nice restaurant. You could see the sweat beading around Aaron’s hairline and for a moment, you giggled to yourself. How on earth could little ole you make SSA Aaron Hotchner nervous?

Sipping on your red wine, you decided to lighten the awkward air. “Thank you for inviting me out to this lovely place, Aaron.” 

Clearing his throat, he nodded, shifting in his seat while smoothing out his tie. “Oh, it’s no problem. It’s the least I can do. I know it must be a hassle to be needed at such odd hours.”

You shrugged, “I don’t mind.”  Leaning over, you pinched Jack’s cheeks. “As long as I always get to hang out with this one.” 

Aaron smiled, enjoying the sound of Jack’s screeching laughter. Aaron couldn’t honestly begin to recall when the last time he had seen his son thoroughly happy. He had been such a roller coaster of emotions since Haley had died and he was beginning to wonder if he therapy lessons would have to be put in order. But seeing him with you made Aaron realize that Jack just needed that maternal bond in his life whether it be with Haley or someone Aaron would see fit. 

“Well, still. It must be hard to obtain a social life with how my work schedule goes. It seems you’re always with Jack or sleeping off the day with him. Don’t you miss hanging out with friends or going out?” His brows knitted together, that notorious stern expression washing over his face. It was obvious that he was probing, Aaron didn’t really know much about you other than that you lived by yourself with your [dog/cat]. 

You chuckled, running your finger around the rim of your glass. “I’ll admit, it’s a bit hard to have a social life with your hours but I’m sure I’ll find someone eventually who’ll accommodate them.” You flickered a small smile towards Aaron. 

He returned your smile, breaking that by the book expression. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he was right around the corner.” 

The rest of the dinner had been quite enjoyable, the two of you were talking about the old days where life seemed much simpler and care free. It was a disappointment when you noticed the time and Jack’s heavy lids. You squeezed the boy who made your heart swell and pecked his cheeks goodnight like you always did. Tucking him into the car, you smiled as he conked out with the seat belt across his face. Turning around, you gently smiled and thanked Aaron again.

“We’ll have to do this again soon and we’ll leave Jack at home.” Turning to lock his car door, he walked you to your car which sat about three spaces down. “Drive safe, send me a text when you get home, [y/n].”

Nodding, “Will do.” 

Smiling, he shocked you by giving you a hug. “I had a really great time tonight. It’s just a shame that I’m just now getting to know you. All this time wasted.” 

Waving goodbye, you got into your smiling like an idiot. You almost couldn’t wait for that next date. 


Harry was on the Late Late Show getting interview by James Corden. Now, James was a mutal friend of you and Harry and was actually how you two first met. Since that first meeting, you and Harry became good friends and now it had turned into something more. 

However, you both wanted to keep your relationship a bit private at first and only your close friends and family knew about it. But once you went to LA with Harry, you were papped together and ever since people have been speculating that you two were together. 

James knew the truth and since he was reason behind the relationship, he decided to put Harry in the hot seat. 

“Harry, recently you’ve been seen out and about with the goregous Y/N and that’s caused a bit of frenzy about if she’s your girlfirend or not, would you like to clear the air?” James asked. 

“Um, what do you mean?” Harry coughed. 

“What I mean is, is Y/N your friend, your “friend” or your girlfriend,” James smirked. 

“Yeah, well maybe…” Harry said. 

“Maybe? What the bloody hell does that mean?” James laughed. 

“Maybe she’s my friend, maybe she’s not, you all may never know,” he smirked. 

“She’s my friend, and his girlfriend. There you have it,” James smirked. 

Harry laughed. “Why? Why do you always do this to me? I mean…” 

“Because I can. We’ll back after this break,” James smirked. 

Harry just sat there laughing as he shook his head, but he had to admit it was a nice feeling to be able to tell the world that you were his and he was yours. 

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Friends 1989: part one

part two part three part four part five part six 

Word count: 4153

Kai Parker x reader ft. Jo

Summary: It’s 1989 in Portland where the reader, Kai and Jo are all best friends. But sometimes emotions get in the way of friendship.

a/n: im honest to god doing like ten parts for this lmao. i hope you enjoy! let me know what you think because it would really mean a lot to me :) As well, part two is coming out on friday, nov. 24th !!

You headed to your locker as the bell rang at the end of the day and dumped out your notebooks, waiting for kai to come along. The only classes you two had together were english and math, so every afternoon he would come by your locker and you would walk home with him.

“Hey,” Kai greets. “How was bio?”

You can’t help but groan as you grab your jacket. “Don’t even get me started. I have a huge test tomorrow.”

“Crap, so do I.” Kai realizes. You both took all the same classes and had all the same teachers but still only had two classes together. You link your arm with his and start walking back to Kai’s house.

“I guess we’ll have to study, then.” You tell him.

“Of course.” Kai groans.

The two of you laugh as you continue down the street. Kai’s house was your home as well, even though you two weren’t even related, just best friends. Everyday after school you went to his house and stayed over until supper, sometimes you would even spend the night. Joshua treated you as one of his own and you always felt welcomed. You even kept some of your clothes over there for the next day.

You let yourself in as kai closes the door behind himself, and take off your shoes.

“Hello, y/n.” Joshua greets. “How was school?”

“Terrible.” Kai answers.

“We have a huge test tomorrow.” You explain.

“Well, I’ll let you kids go study.” He smiles.

The two of you run to the kitchen first, just like you always did, to grab a snack. You push kai out of the way as he tries to get to the kitchen before you and the two of you both laugh. Kai grabs his usual pork rinds as you search the fridge.

“You bought me ice cream?” You exclaim, taking out the tub and laying it on the counter.

“Yeah,” Kai laughs. “What are you doing?”

“Getting a bowl?” You ask.

“Just take the whole tub. We bought it for a reason, you know.”

You smile as you take the pork rinds and ice cream upstairs. You race to his room as well, laughing so hard over something so stupid, causing Jo to pop out of her room.

“Spoiling supper much, you two?” She grins.

“Hey, jo!” You greet her. Kai pushes past you so you push him hard, making him the both of you laugh even more. Jo goes back to listing to her music as kai slams his bedroom door.

Jo was just as much of your friend as kai was, even though you didn’t hang out as much. Jo always walked home before the two of you and mostly stayed in her room. Kai after all was the glue that held the three of you together.

You throw the bag of pork rinds at kai as he collapses on his bed. You take out your textbook and plop down next to him, opening up the ice cream.

“Put that down. Please.” Kai whines.

“No way am I putting down this ice cream.” You snap. “Not until you put down those nasty pork rinds!” You smile.

“No, the textbook. I don’t want to do this y/n. Let’s just watch a movie.”

“Study first, movie second.” You tell him, grabbing a pork rind.

“Pleeeeease y/n?” He drawls out. How could you say no to him?

“Fine. But only a short one.”


Hours later the two of you were sitting on the floor, somehow still eating ice cream and pork rinds. Kai had crumbs all over his shirt and the floor was an absolute mess from the dripping ice cream. The movie was almost over and you wished it could have been longer, because you didn’t want it to end.

“Supper’s ready.” Jo says as she knocks on the door.

Kai throws the remaining junk food under his bed and switches off the tv before jo can come in and notice that the two of you hadn’t done anything but goof off this entire time. You open the door before Jo can, thankfully.

“Hey y/n,” Jo says as the three of you walk downstairs. “I was thinking we could play truth or dare later? That is if you’re staying the night.”

“I wasn’t planning on it but I could never pass up a good game.” You smile.

“Forgetting about someone?” Kai interrupts. “I am allowed to play truth or dare too.”

“Of course.” Jo says as she takes her seat at the table.

Kai and jo’s other siblings all sat at the table too, Joshua at the end. You sat next to kai as always. Kai’s father had really outdone himself tonight, like he did every Thursday evening. Macaroni, bread rolls, everything you could ask for all sat in the middle of table. Supper with the parkers was always ten times better than eating at a restaurant.

Everyone digs into the food, filling themselves. The fresh bread rolls are the first to go, as usual.

“How is your studying going, malachai?” Joshua asks.

You glance at Kai, and his eyes widen. He was a terrible liar. He always smiled and laughed when he lied and everyone could see right through him.

Kai starts to chuckle as he shoves more food in his mouth.

“Shut up, Kai.” You mutter. “Pretty good.” You cover for him.

“That’s what I like to hear.” Joshua smiles, taking a bite of his roll.

Supper was amazing as always. It was Joey’s turn to help wash the dishes so you, Kai and jo were free to go after you were done eating.

“How about that game of truth or dare, now?” Jo asks.

“Yeah, definitely!” Kai says, sarcastically. “Cause why wouldn’t I want to play a chicks game?”

“Hey,” you say, hitting kai. “You were the one who agreed to play.”

“And it’s not a girls game!” Jo laughs. “It’s a fun game! I’ll be back in a second.” She runs into her room to grab the mason jars; one with dares and the other with truths inside. She sits down on the floor in Kai’s room and the two of you join her.

“Who wants to go first?” She asks. “I vote y/n.”

“Fine.” You agree.

“So y/n.” Jo says, drawling out the last part of your name. “Truth or dare?” She whispers.


“Classic y/n.” Kai laughs.

Jo scrambles the paper around in the jar and finally pulls out one.

“Ooooh.” She gasps. Her eyes grow ten times larger when she reads it. “Do you have a crush?” Jo loved hearing all the latest gossip. If something happened in school, Jo was the first to know.

Kai and Jo stare you down, waiting for an answer. The three of you were such close friends, why wouldn’t you tell the truth? Part of you didn’t want to because you feared what would be in store if they found out who it was. But life is all about taking risks, right? At least that’s what Kai had taught you.

“Okay fine.” You give in. “I do.”

“well who is it?” Kai’s eyes widen. “How did I not know about this?”

“What’s he like! Who is he!” Jo claps her hands like a kid, waiting to hear all about him.

“Hes perfect.” You accidentally look at Kai a second too long. You already felt like he knew.

“He has this best personality and he’s so kind and funny. Did I mention he’s like the sweetest guy alive?”

“Ooooh y/n is in love!” Jo exclaims.

“Oh Shut up.” You toss a pillow at her as you all laugh.

“Any other details we should know about this mystery guy?” Kai asks.

“Nope. That’s enough for now.” You smile. “Well enough of that. Kai, your turn.”


“Malachai Parker! Did you just pull a y/n?” Jo gasps, batting her eyelashes. She leans back in fake shock.

Kai picked a truth? This was bigger than when Kai had let Joey beat him at Dr.Mario. Kai never picked a truth before. He always chose dares because it meant he could do something stupid that made everyone laugh.

“Why, josette! I believe I just did!” He exclaims, making you dissolve into a fit of laughter.

Jo hands you the jar and you pull out one of the slips.

“Seriously? This is too easy.” You mutter. “Name three things on your bucket list.”

“Seriously? This is too easy.” Kai says. There was no way in hell he had just heard you. It just proved how similar the two of you were. “Name three things on your bucket list.”

“One, to take my gal pals on a trip across America.” He nudges to you and jo.

“What makes you think I would want to be stuck in a car with you twenty four seven while you do nothing but eat pork rinds?” You ask, punching him playfully.

“Because you’d be lost without me.”

“True.” You smile.

“Two, I want a lifetime supplies of pork rinds. And ice cream for y/n because that’s one of the only things that can make her smile.”

You make the okay sign with your fingers, making jo smile at the two of you.

“And last but not least, i’d tell my crush how I felt about her. Because she’s absolutely perfect. And I think she might like me back.” 

Wow. Kai has a crush too. You didn’t know how to react. You wanted him to be happy because he was your best friend, but you wanted to be more than that. Your feelings would ruin what the two of you currently had. It’s not like it mattered now anyways. Whoever the girl was; was very lucky to have Kai in love with her. You just couldn’t imagine kai being with someone else. You wanted him to be yours but now what?

You don’t even smile at Kai this time, which only makes him look at you, weirdly.

“Hey, y/n?” He asks, putting his hand on your thigh. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” you brush him off. “I just need some air.”

You walk out without saying anything else, both of them following you. “You don’t have to come with me.” You say. You just needed to be alone, even if it was only for a second.

“Are you sure?” Kai asks. He looked genuinely concerned. This never happened before.

You nod you head yes as kai stays upstairs, watching you leave. Jo follows you and you don’t mind too much. She could keep secrets.

Jo opens the door for you as you take a seat on the deck’s swing. She sits so close to you, not letting any space pass between the two of you.

“Now. Tell me what that was all about. I know you better than anyone, even more than malachai sometimes.” She says. But you didn’t want to talk. Not yet at least.

“I know you’re upset by what he said.”

“Why would i be upset about him having a crush?” You ask.

“Because I didn’t even say what he said. You just told me.” She smiles, shyly.

“You like him.” Jo says, her hand on your shoulder.

“No. I don’t, jo. I’m just-” you brush her off, just like you did with kai. “I’ve got to go.”

You dart off the front porch, leaving jo calling after you. When you don’t reply she starts chasing after you.

“Y/n! Stop!” She calls, grabbing your arm. “Talk to me.”

“I’ll see you at school, josette.”

Jo was furious. Not that you there were having so much fun and you decided to leave, but because you wouldn’t talk to her. You were all best friends and she was hurt. And because you used her full name, which was only ever used when Joshua was mad or when you and kai were joking.

But this time it wasn’t a joke.

“See you at school.” Jo mutters under her breath. “Be safe, y/n.”


“Did y/n just leave?” Kai asks. He was so loud he was sure that the whole house would beat him.

Jo doesn’t answer, she just nods yes.

Jo leaves kai without no other explanation, and goes to her room. Kai goes off to his, and neither one of them says another word all night, until it’s time to go to bed.

Kai walks on in to find jo as usual, reading a book her father had given her. He sits down on the bed, not saying a word. He didn’t need to though, because his face said enough. He was absolutely heart broken.

He felt as if everything was his fault. That he shouldn’t have said he liked you. He knew he made you uncomfortable and all he wanted was to go back in time to keep his mouth shut.

“Malachai?” Jo whispers. “What’s wrong?”

Kai sits down next to jo as she puts the book down. It was rare that Kai ever went into jos room, let alone sit down and have a talk with her.

“Kai? What’s wrong?” She asks again.

“I…” Kai pauses. “I don’t know.”

Jo never knew someone could cry so much. Kai was full on sobbing within seconds. She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly.

“I messed up,” he cries.

Joshua could hear kai crying from all the way downstairs. The whole house could hear him. Their father peeps his head through the door, eyeing jo comforting kai. Jo nudges her head towards the wall, making her father leave. She didn’t want anyone making things worst for him.

“Shhh, it’s okay.” Jo assures him.

“No it’s not.” Kai snaps, pulling back. “She’s my best friend and I just ruined everything!” He grabs jo’s wrists, making her wince.

“Malachai, stop it! You’re hurting me!” Jo hisses.

“Don’t you understand? I’m hurt too! And there’s nothing I can do to fix it!”

A red glow appears from under Kai’s hands. He felt jos magic fly through him, making him smile. It felt so good to have magic; he felt like he could do anything.

“Malachai!” Jo yells. “Stop it!” Jo could already feel herself getting weaker. This wasn’t like kai. He never acted out like this. Well at least he hadn’t in awhile.

Last time he acted out like this, was (twelve) years ago, when he was only a toddler. He started discovering new things about himself, like the fact that he was a siphon. He only ever took jo’s magic once, and that was then. Kai had made her so weak that Joshua had no other option but to punish him. But years Later he had met you, and you were the only one who could keep him acting sevil.

“Malachai Parker!” Joshua snaps, running in and pulling his son away. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Before Kai can come up with an answer that actually makes sense, Joshua speaks again.

“Where’s y/n? You didn’t hurt her too, did you?”

Silence. “She hurt me, father.” Kai coos. “She hurt me!”

Kai wakes up, drenched in sweat. He was still plopped down on Jo’s bed, Jo asleep right next to him. It was still dark out. It was just a dream. A nightmare.

“Jo?” Kai asks, nudging his sister. “Are you awake?”

“No.” Jo replies, simply.

“Sorry.” Kai apologizes. He couldn’t get over how badly he had hurt you. Now he felt that he had hurt jo too, just because he had woken her up.

“Don’t apologize, silly.” Jo scoffs. “I’m always here for you. Just talk to me.”

Kai couldn’t even get himself to look at his own sister. It was his fault that he lost you which only made jo loose her friend too. Sure it was one day. Just one time but still; kai had no idea if things would ever be the same again.

“Okay.” Jo whispers. “You don’t have to talk. I know what’s wrong.” She assures him. “I know you like y/n.”

“How.” Was all kai could get out. He wasn’t even questioning her; was it that obvious that he liked you?

“How didn’t i know?” Jo smiles. “You love her. It’s okay, Malachai.”

“I…” Kai pauses. “I just thought that she liked me back. But if she did she would have told me. She wouldn’t have just run off like that.”

“I hate to agree with you kai, but-” Jo stops for a moment, wondering if she should go any further. “I don’t think she would ever like you back.”

Kai sighs. Jo could be harsh but at least now the both of them were on the same page.

“Give her time, Malachai. She might come around. Don’t go pressuring her to talk.”

“I messed up.” Kai cries again. It had only been a few hours without you but kai was truly heartbroken.

Jo did everything she could to comfort him, but she knew it wasn’t enough. Jo ended up passing out with sleep on her bed again, not able to stay awake for a second longer. The two of them laid there for the rest of the night, each of them drowned in their own thoughts about everything that had happened that afternoon.

Kai nods his head as he dozes off again, this time not having a single thought about how you felt.


“Kai? Aren’t you going to eat?” Joshua asks at the table. “You’ve barely touched your breakfast.” He points out.

All of Kai’s siblings were scarfing down bacon and eggs and toast, but for once kai felt so empty. He had knots in his stomach that he couldn’t get rid of. All he felt like was sobbing twenty four seven.

“I’m not hungry.” He mutters. “I’ll see you later.” Kai grabs his book bag and leaves, jo quickly excusing herself from the table and following him out the door.

“Kai, wait up,” jo calls out as she jogs up to him. “Maybe you should stay home today. I can talk to y/n if you like.”

Kai just shrugs. “That’s fine josette. I’m just gonna lay low I guess.” Kai mutters. Jo knew he didn’t want her making things worst. But she knew if she didn’t talk to you than things would get way worse than they already were.


That afternoon at school just as you had finished your bio test, the teacher called you up. You hoped that you hadn’t done anything wrong, or gotten blamed for something you didn’t take part in. This tended to happen a lot when kai was around because kai being himself was always playing pranks and doing things everyone knew he shouldn’t be doing.

“Is everything okay, miss?” You ask, softly. It was very rarely that you ever got called up, so you were curious as to what she wanted to tell you.

“Your friend, Malachai. How is he?” She asks.

You hadn’t even thought about kai since you left him yesterday. You didn’t want to think about him or what he was thinking. You were upset and filled with mixed emotions, just wanting some time to think.

“How is he?” You ask, unsure of what she meant.

“He didn’t complete the test. He wrote his name and then proceeded to stare out the window for the remainder or the class. Has something come over him?”

Of course this was all your fault. Kai would never do something so foolish and now you were getting the blame. Not from your teacher but you knew what kai was like. He’d tell his family and then you’d be the one to get in trouble.

“I think he’s caught a cold, actually.” You lie. “I have to get going.”

You find jo waiting for you outside of the classroom. You decided to walk home with just jo today instead of Kai, just for a change. You had spent the whole day with jo including lunch, sitting in silence. Things weren’t the same without kai but you just needed time. You hadn’t seen kai at all and hoped you didn’t for the rest of the day even though you were all heading back to his house. You didn’t know where kai had run off to at lunch, but part of you didn’t care.

“Hey!” Jo greets. “What did your teacher want?”

You sigh and jo immediately rolls her eyes, knowing it was something stupid.

“Kai didn’t finish his test. He wrote his name and nothing else. The best part? He spent the whole freaking class looking out the window.”

Jo gasps. It was so unlike her brother to go such a thing. He was so much smarter than anyone ever let on. Now he was just giving up. It wasn’t fair to either one of you.

“Oh malachai.” Jo sighs. “I’ll make sure to explain to my dad before kai does.” Jo winks. “Don’t worry about it.”


Walking home with jo was different than walking home with kai. While the three of you were all best friends, you didn’t feel that spark like you did with kai. Silence stretched between you and jo for most of the walk home. You wanted to talk about your day, but things didn’t seem right. It’s not that you didn’t like jo, but things weren’t the same without kai around.

You headed upstairs and almost went into Kai’s room instead of jo’s. You walked in and immediately felt awkward, not knowing where to sit down or stand.

“Wow. I don’t even remember the last time I was in here.” You say as you study Jo’s room. Kai’s room was always the hang out as he liked to call it. It was where you shared all your best memories of one another and laughed until your faces hurt. But Jo’s room on the other hand was nothing special.

You and jo did your homework together and asked each other what you got for each question, but besides that there was nothing. If Kai had been here, the two of you would have been laughing and shoving your faces with junk food while you wanted you time talking about things that didn’t matter and making jokes.

“Kai! Jo! Dinner’s ready!” Mr. Parker calls out.

“One second!” Kai calls back. You tensed up at the sound of his voice, feeling so bad to be sneaking behind his back. He had no idea you were over, and it hurt to have to leave without saying goodbye to him. The both of you talked all day, everyday. This was the first day that you’ve never said anything to him. You felt so bad.

Buzz buzz.

Jo glances at you as you stare down at your jean pocket. Your pager buzzed and sure enough it was kai.

“Shit.” You mutter as the door flies open.

“Jo?” Kai asks. You held your breath behind the door, not wanting to be seen. But you could still see Kai perfectly through the small crack. It felt as if it had been years since you had last seen him even though it was barely a full twenty four hours.

“Yes?” Jo replies.

You could tell kai was looking around the room for an explanation. Jo remained silent. The moment seemed to drag on but you knew it was just because you felt so guilty to be going behind Kai’s back.

“I thought I heard y/n’s pager buzz. I guess I’m hearing things.” He chuckles. “Come on. Dads waiting.” And with that he slips back and down the stairs, Jo following him.

You manage to sneak out behind jo as she turns to the kitchen. You whisper a quick goodbye and head out the back door before anyone could notice. You look in the kitchen window, careful that no one noticed you. Jo had already begun to explain the whole test situation to her father as kai looked absolutely miserable.

Later that night you laid down on your bed, glaring at your pager. Kai buzzed in every hour and called your house, but you didn’t answer him. You were still so confused. You didn’t know if you were overreacting, wrong for pushing him away, confused about how you felt for him…the list went on and on and on. There were so many thoughts buzzing in your head, you didn’t know how to deal with them. You didn’t know who to talk to about what you were going through. It’s not like you could talk to kai or jo. There was no one and you were absolutely stuck for the first time in forever.

Little did you know that today was the last time you would ever see kai and go over to his home. His family that once became yours fell away. Things were never going to be the same afterwards.


“James is getting a bit frustrated shut up here, he tries not to show it but I can tell” (Lily’s letter to Sirius). 

This gif is so sweet and tender, reminds me so much of what Jily means to me. Just a little gesture trying to cheer him up when he’s not feeling fine. We all have this idea of James being fun and brave, but sometimes we forget that he also had his weakness and failures. I love that Lily is the one who inspires him to be strong, especially when he makes mistakes. She doesn’t ask him “Are you ok?” because she knows when he’s not. She says “We’ll be fine” instead and that’s enough. She always makes him smile and laugh when he’s having a hard time. And vice-versa. I just love James & Lily and this gif is beautiful.

I didn’t have too much time to draw this weekend but I’m always thinking about Jily. I miss writing about them so I decided to share some thoughts here :)

note: I don’t know where I’ve found this gif. it’s just here in my computer since 2014. I always look at it when I need inspiration.

hello !!! it’s amira back at it again w a follow forever nd this time it’s for a milestone that actually had me screaming at my laptop !!! i’ve had this blog for about 9 months nd became a monbebe in january 2017 nd it really was the Greatest decision of my life,,,, i’ve met so many amazing people who i can happily call my friends nd it’s just ???? i cant even describe how happy i am that we can support mx together,,,, nd to everyone following me like ??? thank u ???? all i do is talk abt rarepairs monsta x shownu nd make gifs but ur here nd im here nd like woW okay im !!! emotional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyWAYS before i start like :/ tearing up all over my laptop or smth Equally as Uglie, under the cut you can find messages to my close friends nd a list of mutuals who i love nd adore w all my heart !!!!

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Sleepless Nights

gif is not mine

Title: Sleepless Nights

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 856

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: @lizbeth-loves-bobear wanted some Dean fluff! I hope this will suffice! I hope you all enjoy! I love you all so much! <3 <3

You had been reading book after book in the library.  You weren’t going to give up on finding the answers you needed.  Even if you were incredibly exhausted, you had to find answers.  If you found the answers to your questions, you would happily go to bed.

Dean was walking down the hallway and glanced into the library.  He walked backwards stopping in the archway.  “[Y/N] are you still researching,” Dean asked, stepping into the library.

“Mhm,” you hummed lazily, turning the page.  Your eyelids felt heavy and you weren’t even sure what you were reading anymore.  You exhaled heavily rubbing your eyes.  You went to take a drink of coffee, but your cup was empty.  “Wanna get me more coffee?”

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Rose Colored Paramore: An Art Project

To celebrate Paramore’s upcoming album, After Laughter, we (@robotical-paramore​ & @paramores​) have decided to do a mini-project dedicated towards advertising, supporting, and sharing the excitement related to the new era of Paramore. Not only do we want to make a community, but we want to make sure Hayley, Taylor, and Zac know that we’ll always be there for them, even if it’s the last album cycle.

All you need to do is submit a piece of work (whether that be words, quotes from the new song, edits, gifs, artwork, mashups, or something else) and a little description about your creations. You can either put it in our submit box or post it on your own blog and put #rosecoloredpmore in the first five tags.

Thank you so much for the support; we can’t wait to see what you guys end up making!

A New Beginning

gif is not mine

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 908

Warnings: comfort, slight angst, fluff

A/N: This was requested by @nobodys-baby-now! I wanted to get this out ASAP, just in case you wanted to come back to it. Also so that you could come back to this as much as you needed to! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You set your bags down on the library table, letting out a long breath.  After getting kicked out of your own home, it was a relief that the Winchesters offered to have you stay with them.  You knew it wouldn’t be easy at first, but this was better than your other options.  

“Thanks again for letting me stay with you guys,” you said, turning around to face the Winchesters.  “I promise I’ll try not to get in your way.”

“You’ll be fine [Y/N],” Sam assured you, offering you a warm smile.  “It’ll be nice having you here.  Maybe I should-.”

“Well if it isn’t my two favorite stooges,” Gabriel mused as he strolled into the library, holding his arms out to the side.  His eyes quickly found you, a person he had never seen before.  “And who is this?”  Gabriel approached you, looking you up and down.

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